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Kevin David Review (Scam?) 19 Facts [Amazon Zon Ninja Course] Read This Before You Buy!

Kevin David's Amazon FBA Zon Ninja course is a classic.

It is one of the most well-known circuit courses.

It will you be able to slice and dice your way to Amazon wealth?

After a thorough review of the program, here's what we found:

1. Amazon FBA Zon Ninja course: What is it and what should you know?

Kevin claims that this is everything you need in order to start your Amazon FBA company.

It is content-heavy so you will need to allocate plenty of time to cover and then implement the material.

There are 6 main modules.

  1. 1
    Product Research
  2. 2
    Suppliers & Shipping
  3. 3
    Product Listings, Ranking, and Optimization
  4. 4
    Product Launch Strategy
  5. 5
    Selling: Amazon PPC and Clickfunnels, Facebook, & Instagram
  6. 6
    Amazon Seller Central Hacks

Each module has a checklist at the end.

It is easy to search for specific lessons on the platform.

However, there are still areas for improvement in the organization and flow.

2. Amazon FBA: Why do some people have trouble with it?

This is not a mistake.

It is not easy to get an Amazon FBA company up and running.

Here are some of the most important challenges that you need to be aware of

  • Inventory up-front costs (see #15)
  • Shipping times can be long
  • There is a lot of competition
  • Supply chain problems
  • Amazon fees
  • It can take up to 12-18 months for meaningful profits to be realized

It is now much more difficult to find success on Amazon than it was when Amazon FBA Ninja first came out.

3. Course length & price tag

Length: More than 10 hours
Price: $1.997 or $599 per month x 5 = 2,995

For as long as I can recall, there has been a 50% discount "limited time"

4. Refund policy and complaints

The theory is that there is a 14-day guarantee of your money back 'if the work is done correctly'.

It's not so simple.

You cannot complete more than 40%.

It will take more than 14 days to determine if the material is stable.

Students have also had problems getting their money back.

Another scathing review.

Consider the refund issues before you pull the trigger.

5. Kevin David is who? Is it because he seems to have such bad reputation?

Kevin is an accountant who has become a serial entrepreneur.

His YouTube audience is substantial (1.4 million subscribers).

However, this could be due to the click-bait videos people use to get rich quick.

What is Kevin David's YouTube earnings?

Net Worth Spot says he earns more through his YT channel that many people make in their 9-5 jobs.

These videos seem to be very popular because they promise to make you rich fast.

It is highly doubtful that these people actually make any money using these strategies.

However, this is not the main problem.

Kevin seems to have run into problems with negative reviews and the way he attempts to counter them.

You can buy reviews and incentivize people leaving positive reviews.

This may work for Trust Pilot or Amazon, but it is not good enough for BBB.

Although I don't know him personally, his online rep doesn't seem to be all that trustworthy.

6. The key takeaways

Here are the highlights of my course:

1 Avoid the clothing niche

This is key for beginners. 

While it seems easy to create a brand around clothing and apparel, you want to keep things simple when getting started.

And clothing is anything but simple.

Instead, you'll need multiple sizes and even multiple sizes of multiple colors.

The niche also comes with a higher percentage of returns too.

We've all been there when something just doesn't fit right or look the way we though it would.

2 How to split test (& how you can do it for free)?

The 2 key factors that make a difference in sales are:

1 - The main image

2 - Product price

It's worth the time and effort to test what generates the most sales.

For split testing, Kevin recommends using Listing Dojo.

Built specifically for Amazon listings, this is a great tool to streamline your testing.

3) What to do with Amazon Basics?

You might think that it's a bad idea to compete against Amazon's own product line.

However, Kevin has a different perspective.

When you're competing with an Amazon product, bundle your product with something people often buy with it.

4) How can you block spy tools from finding products?

If you create a custom branded product page, the spy tools don't work on it like they do on the regular search pages.

Granted, there's some upfront work involved.

On the flip side, your hot product aren't discovered by hoards of competitors.

5) Amazon's data can be used to identify profitable niches

Kevin uses Amazon's own brand to search for ideal items to sell.

Followed by a quick check to see how competitive the niche is and if there's a gap to exploit.

