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20 Money-Making Agricultural Business Ideas

What's up, fam?

If you are here to learn more about the agricultural industry, I love how you think.

This space offers a lot of opportunity for entrepreneurs, whether you are looking to start a small farm or start a backyard business is a noble profession with real potential.

This is the backbone for the country. You know the saying, "If you ate today thank a farmer."

It's surprising to me that people still ask "Is farming considered business?"

It is. It's a great one.

The United States' agriculture market is worth trillions of dollars. It has survived recessions, natural catastrophes and continuous changes in government regulations.

Does that mean you need to have a farm in order to enter the agricultural industry in 2022?

A farm purchase can be expensive. You also have to consider the backbreaking work that goes into a farm, which is seven days a semaine.

(You won't be able to spend your whole day with the adorable cows.

To own and manage a farm, you need to be a very special person.

Don't be discouraged if you don't feel that way. There's still hope.

This amazing industry can still be supported as there are many opportunities in agriculture that offer scalability, profitability, and a high level of human ability to make a profit.

This fact is becoming more common. More people want to know how to start an agriculture business. There's tons of information.

But I have your back. You have options, and I can recommend the #1 business that you start in 2022.

Consider investing in the following examples of agricultural businesses if you're looking for great businesses to start in a poor economy.

Chapter 1

Substitute Suggestions

Rural areas account for 23% of Americans.

Many people were born in the country but chose to live in cities as adults. However, not as many people do it the other way.

Even if agriculture is something you are passionate about, you don't need to own a farm. There are many ways you can make money with agricultural businesses, even without ever getting on a pair a rubber boots.

These are the top choices for Americans looking to start an agricultural business to benefit from this huge industry, help farmers, and make an income.

1. Agronomy and Sustainable Farm Consulting

Agronomy The discipline and technology behind soil science and plant genetics.

You can influence American agriculture practices directly without having to own farmland by pursuing agronomy or sustainable farming consulting opportunities.

America is proud of its ability to produce large quantities of food at low prices.

It's great for consumers, but it can end up being a disaster for the environment and farmers.

Industrial agriculture is heavily dependent on fertilisers, controlled environments, as well as the use of finite resources (resources which can't easily be replaced quickly enough to keep pace with their consumption).

Sustainable agriculture promotes regenerative practices through the use of:

  • Crop diversity
  • Rotation
  • Pest control and fertilization using non-synthetic methods

The goal is for to positively contribute towards ecosystems, rather than depleting them.

This article provides additional information about both the practices and the differences between them.

The benefits of

  1. 1
    Helping farmers implement strategies to maximize their profits, which allows for them to make more of their investments
  2. 2
    Allowing farmers to shift gears and meet consumer demand for organic produce.

American farmers may find it difficult to implement these alternative practices effectively.

Many challenges arise when you need to make changes quickly and efficiently.

Farmers are better able to keep their profitability by retaining the expert assistance of agronomy and sustainable farming consultants .

Multiple employment opportunities exist in this field, including state workers, private hires, and independent contracting.

I consider this a win-win scenario.

With this type of agribusiness, you'll not only have the chance to make constructive changes to the agricultural system, but with salaries ranging from $58,000-$104,000/year, you will also reap monetary rewards with this money-making agricultural business idea.

2. Real Estate Investment Trusts

Farmland can be expensive.

$4,100/acre expensive...no joke.

This is why small-scale farm income options are so appealing to farmers. )

For anyone who is interested in farming, there are backdoor options.

Contribute to REITs, stocks and farm debt.

Real Estate Investment Trusts -An organization of investors that purchase farmland portfolios in the hope of leasing it to farmers.

Great places to start are Farmland Partners Inc or Gladstone Land Corporation.

There are also crowdfunding options through websites like harvestreturns.com. This requires a minimum investment between $5,000 and $25,000.

Online trading platforms like acretrader or farmtogether give financiers the opportunity to buy shares in farms, while also acting as a mediator between farmers and investors.

The average returns for are between 3% and 12% . However, it is highly recommended that shares be held for at least 3-5 years.

You can also buy stocks and invest in farm debt according to this article.

This publication explains why investing in a poor economy is a smart financial decision.

3. Precision Agriculture

Technology advancements in agriculture have made it possible to conduct agribusiness.

The US Precision Agriculture industry is worth $4.7 Billion and will experience an annual increase rate between 2020-2027.

Farmers will be needed as long as people need food.

