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Amazing Selling Machine [Review]: 21 Things You Should Know (Is It Still the Gold Standard?)

This is a review of Amazing selling Machine 12 (their latest version).

Amazing Selling Machine (ASM), in many ways, has been the benchmark - it is one of the most popular FBA courses today.

Is it up to the reputation?


This Review: Why You Should Read It?

  • I am not an ASM affiliate.
  • I have realistic expectations. What is the start-up cost of FBA? What is the average time it takes? What is the reason people fail at Private Label?
  • These are the key takeaways I have from the course content
  • Here are some common complaints about ASM that I hear.
  • This biz model is compared to other opportunities.

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1. Four Core Elements of an Amazing Selling Machine

1. 9-Week Online Class: Modules

  1. 1
    Build Your Hot Opportunity List
  2. 2
    Evaluation of Suppliers and Samples
  3. 3
    How to Order Your Inventory and Create Your Brand
  4. 4
    Build Your Brand Assets
  5. 5
    The Perfect Product Page
  6. 6
    Launch the Perfect Product
  7. 7
    Optimizing and Scaling Personal Performance Checks
  8. 8
    Amazon: Scaling your Sales
  9. 9
    Advanced Traffic and Marketing Strategies

2. ASM Mentor Program

ASM has 21 Amazon FBA "elite sellers" in their Facebook group, ready to answer any questions.

3. Private ASM Community

ASM has 26,000 students: ASM is one of the largest FBA sellers communities.

They deserve major props. I believe in the importance of surrounding myself with like-minded people. This will change your outlook over time.

This could be one reason to choose ASM over a cheaper course, as they don't usually have a strong community.

4. Private Resource Vault

ASM offers a variety of resources (various sites and services) that coaches use to create their Private Label FBA business.

  • Supplier contact templates
  • Templates for product and sample evaluations
  • Contact info for freight forwarders, photographers, videographers, etc.

2. What is Private Label and How Can You Be Successful?

ASM 12 teaches you how to start a Private Label Amazon FBA Business.

Private Label was traditionally a way to find suppliers who sold unbranded products. Then you would stick your logo on the products.

It worked for FBA about 4-5 years ago and it was much simpler.

FBA has become more competitive as more suppliers are able to get on FBA direct. However, creativity is still a key factor in winning.

You will have a greater chance of success if you get involved in product development.

This includes, but is not limited to, the creation of unique bundles of products through Amazon's "Frequently purchased together" section.

Here's an example: A vegetable spiralizer was purchased by the seller and packaged it with a recipe book and a vegetable peeler.

Another strategy is to analyze the negative reviews from competitors' listings and find ways to improve the product.

3. Which is better? Private Label or Wholesale

In the previous section, I introduced you the Private Label model. We'll now look at the Private Label model and compare it to Wholesale FBA.

Private Label

What is it?

Select unbranded products from suppliers to create your brand for Amazon. Usually, the suppliers are located in China.

Also responsible for creating a catchy logo and product photos as well as marketing copy for the listing.

It is amazing!

Because it's your brand, you have the greatest control over price and profit margin.

If the brand is successful, you can choose to sell it all.

It is difficult.

It is difficult to create a brand from scratch.

To get traction, you must first spend money on paid advertising. This is because the brand is unknown and has zero reviews.


What is it?

Amazon allows you to take well-known brands and make them available for sale.

You will likely need to have access to a warehouse because you are likely purchasing larger quantities wholesale from suppliers.

The warehouse will house the products before they are shipped to Amazon.

It is amazing!

It is much easier to determine if your product will be a success or failure. This is because your product is already known and people are buying it.

It's much easier than creating a brand from scratch.

Advertising is also much less important.

It is difficult.

Because it isn't your brand, you have less control over the price and profit margin.

You must also persevere in finding suppliers who will let you sell their brands.

4. Who is behind ASM?

Amazing Selling Machine was launched by Jason Katzenback and Matt Clark in 2013.

They have since made millions of dollars, as have their students.

Two ASM veterans have taught the course over the years:

Rich Henderson and Mike McClary

Dan Ashburn was added to the instructor list in ASM 12, one of the most recent course releases.

