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Best Online Business To Start In 2021

Are you looking for legitimate online businesses that actually make real money?

Maybe you are looking for an online side business that will let you get out of the 9-5.

Today we will be discussing 11 online business models. We want to answer all your questions about these models, and show you how to make money from them.


We'll save you time and tell you that these 9 models are not the fastest or most reliable way to build wealth at home.

If you are serious about creating passive income through a home-based company, then...

This business model is much more flexible and all-around better.

These are just a few of the results!

Are you still here?

Congratulations! Congratulations!

It was a terrible year, right?

This has probably been a positive thing. You now know that starting an online business can make you a lot of money.

What kind of business can you start? Aren't all businesses saturated?

You have many options to get started today! There is still plenty of money to make, even though not all options are available.

Although you know that starting an internet business is a good idea, you may not know where to begin. We'll help you get started.

You might already be able to make a lot of money if you have high-income skills. Maybe you don't know how these skills can be turned into a lot of money.

Maybe you are an expert in the types of online businesses such as dropshipping and affiliate marketing because your friends do it.

Regardless of your situation, you are looking to get started and need to be guided down the right path.

We have your back!

We will walk you through several online businesses to help you decide which one is best for you.

Online Business Ideas That You Can Start Right Now!

We will be listing several businesses that can be run from your own home.

Since 2008, when the last economic downturn hit, our team has been working full-time in internet entrepreneur work. You can feel confident knowing that you are getting advice from people who have successfully launched multiple online businesses.

This internet stuff is a viable option for a business. We hope you will be able to start your own online business by reading the following.

Do you want a sneak peek at what's to come?

Digital Real Estate (Our #1 Pick)

We know that this future business idea will change your life.

This industry was founded by us all in 2008, the first global recession. We're still going strong into 2021.

Amazon FBA, Real Estate, and PPE have all helped us make money, as well as our brick-and-mortar businesses.

Digital real estate is the only option that has both long-term potentials and is profitable.

One of our team members discusses why it is so easy to earn mailbox money month after month using this business. This model is different from any other digital marketing strategy because it provides results in advance. (Especially social media marketing...our second choice)

Guess what?

Once you have mastered the skillset and understood the model, it is time to...

There will never be another reason to have money problems.

Despite all the fearmongering...small businesses aren't going anywhere.

The internet is neither.

It is no secret that digital marketing, especially organic traffic from Google's top spots, will be the lifeblood of small business owners in the future.

They don't have the time.

Are you ready for the real kicker? The US has more than 30 million small businesses!

We know how to rank on Google and you found our website.

This skill set is rare...

These skills are what set you apart and increase your value.

We recommend online education to over 1,000 students.

Here are the Facebook testimonials from 1,000 students who have done Digital Real Estate.

To view a video, opt-in below and we'll show how this business model works.Since 2008, the model has been a success and it has not had to be steamrolled into the pandemic. This model is not only great for making money, but it is also future-oriented. It's impossible for this model to die if the lights go off. And if they go out, we all will have bigger problems.If you have a better design, please leave a comment. We're sure we would be interested in seeing it!Let's now see why it is possible to run a successful online business.

11: App Developer

You probably don't find it surprising that tech jobs were the first to be fully remote in 2020. They are perfect for working remotely!

We know some of you coders have amazing skills and have been creating your own apps for quite some time.

You may have sold small side projects before.

You could make an entire year's salary by starting your own app development business.

One member of our team owns an app development business and makes over $30,000 per month passively with the systems he has in place.

How can you make it so lucrative?

Every day, people come up with new business ideas. They don't know how to create the program.

They turn to people like yourself who can code.

There are many payment options available, and it all depends on the scope of the project.

You could have a $500 project or a 15% recurring program if you use it for specific transactions.

It can be difficult to learn to code if you don’t know it. Khan Academy has some great coding courses. If you are determined, it might be worth looking at!


  • Can you make a yearly salary in one month?
  • Ideal for working from
  • You most likely have already had experience.


  • It is difficult to learn code later in life
  • Business experience is required
  • As more projects are added, outsourcing is required

10: Affiliate Marketing Business

Although affiliate marketing can seem difficult to master, it is possible!

