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Bad Ass Marketers [Review 2022]: Joshua T. Osborne | Scam Artist?

You've likely come across BAM if you're looking to make money online. It may even have been featured in YouTube ads.

What is it?

We will walk you through the process from start to finish, letting you know all the good and bad.

Let's get it!

What is BAM?

BAM, or Bad Ass Marketers, is another online course. It teaches you how to be your own boss and make a recurring monthly income. They teach digital property and lead generation.

This is a pretty impressive model, considering the current market for real estate is rapidly dying. You'll also see profits margins that are much higher than physical real estate if they're true!

You can make money just by calling a business owner and putting in the effort.

What is Lead Generation?

The process of ranking and building a website via SEO on Google is called lead generation. Real estate is the fact that there is limited "real estate” on the first page. There are only 10 spots.

Bad Ass Marketers are well aware that the first page is a huge monetary asset due to all the commerce done on it.

Let's take, for instance, the roofing market.

You can find out how many roofs are being built each month by doing a quick search in your local market or talking to a friend who is in the area with a roofing company.

Assuming that the average roof cost is $10,000, that means that if 100 people apply each month, you have $1,000,000 worth of a market share.

What's the best way to get a small amount of that?

You can own a piece of real estate that is where the calls come.

That is the way to that is...

It's obvious...

A website that ranks on the first page of Google.

A website that has 10 roofing jobs could generate $100,000 in revenue. They would be happy to send 10% of the jobs your direction, as that is how most contractors deal in referrals.

This is what you can imagine!

Redirecting roofing calls could earn you 10k per month.

Although roofing is not the only industry, there are literally hundreds of other industries where this process is used!

  • Tree service
  • Plumbing
  • Electricians
  • Remodeling
  • Fencing

Now that you have a basic understanding of the Training Course and its purpose, let's get to know their founder.

Founder Of BAM: Joshua T Osborne

Josh was a bit rough-and-tumble. He was always in trouble, in jail and out.

He was even held in solitary confinement for 2 years.

He is, as it should be said, roughed up.

But, while he was in prison, he had a mentor who changed his entire outlook on life.

He was released from jail soon after and began his own moving business. He was the first to open the largest Colorado moving company. He was the largest moving company in Colorado!

He quickly realized that he had done nothing but create his own job, which he was always tied to. He was unable to find any free time.

We can all agree that money is useless if we don't have the time or desire to live with it.

Josh began to look for other opportunities that would allow him the same amount of money but more time.

He found this digital real estate business model and was immediately hooked.

Josh owns over 100 websites today and they all pay him like clockwork every day.

What about Joshua T. Osborne's net worth today? 12.5 million

Other Reviews...

There are several reviews that attempt to low-key knock Joshua Osborne.

You can at least have doubts about his program.

They talk about Josh's involvement in Job-Killing, and how he learned everything from Dan Klein.

While Josh is still in Job-Killing, and Dan Klein is Josh’s mentor, Josh has grown exponentially from what Dan gave him.

Even being able to give back to Dan and help him with a few things here and there.

Job Killing and Dan are amazing. This group is truly the OG in digital marketing space.

It's not a secret that JK has more than 7,000 members, while BAM University has only 1500.

This is probably where you can see it going...

Job Killing's greatest selling point is Ippei's blog, where he markets JK's coaching. That blog is one of the industry's best example that lead generation works well. 

JK is still home to 7,000 members, so it's hard to give them all the attention they need in order to succeed at the business.

BAM University has only 1,500 members. The coaching is much closer than you might imagine.

Dan's group actually does live streaming twice per week. This is better than 99 percent of digital real estate programs. His record of showing up for his students has been incredible.


BAM University offers live streaming almost every day!

Monday's live streaming sales coaching stream.

For those who are coming in for the first 30 days, handheld training is offered Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Wednesday will be Motivation rants with Josh Osborne

Friday's general Q&A evening covers everything, from technical questions to mentality.

Summary: With BAM University, you have MORE live streams, more training, and more coaching opportunities.

Haters will hate...but they can't deny the value you receive with BAM University.

Full Review of BAM: What You Need to Know?

Josh was able to master the art of digital real estate and decided to teach others by creating his own course. Josh's course is different from other courses, which only cover the end. He shows you how to use Facebook ads and how to communicate with potential tenants.

You'll receive video training on the following topics:


Research is where many programs fail. Particularly with Amazon FEBA courses. Any information they give on research could be rendered irrelevant or not work in a short time.

Google, however, doesn't make changes nearly as often as it used to and neither do its research strategies.

Josh continues to update his training as necessary with all the information you need.

This module will help you to determine the ideal market by diving into data and analytics.

Although it can be tedious and hard work, being a marketer is worth the effort.

Website development

These websites are easy to create, and they are very simple in design. You may have booked a call through one of these websites before.

Josh guides you through the process of building a website from start to finish in this section of digital marketing training.

  • How do you build a home page?
  • How to create service pages
  • Where and how to place and get photos

Everything, even publishing the site!

On-page SEO

Josh will teach you everything to make sure your pages are search engine-friendly.

