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10 Best Dropshipping eCommerce Courses of 2022 (Unbiased)

In this review, I cover the 10 Best Dropshipping/E-commerce courses.

In the past 3 years, my partner and I have taken a lot of courses to improve our online shops.

I believe each one is valuable, but many people don't know where dropshipping training can be found.

I not only rank these courses but also provide detailed reviews of each coaching program.

7 Keys to a Great Course

I have taken many paid courses in my time working in the digital space.

Paid courses offer a better learning experience than learning on your own.

However, that doesn't necessarily mean that all courses are worthwhile.

Dropshipping Courses

  • Training in niche research
  • Shopify Training
  • ClickFunnels training
  • Social media platforms training
  • Training updated
  • Support/community
  • Comprehensive content

Choose the Right type of Dropshipping for you

Dropshipping can be done in three different ways.

They are...

  1. Dropshipping at a Low Price
  2. Dropshipping at a High Price
  3. Dropshipping on eBay
  4. Dropshipping Private Label
  5. eCommerce Model

Let's look at the pros and cons of each approach.

1. Low-Ticket

What's it all about?

Selling products with a low price tag

It is often less than $100.

Although profit margins can be low, the audience is often larger.

Selling mass volumes is key - you'll make less money if you don't.

Why it is great?

This is a great option for beginners who want to get their feet wet and without taking too much risk.

Why is it so difficult?

It is difficult to find the "winning product" because there is so much competition. Everyone is trying to sell the same fad product.

This is also the most lucrative model, with ads being hijacked and creatives stolen.

People will do everything possible to reduce their profit margins.

2. High-Ticket

What's it all about?

Dropshipping at low prices is the opposite.

You are selling quality products, and often targeting the wealthy.

It is usually around $500, but it can be much higher.

You want products that are 'evergreen', meaning they have a consistent sales cycle.

You may also be sourcing them from local suppliers, or from a country with restrictions that make it difficult to enter.

Why is it great?

In theory, you don't have to sell many items to make decent money.

Why is it so difficult?

It can be difficult to source items from a supplier that will ship directly to your customer.

They also want to work with proven sellers who have a track record of quality.

Remember that Shopify and your website must look professional in order for customers to buy your products.

3. Dropshipping with eBay

What's it all about?

It is a form of retail arbitrage.

You can take an item that is selling on one market (Amazon.com, Home Depot. Overstock. Costco. etc.) and list it on eBay for a higher amount.

You order the item directly from the original source when you make a sale.

This is dropshipping at its blackest.

Yes, some people will still buy this stuff for more because they don’t want to price shop.

Why it is great?

eBay is a huge site with tons of traffic, so there's no need to worry about paying for ads.

Simply figure out how keywords can be used to make your listings credible.

Why is it so difficult?

First, profit margins are often so small that you have to move large quantities of products to make any meaningful income.

It is also against eBay's terms of service.

eBay may close your account as a result.

You'll also lose any money that is still sitting there.

4. Dropshipping Private Label

What's it all about?

A supplier can add your brand to the product to make it more exclusive and upscale.

Why is it great?

This can help you stand out from others who sell the same generic product.

You can also buy in bulk to lower the price of each item.

Why is it so difficult?

It can be difficult to find a supplier that will do this in pieces as you sell them.

You may need capital to purchase goods and services from a supplier such as Alibaba.

They will keep them and dropship them as soon as you decide to sell them.

You've already paid for the merchandise so you must sell it.

5. The eCommerce Model

What's it all about?

Although I wouldn't consider it dropshipping this is where the most successful dropshippers end up who are still making money.

Some warehouses are operated by their employees, while others contract fulfillment centers to handle shipping and storage.

This happens when you have either a steady flow of products that you sell regularly or your own brand.

Although you order in bulk, this reduces the cost per item. However, it can take weeks for your order to arrive with freight and customs.

Why it is great?

Higher quality control of the products and shipping, but lower costs per item.

Why is it so difficult?

If you are unable to move inventory, it is a high-risk situation.

You order large quantities and require capital to keep your inventory moving.

Although there has always been a long lead time for delivering goods from abroad, the current supply chain problems are 10x more severe.