(And while I don't know about you, I do love food. )

Farmers will always need food so they need to find ways to maximize their profits.

This is a great opportunity to have an impact on the agricultural market, without having to pay the overhead costs and meet the daily demands of a farmer.

This makes it one of the best businesses for starting in a poor economy.

Precision agriculture allows for more precise and controlled farming practices to grow crops and raise livestock.

Farmers are now better equipped to manage their farms, as well as their ROI, thanks to the use of information technology, such GPS guidance, control systems and drones.

This Canadian-based article was published in 2017 and provides a deeper explanation.

The range of jobs in precision agriculture includes sales (pretty self-explanatory) to field technicians and precision agricultural specialists.

Technicians use technology to manage pest scouting and pesticide application, irrigation, yield mapping, and pesticide application.

Precision agricultural technicians generally earn $38,500-$47,500/year.

This field will continue to benefit from technological advances such as AI (Artificial Intelligence) and there will be significant growth and profitability.

They provide support and assistance to precision agriculture specialists and are responsible for implementing the behind-the scenes global positioning system. They usually earn an annual salary between $65,000 and $75,000.

4. Agricultural Infrastructure

It is difficult to run a successful farm business.

Actually, I don’t think farmers are given enough credit for managing all the responsibilities that go into running a farm.

The role of the agricultural infrastructure is crucial in creating seamless daily transactions for the average farmer. It continues to be impacted by technological advances and industry growth.

There are many opportunities to make farming a dynamic, profitable business.

It is a highly competitive market to install agricultural infrastructure.

It is best to concentrate on specific products and services (i.e. sales, planning, installation.)

American entrepreneurs are looking for money-making business ideas in this field.

This ebook explains the importance of selecting appropriate agricultural curtains. This ebook goes into great detail about the advantages of investing in high-quality agricultural curtain fabrics.

Although it's a niche product, very specific products like this are certain to bring in profits. This is especially true when you consider that an average annual salary for a sales manager of agricultural equipment is more than $70,000

5. Vertical farming

Vertical farming is a method that produces food in urban areas more sustainably and in a faster manner than traditional farming methods.

This allows farmers to respond quickly to the increasing demands of the American market, particularly the "city slickers", who have very limited land.

With market value expected to reach $3B by 2024 , the CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of vertical agriculture is forecast to rise by more than 24% in 2024.

Vertical farming creates job opportunities

  • Vertical farm architects
  • Construction laborers
  • Horticulturalists
  • Agricultural & software engineers

This article provides more information about these roles and their pay scales.

Vertical farming will continue to gain popularity as America continues to seek faster and more sustainable farming methods.

This transformation indicates that now is a good time to start an agricultural business idea such as vertical farming.

6. Transport to the Farm

All of us have seen that 18-wheeler on the road.

The one with side vents and all the piggies going to market.

It might be tempting to put it under "general transport", but farming transportation is an actual enterprise, likely due to the many haulage styles that are specifically made for agricultural cargo.

Agricultural trucks can be used to transport grains, fowl or livestock.

You might have noticed that trucks for transporting livestock or animals have to meet a number of regulatory and physical requirements.

Trucks with these features often require non-skid flooring, ventilation, specially designed stock crates or pens, as well as loading ramps.

Transportation of agriculture is a major stressor for American farmers. It directly impacts how they deliver their product to the supply chain and their business growth.

The stress of this situation creates the need for reliable, attainable transportation. This in turn allows you to make a profit by providing this service.

You can either rent or own farm transportation, such as trucks, trailers and equipment, or provide the entire transportation service.

It may be a competitive business, but this article clearly states that there are a shortage in drivers and trucks in the United States.

Despite all the political turmoil surrounding the trucking industry , farming transport is recognized as an essential service. We have come to realize how important it is to manage a business that is essential in recent years. Even if the industry is not ideal, it's possible to still make a profit.

If you ask me, then farm transportation is one of the best businesses to start in a poor economy.

Chapter 1

Soil Prosperity

You may not be able to appreciate the importance of soil success if you don't look at countries such as Syria or Libya.

These countries have not only exhausted their soil's natural resources, but have also run out of topsoil.

These countries have become incapable of growing enough produce to feed their people.

Neglecting soil quality can lead to erosion, desertification and pollution.

This depletion can be reversed and soil health and quality improved by restoring nutrients and organic matter using either natural or synthetic methods.

