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Affiliate Marketing With YouTube: A Step-by-Step Guide (2022 Update)

You've probably used YouTube for years and heard about ballers who make their living from it. But, what do you think?

"How do they do it?"

These gangstas may not be using crowdfunding to make their videos.

It's more than the 15-second ads that everybody skips ova every chance they get!

That's what you know!

(This is why you are here)

This post will show you the 5 steps to start making money on Youtube in 2022.

First, a little about me.

From 2014 to now, I have gone from working in a cubicle to living comfortably in San Fran. This was by building small websites that bring customers to small businesses. ).

Example? Sure. I think this tree service site right next to mine has been bringing in 2000 dollars per month since 2015.

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Let's now look at how youtube affiliate marketing works.

Today's post will show you EXACTLY HOW TO GET JOINED WITH YouTube AS AN AGENTE.

You'll learn how you can make money making videos and publishing them on YouTube.

What is YouTube Affiliate Marketing?

YouTube Affiliate Market refers to the process of making money through videos that encourage viewers to purchase recommended products via affiliate links embedded in the videos (via annotations or below the video descriptions).

There are many ways to promote products or services in 2020 and earn affiliate commissions.

Affiliate Marketing is an area 'bout how big the Pacific Ocean is.

Wikipedia defines affiliate market as "a form of performance-based marketing where a business rewards one to three affiliates for every visitor or customer they bring in through their own marketing efforts" ( Source).

Learn more about affiliate marketing.

Take a deep dive with my 2022 guide for affiliate marketing

Success Stories: Who's doing YouTube Affiliate Marketing in 2020?

  1. 1
     Dusty Porter - Tech Affiliate
  2. 2
    Tatiana James - Course Affiliate

The 5 Steps to Becoming an YouTube Affiliate Marketer

Yo, I'll give it straight to you:

Follow these five steps to a "T" and you will soon reap the benefits of affiliate commissions.

Reviewing products is a great way to start as an affiliate on Youtube.

It's as simple as that.

Many of us use a lot of products already. Others are interested in honest feedback, such as the pros and cons of each product as well as recommendations for buying.

This is the bottom line

The Key Takeaway

You will see more people watching your videos if you have a quality channel that consistently puts out great content.

Increased eyeballs translate into more sales and higher commissions.It's a numbers game.

Here are the 5 Steps to Start Your Own YouTube Affiliate Program In 2020.

Step 1: Choose a niche and an audience

You need to pick something you are passionate about for this step. You know what I mean?

Passion is the key to making better videos.

People who watch yo’ videos will be able to see your passion and most likely, they'll also subscribe to yo’s YouTube channel

Choose what you are most passionate about:

Review books if you're a bookworm.

If you're a health freak who lives an organic, healthy lifestyle, you can vlog your journey to try different brands and products. Share the pros and cons and then recommend the ones that you like.

After you have compiled a list of niches, now it's time for you to start thinking about who will be watching your videos on YouTube (your audience).

How Audience and Niche Blend Together?

We are likely to be in one of these four mindsets when we do a YouTube deep dive.

Why Your People Are on YouTube?

  • To enjoy what they like
  • To Learn More
  • Find out how to DIY something
  • To determine which item to put their cash down on

It is important to understand the whys of each situation.

To appeal to this mindset, you can use the scope in your message.


A word of caution: Your targeting is likely to make the difference between success and failure with YouTube Affiliate Marketing. So brace yourself G!

Let's now take a look at the inner workings of each mindset.

#1 Enjoy what I Like Mindset

This is the number one reason that people spend their time on YouTube.

Other than listening to music from my playlist, I also check out the content that I like.

Daily, I consume a lot of motivational stuff. The likes of Tony Robbins and Les Brown as well as ET The Hip Hop Preacher ( Eric Thomas Ph.D. ) are some of my favorite sources of inspiration.

I love soccer too so I watch all the highlights of my favorite team FC Barcelona and other major players. #ronaldo

#2 Learn more Mindset

Youtube is also used to find out more about specific topics.

Youtube has a lot of great content that will help you find the information you are looking for.

It is literally an encyclopedia, but with videos and not text. #youtubedia

#3 Mindset: How to Do It?

This mindset is what brings people to Youtube looking for video instruction on how they can fix, build, or create something.

This is how DIYers use it.

How to fix a leaky pipe, for example.

This is a boring example.

Let's spice it up!

Let's assume you were a boy in high school.

You somehow get the most popular and hottest girl at school to come to prom with you.

Dreamworks Video, Photo Credit

This is just an imaginary situation, bro. !

Prom night is over and you're shocked to discover that you have never worn a tie before.

The tie is visible and cold sweat forms, wetting your shirt's pits.

In an effort to accomplish the task, you wrap the strip around your neck.

It is futile and makes you feel like a child trying to tie his shoes.

You get frustrated and go on YouTube to search for "how do you tie a tie?"

What do you know?

This video is ranked number one in the search engine with 62M views. Yikes!

The videos with 37M, 22M, and 26M views, respectively, are not only interesting.

It looks like there were many guys in your scenario.

#4 How To Buy Mindset?