With over a million products listed, there's going to be stuff you've never heard of that will be great as FBA products.

6) Launching a product is the best way

Kevin recommends hiring one of the companies who set up Amazon giveaway promotions.

Yes, it is another costly investment.

On the other hand, the sales look more legit to Amazon and most of the reviews stick.

You can do it yourself but it's a lot of work.

Remember, for new products, reviews are big time.

7) How can you make your ad viral?

A nice tip here is to make your ad worth sharing.

For example, give it an eye-catching headline and ask your audience to tag a friend who needs it.

It's knowing how to take advantage of Facebook's algorithms.

8) How do you get your account suspended?

Kevin shares the steps he's taken to get his seller account unsuspended.

Including a progression of email addresses that can be used to keep escalating your case if you're not getting anywhere.

The whole account suspension risk is a major reason I don't do Amazon FBA.

Having another company in control of your income isn't a smart move.

A word of caution here:

Like many of the tactics in this course, they've been around a while and might not work anymore.

7. Module 1: Establishing the foundation, but there is a big red flag

First, you will receive a crash course in setting up your business as a legal entity.

The main focus should be on product selection.

Kevin demonstrates his method live, so it's not too complicated.

Here's where alarm bells begin to ring:

Kevin shares the following example of one of his products and the supplier.

My understanding is that the focus should be on the mark-up from the supplier's prices.

You can see that they are not the same product.

(More on this and why Kevin keeps getting into trouble because of this trend)

These are the products that Alibaba will offer in 2022.

Remember that everything is more expensive now than it was in 2017, when these videos were created.

This is just one reason Amazon FBA is so much harder than they say on these courses.

The inconsistencies overshadow what is an informative module.

8. Module 2: This module could spell doom for your finances.

Kevin discusses the importance of finding a reliable supplier. He also provides details on how to find reviews and company data.

Additionally, you will learn how to inspect the packaging and make sure it provides adequate protection during shipping.

Kevin recommends that you get a few quotes from suppliers and use them to your advantage in negotiations for lower prices.

Side note: It's a good idea to search for local suppliers that sell products that you can bulk buy and then send to Amazon.

This option would have been more detailed.

The Key Takeaway from Business Mindset

Amazon business owners need to be constantly looking for the next product and seeking out opportunities.

9. Module 3: Dealing with hijackers and essential listing hacks

Kevin explains his steps to stop sellers from taking over his listing and stealing the buy box.

The method you choose will depend on whether your product has been trademarked.

This module covers keywords and high-quality images that can be used to improve search engine rankings.

You can also use the 'on-sale' trick and product pricing to attract buyers to your listing.

10. Module 4: Secrets to a Successful Launch (& The Dark Side of Amazon)

Module 4 is about the launch and getting momentum.

Kevin walks customers through product giveaways, coupons, and reminding them to leave reviews.

He admitted that he would rather pay an outsider to purchase his product and leave verified feedback.

The fake review industry is flourishing, unfortunately.

This begs the question:

  1. 1
    Can you compete if you don't do it?
  2. 2
    If Amazon cracks down on this practice, will it come back to bite me?

Amazon is actually still benefiting from fake sales because they generate revenue, so it will continue to work.

Amazon claims that customer reviews do not have any influence on the product's success, but we all know this.

Both for social proof and rankings to increase sales.

11. Module 5: The Essential Advertising Hacks, but here are the reasons it isn't on the mark

Kevin covers many paid and unpaid marketing options.

  • Amazon PPC
  • Facebook Ads
  • Instagram
  • ClickFunnels

You have many options.

The material is also dated.

It also doesn't go into any depth.

You will need to do some research on your own to find the right advertising.

12. Module 6: This was mind blowing & here's Why?

You can find a wide range of topics.

  • Remove negative feedback from sellers
  • Request a second seller account
  • There are several options to help you if your account has been suspended
  • Using messenger bots
  • To create a team for customer service outsourcing

It's like it was a dump of things that didn't belong elsewhere.

Here are some videos that you might find interesting.

To create loyalty, you can find great Virtual Assistants by treating them well and treating them well.

How to use the difference between product feedback and seller feedback to remove negative reviews from sellers.