All content, headers, meta tags, and descriptions. You want to ensure that Google crawls your pages and sees what you are trying to target in the correct areas.

  • He will show you how to create or where to find great content
  • He shows you how to correctly select and modify headers
  • He shows how to edit and change meta tag descriptions

This section contains in-depth information from Josh on things and many other topics. There is no room for guesswork!

Off-Page SEO

Josh will teach you everything you need about the backend of digital marketing websites in this module.

  • He explains what a citation means and what its the golden ratio is.
  • He explains what a backlink looks like and how to distinguish the good from the poor.
  • He discusses the differences between do-follow and no-follow backlinks, and why it's important to distinguish them.
  • He will show you how to conduct backlink research.
  • He even shows you where to get backlinks absolutely free!

This section of the training course covers a crucial skill set in detail. Many people struggle with off-page SEO. With his Bad Ass Marketing program, Mr. Osborne makes it clear and doesn't leave anything to doubt.

Google My Business Listing

This section explains how to set up your GMB from start to finish. This section teaches you how to:

  • Get your postcard
  • Photo optimization
  • Citation strategy
  • Review writing

The GMB is one of the most important things that a potential customer will consider when looking for a service.

There are 2 reasons for this.

The GMB's are almost always at the top of the search results for a service, and they get lots of clicks.

The reviews are the second most important thing.

Customers want to ensure that the person providing the service or product they are looking for has received positive reviews from other customers.

We can all agree that a company with good reviews will be more trusted than one that has poor reviews.

GMOs without reviews are often ignored as people aren't sure if anyone has done business with them before and they are afraid to be the first.

This is why you should pay attention to this part of the training. You will also find 2 pages of real estate when you rank your GMB.

Facebook Ads

Ah, social media...

This is something that marketers across the globe know a lot about.

He also discusses how to run advertisements on Facebook in order to generate leads for your clients. You don't have to be a Google expert when you can also dominate Facebook. What are you waiting for?


Google Ads

He also shows people how to run advertisements on Google. If your website is not yet ranked, this is a way to generate leads for your client.

It is easy to set up, and he will walk you through every step.

It is a great way for marketers to build trust by being able to run Google Ads and drive leads to your prospects/clients immediately.

There are many marketing frauds and business owners have been victims to them all. It's not surprising that even the smallest mistake could be a red flag and lead to them ghosting you.

This perfectly takes us to the next part...

Sales Process

A coach for an online training course in the video would likely stop at this point. Josh takes it a step further.

Josh shows you how to work with prospects from start to finish.

He will show you how to make cold calls, record screencasts, and have a conversation about potential clients.

Other training programs do not include sales skills. All of this is possible with the BAM course instructor

BAM Facebook Group

This is a highlight of the program and training course. After you have been vetted by your coach and become a member of BAM, you will be granted access to their private Facebook group.

This group is where you can ask any questions throughout your journey. Josh and another coach will be live streaming twice per week, so you can jump on and ask questions!

It is home to hundreds of members from all parts of the world.

The group includes people with extensive digital marketing knowledge, as well as those who are completely new to the field.

Reddit Review of BAM University

You can find a few different Reddit threads by typing "bam university review" in your search box.

Here are some of the threads you will find:

"I've taken both the courses and I regret buying the Blueprint. It is overused and doesn’t work as well. You will get your money back with BAM. It is an incredible course, and they don't hold back. They even assist you in selling lead generation products. Josh is an incredible guy trying to help people succeed." Neck-Ill

"I have been with Bad Ass Marketers for six months and was able last month to quit my job thanks to the system that josh teaches. It's not that I'm making tons of money from it, but I am pulling in $4650 per month and can now spend more time with my family. There are also students here making 50k per month. What's more, they all give back to us and train new students with the exact same strategies they use. This is something I have never seen in any other group. Overall, a great experience so far. I got my money back in the third month." - Easy Wolf-1966

"I am currently in the course. There is a lot of information. It is not a "buy course = make money" idea. It is a "buy course + work hard = make more money" thing. This course is unique because of its community component. There is a FB group for members where you connect/collaborate/ask questions. Although it's not a scam, people believe it to be because Josh makes it seem so simple and straightforward. Although it may be because of its simplicity, it can also be because you need to be motivated to become self-employed. If you aren't, it won't make sense for you to invest." JanarJones

You can easily generate $1-2k per month in the first few months. This is depending on how hard you work to learn the skill set, how many leads you prospect for, and the number of customers you get. These factors will determine how much you make.

This course has been with me for just over a month. I haven’t made the necessary time to make it a success. I also work full-time at another company and have let distractions get in my way a few times. Josh does not only teach you how to build a lead generation website. He also gives you the tools to help any small business that might be lacking in one or two areas of Internet Marketing.

While lead generation websites can be a great income source, you also learn how to develop your website, on-page or off-page SEO, backlinking strategies, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, how to rank businesses in the Local Map Pack rankings, and how to use Google Ads. The course says that it is all information that you can find on your own. But the advantage of the course is that the work is done for you and Josh makes it easy to understand. Josh makes it clear that the websites we learn to build are mobile-responsive and beautiful.

