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10 Best SEO Courses of 2022 (Online Training & Certification)

Are you looking for the best SEO courses in 2022?

You have come to the right spot.

This site contains a mixture of paid and free seo courses.

They are rated based on how quality they are, how current they are, as well as how active the course creator.

You can easily fall into a rabbit hole when you search for the best SEO course on Reddit or Quora. It's easy to get lost and confused and not know who to trust.

What IS Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization refers to increasing the quality and quantity of traffic to a website through improving the quality of on-site content that meets visitors' needs, and linking to relevant pages or posts with off-site links.

This game is complex, but if you are able to master it, your clients will grow faster than weeds in a fertilized yard.

In the six years that have passed, I've taken many courses.

I am a seven-figure SEO earner and continue to invest in top-of-the-line optimization courses to ensure that I have the best SEO skills to rank my websites for the most difficult keywords.

Let's get right to it. At the end you'll find which course has the most effective search engine optimization.

Top 2022 SEO Courses

10. ) DistilledU - SEO 101 & Advanced

Course length 133 hours of video Cost: $40.00/month


  • Content for all levels. It clearly shows what is for novice SEO's and what's to be used by experienced ones.
  • This is where you will learn the skills that are essential for your future
  • Matthew breaks down the course into bite-sized lessons each week


  • All the information can be found on his blog as well as on his YouTube channel

DistilledU - SEO 101 & Advanced Details:

DistilledU was initially created by Paddy Moogan, an employee to help in training staff. However, they then opened it up to freelancers and businesses looking to improve their skills.

DistilledU is used by well-known brands like Adobe, Marriott and eBay to train their employees.

This training collection provides education about:

  • How to get the best out of a Search Engine (aka, how to make Google your Bench).
  • Pro Level queries to quickly access the desired information
  • Clear explanations of how crawling works
  • Lessons from Zeus on how to get indexed faster than greased lightning.
  • Speed up your website's performance so users don't have to wait for it to load
  • Increase dwell time and overall conversions through UI practices that make your competition's user experience look like 1994

The Bottom Line

The Best Selling Point

  • This training set contains detailed information that is accessible to all levels. You don't have to be an expert in order to benefit from it.
  • Clarifying screenshots

The Biggest Issue

  • No PDF downloads
  • Videos not in all lessons
  • Lessons can be quite wordy


Overall, Distilled U offers a lot of practical, in-depth training that doesn’t get lost in theory or abstraction, but is very practical.

It contains a lot of current information.

To explain search engine optimization concepts, which are easier to chart than to teach using words, the main improvement that could have been made is to use more graphics both inside and outside of the videos.


9. ) The Blueprint Training

Course length: 12 Weeks Price: $2,999.00


  • Ryan has designed a comprehensive training program that covers almost every topic an agency would need to achieve scale and results.
  • Ryan is an actual agency. He's not just a course-creating guru. Ryan is a man who lives up to his words.
  • He uses a lot diagrams and graphics to visually explain the concepts he is teaching in each lesson.


  • Price - This is the most expensive course on our list.
  • Insufficient written content to support the videos.

The Blueprint Training

This course is a comprehensive training program for agency professionals. It was created specifically to help up-and-coming SEOs build their business' structure.

This Training Program Provides Structure on

  • Add clients seamlessly to your agency
  • Manage lots of projects efficiently
  • Provide holistic website audits to help your prospects understand exactly what their websites need
  • Advanced SEO Audits for Larger Companies
  • Learn more about the organic success of your competition by learning how they got there
  • Massive link outreach and acquisition campaigns
  • Use the provided templates to manage many projects efficiently.

The Bottom Line

The Best Selling Point

  • Learn both the day-to-day processes of an SEO agency and the larger picture structure that is required to make it scale.

The Biggest Issue

  • There is very little written content, and a lot of video content. Better is to provide transcripts of videos or recaps of primary content.


Ryan's experience as an SEO operator shows in his webinars and lessons. He speaks with a calculated cadence.

He is well-versed in both the correct terminology and how it is applied. He even creates his own terms.


8. ) SEO Training by Jollifish (U.K. Only).

Course length: 1 Day Price: PS499.00


  • Matthew is very approachable in his teaching style
  • This is where you will learn the skills that are essential for your future
  • Matthew breaks down the course into bite-sized lessons each week


  • All the information can be found on his blog as well as on his YouTube channel

SEO Training from Jellyfish Details:

This is for my friends in the U.K.

Jellyfish offers many online trainings through their virtual classroom. You can sign up in advance for these courses, which are scheduled on specific dates.

They offer SEO training in three levels: Standard SEO, Local SEO and Youtube Optimization and Marketing. (The last course is especially intriguing to me as many people are beginning to realize that YouTube optimization is real and have started looking for the best YouTube SEO courses. This one is definitely a contender.

There is a lot of information in these courses, so be prepared to learn.