Many farmers can't afford to invest in topsoil.

You can help farmers by offering alternative solutions and create money-making business moves in agriculture that could generate significant profits.

These are just two examples of possible options in this area that you can look at.

7. Vericompost Organic Fertilizer

Vermiculture, also known as worm farming...but it sounds cooler), is a scientific method for making compost with earthworms. This is a great idea for an agricultural project.

It's likely that you are wondering how it all works.

These little guys are far more important than people realize. They can convert organic waste into high-nutrition manure, which is known as "vermicast".

Excreta castings from these animals are rich in nitrates, minerals, and organically improve soil quality.

Vermicompost, a nutrient-rich organic fertiliser that plants can absorb easily, is an excellent choice.

Vericomposting's Benefits:

  • Plants develop roots
  • The soil is cared for by plant growth hormones like auxins and gibberellic acids, which are essential for maintaining optimal health
  • Increases crop yield by assisting with plant growth and germination
  • Enhances the physical structure and function of the soil
  • Enhances soil fertility and water resistance

Vermiculture, a $68 million global market, is predicted to be worth $151 million by 2026.

This industry offers incredible opportunities and a staggering CAGR of 12% from 2021-2026.

The biggest problem is that it can take six months to transform organic matter into usable material.

It is also a very invasive species that attracts many pests and can be smelly.

It's actually one the most profitable agribusinesses as shown in this publication.

Vermicompost demand will rise as sustainable farming becomes more popular in the United States.

We all know how crucial it is to act quickly on situations that could explode. The guys on the ground floor are always the ones who end up looking like bandits.

This article outlines everything you need to know about starting a vermicomposting company.

8. Fertilizer Distribution

Fertilizer is essential for farmers to fight soil erosion and pests that can affect crop productivity.

This creates a need for continued growth in this industry.

There are two main drawbacks to fertilizer: high costs and environmental constraints imposed by a society seeking greener, more sustainable alternatives.

The global fertilizer market is valued at over $155 billion. It is projected to grow by 3.8% between 2020-2024.

The United States is fourth in the world for the production of fertilizers.

This industry offers many employment opportunities, from production and distribution to inventory managers and sales.

More Opportunities for Employment in Fertilizer Distribution:

  • Robotics
  • Software Development
  • Analytics
  • Industrial and mechanical engineering
  • Geology and Mining

This post outlines a variety of science-based positions in this field.

The market's common goal is to deliver fertilizers to American farmers in safe, timely, and sustainable manner.

The demand for biobased fertilizers is increasing due to significant technological advances. This will continue to change the way fertilizer is produced, distributed and consumed.

This money-making business idea is a good investment because of the ongoing growth in this market. There should be many opportunities to capitalize on these potential profits.

Chapter 3

Attractions in Agriculture

Farm to table has been around in existence since the 1960's, but has seen tremendous popularity in the past ten years.

Farm to fork is another trend that has been generating excitement within the food industry.

This movement fosters a partnership between the farmer and the consumer.

Many urban dwellers have become more curious about organic and local food. They are now interested in visiting farms and developing relationships with farmers.

Below are two key tips to capitalize on this movement.

9. Agritourism

Americans were inspired by the revolution in farm-to-table and sought to be "down and dirty "(.... but not too dirty." Most people think of it as a day on the farm followed by a return trip to the city at nightfall. Agritourism was created. It's an excellent side-business for farmers but it also makes a great idea for entrepreneurs.

The market value for Agritourism is $1167 million by 2025. It can include anything, from a local winery or a pick-yourself berry farm.

Agritourism can be divided into the following categories:

Direct Market Agritourism. Experience and Education Agritourism. Event and Recreation Agritourism

Facilitating such events takes time, which is something that most farmers don't have. They hire professional agritourism consultants and marketing strategists to help them plan events.

It's a win for everyone.

Examples for Agritourism and Nature Tourism Enterprises

  • Outdoor recreation (hunting and fishing, bird watching, etc. 
  • Hospitality Services (guided tours, similar services
  • Education experiences (wine tastings, cooking classes, and nature tours.
  • Entertainment (barn dances, barn weddings, hay rides

These enterprises allow farmers to generate additional income while city dwellers have the opportunity to experience rural life and a change in scenery. This is a great idea for open-land, as it allows for more activities.

Many opportunities for employment have been created by Agritourism. It also offers budding entrepreneurs the chance to work in an innovative and profitable field within the agricultural sector.