Access to a community of veterans and new members who share common interests, questions, and valuable information, is also included. The community is there to help you succeed. There are many other resources as well as videos Josh gives. Two weeks after me, there was a guy who opened his business and closed his first major client before mine. I am now speaking to him personally to help me reach my first major client.

I am glad I purchased the course. As time passes, I feel like I have a pretty good understanding of how to help small businesses grow their businesses. I just need to spend more time prospecting potential clients and reaching out to them to make real money." - IOnlyWatchHappyVids

"Hey, guys! I am a student at BAM. The course is 100% legitimate and well worth every penny. Although I expected to learn about lead generation, it is so much more. I learned how to create a business, including digital marketing, sales, prospecting, invoicing, and how to set up an LLC to be legitimized. This is not the best part. It's a great thing to have a supportive FB group/community. Josh is a great mentor. He is a straight shooter and won't hesitate to give you a kick in your butt when you need it. Which I love lol! To anyone who is on the fence, I can only say this: Don't let yourself down. Make the call to create the life that you desire. Get passive income and live the best  life" - Hibbsie0815

Are you Able to Work From Home Full-Time?

This is something that you have probably been wondering about since March 2020. We hope we can help you understand this.

It is possible for regular people to work remotely from their homes, which was 20 years ago.

This is especially true thanks to the BAM course, which teaches you about digital real estate models.

You can create complete websites with BAM from the comfort of your own home. You can also rent lead generation sites from home.

It works! We were able to see several people move from 0-10k in just 90 days with the Bam pass course, as we have done with similar courses!

Yes, you can work from home and the BAM training process is effective.

Working from home can be lonely, but this is where the group comes in handy. They love to chat with one another outside of work and hop on Zoom calls!

Are Bad Ass Marketers Scams?

It's possible that you have been searching for information such as "Bad Ass Marketers Scam" and "Are Bad Ass Marketers Fraud Artists". We can't blame either of you...there are many courses that are scams or have been completely destroyed by scammers.

BAM isn't a scam, however (rhyme intended).

BAM is a company with many satisfied clients and excellent reviews. You can see the Facebook group for more information.

BAM has a lot of content in all its modules. They don't leave any stone unturned.

BAM has been making people money for more than two years!

The marketing course industry is flooded with people trying to make quick money by teaching people their "secret" methods.

Bad Ass Marketing is refreshing in the online coach industry. It is not a scam. The values of coaches and other coaches are unique in the marketing industry.

How to Join?

You can then schedule a call with a coach to determine if you are a good match.

They'll learn more about you and your goals during the phone conversation.

You'll also be discussing the BAM price.


We know you have other questions than the ones we discussed above BAM and specific questions about the course. These are just a few of the many questions you might have.

What makes BAM different from affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is highly competitive and highly saturated. You can make money by ranking websites and getting people to purchase products via your affiliate link.

It is difficult because anyone can become an affiliate marketer. The barrier to entry is low. Few people will be able to make a living as affiliate marketers when there are many people competing.

These companies offer small commissions, which is especially important. To make a decent monthly income, you would need to sell 100 products.

Don't forget to mention that you will need to spend a lot of money on SEO and paid traffic via Facebook ads. This will reduce your profit margins very quickly.

Moreover, affiliate marketers rarely break even within their first year. often fail to see success.

You can only compete at a local level with BAM and the business model that is taught there.

Local businesses are often too busy to learn SEO. It's easy to rank your site for keywords that you need.

Profits are also much higher.

It's possible to get a flat rate of $1,000+ per month, but let's not forget that you are brand new and must build trust with clients before you can take on a commission deal.

The average job you will get if your site is in the tree-service industry is between $500 and $2,000 If your commission is 10-15%, then you can expect to make at least $500-$750 per month if you only get 10 jobs through your site.

On average, you don't get numbers like this from affiliate marketing sites.

It's almost all pocket money. After your site has been ranked, there are no additional costs other than monthly hosting, which is very affordable.

What is the difference between Amazon FBA and Bad Ass Marketers?

You are completely owned by Amazon when you sell products through Amazon FBA.

Bad Ass Marketing The digital real estate model differs from them because no one can take down your site off of Google. It is yours, it is yours.

Amazon FBA comes with a high upfront price. You will typically need at least $5,000 in order to launch a product. If you don't have that, you could lose everything.

Amazon's profit margins are constantly shrinking as people try to outdo each other, which causes a race to the bottom.

It's great for the buyer, but terrible for the seller.

It is getting to the point that sellers must sell 1,000 products per month to make a small profit.

You will most likely need to pay for advertising via Facebook or Google Ads, just as affiliate marketers.

Is it necessary to revisit the profitability of digital real estate?

What do small business owners always need more of?

Bad Ass Marketers all know that small businesses need more leads. In a situation like this, where the government seems to be ripping small businesses out of business, it is especially important.

Now you have the information you need to make a decision about whether you want to be part of the solution.

You can be the guy or gal who creates great content for a website. This will help you bring more clients to your small business and make you stand out from other marketers.

This is the next step.

Would you like to take that call?


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