5. Amazing Selling Machine 12 - Price & Overview


Ranked #3 of 30 Amazon FBA Courses


50 hours of video content (160 individual clips)


Everything you need to get started on your FBA journey


4.0/5 - The best course for beginners who require hand-holding but also the most expensive


$4,997 in total (or 6 monthly payments at $997)

Is Amazing Selling Machine that is worth your time and money.

See below for the complete course review.

6. What can you expect from this course?

Amazing Selling Machine 12 is taught, as mentioned above, by three instructors who have actual experience selling on Amazon.

Rich, Mike, and Dan will give you the basics in a clear manner. They are straight-to-the-point and don't use technical lingo.

These course segments provide detailed information about how to create a successful Amazon business using the ASM method.

Once you have your Amazing Selling Machine login, it will teach you how to:

  • Choose a low-competition product
  • Get in touch with a supplier to order samples
  • Amazon paid advertising social media to drive traffic
  • Increase your brand's value by adding multiple products

These key takeaways were discovered by my team...

7. Key Takeaway: Module 1 was good, but I have 1 gripe

"Product selection can be the most frustrating and time-consuming part of any business."

It can be frustrating...I'm with you! It can be difficult to choose the right product.

You don't want it to go wrong, especially your first.

ASM's Module 1 Overall has some positive points.

They teach you, for example, how to have a "brand mentality."

Instead of building a company with one product, build a brand that sells multiple related products.

This allows you to expand your business more easily in the future.

Concerning the teaching style, however, I felt that ASM used too many PowerPoint slides such as these.

It can get tedious especially when there are over 160 videos and 50 hours!

A minor gripe: They call Module 1 “Building Your Hot Opportunities List "...

However, there aren't enough examples to show what a winning product looks like in the real world.

8. The Key Takeaway: Module 2 - Too Many Options - What I Learned?

"Product sourcing can be very important, patience is key."

Persistence is also key!

As you search for the perfect supplier, patience and perseverance are essential (they don’t exist).

Don't forget to focus your creativity on improving existing products that are already on Amazon.

This means that you need to stand out from your competition. This is known as product tuning...

This is the most difficult part of your business.

There are many products and so many suppliers.

The variables create a moving target and it can take a while before you feel like you are making progress.

I suspect most people get stuck here.

This is why I switched to a other biz model .

9. Takeaway: Module 5: Discover ASM's product title "Secret".

You want your listing ready and created before your inventory arrives on Amazon.

While you wait for your shipment from China to arrive, you'll still have plenty of time to work with that listing.

ASM helps you to create product titles that attract traffic.

What do you think about ASM's product name "secret"

This is it: ASM trains you how to optimize your title.

They compare what most sellers do with what they recommend.

  • Standard Method: Brand Name - Product Name - Model
  • ASM Method: Keyword-rich Product Name - More Keywords - Keyword-rich Benefits

Rich considers the ASM Method ideal. However, it may not always be possible depending upon your product and Amazon category.

Don't forget to make sure the title is clear - there are real customers out there!

10. The Key Takeaway: Module 6 was Crucial, and Here's Why...

It is suicide to not track the data daily when it comes Amazon because you are essentially guessing.

Dan and his ASM team believe in data. They say, "Always let data make the decision for YOU!"

You won't be able to see what's happening with your data if you don't monitor it.

It's difficult to make Amazon FBA a truly passive income stream.

Understanding this business model is important.

Don't get me wrong. Private Label can be a lucrative business if you are determined and committed to the cause.

However, if passive income is more important to you, keep in mind the opportunity

11. The Key Takeaway: Avoid Negatives. Module 8: What does ASM refer to?

"A negative review avoided, is better than one gained."

It's inevitable that you will eventually get a negative review. It's inevitable.

Sometimes, there is a valid issue. Other times, people may have unrealistic expectations or be having a bad day.

These issues are part of running any business, regardless of the situation.

Although your first negative review is likely to be the most damaging, it doesn't mean you have to do anything. The rest will be easier once you have dealt with the first one.

Negative reviews can have a negative impact on your sales.

Do whatever it takes for the customer to be satisfied. It may be necessary to send a replacement or issue a refund.

