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13 Best Facebook Ads Course [2022 Updated] for Beginners & Experts

This review will focus on the top Facebook ads courses for 2022.

We'll be discussing the pros and cons of each course.

This will hopefully give you an idea of the course that is best for you.



Ranking Criteria

To determine the course's ranking on the list, I used the following information:

  • Ease to Learn - Did each module be explained clearly and concisely?
  • Simplicity - Are there any subjects that are too complicated?
  • Content - Are you able to walk away from the course with enough knowledge to land a client?
  • Cost - Is there an acceptable amount of value for the price?

If you are interested in a specific course, I have added links to the reviews course I created for it.

This review will end with a comparison of the Facebook Ads business model to my #1 recommendation, lead generation. I will also explain why lead gen remains my top choice.

You can also click the link below if you are impatient like I am and go check it out right away.

A Facebook blueprint can be helpful for those who want to learn how to properly use ads. I will break down the top Facebook ads courses available on Udemy and the best Facebook ads courses for free in 2021.

13.) Social Media Marketing Mastery - Learn Ads on 10+ Platforms: Coursenvy

Course Length - 8 hours and 6 mins Price $16.99


  • Touches on most popular social media platforms
  • There are many downloadable resources to help you remember the most important aspects of each advertising platform
  • PDF on blogs and backlinking


  • Numerous promotional affiliate ideas
  • For very basic understandings, long explanations are required


If you are new to all of this, the world has changed dramatically in the past year and many people are turning to the internet for ways to make money online. PPC stands to "Pay Per Click" and is one of the foundations of Facebook advertising.

PPC ads can be found everywhere, from Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and even blogs.

Many entrepreneurs prefer to concentrate on Facebook advertising. However, others argue that diversification is essential.

This course may be the right choice if you are looking for a more holistic approach to your marketing strategy.

Justin O'Brien will take you on a comprehensive educational journey that lasts just eight hours. You'll learn a wide range of subjects.

These topics cover important concepts that are applicable to almost any online platform. This course covers PPC marketing strategies on more than ten platforms.

To give you an idea how extensive and detailed this course is, over 31 lectures are devoted to Facebook and Instagram.

You will receive a certificate when you are done.

Justin O'Brien is well-versed in one thing: getting the best bang for your buck by using these ad strategies.

You'll get a remarkable return on your investment if you follow his advice.

This course is a good choice if you are interested in Facebook ads but not only Facebook Ads. It covers many online advertising options.

The Bottom Line

The Best Selling Point

  • Course will get you acquainted with many social media platforms

The Biggest Issue

  • Bland


The majority of third-party websites John recommends have stopped being active.

If you are new to digital marketing, this is a good investment. You will learn all the basic information about the major social media platforms. It would be smart to take a Facebook or Instagram ads course.


You can also purchase the course.

12.) Digital Marketing Academy Membership - Unlimited Access

Course LengthAt Your Pace Cost: $9.00/month


  • All courses of Diego Davila are available at a very low cost
  • Learn how to market digitally on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, as well as how to make websites using WordPress


  • Disorganized - Some courses are not in order on the list

Digital Marketing Academy Membership Information:

Many digital marketers approach the world of digital marketing with the belief that Instagram and Facebook are equally important.

Most likely, you will need to take two courses to master each platform.

This group of courses teaches you how to market on Instagram, Facebook , and YouTube.

Diego Davila is the mastermind behind all of it. He's a trusted entrepreneur who has been a success story in YouTube, Instagram and Facebook marketing circles.

These courses cover the fundamental concepts of Facebook, such as the Facebook pixel and effective targeting techniques for reaching your ideal audience.

You'll also be able to learn many new skills and concepts you won't find anywhere else.

Diego Davila shows how Facebook Live can be used to our advantage in marketing our products or services. He also shows how to increase our Facebook likes.

We can't forget Instagram and YouTube.

Learn how to create Instagram ads that are effective, even though they are relatively new. Also, how to use YouTube SEO strategies to get you ranked #1 on the search engine.