Dropshipping Courses at a Low Price

It is important to research the latest products and choose the right timing.

It's the latest trend, and sellers flood the market until sales stop and everyone moves onto the next product.

What's so great about low-ticket dropshipping?


  • If you are able to time the market correctly, there is quick money available.
  • Targets impulse buyers
  • Dropshipping providers handle the delivery
  • A safer model for beginners
  • Target a wider audience
  • It is a good way to test certain products before you commit resources.
  • It's easier to make bundles of low-ticket items because they aren’t as expensive.

What's Not to Like about Low-Ticket Dropshipping


  • The quality of products is often questionable
  • Customers are annoyed by long shipping times from China
  • To make a significant income, you must sell a lot of products
  • Too much competition
  • Paid traffic can be a lot of work. You need to manage it and find new creatives.
  • Many orders mean a lot of customer support work

This model is not as risky or difficult to enter.

It is the most popular model that gurus sell courses on.

Unfortunately, this model is long past its prime.

1.) eCom Success Academy

by Adrian Morrison

Course duration: 39 hours and 34 mins. Price: $2,495

Adrian Morrison: Who are you?

He is a top Facebook marketer and has earned millions of dollars for his affiliate partners and eCom stores.

He has been hired to consult for multi-million dollar companies. He also has a strong connection to the Facebook Internal Advertising team.

ESA Course details:

Adrian Morrison's ESA course for Shopify was the first Shopify course. It is still considered the best Shopify dropshipping program in 2021 by many.

This complete course covers every aspect of dropshipping.

I enjoy the up-sell plugins that he teaches. They have helped me increase my sales in the past.

Adrian also covers Facebook Advertising in great detail. ESA provides a solid foundation to help you build your dropship product marketing campaign.

The course is not up to par in the manual bid section, which is a crucial aspect of FB Advertising and can make or break your company.

Marketing lessons in Google Ads, Instagram and Pinterest, Twitter and Snapchat would have been helpful. These courses also cover advertising on these platforms.

eCom Success Academy is rated at 4/5 because it only received one update over the past two years.

You can be sure that you will continue to invest in your development course even if you have spent one million dollars initially.

It is still one the best dropshipping courses available because most of its content is still relevant thanks to the ESA 2019 course updates.

Adrian offers tutorials and tips on YouTube and the Profit Power Hour where you can spend an entire hour LIVE with Adrian Morrison every Tuesday. This is a valuable resource that gives you insight into his stats, strategies, and more. It's also 100% free.

The Pros and Cons of Private Label Masters


  • Amazing Facebook ads training
  • Adrian is a successful drop shipper.
  • Great case studies to use as a learning tool
  • Members get eCom shop promotions
  • You don't hear about some unique strategies like purchasing suppliers' gifts.


  • No Google ads training
  • Adrian isn’t always available or active in the group.
  • Facebook bidding is the only way to advertise on this platform.
  • Would benefit from more training in selling the brand

eCom Success Academy Ranking

4.5 stars out of 5

Click here to read our complete In-Depth Review

You can also purchase the course.

2.) eCom Elites

by Franklin Hatchett

Course duration: 34 hours and 32 mins. Price: $197

Franklin Hatchett: Who Are You?

Franklin is a drop shipping expert who has been involved in drop shipping since 2009.

He has a large following and this course to help others make money that will change their lives.

eCom Elites Course Details

You did read it correctly. It costs only $197

Is that to say that eCom Elites has a bad course?

Not at all!

eCom Elites offers the longest, most complete course content.

Franklin promises his students that he will do everything in his power to make sure they get the best for their money.

While there are areas lacking in detail and others that feel a bit too "padded", overall, you can't fault this course.

Franklin will go out of his way for the content that you won't find elsewhere in the course.

Dropshipping is a great option if you have limited cash but are confident that it will be the best way to make money in 2021 ( in mine, but more later).

Although you might need to add another course later, eCom Elites is recommended for dropshippers starting out.

On his YouTube channel, he also offers tons of information on dropshipping.

If you are unsure if eCom Elites is right for you, then you can watch a few of his YouTube videos to get a taste.