Don't ask them to prove anything, or to ship back the product that is not satisfactory. These rules apply to small businesses.

That wraps up my key takeaways...

I'll be sharing a list with pros and cons and my final thoughts about Amazing Selling Machine 12.

12. The Community: 26,750 students & counting

As mentioned earlier, the main reason to enroll in a course like Amazing Selling Machine (or any other course) is to have access to a strong community.

Some courses may offer better training in some aspects of the business...

But, at the end...

ASM has a large FBA seller community, so there is a lot of learning between the members of their private Facebook group.

13. What is the Secret to ASM's Poor Reputation?

Remember that ASM has an affiliate marketing program and many online course reviews can be done by affiliates.

Be discerning about what you see for ASM.

If you put in the effort, I have nothing against promoting a program.

You've built your FBA business using the lessons from the course.

Their affiliate program casts doubt on the legitimacy of their course, mainly due to the fact that affiliates can still sell it without ever having taken it.

Affiliates can make a lot of money by setting up a sales funnel with ASM and earning close to $2.5K.

(See Why ASM Uses Affiliates.

The real reason for the "ASM Scam" fad lies in the poor affiliates.

14. ASM Refund Policy

We will give you a full refund if you are unhappy with the program for any reason within 30 days.

The best Amazon FBA courses I have taken.

This policy is the strongest available for refunds.

This is a sign that they believe in their product.

Don't buy a course thinking you can get a refund. Do your research and, if it is still worth the investment, get involved in the program. )

15. What is the minimum amount I need to get started?

Many recommend that you have at least $10K to get started with Amazon.

I would raise that to at least $15K.


After you have purchased the course for $5K you will only have $10K to purchase inventory and pay marketing costs. This is a very tight budget.

I will go into detail about FBA business expenses later...

16. ASM 12: The Pros and Con's


  • Rich, Mike, and Dan provide a thorough introduction to FBA. They also include lots of step by step walkthroughs.
  • Teachers are Amazon sellers
  • You can return the course within 30 days.
  • Each year, the course is revised.
  • An active Support Group is available (ASM has its own forum).


  • It's a costly course, especially considering that you will need to spend thousands of dollars more to cover the actual FBA business expenses
  • ASM is often promoted by affiliate marketers who haven't taken the course or created a successful FBA business.
  • Instructors suggest that it is a good time to open an Amazon FBA business.
  • It is difficult to understate the difficulty and time involved in product testing
  • It is important to emphasize the importance of content marketing. To have long-term success, you will need a strategy that goes beyond Amazon ads.

17. Amazing Selling Machine 12 Reddit Commentary

Reddit is a place where people can express their opinions.

ASM reviews provided valuable feedback, aside from the usual useless stuff.

The Good

Reddit user who claimed to know an ASM student, said they knew someone who took the course and worked hard for several years. He eventually made seven figures five times ($5 million).

ASM is also defended by another member who doesn't like courses at all:

Another member claimed to host a podcast called FBA Millionaires and posted the following:

"I have interviewed million-dollar sellers, and they attribute their success to ASM. Stefano will be speaking about Amazing Selling Machine.

Stefano earns $250K per month.

He stated that he had followed ASM step by step.

ASM must be successful if people are happy.

(See the post Reddit.

Ganatron's comments were the longest. It includes a testimonial from a successful ASM student, who has sold more than $8 million in product.

Ganatron's complete post.

The Bad

Some Amazing Selling Machine reviews were negative.

One member voices their gut feeling...specifically, they doubted whether ASM was the real deal since the marketing was so pushy.

Another member complained about the constant updates to the course.

18. Final Thoughts: This is one of the most in-depth FBA courses, but it has some downfalls

All that said, I have some final thoughts.

Rich Henderson and Mike McClary offer great insight. They are both qualified instructors who want you to succeed.

They are willing to share their knowledge and experience with students, which has helped them develop Amazon businesses that are profitable.

If you do your research, you will find that ASM 12 isn't a hoax.

However, the question is, should you buy ASM 12 or another product? Is it worth the effort?

If you don't know anything about Amazon selling and need walkthroughs of each step, this course is for you.