When you're learning from the best, it makes sense to do so. Diego Davila is an expert in this area.

This course definitely gets our approval. It's also a good choice if you want Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube for marketing purposes.

The Bottom Line

The Best Selling Point

  • You can access all the courses on Diegodavila.com for a low monthly fee and learn other marketing skills

The Biggest Issue

  • This course is available at a very affordable monthly price. However, all the information is compressed into two hours


You can't go wrong for $9 a month with a series of courses that will cover all the basics.

Sometimes, the value of courses is not always apparent when they are cheap.

I would rather invest in a different course if I could.


You can also purchase the course.

11.) Instagram Marketing 2021: A Complete Guide to Instagram Growth

Course duration: 10 Hours and 15 Minutes Cost: $20.99


  • This course is great and teaches you the basics of IG
  • How to optimize your Instagram account
  • Visuals are a great way to make the information stick.


  • To receive your certificate of completion you must watch a bonus 1-hour lesson, which is a sales video.
  • This course is full of information that you won't find anywhere else on Google.

Instagram Marketing Course Details:

I know, I'm sure...

Instagram Marketing isn’t Facebook Advertising, but Instagram owns it so ....it’s still relevant.

Please, just listen.

Instagram is a great platform for advertising. It's unique in that it can be used for all types of businesses and brands.

Instagram recently added new features to make it easier for users to promote products and get leads. If you are smart about your strategy, Instagram can help you capitalize on these opportunities.

Instagram advertising and Facebook ads are based on the same principles.

If you are interested in Facebook ads, then it is worth at least considering Instagram ads.

Instagram ads could end up being more effective over time, who knows? This course on Udemy is a great way to explore this option.

Since a while, the consensus has been that 10,000 is the magic number to reach.

Experts know that once you reach this level, then you can market your products and reap the benefits of an Instagram account with high visibility.

This means more leads, better sales and higher profits.

This course will help you to create an Instagram account that is effective. You'll be able to build a following quickly if you start things right.

Next, you will learn how to interact with customers and build solid relationships with them.

While you will cover many proven marketing strategies, the main focus here is the "follower channel technique." This allows you to make money from large audiences and convert them into paying customers. This is possible with the follower funnel technique.

Once you have access, you'll be able to continue using the information for your entire life. This will allow you to have direct contact with an expert instructor who is knowledgeable about the subject. These instructors can provide invaluable advice and guidance.

This course is well worth your consideration.

The Bottom Line

The Best Selling Point

  • Great insight into how to build a business using Instagram

The Biggest Issue

  • 10 hours of video seemed a little excessive for this topic


This course will show you everything you need to grow your IG followers. However, 10 hours of video content seems a little too much.

It shouldn't be more expensive than Udemy Facebook courses, but it does.


You can also purchase the course.

10.) Facebook Ads for Ecommerce: The Complete Guide

Course duration: 10 Hours and 3 Minutes Cost:$17.99


  • Complete course on Facebook ads to eCommerce
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to set up your ads
  • Clear instruction with real case studies


  • This course will teach you the basics of setting up things.
  • He blocks out products that he is using, instead of using a particular product.
  • Some tips are not necessary, such as how to tag someone on a photo

Facebook Ads for eCommerce Course Details:

Let's stop taking free courses for a moment and go to Udemy where we can find a very good course by Adam Reed.

This entrepreneur is a true veteran in the eCommerce industry with a focus on Dropshipping and Shopify.

The course uses video lectures to present the material. Follow the steps and you will learn all the fundamental skills and concepts surrounding Facebook ads.

You'll get ten hours worth of video lessons.

Adam Reed comes from an eCommerce background so he is very familiar with numbers. He can help you calculate profit margins and boost conversions to get great results with Facebook ads.

I can understand your search for the best Facebook ads course specifically for e-commerce. It's a little unique.

Split testing, website conversion ads, lookalike audiences and split testing allow you to use cost-effective advertising methods without spending a lot of money.