People are attracted to this model because they don't need to worry about shipping or buying inventory.

Affiliate marketing can be a good way to make a lot of money, but you need to spend the big bucks in order to make the big bucks.

Affiliate marketing is a complex field. Anyone who has ever used it knows that blogs that contain affiliate links generate the majority of conversion traffic.

But, this site must get a lot of traffic.

PPC is not a good way to drive traffic to your blog and then hope that people click on your affiliate links.

Yes, blogs that make a lot of money rank organically on page 1 of Google for many keywords.

It's not easy to make a living by simply putting your links on the internet randomly. That is what people hate.

Barrier Of Entry

Affiliate marketing is simple to get into. This is great news if you are interested in affiliate marketing.

It's possible to pay $25 for an affiliate link that you can use to place ads on the internet.

These are links to programs or products that people aren't interested in, which is why commissions are so low.

There are literally hundreds of thousands upon hundreds of thousands of affiliate marketers, and it's difficult as hell to keep up with them. That's what we'll be discussing next.


The competition is insane. This business is populated by thousands of people, which has given it a bad name.


Everybody has been placing affiliate links all over the internet, unrequested. Reddit bans users who send unsolicited affiliate links.

Spam is something people hate to see everywhere, which is why affiliate marketing has become so popular.

Are you familiar with any Facebook groups where people simply dump their links all over the place?

It's annoying, right?

We are in agreement.

Okay, you aren't a spammer and have products to promote. How can you make money as an Affiliate Marketer?

We'll be discussing this later.

It is important to provide consistent content that adds value to the users and helps them find what it is they want.

However, this can be costly. While you're focusing on the creative side of things, outsourcing SEO will be a major expense.

Depending on the amount of content you want to send out, you might need to hire more writers. Good writers are costly!


Affiliate marketing can be frustrating because the companies you market to are very stingy about payouts.

We mean that you should read all terms and conditions. They'll take your traffic, make a sale, and then not pay you.

Although not all affiliate programs work in the same way, they are often free or very cheap to join.

A great affiliate program can be expensive. However, they make it easy to pay.

However, there is a caveat: affiliate programs that are really great use all kinds of SEO tactics to dominate most of the traffic.

You have 10,000 to invest, right? This might be the best opportunity to invest your money out of all the opportunities we've discussed so far.


  • This is the best way to make money online.
  • You can get started in as little as a few hours
  • Will not be put in any credit card debt.


  • There is so much competition.
  • It is very difficult for companies to transfer your commission to your checking account.
  • You need to be able to understand SEO at a high level.

9: eCommerce Business

Many people believe that it would be great to start an eCommerce company. They would be correct to believe so.

Every day, millions of transactions are conducted online.

If you do it correctly, you could jump in and begin to earn your share of the pie.

Is this an online business idea that is worth it?

Let's look at the key factors that you need to consider if you are looking to make six figures from this online business.

Startup costs

This model helps you to see the value in startup costs.

It is easy to see why most people don't want to stay in eCommerce for long. They lack the capital to sustain it.

To keep up with these wholesalers or big e-commerce retailers takes a lot of cash.

This brings us to the next topic, competition.

Competition and Margins

Ecommerce is extremely competitive. There are many Amazon stores and thousands of ecom shops on Shopify.

Do you realize how difficult it will be to rank on page 1 with all the free traffic when there are so many other SEO experts out there?

It's pretty hard!

Many people who start eCommerce websites with just $10,000 don't get into paid traffic. They don't have the time or desire to learn SEO.

What about margins?

It is becoming increasingly difficult for other businesses, due to the entry of Chinese wholesalers into the eCommerce market, to make arbitrage work.

This is because they come in and offer exactly the same price as what they have to sell. It's a way of cutting out the middleman.

Are you worried that we are exaggerating this issue?

For a second, think about the last time these ecom gurus promoted their courses via Facebook or YouTube.

It is difficult to pinpoint it, isn't it?