When using Youtube, the last mode of thought people have is that of buying.

This mindset is a sign that people are certain they want to purchase something.

They are now conducting due diligence to ensure they make the best possible purchase.

This can be done by watching many videos.

Product Due Diligence

  • Video Review of Product (pros and cons of a particular item)
  • Comparison Videos (how item A relates to item B)
  • Top 10 Videos (of all products, here are the best 10)
  • Unboxing Videos (see what a product is like before ordering)

Here's an example.

Let's suppose you have been letting your guard down more than you would like, and it is now that you are ready to get back to the gym.

To exercise properly, you will need to get a new pair.

The wireless earphones you want won't get lost in the gym.

Almost every electronic company in the world now has at least one.

Every company will tell you that it's the best thing since sliced bread.

Now what?

Head on over to YouTube, and type "best wireless headphones 2020" in the search box.

This review/comparison video has 2.26M views.

The video creator pays attention to details. He places his Amazon affiliate links under the video so that viewers can quickly find the most current pricing.

You can see the Top 5 in action and then choose the one that suits your needs best.

You can now click the affiliate link and be at Amazon in no time.

The video creator also earns a commission for the product you have just bought.

If you'd like to see it closer, here's the video:

Step 2: Choose an affiliate program

There are many affiliate programs, but the Amazon Associate program is the best.

You can review any product on Amazon and then recommend your favorites.

You earn a commission when someone watches your video and clicks on your affiliate links to buy.

You might now be asking:

"But where do I find affiliate offers?"

Where to Find Affiliate Offers?

Affiliate offers are everywhere.

While some companies manage their affiliate programs themselves, others use third-party Affiliate Networks.

OfferVault is an excellent place to search for Affiliate Offers and Affiliate Networks

Affiliate networks are a different topic and can't be adequately covered in today’s post.

If you are just starting out, I recommend using simple affiliate programs such as Amazon Associates.

The Key Takeaway

The niche you choose will determine the type of affiliate offer you pursue.

These are some tips to help you get started in finding the highest-paying affiliate offer.

Step 3: Create your Youtube Channel

It is very easy to set up a Youtube channel.

Nearly everyone has a Google Mail account.

You can create a Google account to log into Youtube if you don't already have one.

You can find a lot of step-by-step videos that will show you how to do this.

This guide will focus on what really moves the needle.

This is what will make your video content stand out and get you more views.

You will find tips and tricks to optimize your YouTube Channel. If you want to know how to set up YouTube Channels,

 I have a step-by-step guide.

- Part A - Make a Professional Youtube Channel Layout

Pay particular attention to the USP (Unique Selling Proposition), which is used in the Youtube Cover Photo.



As you build your channel, I recommend that you get a website as soon as possible.

Start by building an email list and using website analytics to optimize your content.

Websites and email marketing are separate topics and out of scope for this guide.

Youtube can be made money without any of these, but they will increase your revenue points.

We used book reviewing as an example niche earlier.

For this niche, the USP should read like this: "I read all of them so you can only read the ones that interest you."

You get my drift.

The Profile Photo is the next step. It should be a good quality photo of you. Headshots are best.

Trailer video: This is your main Youtube video that plays automatically when someone visits your channel.

Depending on your niche, the video should be short. My recommendation is to keep it between 2 and 3 minutes. This should be an extension to your USP.

Organize videos according to topic: It is important to organize videos according to topic as you create more content.

This allows people to navigate to their topic of interests.

They will stay longer on your channel.

People stay longer and are more likely to take action, which can lead to increased revenue.

- Part B: Create Consistently Content

Practice makes permanent, and you will be a better content creator if you create more content. But there is another reason that you should do this.

Youtube favors channels that produce content consistently.

You can distinguish yourself as a professional content creator from those who do not publish videos on a regular basis.


You can choose a topic or theme to make video content about and then have sub-themes that you can create shorter videos around each.

This will allow you to publish more content on a regular basis.

Subscribers will consume more of what you have to offer and keep coming back, while search engine algorithms gods shine on your channel and increase your visibility.

Part C - Write Tantalizing Titles

Your title doesn't matter if it isn't.

Even if you have the most compelling video content, no one will see it unless they are drawn to your title.

Your video title only has one job. It must get the user to click on your video to view it.

To get the video opened and viewed, your thumbnail works with your video title.

Next, we'll talk about thumbnails.

There are many ways you can create amazing titles. Incomplete titles can be used as a way to create great titles. Here's an example: This dangerous vacuum cleaner destroyed my ..."

- Part D: Attention Grabbing Thumbnails

Thumbnails refer to still images of the video you see before you play them.

You can make or break your channel's success with the Thumbnail/Title combination.

Your thumbnail is a default random still from your video.

Youtube professionals can create their own thumbnail images and upload them to specific videos.

This is because thumbnail images with markups like arrows, circles, and authority logos increase click through rates for your videos.

- Part E: Professional Descriptions

Your video descriptions can be written in a certain way. This layout is great for gangbusters.

You want to place links that you would like people to click "above the fold".

These links could be affiliate links, links that lead to your website, or social media profiles.

Above the fold is what people see before they need school or tap "see more".