Writing effective ads is a key part of creating successful ads. Unfortunately, many courses fail to address this aspect.

I find it frustrating when courses fail to teach ad copy. But Adam Reed will show you how to make your copy shine.

The course will cover complex concepts, but you don't need any prior knowledge. Each topic is clearly and concisely explained using a step-by–step learning system.

First, you may be given an overview of the most popular Facebook marketing techniques and where they are most useful. Once you have covered the basics, you can move on to more specific topics and gain a deeper understanding of each.

This course will also teach you how to avoid the common mistakes and pitfalls that beginners make when creating your first Facebook ads.

A modern and up-to-date guide will be provided on how to use the most recent apps and tools in the industry. This can help you gain valuable insight and spy on your competitors.

These are just some of the topics that you can cover in this comprehensive course. There's much more available.

You'll find many positive reviews for this course on Udemy. This course is very popular with students of all ages, scoring an average of 4.6 points out of 5.

It's worth a shot.

The Bottom Line

The Best Selling Point

  • A great course for someone who is completely new to Ecommerce or Facebook ads.

The Biggest Issue

  • This course can be found on Google


This course will teach you the basics of advertising on Facebook to Ecommerce.

This course is the best for advanced Facebook ads.


You can also purchase the course.

9.) Skillshare's free Facebook course

Course duration: 15hrs Cost: 2 months FREE ($8.15/month).


  • 2 months free
  • A wide range of videos on Facebook ads for different niches.
  • Video of 30 minutes on the Facebook algorithm


  • There are many course instructors
  • It can be a little confusing to see the main page, as it is shown above.

Skillshare's Facebook Course Details:

Okay, are you ready for another course free of charge?

Skillshare also offers an absolutely free 30-day trial, so you could theoretically receive all of your Facebook marketing education within that 30-day period.

Skillshare provides a wide range of training to those who wish to learn how to create and use Facebook ads effectively.

Skillshare is unique because it allows you unlimited access to as many courses you wish with one subscription.

We are not referring to a particular Facebook Marketing course, but the entire Facebook marketing training this platform offers.

There are many important skills you can learn, including how to properly design Facebook ads, how to create Facebook groups that bring in customers and how to grow your business on Facebook.

Skillshare's format makes it a great option for anyone who wants to try out different Facebook marketing strategies before they focus on one.

Learn what works and what appeals to your business, and what methods are realistic for you.

A variety of teaching methods can be used to teach courses, such as lectures, assignments, articles and lectures.

Skillshare is trusted by thousands of students around the world, making it a solid choice.

Take this platform for a spin.

It's free, after all

The Bottom Line

The Best Selling Point

  • You get a one-month free trial and are taught a variety of skills

The Biggest Issue

  • The lessons are not organized on the main page. There isn't one instructor that you can concentrate on


These videos are very useful if you can bear the disorganization of the main page. These videos will provide more information than the free courses.

You can't go wrong with 2 months of free access to all the lessons.

If I have to learn everything in two months, I'd not sign up for the month-long membership.


You can also purchase the course.

8.) Advertising on Facebook: Advanced - Free

Course duration: 1 hour and 49 mins. Price: 1-month free trial (Buy course at $44.99)


  • No cost course
  • Megan explores advanced time-saving methods
  • She shares her tips for splitting testing


  • You won't master advertising on FB with these short videos
  • Retargeting requires more time

Advertising on Facebook - Advanced Details:

This course is a great way to improve your Facebook marketing skills.

This course is for people who already have a solid foundation of knowledge and wish to expand their skills.

Megan Adams is once again the leader of this course.

This course is a good choice if you have already completed the free course we mentioned.

These strategies are the same as those used by the largest brands around the globe. Megan Adams is a former consultant to these brands and she now shares the same Facebook Advertising techniques with you.

Learn how to create massive marketing campaigns and learn professional editing techniques to make sure your Ads are perfect before they go out.

This course is available on the same LinkedIn Learning platform that Megan Adams' free course. You won't be charged a penny if you complete the free course or this advanced course in the 30-day period.