10. Rent Options

A typical American farm covers an average lot size 444 acres. A farmer could rent out a portion of this vast property.

Who doesn't love a barn-wedding?

This is a great option with all the beautiful land. You can also camp, take photos in front of old silos or organize any other type of event.

How can you get involved in the action by starting an agro-allied business?

By creating a website similar to gamping.com or greenweddingshoes.com you can partner with local farmers in your state.

This article gives you the inside scoop on how to make significant profits from gamping.com.

As mediator, you will list the venues and book options.

A portion of the profits can be taken by you as a finder's fees, while the farmer also earns additional income from properties he doesn't currently use.

You can also arrange professional photography sessions or guided tours.

This is an profitable and endlessly expandable agricultural business idea worth considering.

Chapter 4

Urban Agriculture

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip commodo consequat.

Urban agriculture is not a trend. Urban agriculture is a way to help local communities economically and socially.

It fosters a relationship between people and their food.

The popularity of urban farming is increasing every year. Together, the healthy ecosystems and the many benefits of urban agricultural add up to more than $160 billion worldwide each year.

Urban agriculture has a lot to offer. It requires very little land, and small businesses have minimal start-up costs.

These are some of the most promising urban agriculture business ideas, which offer high returns on investments.

11. Vegetable Landscaping

Vegetable landscaping can be described as gardening with a twist.

Combining vegetables with other edible items among flowers (the dried-flower business is another good option) can create a flexible, profitable business.

Add a few fruit trees or nuts to your garden and you will have a mini farmer's market.

You can grow your produce in pots if you live in an urban area that has limited space.

In exchange for a share of your harvest, you can rent their space and cultivate a vegetable garden.

You'll be able to choose from many good options once you are up and running. People are always on the lookout for locally-sourced, fresh produce.

You can make a substantial profit by selling your surplus to local cafes and restaurants, farmer's markets, roadside stands, or saving money on groceries with your harvest.

This article provides additional information about vegetable landscaping.

12. Microgreens

Microgreens. These are the tiny plants that many American chefs use to garnish salads and create new cuisine.

These tiny edible seedlings are expected to experience annual growth rates 7.5% starting in 2020-2025.

The cosmetic market is one of the main drivers of the industry.

Microgreens oils are being extracted from the plants and made into oils for personal care products such as shampoo, skin and skincare. This is boosting consumer demand and maximizing profit potential.

If you use farming techniques such as hydroponics or vertical farming, microgreens can be easily grown. This makes them a great choice for urban dwellers who want to make a hobby farm income without much space.

These miniature greens are in high demand and can be purchased for as high as $50 per pound. You'll be able to create a successful agricultural business model by implementing business strategies and optimizing growing strategies for commercial purposes.

This article provides additional information about how to grow microgreens profitably.

13. Herb Gardens

Most people wouldn't associate "herb gardens" with "entrepreneurial possibilities."

Planting an herb garden can open up many opportunities for entrepreneurs who want to pursue botany business ideas. You have many options when it comes time to decide where and how to sell.

The North American Spice & Herb Extracts Market is just one aspect of this huge industry. It is expected to experience a CAGR 7.2% between 2020-2025.

Americans are more conscious of how they season their food and are increasingly aware of the simple herb’s ability to enhance flavor as well as provide health benefits.

Selling seeds and dried herbs for cooking, herbal medicine, infusion oils or liquors, etc. These are just some of the many options available to you if this is a money-making business idea.

Anyone who's ever tried to whip up some saffron rice with Bobby Flay knows how expensive that stuff is.

Hot ticket herbs, such as ginseng or saffron , can be purchased for $300-$10,000 per pound.

You might do your research to find out what is the local demand and then focus on cultivating those varieties, before you try to scale up to other varieties.

Indoor herb growing is possible. You may also rent land for scale production.

Take a look at this article that outlines how to launch herb farms. Consider this good business idea to start in a poor economy to capitalize on growing consumer demand and a growing market.

14. Mushroom farming

BOOMIN' is the mushroom industry.

Who would have thought?

With a CAGR 4%, this $16.7 billion market is expected to reach $20.4 billion by 2025 .

The mushrooms are rich in vitamins and minerals and can be used to prevent and treat cancer.

American consumers are more concerned about their health and are eating a healthier diet.

The demand for "meat-substitutes" is on the rise due to the popularity of vegetarianism, flexitarian eating and flexitarian lifestyles.

