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Dropship Lifestyle Review (Unbiased) – Anton Kraly 2022 High-Ticket Dropshipping Course

1. What Is It That Makes Anton's Course Different From All The Rest?

Dropshipping courses may not be the same.

I have reviewed many of them, and this course is one of my favorites.

Anton's DSL course has the biggest difference. He teaches high-ticket dropshipping, as opposed to the low-ticket dropshipping most courses are able to teach .

The following sections outline the course.

Sections of the DSL

  • Drop Ship Blueprint
  • Course in Adwords PPC
  • Paid social traffic
  • Events

2. Does Drop Ship Lifestyle work ?... what Reddit says ...

Haters can easily go online to write fake reviews.

This is why you shouldn't believe everything that you read.

Let's look at the negative comments made about Anton and DSL.

Redditor has not taken the course, and appears to have had bad experiences with other online courses.

However, his gripe may be about the business model he chose.

will accept what he said regarding passive income.

There are many passive income streams, but nothing is perfect.

He has another comment...

The person mentioned that they bought the course and, after reading it for a while, asked for a refund.

It would have been more cost-effective to do better research than pay for it.

This is the last comment.

It is light and carries no weight.

Before judging, do some research on the course and creator.

The lead generation coaching program that I joined in 2014 was completely effective and allowed me quit my 9-5 job.

3. Course costs & refund policy

The minimum investment for this course is $3497 for DSL Premium.

Depending on your goals, there are two options:

You must prove that you have completed the following tasks within the 30 days after purchasing the course to get a refund.

  1. 1
    Select a niche
  2. 2
    Locate 20 suppliers
  3. 3
    Create a website

If 30 Days have passed after you purchased the course, they won't let you get a refund.

Make a decision within the time limit and complete these tasks.

4. How high-ticket dropshipping works and how to succeed?

Dropshipping with high ticket is the type that you sell quality products to a larger audience or demographic.

Products that cost more than $500 are often considered high-ticket.

This number could change depending on whom you speak to.

Anton is the term for selling "evergreen" products, which simply means that they will always be in high demand.

You can always make a profit if you are able to sell these products.

5. What Is The Minimum Amount You Will Need To Start Dropshipping?

Dropshipping can be quite expensive.

It all depends on your goals.

Anton explains in this video what the correct and incorrect way to dropship.

6. Dropshipping: Why dropshipping is so dangerous?

Dropshipping is often seen as expensive at first.

It all comes down to how you approach it, as you can see in the video.


  • It takes time.
  • It has low profit margins
  • Facebook ads get more expensive every year
  • It's also competitive
  • Returns are a frequent occurrence

7. Drop Ship Lifestyle Key Points

A. Niche Selection Verification

The DSL team can assist you with your niche selection by verifying to make sure that you choose a niche that is worth the effort.

This is a way to make things easier for you.

B. Forum Access

This is where you can get all the support and guidance you need from course coaches and students who are already achieving success.

C. Anton's Personal Supplier Directory

Anton has his own supplier list.

This list contains over 8400 suppliers, from which you can select.

Anton only works with legitimate suppliers, so this is a solid share.

D. DropShip Lifestyle App

DSL offers its own app that can help you automate order fulfillments and increase conversions.

Automating your business can make scaling easier.

8. Drop Ship Lifestyle Course ...: Real Reviews

These accounts were verified by

Reddit user below purchased the course many years ago, obviously when it was far less expensive.

They felt they received good value for their money.

It would be amazing to know if they feel the same after paying a lot more for the course.

The next review comes from another student, who linked to an interview that he had with Anton.

This review was more honest and real. It also included some truth about the dropshipping model and what you can expect.

9. Dropshipping: Is DSL's approach worth it?

It's not my favorite dropshipping course in all honesty. This is because it's theory-based.

It's refreshing to see Anton's unique take on the business model.

However, I am left to wonder if he is focusing on his online course and not the business model that he supports.

I am a fan of facts and figures. All the dropshipping coaches boast about their online store's turnover.

Anton doesn't....why?

Does the Drop Ship Lifestyle work today?

Yes, it can. But the problem isn’t Anton’s .... course.

It's the business.

Dropshipping isn't reliable or consistent enough. Plus, competition is growing every day.

10. Dropshipping has been a success for me, but I have no plans to stop.

A few years back, I sold deck umbrellas of high quality.

It was not without its challenges (which is to be expected).

My advertising campaigns were the key to my success.

Dropshippers choose to sell trending products because it converts better on Facebook.

You can easily end up spending too much on evergreen products testing other ads to find out what works.

It takes up a lot time and money.

This is especially true with FB's rising ad costs.

It's difficult to stay consistent if your product doesn't have an interesting angle.

There were many days when I spent a lot of money on ads that had no return.

This is a hard pill to swallow.

Let's suppose, however, that you decide to follow the trends as the other dropshipping gurus...

But you're not done.

All trends eventually die out.

You end up spending lots of time researching new trends.

Time is money, as they say.

11. Dropshipping Is Not The Answer, Local Lead Generation Is An Alternative.

There are many options for online businesses.

However, the fact that I'm reading your course reviews says something to me:

  • You don't want to get rich quick.
  • Do you want to make a permanent change in your life?

If you are this, there is only one way to go. One real option ...I have been involved in almost every online business you can think of, and each has its own pros and cons.

There is one winner who has always been the best.

Local Lead Generation

What is the difference between dropshipping and lead gen?
Have a look...

The Bottom Line


  • Requires CONSTANT Attention - It's inevitable that you will always be looking for new products. You will need to check, kill, scale, and run your ads. Remember to offer customer support
  • Marketing budget - You will need to run PPC ads across all platforms, including Google, Facebook and Pinterest, to sell your products.
  • Cloning - Within a matter of hours, anyone can steal your entire business (websites, products, ads, etc.).
  • Product sales - You are selling seasonal/trendy products.It is constantly changing...
  • Longevity? - Dropshipping can be a temporary business model. Dropshipping is a short-term business model. Once a product becomes popular, it will stop selling.
  • Income - It's impossible to predict what you will get each month. Your success depends on many variables such as your products, advertising, and competition

Local Lead Generation

  • Hard work from the beginning - It takes a lot of effort to get started. You will need patience to see the results. This is why many rookies give up (big mistake).
  • Which marketing budget should I use? - You don't have to pay advertising fees for organic traffic.
  • Competition? Nah...No one can steal your website once you have ranked it. The site is yours (digital real property).
  • Leads are highly in demand - Lead gen isn't dependent on a fad. It's a service that all businesses need.
  • Long-term - It won't go out of fashion or disappear as long as there are small businesses and the internet.
  • PASSIVE INCOME - You can earn passive income monthly by ranking your sites. After that, you don't have to worry about it.

Here's an example from one of my lead generation sites that I ranked at number 1 on Google. It generates leads for small businesses in the local area.

Since 2015, this site has made me $2,000 per months on auto-pilot!

This is why lead generation has outperformed all dropshipping businesses that I have tried over the years.

The best way to make a recurring monthly income is to rank organically on Google.

You do all the work upfront.

There's nothing more you can do once your website ranks well and brings in leads for clients.

It's a win/win situation for all involved, and less hassle than selling physical products.

Why wait? Click Here to Learn More or Find the Link Below.


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