You will also learn advanced retargeting strategies and how to use conversion pixels to create custom audiences.

Another important focus is A/B testing, which is certainly a cornerstone concept for advanced Facebook marketing and advertising.

This course has received a rating of 4.5/5.

Megan Adams's first course is complete. If not, you can take Megan Adams' second course within the 30-day trial period to get even more knowledge.

The Bottom Line

The Best Selling Point

  • A free course that teaches you more advanced techniques than the.

The Biggest Issue

  • You will still need to learn a lot if you want to work with serious clients


Take both the basic and more advanced courses by Megan Adams together.

You can still improve what you have learned by taking another course, if this is the right business model for you.

It is a better way to save time than buying a new one.

AVERTISING ON Facebook: Advanced RATING: 3.0/5

You can also download the course here.

7.) Advertising on Facebook: Beginner – Free

Course duration: 1 hour and 37 minutes. 1-month free trial (Buy course at $29.99).


  • No cost course
  • Megan helps you to understand some terms used in advertising
  • She speaks briefly on topics like understanding success metrics, writing great ads, and ad optimization


  • This business model is another basic course.
  • Copywriting takes up only 4 minutes in this course
  • She shows you how to increase posts, which isn’t as effective than targeting in detail.

Advertising on Facebook for Beginners:

Here's the place for beginners who have waited patiently for their first free option.

This course is available on the LinkedIn Learning platform. It's a hit with entrepreneurs looking to learn basic Facebook advertising.

This course will teach you the basics of Facebook marketing and some more advanced concepts.

Megan Adams, a social media strategist with repute, is taking the helm.

What can you learn?

This is basically all you need to get started.

Megan Adams will teach you how to use the best tools and apps in Facebook marketing, as well as how to properly set up campaigns.

Once you have this knowledge, you can start to explore more specific methods that will give you more control over your marketing strategies.

These advanced methods allow you to target the right customers with pinpoint accuracy. This will increase your ads' performance.

Learn how to use reporting tools for analyzing the results of your strategies and making improvements.

This course is a great value for a free one. This course will provide enough knowledge to make a good use of this platform.

You might decide to pursue an additional course, or you could take the core skills and begin to experiment with new techniques and variations.

You should have a good understanding of the basic principles of Facebook marketing and you will be able to tackle the "real world", which is Facebook marketing, with great results. These methods can be used with any budget.

Although technically this course is free, you will need to pay the full subscription fee for LinkedIn Learning. You will need to complete 5 chapters to receive your certificate.

This is a great place to start if you want to learn more about Facebook Marketing. This should appeal to those with limited budgets.

This free course allows you to "dip your toes" in the world of Facebook Ads without taking any risk. You can always move on to other marketing strategies if you don't like the one you have chosen.

The Bottom Line

The Best Selling Point

  • Learn the basics of Facebook ads free

The Biggest Issue

  • Basic course you will need to purchase for $30 if it is to be kept after a month


Megan covers a wide range of topics that are crucial to your campaigns' success.

This course is worth your time. You don't need to charge your credit card, and you still learn about FB ads.

This is the best choice if you are looking for a free Facebook ads course.


You can also purchase the course.

6.) The Complete Facebook Ads Course - Beginner to Advanced

Course length 6 Hours Cost: $18.99


  • Remarketing, targeting and retargeting are the key elements of your marketing strategy.
  • This business model teaches you how to avoid common rookie mistakes.
  • Learn how to create video ads


  • A basic course that isn’t as advanced or as some other courses
  • Information that is out of date
  • It is important to focus more on the tools available than how to set up campaigns.

Courseny's Facebook ads Beginner to Advanced:

This is a quick and easy course that will teach you everything you need about Facebook marketing.

You'll be able to learn basic skills in just six hours. This will save you weeks of trial and error as you attempt to figure it out yourself.

This price tag is a bargain.

Retargeting and remarketing are two of the most important concepts in this area.

This course is a great choice for beginners as it covers the most common mistakes and pitfalls that newbies might make.