Mushrooms can be easily grown and are a low-cost option for agriculture.

It is possible to grow indoors in a controlled environment.

It takes six weeks to cultivate and harvest mushrooms. Most mushroom farmers can harvest 25 pounds/square feet with a retail price of $12/pound.

This article will show you how to start a mushroom farming business from your own home.

15. Snail Farming

You read that right. Snail farming

Heliciculture is the official name. It translates to sales exceeding $12 billion worldwide every year.

Different strokes for different folks, right? What makes my stomach churn may make someone else's mouth water. It doesn't really matter what your culinary preferences might be in this instance--the market for these tiny creatures is a lucrative one that you should not underestimate.

makes my mouth water.

You can either sell your harvest to restaurateurs or to snail enthusiasts (those exist) . There is a growing demand for these bizarre critters.

It is worth looking into how to start with Heliciculture (especially indoors), which includes:

  • Determine the best habitat for your snail breed, including climate, soil and farming systems
  • Learn about the mating process
  • Access to the right food source and water supply
  • You can refer to the US Department of Agriculture State legislation, rules and regulations, and get all required permits

This article provides a detailed explanation on how to start and maintain a snail farm.

16. Bee Farming

Beekeeping is much more than selling honey and candles. Pooh bear would be lost if he saw that.

This multi-million dollar empire, scientifically known as apiculture, is a result of direct honeybee pollination in the United States. It generates an annual revenue of more than $450 million.

Over the past few years, the Varroa mite has put the honey bee at risk of extinction. This parasite invades its hives spreading disease.

Other pests, loss habitation and poor management practices are also contributing to the decline in the global bee population.

Bee farming is an affordable startup that takes up little space. There is also a market for beeswax and honey byproducts.

You might also want to consider other lucrative options like renting your hive for pollination.

As per this, bee rentals in California to pollinate almond trees cost more than $300 per colony.

As reported in this publication, advances in medical practice now allow for the use of controlled beestings (venom), to treat autoimmune diseases such as MS, rheumatoid and fibromyalgia.

There are many ways to maximize your profits with this money-making agriculture business idea. However, it is important that you contact your local government before starting this venture.

Before you start, make sure to check the regulations regarding bee colonies in your yard. Then, invest in the equipment that will minimize the stings.

This article will show you how to start your own bee farm.

17. Insect farming

Edible insects

It's not just for Fear Factor people eat 'em even though there is no prize money.

This market is valued at over $900,000,000 and expected to reach $1.2 billion in 2023.

Insect farming is a lucrative and versatile investment because there are so many ways that insects can be used as commodities.

Also known as "microstock", insects can be sold wholesale or online to human consumption. They are rapidly becoming a popular choice for food, as shown in this.

Crickets are a popular example.

Do you remember the one friend in high school who was obsessed with your pet lizard? He's not the only one buying crickets at the shop anymore. Your best friend may also enjoy fishing. Even eco-friendly dog treats manufacturers are adding these tiny bits of protein to their products. This suggests that there's money to be made from crickets and that there's plenty of scale.

Research using insects to understand forensic and entomological warfare is also possible. However, it has been used historically and is still being studied.

You can also use the byproducts of insects to make silk, candles, and natural pesticides.

This article explains how to start your own insect farm. Find your niche and create a profitable business.

Chapter 5

Innovative Agriculture

America is continuing to work to develop and implement the most efficient agricultural practices possible in order to create safer and more sustainable growing conditions.

We are committed to making positive changes by focusing on reducing environmental impacts, improving productivity, and finding more cost-effective and efficient solutions.

We are encouraged to explore other practices, thanks to advances in science and technology.

These advances have created many opportunities for people to explore aspects of agriculture that were previously taboo.

We are now encouraged and able to cultivate niches that create opportunity and profit.

These are the top players in the innovative agricultural sector.

18. Hydroponics

Hydroponics allows plants to be grown solely with water and mineral solutions, without soil.

This is an innovative idea in agriculture that will be the future.

American farmers are facing the challenge of producing enough and sustainable food as our population increases.

You can now manage a plant's specific nutrients and save water by using hydroponics.

Hydroponics, estimated to be worth more than $8 billion, is expected to experience an annual growth rate of 12.1% to reach a market value of $16 billion in 2025.

Hydroponics has many advantages. Plants can be packed closer together, and soil is eliminated. This makes it ideal for urban dwellers.