The Pros and Cons of eCom Elites


  • Only $197
  • Over 34 hours of video lessons and comprehensive content
  • Not just theory, but real-world examples
  • Amazing amount of content at an incredible price


  • It still relies on the same methods and tools that were successful in the past, but might not be as effective in 2022.
  • Franklin also teaches affiliate market, but I prefer a coach who specializes in one type of business model.
  • This is not the best online business model for 2022
  • Facebook Ad Spending Policy: Very conservative

eCom Elites Rating

3.9 stars out 5

Click here to read our complete In-Depth Review

You can also purchase the course.

3.) The Ecomm Clubhouse

by Sarah Chrisp/Wholesale Teddy

Course duration: 9 hours and 27 mins. Price: $67 per Month

Who is Sarah Chrisp?

Sarah is an online entrepreneur best known for her YouTube channel Wholesale Ted.

She makes at least $90K per month from her online marketing strategies.

She's definitely legit.

Sarah, the Wholesale Ted team offer:

  • Premium video training for over 9 hours. Although it's not a lot, you only pay $67 per month until the end of the course. The course can be completed in one month, or two months depending on how fast you work through it.
  • Learn how to make unique products using their print-on-demand training video library.
  • Dropshipping is a great way to make your products viral and popular, even with a small start-up budget.
  • Sarah uses scientifically-proven sales psychology techniques to get customers to spend more money.
  • YouTube Channel tutorials are expanded with unique videos. The YT Channel tutorial on SEO is 34 mins long. In the club, it is more than 2 hours.
  • Lessons not available on the Wholesale Ted YouTube channel are yours. This is an important detail because you don't get the same information for paying for a course.
  • Sarah will share her strategies to get free traffic and customers through Google SEO. It is quite basic, however.
  • For students who don’t speak English as their first language, all video tutorials include English captions. This is a nice addition for international students.

This course is definitely value for money. This course takes only nine hours to complete. The course costs only $69.95 depending on how fast you work and your pace. This is a great deal!

The course is only 40 videos long and contains less than 10 hours of content. It is intended for beginners.

Once you have completed the course, there is no need to return for any new course content. You can always take a higher level course from another instructor...

The Ecomm Clubhouse: Pros and Cons


  • Sarah and the Wholesale Ted team have a great reputation and are highly respected within the dropshipping community.
  • Each lesson comes with PDF support documents. This should be done for more courses!
  • As you learn, you will find a tick box to mark each lesson.
  • This is a great price considering that you can complete the 9.5 hours of course content in a short time. If you don't care about community and support, the course can be purchased for $67.


  • Product research lacks course content.
  • Insufficient supplier research
  • Sarah focuses only on Facebook Ads

The Ecomm Clubhouse Rating

3.5 stars from 5

Click here to read our complete In-Depth Review

You can also purchase the course.

Dropshipping at a High Price

This whole idea is about making money, but not increasing your workload.

It is possible to sell a small number of items per month and still make more money, which makes sense.

Once your store is set up, you will be able to reduce the work required to sell an "evergreen" product.

What's the Best Part About High-Ticket Dropshipping?


  • Selling to a low-maintenance population
  • We are focused on products that will last.
  • Dealing with local suppliers is a common practice
  • Low-ticket products are less stressful than high-ticket ones
  • More geared towards the laptop lifestyle

What's not to like about high-ticket dropshipping?


  • It can be difficult to find suppliers
  • Advertisements and stores must be persuasive
  • There is still plenty of competition, and there are experienced pros to be content with.
  • You won't get the same dopamine hit from many sales notifications.
  • Insufficient sales can make a huge impact on your income.

Dropshipping high-ticket is a great way to make more money, but there are also a lot of potential losses.

This model is about quality and not quantity.

Dropshipping on eBay

To make a decent income, this model must be scaled.

There are several apps that can help you order top-selling Amazon products.

What's so great about eBay dropshipping?


  • You don't have to deal with paid advertisements
  • You can only purchase an item after you have sold it.
  • Many big retailers offer fast shipping and excellent customer service.
  • You can use apps to find the best-selling products
  • There are many apps that automate shipping and sales, depending on where they come from.