You can save a lot of money by using the lessons in this course. There is a lot of emphasis on keeping costs low and minimizing your advertising costs.

Facebook ads aren't always free. If you don't take precautions, you could end up spending a lot of money.

Facebook Ads are cost-effective and can be used to target high-quality audiences.

Daragh Walsh and Rob Percival are the creators of this course. You'll find that these two men have done some amazing things in digital marketing.

This course will teach you that some ads can almost guarantee better results in lead generation.

You'll be able to create video ads in this course.

There is so much video content being consumed around the world in 2021. It's important to learn how to create video ads that will appeal to your clients.

Split-testing is another method to maximize your lead generation performance. Split-testing is a great way to increase the effectiveness of your social media ads.

Knowing your ideal customers will allow you to target similar-minded people, and make the most out of your digital marketing strategies. This course is all about targeting methods. Facebook allows you to do serious targeting that you simply can't on other platforms.

This course has been taken by more than 125,000 students so far. You'll see that Udemy has a lot of positive reviews for this course.

Give it a shot!

The Bottom Line

The Best Selling Point

  • Get basic, but useful knowledge about Facebook ads

The Biggest Issue

  • This is not a comprehensive course that teaches you how to master this costly business model


This course is an excellent choice if you are looking to learn the basics.

This one is recommended if you have clients who are car dealers or if eCommerce is your main business. It is essential to learn dynamic ads. This can help you deliver results, especially when it involves retargeting.

It is a very basic course and I don't think it would be considered a complete Facebook marketing course. It's definitely worth more that $10.99.

3 stars in's book


You can also purchase the course.

5.) Facebook Ads and Facebook Marketing Mastery 2021 Coursenvy

Course length: 12 hours Price: $17.99


  • This course is extremely affordable for the amount of value it offers
  • Learn how Facebook Messenger and ads can be combined
  • Regular updates to the course
  • Justin teaches Facebook lead generation and dynamic ads


  • Lessons not well-organized
  • Long FAQ section (four hours)
  • There are no in-depth lessons about ad copy

Coursenvy's Facebook Mastery Details:

CourseEnvy's Marketing Masters Guide has a great track record and more than 134,000 satisfied students.

You'll see that Justin O'Brien is a well-respected digital marketer if you look at the author of the course.

Justin is a wealth of valuable tips and tricks, and you can benefit from his experience to have similar success.

This course will teach you some of the most important concepts about Facebook Ads. This course covers concepts like Dynamic Ads and Lead Generation.

You can capture contact information from your audience with lead generation ads.

If you are retargeting specific audiences you wish to show your products or services dynamic ads can be a great option.

As a digital marketer, retargeting can be a very useful skill. There's also in-depth learning available.

You'll learn how to use Facebook Messenger ads, in addition to normal Facebook Ads.

This is a very new trend in Facebook Ads.

These skills are just one example of the modern and up-to-date education that you will receive through this course.

You'll also learn how to effectively create and use Instagram ads.

This course is the most comprehensive on Facebook Ads. The topics we have mentioned are just the beginning. Additionally, you'll be able to delve into specific skills and concepts like pixel management and reporting strategies.

Before you get into the details, we'll give you a quick overview of how social media advertising works.

This is not something that many courses offer. Even the best courses can't do that. This course is a top pick. This course is a great choice, no matter if you are a beginner or an expert.

This course keeps up with current trends, which is a great feature. It won't become outdated in a few years. It is worth the cost because you have lifetime access and can continue to come back for more information.

Many PDF files are included.

This course will help you create a sales funnel around your Facebook page. The course has over 134,000 students who are satisfied and the reviews are outstanding.

The Bottom Line

The Best Selling Point

  • Course cost is $17.99

The Biggest Issue

  • There are no in-depth lessons about copywriting


This course teaches you so much about Facebook ads that it should be more expensive than the normal $140. It's incredible that you can get it for just $17.99

This course will teach you more than you ever expected.