Your video description can be a great place for keywords that you wish to rank for.

- Part F: Instruction Viewers to S.C.L. (Subscribe to Comment & Like).

It will be difficult to watch a professional YouTube video without seeing instructions from the host to Subscribe, Comment & Like.

This 15 second clip shows Youtubers asking the audience to comment during their video.

Click PLAY to watch the video.

This is a good thing. When you publish new content, your subscribers will be notified.

Search engines will benefit from your comments and liking of your video.

Do this at least once per video.

It is common to do this at the end of a video, but it may be acceptable depending on your niche.

- Part G: Thoughtfully positioned tags

You have the option to add tags before you publish your video. This is another way for people to find your videos naturally. With little thought, most people will put two or three broad categories.

Be one of them. To really increase your search engine results, you should think about mixing longer tail keywords with broader keywords.

Example: "Make money fast" or "Make money fast with YouTube".

- Part H: Closed Captions

These are often overlooked by many people, but they should be done.

This will give you more SEO juice, which helps you rank higher in search engines.

It's also easier than ever. You can activate the auto caption feature when you upload a YouTube video.

Although this feature is great, I recommend that you manually review it.

Part 1 - Tips for Producing a Winning Video


Grab the viewer's attention within the first 3 to 5 seconds to get them interested in the video content.

Start content by asking a question. People are drawn to open loops because they keep them interested and keep their minds occupied until the loop is closed. Example: Do you struggle to lose weight

Bridge model: Talk about their desired situation (wherever they want to go). Next, discuss where they are at the moment. Next, discuss a bridge that will get them from the current situation to their desired future.


Annotations can also be called Text Overlays.

Annotations - You can add text or website links to your video with annotations

Annotations are a great way to increase engagement and click-through rate

You should be careful with them as they could have an opposite effect and cause viewers to leave your video.


Call To Action is a key component of every successful marketing campaign.

Youtube isn't different from radio, TV, or social media.

A "Call to Action" simply tells the viewer what they should do next. It is usually the money-making step.

The following could be used as your call-to-action if you're marketing a book:

Click the link to download your copy

This Call to Action example features Collin & Devin encouraging viewers to sign up for their Keppers Club to receive exclusive bonuses and other specials.

A Call to Action that is effective and concise will be more effective.

Do not confuse the viewer by giving too many instructions.

Unorganized thoughts can lead to procrastination or saying no.

Yes, Show Me How!

Step 4: Add your affiliate links

The image shows a man comparing two cameras. He then places his affiliate links below the video.

Your affiliate link should be added in the description, above the fold.

Annotations can be used to add affiliate links.

Refer to the affiliate links at the beginning and end of your video.

Step 5: Collect You Commissions/Rinse & Repeat

Continue to optimize by collecting your commissions.

You can also add more advanced parts to your website.

You can increase your affiliate commissions when you own a website. To do this, you will need to build an email list with your Youtube Subscribers.

Many people believe email marketing is dead, but they are wrong.

People will trust, like, and know you. They look forward to your content, and they take action on what you recommend.

Pros & Cons

YouTube Affiliate Marketing 2020


  • It's easy to get started
  • Massive Potential (Over 2 billion users as of June 2020).
  • Facebook has lower competition than Facebook
  • Facebook has a more stable search algorithm than Facebook
  • You can build a loyal following via subscribers


  • Affiliate companies can immediately reduce your profits #amazonapril2020
  • It is too easy for competitors to get into business
  • Content creation is labor-intensive
  • It is difficult to drive traffic to specific videos
  • Google's TOS contains Significant Linking Restrictions

YouTube Affiliate Marketing Is OK, but Lead Generation Is Better. Here's why:

YouTube Affiliate vs Lead Generation

YouTube is a fast-growing program that offers huge opportunities for 2020.

Affiliates on YouTube can make you some money, but local leads are better.

Here are some reasons:

1. Control

Are you the owner of your topline, or is it your supplier?


You can be an affiliate for any product. The producer has the option to either not pay you or stop making that product altogether.


Lead generation is your website. No one can take it from you. It's that easy.

2. Entry

It's easy to get into business.


YouTube affiliate marketing is easy for anyone to get started by simply making videos, recommending products, and placing their links in the description.


Lead Generation has a much higher barrier to entry. You must have the skills in order to create a website, then move it to the top of Google to get calls from local businesses.

3. Not required

What are you most important?

AFFILIATE: Dime a Dozen

There are many product reviewers who can help you create video product reviews that allow people to buy products from Amazon or other suppliers.


Your service is required by local businesses to maintain a steady stream of customers. #bankruptcy

The best thing about lead generation is the fact that you can make consistent "mailbox cash" as opposed to YouTube Affiliate Marketing.

Instead of spending a few dollars, open your mailbox every month to receive checks written out to you.

$300, $500, $1200, 2000 dollars

This is how I started my journey with lead generation.

I can still recall the first time I generated a lead.

Then get paid.

When you make your first online dollar, a switch happens inside: You realize that it is possible and are now more motivated to build your business.

YouTube Affiliate Marketing is a great way to get started.

Click Here to Get Started With Lead Generation.


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