Our team noticed this trend with all eCommerce related online courses...their "fearless leaders" are backpedaling on achieving sales and are moving to other industries.

It is important to ask yourself why.

This pandemic has effectively decimated certain industries. Online commerce, to a certain extent, is one of these.

While we don't believe online commerce will disappear, it is clear that the average person who wants to start a successful online business like this will have more trouble because he cannot live on the small profits.

This pandemic has actually made it easier for larger retailers than for smaller ones.

How Can Ecommerce Business Owners Make it Work?

You can make it big in the eCommerce business if you are determined to open an online store.

Our team writer actually has an aunt who makes over six figures per year with her e-commerce store.

It took her 2 years to get to this point, and she spent a lot on SEO.

This business model can make you money if you're determined. You can do it as long as you put in the effort, time, money, and effort.


  • Online shopping is becoming more popular.
  • Many people have earned 6-figures per year through their eCommerce businesses.
  • You don't need to have any investment experience.


  • Margins shrink continuously
  • A substantial minimum investment is required
  • To see any kind of results, you must keep it up for at least six months.

8: Amazon FBA

Stupid Rules

Amazon was once a gold mine.

There were not many rules, and most people would have a high yield store if they had to.

The opportunities to invest in a particular plan will start to diminish when the rules become more strict.

Amazon currently has so many rules that it is hard to keep up with. It's hard to keep track of all the rules they have, especially when they seem to be coming up with new ones every day!

Just think about how awful that is for a second...

Take your start-up capital and create a profitable Amazon business.

Let's suppose you have several products that are dominating the respective markets they are targeted at.

Amazon can literally come out of nowhere and shut you down without any rhyme or reason.

This is a great way to put it. Amazon allows you to create the illusion that you own and control your business and store, while still making a profit. However, they have the ability to come in at any time and take you out.

You never know, you might be as successful as the small-business owners who invested $10,000 in an Amazon store.


This might be the best way to spend $10,000 if all the rules and constant commission reductions weren't enough.

It is easy to set up an Amazon store. Many online courses will teach you how to set it up in a matter of hours.

It is easy to make it a profitable business, but there is plenty of competition. Amazon has thousands of sellers trying to sell exactly the same products as you and earn a 6 figure return.

To get the chance of success, these people poured their entire savings into their stores.

Amazon is a complex business. It's also difficult to rank products organically in searches. You can be thankful for some of these new rules.

Amazon: Can you have a successful online business?

This business venture can be a success if you are willing to invest a lot in startup capital and your time.

Amazon is a great place to make money. Amazon reserves the right not to allow you to "own" the business at any time.


  • Amazon can help you make six figures per year with just $10,000.
  • It is easy to set up an Amazon store.
  • Amazon's platform makes it easy to get into eCommerce. They have the highest sales.
  • There is no credit score requirement.


  • Amazon is cash-intensive
  • PPC can be difficult and frustrating to track.
  • Organically ranking an Amazon product can take up to six months
What is your opinion?

This business model works best for people who are well-versed in online business and can live on a small profit margin. If huge profit margins are what you're looking for...

We recommend that you check out our #1 recommendation!

7: Ebook Publishing

It is true, everyone has a book in him or her, as the old saying goes.

Traditional publishers don't believe that, despite the fact that it is true. They are making certain that only a few people can actually publish books, particularly in 2021.

However, thanks to the internet of things and increasing digitalization...people are able to bypass the traditional publishing companies altogether.

Amazon is one company that you can credit with this. The kindle has made digital books/ebooks more common and easier to publish.

What do startup costs look like?

Ask Barnes & Noble. They've done all the math for you.


  • Startup costs: Pretty much zero. You should aim to spend at least $100 on a book cover, $100 on a decent editor, and $100 on marketing. With the possibility of earning 10-20x your investment back, you're looking at $300.
  • Income potential: A large part of this amazing income potential is An average book could earn anywhere from $100 to $500 per month. This is a nice passive income if you have 10 books.
  • Success story: Dave Chesson is a successful publisher. He is a prolific author who has published many books. He also blogs regularly about self-publishing tips. A course he has developed to help you find great ideas for books is also available.