This course is perfect for those with tight budgets. You can also learn from Clickfunnels millionaires by joining other courses.


You can also purchase the course.

4.) Creating Effective Paid Ads on Facebook - Billy Gene

Course length: 3 hours 37 minutes Price: $34.00


  • A great in-depth lesson about ad copy
  • Billy discusses the importance of proven scripts and sales.
  • Get Billy's Digital Marketing Workbook


  • His demographic analysis was not available for Facebook.

Facebook Paid Ads: How to Create Effective Paid Ads

Billy Gene may have advertised before. He is active on YouTube, Facebook and many other social media platforms.

Because these methods work, he uses ads to promote his courses.

Billy Gene will be happy to explain the benefits of these methods for you and your company.

Billy Gene is well-known for his ability to teach complex concepts.

The course is divided into 18 sections. He'll share some important secrets in each section.

Learn how to create ads from scratch using sophisticated copywriting to capture and convert many leads.

This course focuses a lot on the planning behind marketing and sales strategies. It's important to plan every detail of your business.

Billy Gene is an expert in many marketing techniques including upselling, targeting, and building sales bridges. He is happy to share his vast knowledge about all these concepts, and more.

Learn about the different types of advertisements and how to choose one that is right for you.

You'll also get a marketing workbook to help you be more independent and develop your own marketing strategies.

We highly recommend Billy Gene, a respected name in the industry.

Don't let his videos intimidate you.

You'll see that the course scores an average of 4.7 points from 5 reviews.

Give Billy Gene a chance.

This could be one of your best marketing decisions.

The Bottom Line

The Best Selling Point

  • A comprehensive course that covers all the skills required to create winning ads (copywriting and sales).

The Biggest Issue

  • As the years go The business model becomes more expensive.


Billy has a lot of energy and is very convincing in his ads

He speaks big but his course is full of value.

This course is great for both beginners and those who are more experienced with Facebook. It will help you create ads that bring in constant leads.


You can also purchase the course.

3.) Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass 2022 - Kevin David

Course length: 15 hours 5 minutes Price: $1,997.00


  • A simple FB ads course that is straightforward with proven methods and shortcuts.
  • Kevin is a great teacher. It is clear that he wants you to learn.
  • Advertising on Facebook: A comprehensive guide


  • Kevin is known to try and pitch other courses.
  • Some videos appear to be out-of-order and repetitive
  • Kevin may give you additional information that is not necessary at times

Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass Details:

The Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass is third on the list of top Facebook ad course.

You're likely expecting to learn Facebook ads very well by just reading the title.

You're sure to be one step ahead of those who don't invest in online learning.

Kevin David will be your instructor for the entire course.

This course will teach you how to create Facebook ads for clients, or for your business.

This course will explain in detail each step that you must take to make your business plan successful. You'll learn everything you need to know about creating ads, targeting your niche, retargeting and setting yourself up in Facebook Business Manager.

Kevin could have gone into greater detail about ad copy.

This is why Molly Pittman’s Paid Traffic Mastery course has been rated the best, as she goes into great detail. This course will take you from beginner to Facebook ads ninja.

You will learn all you need to know.

The cost is something you can't ignore.

It is crucial for courses to be valuable. Kevin does this by sharing his phone and the email templates that he uses for obtaining clients.

This is gold for someone who's new to marketing and doesn't know how to speak to business owners.

The Bottom Line

The Best Selling Point

  • Kevin also teaches time- and money-saving strategies

The Biggest Issue

  • Course cost


This course will keep you in the loop. Kevin will cover everything you need and more.

This course will give you a better understanding of Facebook ads than the majority of people. However, for the price of the course, I would still prefer Molly Pittman's course.

In the end, you won't waste your time or money here.


You can also purchase the course.

2.) 6 - Figure Facebook Ads Agency - Billy Willson

Course length: 8 hours 17 minutes Price: $500.00


  • Billy shares the results of his ads that he converted well in his campaigns
  • This video will encourage you to keep calling your prospects cold and not quit.
  • It is easy to follow


  • Billy did not go into too much copywriting, which is an important aspect of running ads.
  • Billy shows you more steps to the 3-step funnel, especially if your goal is to reach the top echelon.
  • Too much testing is required before you can find an ad that converts regularly. With the rising cost of FB ads, you'll find yourself in a bind.