What's Not to Like About eBay Dropshipping


  • It is against all terms of service on all platforms.
  • Because of the sellers fees and slim margins, you need to order super high volumes
  • You need to make sure that your customer does not rat you out if the item arrives in a competitor's box.
  • eBay will keep any money owed to you if your account is shut down
  • Customers can purchase the exact same product at a lower price from the original source

This model will only make things more difficult as platforms create better algorithms to crack down on sellers who break the rules.

This model is most often dominated by foreign sellers who make a small amount of money every day.

1.) eBay Dropshipping Titans

by Paul Joseph

Course details: 75+ videos Price: $297

Who is Paul Joseph?

Paul J. Lipsky, is a Youtuber who teaches dropshipping and sells courses that revolve around the retail arbitrage model.

Although he claims to be earning six figures, the small profit margins make it seem a little stretch.

He might also be including affiliate marketing and course sales from his van-life YT channel.

eBay Dropshipping Titans Course details:

Here are the facts...

Paul is first and foremost focused on the technical aspects of dropshipping at eBay.

These videos will guide you step by step through setting up listings on eBay.

This second aspect results in A LOT OF information being presented in a rather dull way.

Only you can tell if this is going to be a problem.

You might end up on the struggle bus if you don't love technical details.

Do you want to learn Paul's Secret Weapon?

Paul strongly advocates for the use of DSM Tool to do all the heavy lifting.

It searches Amazon for the top-selling products, making it easier to purchase them.

You can still use DSM Tool to create listings if you are using other markets.

The eBay Dropshipping Titans Facebook Group is now closed

It is not a community.

Random people who are stuck have some very desperate questions.

However, there is no ongoing training or interaction.

A Facebook group with tons of information I can search for hacks and ideas is my preference.

Paul's Trick for Erasing Negative Review...Is it Real?

You're bound for some negative reviews if you have so many moving pieces or the packages that arrive in competitors' packaging.


This will affect your rank when buyers search for what you have to offer.

If this becomes an unacceptable problem, your account may be closed.

Paul offers tips on how to get eBay customer service reps removed from negative reviews.

It's hard work, and there is a limit to how many requests you can make per month.

The Pros and Cons of eBay Dropshipping Titans


  • Detail-oriented
  • Walkthrough each step
  • DSM Tool recommendation: gold
  • A limited number of Facebook groups exist
  • You don't hear about some unique strategies like purchasing suppliers' gifts.


  • No Google ads training
  • Adrian isn’t always available or active in the group.
  • Facebook bidding is the only way to advertise on this platform.
  • Would benefit from more training in selling the brand

eBay Dropshipping Titans Rating

4.5 stars out of 5

Click here to read our complete In-Depth Review

You can also purchase the course.

Dropshipping Private Label

Dropshipping private label is when a supplier adds your logo or brand on the product and packaging.

This can make your product stand out and increase trust among buyers.

What's so great about private label dropshipping?


  • It is easy to find suppliers that offer branding services on platforms such as Alibaba
  • Quantity orders will reduce the item's price
  • Your logo makes it more difficult for others to steal your creativity
  • Your brand identity can be carried over to other products

What's Not to Like about Private Label Dropshipping?


  • To buy bulk, you need to have the right resources
  • Do not deal with product quality issues
  • Shipping times to China can still be quite long
  • It's the same product as its competition, but with a different logo
  • You're out of luck if you don't make them sellable

Although this is a great step up from low-ticket dropshipping, it also comes with the risk of losing money on the product and ads if you are not successful.

eCommerce Model

These are the people who scale up and make real money.

They have also had enough industry experience.

Many have developed processes and have staff to assist them.

What to Love About eCommerce?


  • Bulk ordering results in lower prices for goods
  • You have more control over your inventory and shipping times
  • These are the major revenue generators
  • Scaling systems and processes are in place

What's Not to Like About eCommerce?


  • This model requires that you have the financial resources to invest.
  • If you have a lot inventory that you are unable to move, it is a high-risk situation.
  • You will need to have extensive experience in advertising channels to be able sell
  • You need to hire staff, or pay for outsourcing
  • It can be difficult to obtain inventory on time due to supply chain problems

Most eCommerce people won't share their secrets with the public or sell courses.

They aren't trying to bring more competition to the market.

This model is not accessible to most people due to the high barrier of entry.