  • Start cheap
  • Monthly recurring income


  • Marketing can be challenging

6: Flipping Websites

What happens if you don't have the money to invest in your business but still want to use Amazon FBA and  eCommerce? What can you do?

It's possible to make quick money by flipping websites.

Many online business owners are trying to sell their digital assets, just like brick-and-mortar businesses.

Some people love the idea of purchasing a site for a bargain price, then fixing it up and selling it. As people do with real estate.

You might be able to find a website where the owner is missing key SEO techniques that are keeping them afloat.

For example, you could purchase a website for $5,000 and then invest $1,000-$2,000 in high-quality SEO. Then, turn it around and sell it for $10,000-15,000

This means that you can make a profit of $4,000 to $9,000 with almost no effort on your part.

This is a great way to start an internet business. Not many people are familiar with the digital flipping game.


  • It's easy to get into if there are a few grand and a little time
  • You can easily outsource SEO to make a profit.


  • It might not be worthwhile to invest in certain sites
  • It's not possible without capital

5: SEO Business

It can be extremely profitable to start a search engine optimization company.

All advertising is now moving online, it is a simple fact. While contractors can claim they are doing word-of-mouth advertising, the fact is that most people choose who they hire to do their service work based on what search engines suggest.

An SEO professional can easily make over six figures per year, and some even get close to seven figures.


High-profit margins are one reason. Because there's a lot to be gained from what they do, most SEO companies operate at 50-60% margins.

They can also do most of the work without taking up too much of their time.

SEO is all about consistency. If you choose the right small market or business to do SEO, you may only need to add 2-3 backlinks per day to get them ranked.

You can easily place 20-30 backlinks per day if you have 10 clients that pay you $2,500 each.

Another reason people start an online business is that their time is freed up.

One problem with the SEO business model: clients often want to stop paying after you have ranked their website.

This can be really frustrating, especially if they are one of the $5,000-$10,000 per month clients.

You can also start your own SEO consulting company if you have these skills. You can spend an hour with clients as an SEO consultant and discuss what they need to rank their website.

There is an even better way to maximize your SEO skills. You should look at this business model.


  • It is easy to rank websites locally
  • Profit margins high
  • Small businesses receive valuable service


  • After you rank clients, they often leave
  • It can be difficult to get clients when you are a novice.

4: Flipping Shoes

Are you a professional hustler?

It's not one of those New York street hustlers. One of that old-fashioned nose to grindstone hustlers.

Perhaps you are a student looking to quickly make money.

You might be the right person for this online business!

Contrary to popular belief, there is a large market for selling shoes online.

Most people don't know what type of shoes they own and how rare they are.

A garage sale can help you make serious money by selling your shoes online for as little as $20.

No joke!

This is actually what one of our guys did back in college. He would visit garage sales in the fall, spring, and summer to find good deals and then turn them around for a profit.

He was a college student and was earning about $3,000 per month in profit. This was even though he was only working part-time.

Imagine what you could do full-time!

After cleaning the shoes up, uploading the listing, and putting a few google ads at the listing until it shows up in the search engine's results, you might be ready to go!


  • It's easy to find cheap deals
  • Big market for clean rare shoes


  • Very fast pace
  • You need to quickly move inventory for profit

3: Create a Blog

You now know how lucrative an internet business can become and how easy it is to make money by simply showing up in search engines.

How can you make big money from it?

You can become an influencer or affiliate marketer by joining it.

You promote other people's products that are trustworthy and you have thoroughly vetted.

The hardest part about this is that you must be a professional writer and be able to produce several hundred words per day.

It's not possible to do all you need on a tight budget. And you may not be able to hire a professional writer immediately.

A blog is one of your greatest digital assets. Many bloggers are making more than $50,000 per month than any other online store.

Adam Enfroy is a blogger who makes over $80,000 per month and has a profit margin of 90%+ each month.

The best thing about blogging is the fact that once you rank a post, and it appears on the first pages of search results, people instantly consider you an expert.

There are many themes for websites that will make your website look professional, even if it is new.

What's the catch?

