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Active Demand

Review of Active Demand

Small businesses today need better ways of keeping up with customers. With the introduction of customer relationship management software, this is now possible.

We're going to be reviewing Active Demand to find out if it is truly the best marketing automation tool available.

We will discuss whether Active Demand is the right fit for your company or business.

And, at the end, I'll answer some frequently asked questions about Active Demand and customer relationships management in general.

But, most importantly, I will show you my exact system to build my internet marketing business to more than $40,000 per month mostly passive income.

What is Active DEMAND? Review of Active Demand?

ActiveDEMAND offers a flexible advertising platform that is ideal for online marketers and digital marketing agencies.

The packages include everything from the fully-featured call tracking app for small businesses to the powerful Marketing Agency Portal for digital marketing agencies that offers multi-client management.

With the integrated, comprehensive call tracking module, you can track and engage prospects. You can also do more with the built-in email templates and landing pages.

ActiveDEMAND Review Overview

  • It's a great thing to be able to track offline marketing efforts, control all social networking promotion through one interface, and even arrange appointments.
  • Bad: You may need to learn a lot and there are not many options for instruction beyond videos.
  • Bottom Line: An integrated marketing automation platform that allows marketing agencies and in-house marketing professionals to track offline and online marketing efforts.

Product Overview - Active demand Review

ActiveDEMAND, a cloud-based integrated marketing management solution, is designed to aid digital marketing agencies as well as business entrepreneurs. It also allows you to run other marketing campaigns and efforts.

AD integrates advertising features into its platform, which are usually sold separately. Some of these characteristics include:

  • Call recording and tracking
  • Email marketing
  • Landing pages
  • Tracking and development of campaigns

Companies can save money by not purchasing different solutions for these functions.

Digital marketing agencies have their own portal that provides a completely free solution. This portal is free for companies to manage all clients from one interface.

You can have unlimited client accounts and each client's brand name. White-labeled means that the portal's communications and features reflect the manufacturer of the agency, not ActiveDEMAND.

Standard features include lead nurturing, lead scoring and full-funnel involvement. Customers can also brand their internet assets. Reporting page templates are available with drag-and drop functionality.

ActiveDEMAND offers call tracking and email marketing solutions that can be added to companies.

ActiveDEMAND offers small business marketing automation as well as business marketing automation solutions to businesses with internal marketing teams.

All solutions will allow entrepreneurs to manage their contacts, nurture campaigns and create and track landing pages, emails and social media strategies. A bonus feature is the company's marketing automation program.

By using sales intelligence tools, marketers can align with sales teams and generate qualified leads for sales follow-up.

Below, we detail the differences between each answer in our Features section.

Every solution can be scaled. Businesses that change their structure (e.g. using contacts or new marketers) can upgrade or downgrade to a pricing package that best suits them while still enjoying the same features.

ActiveDemand Features: A Sales and Marketing Automation

Here are the main features included in the small-business marketing automation solution.

  • Call tracking functionality: call numbers and analytics, text plan scheduling. Phone call recording. Click to call.
  • Email marketing functions include contact lists and directories as well as drip campaigns, split/multivariate testing, email opt in/opt out, newsletter templates, autoresponders and robust email content
  • This landing page includes templates, a microsite and exit popups.
  • Campaign management includes social media posting, setting campaign goals, image web hosting and a Url shortener.
  • Web forms that include surveys, spam filtering and hosted landing pages.
  • Analytics and reporting tools, including visitor timelines, prospect/contact tracking and email notifications.
  • Appointment scheduling functionality
  • URL white labeling

The features of the corporate marketing automation solution are identical to those in the small business solution.

It also includes:

  • Variables for campaigns
  • Event marketing
  • Approval of content
  • Multi-step campaign functionality
  • Workflows for custom lead processing
  • Custom email reporting
  • Management of the leader
  • Potential to offer assets to prospects through a paywall
  • Multiple accounts for multiple users

ActiveDemand Target Market

ActiveDEMAND targets a variety of marketing agencies as well as small- to large-sized companies in a range of industries.

Below are ten customers:

  • CETA
  • Dynamic Manufacturing Solutions
  • Elite Taekwondo
  • Koala Outdoor Services
  • Max International
  • POD Marketing Inc.
  • RelinkLabs
  • Top Draw
  • White Room Automation
  • Willmore Wilderness Foundation

ActiveDemand Implementation/Integration

ActiveDEMAND offers owners a free trial of its small-business marketing automation and email marketing solutions. Register for a demo if you are interested in the company's marketing automation solution.

It also offers template migration products to businesses who wish to use their existing landing pages, email guides or marketing popup templates.

One hundred fifty dollars is spent on the migration of a landing page template. Each of the email template migration and advertising popup template migration costs $100.

ActiveDEMAND provides how-to videos and posts about different functions such as integration and construction emails/newsletters and dashboards. You can find all these movies in the Getting Started section of its support website.

The solution integrates with a number of applications such as social media (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn), customer relationship management software (CRM), Google Calendar, Zapier Google Analytics/AdWords Pipedrive, WordPress and Microsoft Office 365.

It can also be integrated with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, GoToWebinar and Salesforce programs. However, the main integration is through the company's marketing automation solution.

ActiveDEMAND Customer Support and Service

ActiveDEMAND customer service can be reached by phone, email or live chat. You can also use the customer support portal for assistance.

ActiveDEMAND offers tips and webinars on topics related to marketing automation.

Pricing for ActiveDemand Marketing Automation

ActiveDEMAND offers a range of pricing options to suit its solutions. Each program will be divided into distinct tiers.