However, there are some drawbacks that should be considered.

Hydroponic systems are expensive and require constant monitoring. You are vulnerable to power outages and will need a generator to ensure your plants get the water they require. Or, grab the hose and do it yourself.

Hydroponics has a lot of potential for profit. You can even open a hydroponic retail shop if you're willing to put in some effort.

This article explains how to set up indoor hydroponics systems and gives you a chance to get in on the action.

This suggestion is a great one to consider when looking for good business ideas to start in a poor economy.

Hydroponics can be a very profitable venture as it supplies food for people all over the world.

19. Aquaponics

Aquaponics is the culmination of aquaculture, which involves the growing of aquatic animals, and hydroponics which involves the growing of plants without soil.

The idea is that fish waste feeds plants, and water cleans them. You can find more information here.

The global aquaponics market, which is one of the most sustainable ways to grow food, is valued at $19 million. With a projected growth rate 11.5% between 2021-2026 should see an estimated market value of $41 millions by the end.

Aquaponics attracts people because it requires little space to make a profit. It is actually the most space-efficient method of food production anywhere in the world.

It is very easy to maintain once the system has been set up.

But what's the downside? If you decide to scale up to any capacity, there are significant start-up costs. These include increased hydro bills and heating expenses.

This article offers tips and budget-saving ideas on how to get started.

The demand for organic fish and vegetables is high in the United States. They also generate significant income, proving that this is an money-making agriculture business idea worth considering.

20. Cannabis & CBD

Cannabis and CBD are transforming the agricultural sector.

The legalization of marijuana in many countries has increased pressure on the United States government.

At the moment, 36 states and District of Columbia have legalized the product for medical or recreational use. It is only a matter of when the rest of the country will follow suit.

Globally, the legal cannabis market is expected to grow at 18% between 2020-2027. It will be worth more than $73 billion by 2027.

Americans are looking for natural and alternative treatments to manage their chronic pain and diseases. As this article explains, there are many innovative ways to address health concerns.

Indoor cannabis cultivation is possible, making it an attractive choice for urban dwellers.

The down side to this product is the high startup costs - anywhere from $10-$17/square feet.

This article provides a detailed analysis on cost breakdowns and profit margins.

There is a lot of competition for this idea as many budding entrepreneurs are looking to capitalize on it. It's important that your business stands out from the rest by using creative marketing strategies and lots of creativity.

Your chances of maximizing your ROI by being niche-specific are higher than those of your competitors, according to this publication.

Chapter 6

Lead generation

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip commodo consequat.

It is possible that you are wondering how lead generation can be integrated into profitable agricultural business ideas. Let me explain.

This simple business model allows you to rank and rent websites in any niche of agriculture.

This list contains twenty niches you could pursue in the agricultural industry, but there are many other niches available in thousands of cities across the country.

I'll do a quick breakdown for you:

A website is built.

It will rise to the top in Google searches. Then, start selling leads to local businesses owners who are looking for income and growth.

We will guide you step-by-step through the process.

Your site will rank well once it is up and running. However, you won't lose your income.

It is a passive income that can be earned.

This is the type where you are paid every month without having to trade your time for money.

This tree care site was built more than five years ago.

To this day, I still receive a monthly check through this site. I also have other checks.

There are many.

If you are curious, it could be as high as $50,000 per month.

This business model is extremely scalable.

You can rank as many lead gen properties online as you want and make passive income from each one.

Agriculture is only one niche. There are literally thousands more.

What if your client wants to leave?

It doesn't matter.

This digital property you have, so find another business owner that understands it and sees the immense value of your service. Keep on trucking.

Our world is only going to become more digitally-focused as evidenced by the technological advances in agriculture.

People are increasingly searching online for products and services in this computerized world.

You can be the Google king and earn dividends by dominating Google.

This photo shows me collecting checks for the same company for more than five years, with only one of my lead generation properties.

Lead generation is the best way to generate passive income.

Because you are able to leverage Google and maximize profitability, you can make money in any sector of agriculture or any other niche.

All this with lead generation.

Are you interested in finding out more about this rank and the rent model?

Book a call by clicking the button below

You should now have some ideas on how to make more money from agribusiness. I believe there's never been a better time to invest in agriculture.

The rapid technological advancements and ongoing changes in how America produces livestock will ensure that this industry continues to be profitable and scalable.

These are just twenty ideas for money-making agriculture business ideas. There are many more.


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