It is no longer enough to have a strong content strategy. While keyword optimization and long-form content are important, you must also have a strong backlinking strategy.

Depending on what type of blog you create, this could be thousands of dollars you need to invest in SEO to start making money from all the traffic.

It takes a lot of time to rank a blog...

It can take 6-12 months depending on what type of niche or blog you are targeting to rank for high-volume keywords.

Sites can rank in as little as 2-3 months using the business model that our team focuses on. All this while making $1,000-$2,000 EACH MONTH!


  • Amazing online business ideas
  • If you are a skilled writer, it is possible to find work quickly
  • Asset-based with recurring income
  • Marketing to Influencers


  • At some point, you will need to hire virtual assistants
  • You need to promote a trusted product or service
  • It is difficult to find an affiliate business that you can trust

2: Social Media Agency

Social media advertising is one of the most effective ways to launch an online business.

This is because many courses offer ad swipes that will get you started right away.

Advertising is essential if you want to start a business. Facebook ads are a great way to use social media marketing.

Many business owners have found that Facebook advertising is a great way to advertise their products and services. They simply point the ad to their website.

Facebook ads can be a great way to get noticed when you start your business.

But, there are downsides to running a social media agency.

Let's take the Facebook example as a reminder...

Mr. Zucc has the right to lock down any ad account at any time. Similar to the way that Amazon reserves the right to shut down your account, Bezos also has this option.

This issue has been encountered by many people.

This can be really frustrating!

Particularly when you're running a winning campaign that makes thousands of dollars!

Yes, Facebook can ban you at any moment without explanation. They are unlikely to give you any explanations, even if they do respond to your request.

It can be quite difficult to run a social media marketing agency. But you are an entrepreneur. It tells us that you enjoy gambling a bit.


  • Get started now
  • Profitable investments can make thousands


  • Can be turned off at any moment
  • The same ad swipes are the key to all of the competition
  • Facebook does not support this.


Before we move on to the #1 Best Online Business to Start in 2021, let's answer some of the most common questions we get about starting an internet business. These are our top tips for starting an online business.

Which Online Business is the Most Profitable?

It's not about data entry and writing cover letters. You will need to offer a high-value service and scale-up.

You can sell digital products through Shopify, or physical products via e-commerce sites such as Shopify.

We believe that helping small businesses grow is one of the best ways for making money. They are often being stomped on daily by the big man and it is valuable to help them bring in more customers.

Tips on How to Start a Successful Online Business

Doing business online is all about serving customers well and standing out from your competition.

We also recommend not being afraid to work beyond 8 hours per day. To be successful with an e-commerce site, a blog, or a social media business, you will need to invest a lot of your time.

It doesn't feel like work when you are working for yourself. Entrepreneurs such as Grant Cardone and Dan Pena will tell you that they still work between 50-60 hours per week. Elon Musk even said he worked 100 workweeks.

They still lead an amazing lifestyle!

Now, without further delay...

Steady Calls is the #1 Way To Make Money Online

It works exactly the same way it sounds. It's the equivalent of renting a website.

Here's how it works.

Locate a locally owned service-based business, and decide to create a website. Then rank for it.

Once leads begin to come in, pass them on to the business owner so that they can start collecting the checks.

Is it really so simple?


As you can see, eCommerce doesn't require that you run paid ads on a website. You'll only pay $8 per month for hosting, and $11.99 per year for domain registration.

If you don't have the money, there may be other issues that we should discuss.

However, they are extremely passive and make a lot of money.

Once they are ranked, you don’t need to touch them again as they operate on autopilot.

You might be wondering what the competition is like.

Affiliate marketing is almost nonexistent.

Ecommerce allows you to compete with literally millions upon millions of people worldwide.

Lead generation is about 20 businesses in the same area. Many of them don't have any idea how to rank a site.

It could not be simpler.

The best part?

These sites can be worth anywhere from $500 to $2,000 per month.

With just 10 sites, you could make $5,000-$20,000 per month passively!

Your margins are literally between 90-100%

That's enough... to learn more about the model that crushed every other online business model..., click it!


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