If you are an ethical seller, however, you don't necessarily need the majority of the items in this section.

Here's what did to me:

Kevin pitches his Done For You Automated Amazon Business.

Does that make it seem like the whole point of purchasing and following this course?

13. Are there bonuses?


  1. 1
    Template for manufacturing 50+ products
  2. 2
    Mini Course - Amazon Agency Secrets
  3. 3
    ZonBase training

ZonBase, Kevin's paid software, comes with its own training academy so it seems absurd to add the training as a bonus.

To do much of the research Kevin does in this course, you will need the $97 per month subscription.

Although templates are a great idea, you might want to consider them more of a framework and not a copy-and-paste option after seeing how many students have used them.

You'll also have access to a Facebook group.

The best days of the group are gone, and the key man is now focused elsewhere.

14. Zon Ninja is a fraud. It really is a scam?

Coffeezilla, and others really get into YouTube. Kevin is accused of some less than stellar business practices.

You can repurpose content from other courses and videos of people who do well.

The biggest scandal about Kevin's missing comma is that he photo-shopped sales figures.

Kevin's lawyers continue to file bogus lawsuits against anyone who points out his shady tactics.

This sounds like too much drama!

Here's the deal

The bigger question when you buy a course is whether it will work for you and the lessons you'll get from it.

Yes, it is always better to purchase from the original source.

The bottom line is that there's enough information here to get you started...or at the very least it was in 2017, when the course first dropped.

15. They don't tell ...( about starting an Amazon FBA company.

How much it costs to start and how long it takes for real income to begin!

  • Inventory up to $5,000
  • Branding (logo, samples and professional images, videos, packaging): $2,000 to $3,000.
  • Advertising and Launches: $5,000+

This does not include the cost of purchasing a course (if that's your choice), Amazon's shipping and storage fees, and tools and outsourcing.

16. What is it like to be successful at Amazon FBA?

It takes patience and lots of testing.

It's not a numbers game, because even though a product ticks all the boxes there are many variables you can't control.

  • The actions of your competition
  • Market entry by new sellers
  • Demand and supply

Amazon's top sellers test hundreds of products in order to identify their winners.

It's obvious that you will need to have a lot of money to purchase inventory for multiple products, without knowing if they will sell enough.

Add the time required to obtain samples and receive your inventory.

Amazon FBA is not the right business model for you if you have limited funds or need to make more money quickly.

17. Zon Ninja: The pros and cons


  • This guide covers the basics of Amazon FBA
  • Kevin shares some great hacks
  • FaceBook has a community


  • Material is dated
  • Products are what is already on the market
  • Uncertain refund policy
  • It is difficult to find success stories of students in recent years.
  • Author is now focusing his efforts on other ventures
  • This is no longer the best business model: high risk/high competition and low profit margin

18. What other options are there for Amazon FBA?

Amazing Selling Machine

The gold standard for Amazon FBA.

This covers everything but costs $4,997.

It's the same story with Zon Ninja:

  • Use tools to locate products already on the platform
  • Locate a supplier
  • Ship to Amazon warehouse

It's not revolutionary or game-changing, but it's more credible.

Blue Sky Amazon

Sophie Howard brings a different perspective to the table.

This article gives you an insider's view into how to create a brand on Amazon that is unique and stands out from the rest.

She gives examples of her tea company, and how she discovered an exclusive incense supplier in Bali while on vacation.

Although it is expensive at $3,495 you can get the product selection right to be in blue ocean territory (or sky).

19. Conclusion: There is an easier way

Amazon FBA would be a great choice if you were reading this article in 2018.

Unfortunately, Amazon is no longer the best place to sell your products.

It's now saturated and cut-throat, and is suffering from supply chain headaches.

There's an easier way to earn serious money online.

This is one of my digital assets,

Since 2015, this website has been generating $2000 or more per month.

This creates leads for tree service requests.

The calls are routed to a local business that does all the work.

After everything is in place, you can earn passive income.

There are many niches and thousands upon thousands of cities.

There are only a few competitors, making it easier to be the dominant one

Perhaps my favorite aspect?

Profit margins of at least 90% and low costs to scale.

I'm sharing my secret recipe .


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