6-Figure Facebook Ad Agency Details:

You want to know everything about Facebook advertising when you search for a course.


That's what Billy Willson does in his 6 Figure Facebook Advertising Agency course.

He's only 21 years old, but he has made bold decisions in his life which have lead him to be a successful digital marketing entrepreneur.

He'll walk you through the steps to get started on running ads on this platform.

This course will teach you how to create a Business Manager account. It also explains what you can do with it. Billy will get you familiar with the Facebook section on Business Manager.

Billy offers some suggestions on how to approach creating and writing an ad.

You won't find many courses that will teach you how to monitor CPC (Cost per Click). But this course will.

This course was easy to comprehend and Billy shows you how he does everything from his computer screen.

He also has bonus videos at the end of his course that show you how to create different niche funnels, such as Chiropractors or Dentists.

He also provides tips for how to set up an LLC, so your business is legally and compliant.

The fact that he shared his phone number and email scripts to help him get clients was what I found most valuable. He shared the ads he has created that have brought him leads. If you aren't confident at first, sharing his scripts and ads can give you confidence to move forward.

This is the guy for you if you are looking for an entrepreneur who can teach Facebook ads. Do not be fooled by his youth, he knows his stuff. You'll learn everything you need in order to start your own business.

This course is one you won't regret taking.

The Bottom Line

The Best Selling Point

  • Learn about Facebook ads starting at A-Z

The Biggest Issue

  • Facebook ads are becoming more costly due to increased competition in recent years


Billy Willson will teach you everything you need to know about Facebook advertising. This course will prepare you to accept your first client.

There are many courses that cover the same topics as Billy, but they cost more. This course is worth the investment.

Billy will even give you advice on how to legally set up your business. Many people don’t know where to look for this information.

Get your money's worth with


You can also purchase the course.

1.) Paid Traffic Mastery by Molly Pittman

Course length: 11 hours 45 minutes Price: $495.00


  • Learn how to approach each platform's ad copywriting so your ads convert
  • The modules were well-organized and the information was clearly explained.
  • Additional training available on platforms like: Google and YouTube


  • Advertising on social media is not passive income.
  • The Facebook advertising costs are rising over time, which reduces the amount you make per client. Clients are being required to pay more.
  • It is time-consuming and tedious to test and monitor ad campaigns.

Paid Traffic Mastery Details

This Paid traffic Mastery course will teach you everything you need to know about Facebook ads. It's also great for those who are just starting out in digital marketing.

It was the way Molly prepares your mind before she takes you into Facebook to create and run ads.

She Answers questions such as:

  • What is paid traffic?
  • What is the customer journey?
  • What is your role as a media buyer in the future?

Mindset is essential for any job. Molly really helps you think positively about your role. You'll feel at ease learning from Molly as you see how passionate she is about Facebook paid traffic.

Facebook's targeting capabilities are unrivalled. Molly explains how to target people using certain ads based on their actions on Facebook.

Molly will also show you how to make your ad, inside and out.

She explains how to create the best ad copy possible.

A great offer is not enough.

clearly explain what your customers need in order to receive your offer. There are not many courses that will teach you how to write ad copy.

Molly does.

This alone makes it the best course in the range.

This course will teach you how to monitor and analyze your ads to determine if they are converting, as well as how to budget.

Molly also explains Facebook rules that you must follow to ensure your ads don't get disapproved. Molly will show you how to scale your ad if it is converting well. You'll also learn how to optimize your ad if it's not converting.

Molly offers 3 bonus modules to help you get started in running.

  • Google Ads
  • YouTube Ads
  • LinkedIn Ads

This course is a steal for the price. You also get access to other advertising platforms.

This course is my favorite to learn Facebook ads, and you also get to try out 3 other platforms.