There are 4 pricing levels for the small business marketing automation software. Each tier offers unlimited messaging, form submissions and landing pages.

  • Contacts up to 100: $69 per month, payable annually
  • Maximum 1000 contacts for $109 per month, or $365 annually
  • Contacts up to 5,000: $149 per month, payable annually
  • ActiveDEMAND has more than 5,000 contacts. Contact ActiveDEMAND to get a quote

The corporate marketing solution is more flexible than the small business solution, which can only be used by one user. It also offers 4 pricing levels, including unlimited email messages and landing pages, as well as form submissions and photo hosting.

  • Maximum 100 contacts for $199 per month, payable annually
  • Maximum 1,000 contacts for $399 per month, or $365 annually
  • Contacts up to 5,000: $549 per month, payable annually
  • ActiveDEMAND has more than 5,000 contacts. Contact ActiveDEMAND to get a quote

ActiveDEMAND charges no activation fees for marketing agencies.

Companies can still purchase the call tracking software and the email marketing application.

Call tracking software is available without a monthly subscription. The pricing of the call tracking software is determined by monitoring nearby numbers and toll-free numbers. The cost of the area number tracking program is $2.75 per month, or four cents per minute; while the toll-free program costs $3.50 per month (or fivecents per minute).

Each design has the following features: social media promotion, lead scoring, robocall campaigns and SMS campaigns, lead distribution workflows, integration to Google Analytics and Google AdWords.

This email marketing program was created for companies that only need email marketing functionality. It comes in four tiers and includes unlimited email, type submissions, picture hosting, and more.

  • Contacts up to 100: $15 per month, payable annually
  • Contacts up to 1000: $25 per month, payable annually
  • Contacts up to 5,000: $65 per month, payable annually
  • ActiveDEMAND has more than 5,000 contacts. Contact ActiveDEMAND to get a quote

Learn more about ActiveDemand

ActiveDEMAND is a marketing automation platform that can be used with multiple devices through a single interface. It also allows for interaction between sales and marketers.

The original seller was a digital advertising firm that began in 2009. They worked for years on a marketing automation solution before the application was released in 2012.

ActiveDEMAND has received numerous accolades such as being a Google Analytics Certified partner and Alberta Venture's Fast Growth Fifty Fast Track winner of 2017.

ActiveDEMAND is headquartered in Calgary (Alberta) Canada and supports over 5,700 users.

Principal Benefits of ActiveDEMAND

ActiveDEMAND provides entrepreneurs and agencies with all the tools they need in one platform: email, reporting and real-time personalization. Call tracking and social media marketing are just a few examples.

ActiveDEMAND allows white labeling so that the agency's brand name is visible in all communications with clients.

The incorporated platform was designed with digital companies in the mind. It includes client control features such as white labeling and sub-account administration to clone plans across accounts.

Marketers, agencies, businesses, and other stakeholders can boost their marketing efforts by integrating with other companies, product sales, or marketing applications.

ActiveDEMAND – User Reviews


"We were successful with each one, and I was especially happy with ActiveDEMAND’s assistance team's quality and convenience."

-Jon O.

"I love the variety of filters you can use to filter your lists. It allows you to add and remove relationships seamlessly and easily to your lists."

- Christina S.

"The greatest benefits of this program are email and also the ability to easily create landing pages for events and strategies."

Beth B.


Sometimes it can be difficult to talk to someone to help them through talking. Explaining the problem, process, etc.

-Cassidy L.

"It is an overall horrible execution and it is logic."

-Antonio S.

Steady Calls is the #1 Recommendation for Making Money Online in 2021

Our review team discovered a program that is top-notch in the real estate industry!

It's digital, but not real estate.

Yup, Digital Real Estate!

ActiveDemand's biggest weakness is its scalability.

CRM Software is not going to allow you to automate every aspect of your business, such as generating leads for your company. You are limited by your time.

What if you could use it?

This digital real estate program allows you to have your phone ringing every minute of the day, and not have to pick it up one time!

Does it sound too good to be true

It does, of course!

It's not, however. In fact, many business owners wish that they had this skill.

You can simply build and rank your website, and then forward the jobs to a local business owner. Or you could email it!

This applies to any service-based company like:

  • Tree service
  • Plumbing
  • Landscaping
  • Dry walling
  • Towing, etc.

What is the Maximum Money You Can Make?

It's simple: after you have sent the jobs to a business owner, he closes it, you can simply create a Win-Win Agreement with the business owner.

Based on your industry, a fair price per lead is between 10-20 %...let’s use the tree service industry as an example and assume the worst-case scenario.

Let's suppose you rank the site and get 10 jobs per month. Tree service jobs can range from $500 to $2000.

This means that you will have a minimum of $500 per month in assets!

You can see why they call it digital estate.

This is a rent payment.

It is easy to scale. It doesn't take much to answer the phone. All you need to do is make the phone ring.

You can actually generate more business by using this program without having to be on the phone all day.

True passive income

This training program will take making money online to another level. You will be guided by the owner of the program, who will also share his screen with voice-overs when necessary.

Learn the importance of keywords and website names, how to send calls notifications via email, backlinking, and other details.

These websites are your closer, unlike ActiveDemand where you're the closest. Businesses will always need more leads and more jobs. It doesn't matter if the job isn’t coming from their website. They see it as it is...expanding their digital real estate.

ActiveDemand is different in that more people can walk away from their 9-5 jobs.

You probably have a lot of questions.

Check out this link to find out more.


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