Dropshipping Courses for High-Quality Customers

Dropshipping low-ticket items mean that you can sell products for as low as $100 to $200 depending on who you speak to.

What's so great about high-ticket dropshipping?


  • Customers often benefit from products in a greater way.
  • Focus on one product
  • You can deal with fewer customers to make more profit
  • Customer service is less
  • There are fewer orders to process
  • It's easier to buy traffic paid
  • There is less competition

What's not to like about high-ticket dropshipping?


  • Your high-ticket site will take more effort and time.
  • Customers expect the best customer service
  • It is important to verify the product quality
  • Low advertising costs

Dropshipping can provide a good income if done correctly.

1.) Drop Ship Lifestyle

by Anton Kraly

Course duration: 27 hours and 12 mins. Price: $2,997 Premium / $8,997 Ultimate (D4U)

Who is Anton Kraly?

Anton is definitely a drop shipping coach. Since 2012, he has been dropshipping and has sold millions of his online courses.

Anton confirmed that he had $3.68million in sales in just three years prior to selling his dropshipping business.

He seems to have been solely focusing on the course Dropship Lifestyle which brought in $3.5 Million in 2016...


Anton is a true expert in dropshipping. He will guide you through each step of his version.

Anton offers a unique perspective on dropshipping. Drop Ship Lifestyle (DSL), is a very popular course. You'll also see many Dropship Lifestyle reviews written by people who purchased the course because of this.

It offers high-ticket dropshipping as an alternative to traditional dropshipping.

You don't need it:

  • Search for the hottest products and fads
  • Selling cheap products (which results in fewer returns/queries
  • Deal with Chinese vendors/manufacturers (which means fewer problems with shipping, quality, etc. 

Kraly's method appeals to me.

This is much more attractive than selling low-ticket items, where you must sell large quantities to make a decent profit.

You can also specialize in your field.

This course is recommended if you are:

  1. 1
    Do not follow the dropshipping crowd
  2. 2
    Anton suggests that you should focus on selling high-end products to upper-middle-class customers, and not mass-produced, trending products.
  3. 3
    You may prefer to sell 1 x $1,000 items rather than 1000 x $1. Why? You will get more profit with less effort
  4. 4
    Done-For You options are great because you don’t have to do the work yourself. Anton's team provides DFY services that will get you up to speed in no time.

The Pros and Cons of Private Label Masters


  • Dropshipping is a high-ticket business.
  • Every year, training is updated
  • Webinars, annual live events (DSL retreat)
  • Private Facebook group


  • Some aspects of the course content are lacking
  • It is much more difficult to find high-quality suppliers
  • It is extremely expensive for the value you get, regardless of which package you choose (Premium and Ultimate).
  • Poor product research content

Private Label Masters Rated

3.7 stars from 5

Click here to read our complete In-Depth Review

You can also purchase the course.

Dropshipping can be OK, but lead generation is better. Here's why


  • You can only be successful in a few niches. Start with the most trendy products.
  • Paid traffic can be risky, expensive and time-consuming.
  • Your products can be copied easily by anyone
  • Margins for profit aren't as high
  • Shopify allows you to freeze your account/store at any time

Lead Generation

  • Every zip code has opportunities
  • It's much more affordable to start
  • To rank on Google, you need to have skills
  • Lower overhead means higher profit margins
  • Your websites are yours to own and control
  • Once websites are ranked, you can make passive income and your process is more efficient.

Dropshipping can be profitable, but it is not sustainable long-term.

It's costly to start up.

It is also expensive to run paid ads to promote your products.

Ask any advertising expert and they will tell you that split testing is a must.

Dropshipping is something I don't want to give up on. I can make a lot more passive income through my lead generation business, and I can spend more time doing what I love.

It is quite simple to start a lead generation campaign.

After signing up for the lead generation coaching program and getting to work, I was able to create over 50 lead-gen sites.

Here's a site that has been making me money since 2015.

Since then, that one site has paid me $2000 per month.

Dropshipping is much more difficult than scaling with lead generation.

Let's face it, you want to scale up so you can make more money.

You are in business to make money, right?


I would recommend that you start to build your digital assets and get involved in lead generation.

These are just a few of the many reasons it's a great idea.


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