This course is highly recommended by me.

The Bottom Line

The Best Selling Point

  • Training in YouTube, LinkedIn Ads and Google was included

The Biggest Issue

  • Facebook ads are more expensive than ever


This course is the best paid Facebook advertising course. This course covers everything you need to know about Facebook ads. You also get a glimpse at other platforms. However, that is not enough to be able to run successful campaigns on those platforms.

In conclusion, if this business model appeals to you, then this is the right course of action.

The business model is too costly for me, however. That's it for this review.


You can also purchase the course.

What Course Should I Choose?

As you can see, my number one course is the Paid traffic Mastery course from Molly Pittman.

It's a great way to get value because you are introduced to three other platforms to advertise on. These platforms are the most prominent in the advertising world, such as YouTube or LinkedIn.

While you will want to gain a deeper understanding, this may mean that you might invest in another course. However, the knowledge you get from this course is still valuable.

This course is priced at $500 and is an absolute steal.

You can trust Billy Willson's course. He knows what he is talking about and makes it easy for you to learn Facebook ads. Although Kevin David's course may be expensive, you will still get a lot of information. Billy Gene's course might be ranked higher than Kevin David's FB Ninja Masterclass simply because he teaches you very important skills.

  • Sales
  • Copywriting

The other courses will only provide a basic understanding about FB ads.

You'll learn at least the basics of Facebook ads through all the courses. The only way to become an expert in Facebook ads is to put all you have learned into practice. Don't be afraid of taking imperfect action.

My top four courses will give you the most bang for your buck.

Searching for the best Facebook ads course on Reddit and Quora will bring up a lot of feedback. However, not all people have taken multiple courses that can be used to compare. This list is hoped to be helpful.

Last Thoughts

Facebook ads will be here in 2022 and beyond.

Although Facebook advertising was one of the most affordable types of advertising, it has been compared to radio, television, and newspaper ads. However, in 2021 the cost of advertising on Facebook has risen.


In the past few years, digital marketers have exploded onto the scene.

What does this have to do?

You're now competing with other marketers, and clients will pay more for advertising spend. This cuts into your share of the pie.

While it may be more expensive than other advertising methods in the short-term, I will not hesitate to pass on this option.

It's not just that.

You must test your ads constantly while monitoring your ad costs and conversions. To find out what works, you need to test your ad copy, image, call-to-action, and landing pages.

It's all too much hassle.

None of these points me in the right direction for passive income.

You could lose hundreds of dollars within a matter of days and have nothing left to show for it.

There are no leads.


You'll only have disappointment and a hole to your pocketbook.

I don't like throwing money away like this.

I would rather spend my money on digital assets.

Instead of Facebook Paid Traffic, I make $52K per Month through Organic Traffic, Passively

Don't get me wrong.

I am all about generating leads.

But not through paid traffic.

It's easy: I rank on Google to get organic traffic for free.

Below is a link to my lead generation website.

Here's a limo website that has been making me $750 per monthly since 2014.

This site was ranked for all keywords that are related to limousine services in Lansing, Michigan.

People search Google for limousine rentals for special occasions and enter words like:

  • Limo Lansing
  • Lansing Limo Services
  • Lansing limo company

These are just a few.

Once I have the keywords ranked at the top on Google, the leads start to flow in monthly.

What do you do about the leads that are coming into your lead generation site?

I only send leads to local limousine companies looking for more customers.

You wouldn't think that leads are in high demand.

This is even more true these days, with COVID having such an impact on so many businesses.

I don't know of any business owner who would turn down leads if they wanted to grow their business or keep it afloat.


This is how it looks.

Since 2014, I haven’t visited this site and each month I’ve been making $750 via autopilot.

Use your calculator to do the math.

This is what I refer to as a truly passive income.

Imagine 50 lead generation websites.

My sites receive 100% free traffic every day, even without spending any money on Facebook ads, campaigns or watching CPC.

These are my top internet business recommendations: Local lead generation with free traffic


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