Amazing Selling Machine is often considered the gold standard in Amazon FBA training because of its thoroughness.

Although this is partially true, let's not forget what it is: This is a beginner's course!

This course will teach you how to list and launch a product on Amazon.

However, you won't be able to learn any ongoing methods to keep your prospects interested in your products over the long-term.


Because ASM is a 3-step strategy that teaches you how to do it.

  • Step 1: Use XYZ to determine if there are potential customers for ABC products
  • Step 2: Order the product from Alibaba
  • Step 3: Ship it back to Amazon and you will get some sales

19. There are some challenges with the FBA Biz Model

As you may recall, I suggested that Amazon customers have at least $15K to get started.

(I will share a line-item budget to help you understand the cash outlay later in this review. )

I think many people don't have the means to afford $15K, particularly for a first-time buyer.

The challenges are not just about money.

To succeed in Amazon FBA you need an amazing product.

It's also very competitive, as you compete with top brands and manufacturers from all over the globe.

It was easier five years ago because there were not as many suppliers and manufacturers selling directly on Amazon.

It's the Olympics of ecommerce.

Opportunities are still available.

To find the perfect niche, you will only need to persevere and do more research.

If you are creative and have an idea for a product that is unique, it might be worth starting a Private Label business.

But Will potential customers also consider you an innovative idea?

Only extensive product testing will give you the answer. This is the route you will need to follow to (hopefully!) discover the unique and profitable product.

This all takes time. You need to request samples, order inventory, ship, and warehouse. You can plan for six months or more with no guarantee of sales.

To be a successful supplier, you need to communicate well with them and want to establish a long-term relationship. You can expect headaches if you don't.

It can take up to 3-6 months for your Amazon listing to rank organically on Amazon, even after all the effort.

FBA requires a substantial initial investment, extensive product testing, delays and possible manufacturer & supplier problems.

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Feeling overwhelmed?

20. FBA is fine, but Lead Gen is better - Here's why

Lead Generation

  • Every zip code has a new opportunity
  • Starter costs only a few hundred dollars
  • To rank on Google, you need to have skills
  • Low overhead and high profit margin
  • You have complete control over the website
  • Passive once ranked – just deposit your money in the mailbox

Amazon FBA

  • Only 6,000 niches in the market
  • Start up costs about $15K
  • Low entry barrier (anyone can copy the product)
  • Low profit margin (30%)
  • Amazon has the power to shut down your account without notice
  • No passiveness - many moving parts (shipping ads, launches, etc.)

21. Why Lead Gen is better than FBA?

Personally, I find local leads generation better than Amazon.

It is hard to start an Amazon business with very little capital, as I have already mentioned.

It's a wishful thinking to spend less than $15K, as you will be spending your money when you start your company.

  • $5K for training course
  • $2K for business licensing/branding (LLC website, logo, packaging and photography, copywriting, promotion of social media, etc. (7K)
  • $3K for the first shipment (10K)
  • $3K on launching your product (13K)
  • $1.5K to continue promotion (Amazon and Facebook Ads) ($14.5K
  • Amazon fulfillment and warehousing fees (30% from your revenue)
  • + Research Tools (Jungle Scout ($39-69/month), Viral Launch ($50-83/month)), etc.

This is a basic budget for Amazon. It's in the $15K+ price range.

You might be eligible for a loan if you don't have enough savings to finance your business.

Let's face it, who would want to do that?

I can save a quarter on my expenses by using local lead generation.

It occurred to me that I would not have had the capital needed for FBA if I hadn't built the financial foundation for my lead generation business.

Lead generation is a skill that allows me to jump into any niche and rank sites, then sell leads to service providers.

My profits from lead generation have remained stable since 2015 (a lot more than my Amazon FBA profits).

Since 2015, this site has made me $2,000 per months.

There's very little maintenance so I just keep building new sites.

These are the six steps that make up the lead generation process.

Each of my businesses required a lot of hard work.

My local lead generation business was easier to scale up to $52K per monthly.

My local lead business is based on the fact that I generate leads for local businesses, which gives them the opportunity to make more money and help customers.

It's all due to the simplicity of the process that I learned in this course.


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