Here are some details about the courses you will take:

  • SEO Fundamentals
  • SEO strategy.
  • How to create SEO-friendly content
  • Link acquisition
  • Advanced, technical SEO strategies

The Bottom Line

The Best Selling Point

  • Learn SEO from an established company, which has created an entire brand around teaching people about online marketing strategies

The Biggest Issue

  • One-day courses can be confusing and overwhelming.
  • It is not possible to pace yourself
  • For now, only available in the U.K.


Jellyfish's courses are packed with valuable information that will help you improve your SEO skills.

It's great that there are so many courses that you can choose from depending on what skills you have.

These guys are really good at what they do. They may also be the best SEO course for Youtube optimization, but that's another review.


6. ) Udemy SEO: Complete SEO Training + Search Engine Optimization for WordPress Websites

Course length: 10 hours of video + 17 articles price: $ 109.99


  • Arun is a fascinating teacher
  • Visually stimulating videos
  • This article covers both the basics as well as advanced techniques


  • Difficult for beginners to follow

SEO 2022 - Complete SEO Training + SEO For WordPress Websites:

This course is the best in SEO on Udemy. It teaches you how to protect yourself against SEO attacks and pagespeed.

This course will help you in the following areas.

  • Learn the techniques of SEO to help your website rank higher in search engines
  • Increase the speed of your website's load to "less than one second" (according Arun).
  • Arun calls it the Future SEO Factor. 
  • You can get the right keywords in your niche by gathering long-tail keywords. This will help you to convert the most traffic.
  • It's important to separate the wheat from the chaff in backlinking information. Arun explains what isn't working anymore and how to backlink in 2022.

The Bottom Line

The Best Selling Point

  • Arun has received over 10,000 positive Udemy reviews.
  • Arun's examples disappear in advanced modules and he talks theoretically, making it hard to follow at times.

The Biggest Issue

  • It is unclear who the intended audience is. The course description states that the education is intermediate-to-advanced. Later, it says "anyone who wishes to rank their friend’s site".


Arun is an expert in SEO and knows how to create a Udemy SEO course that is both technical (videos with graphics and written articles) and technically.


5. ) SEMrush Academy

Course duration: Days to weeks Cost: There is no cost, just your time


  • SEMrush offers SEO training in all spheres of search engine optimization
  • Covers both fundamentals as well as technical SEO
  • Designed in an intuitive and clear manner


  • Could have been condensed more to save time. However, they broke the videos into 3-6 minute segments so that they don't feel like college lectures (90 minutes worth of monotone LOL).

SEMrush Academy Details

SEMrush offers SEO tool packages that include keyword tools and backlink scoping tools. They offer free courses in search engine marketing. SEMrush offers the best SEO courses online for free.

SEMrush's courses can be seen as a huge lure. They hope you'll stay and use their tools.

If you look at the situation from a different angle, you will see that SEMrush does not just publish useless content. Instead, they produce lesson summaries and videos that contain both structured information and golden nuggets that can be used to help you find your way like a prospector during California's Gold Rush.

SEMrush Academy Includes:

  • Greg Gifford shares in-depth information, and sports an amazing beard.
  • Summary of each lesson in print below each video lesson. Great for quick reference

The Bottom Line

The Best Selling Point

  • Learn SEO using one of the most popular search engines. Reliability track record
  • Greg's video has graphics that appear on the screen to illustrate what he is saying.

The Biggest Issue

  • The Lesson Index is not searchable (aka, no search function).


Greg Gifford is an SEO expert with years of experience. His knowledge shines through in his lessons through his consistent, clear voice. You should definitely take the SEMrush SEO course.


4. ) 90 Day SEO Pro - Matthew Woodward

Course length: 12 Weeks Price: $997.00


  • Matthew is very approachable in his teaching style
  • This is where you will learn the skills that are essential for your future
  • Matthew breaks down the course into bite-sized lessons each week


  • All the information can be found on his blog as well as on his YouTube channel

90 Day SEO Pro Details:

This course will make you a Search Engine Optimization expert within 3 months.

Matthew says that each week, you will be provided with everything you need to make things work, including strategies, checklists worksheets, spreadsheets, and more.

You can trust the process, and you can go for it.

Here are some details about what you'll learn during the course.

Information you'll learn during the 90-Day SEO Pro Course:

  • Quick win on-page SEO tips that will help you leapfrog your competition
  • Topic research has many benefits over keyword research
  • How to locate endless link building opportunities?
  • What should you do if targeted traffic is urgently needed with no budget?
  • How to calculate visitor and revenue loss due to poor SEO?
  • How to make your content stand out and "pop"
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP), to gain a competitive edge
  • How to create and implement a complete SEO strategy
  • These are the two link-building strategies that he uses to achieve 80% of his success

The Bottom Line

The Best Selling Point

  • Learn SEO from one of the most respected names in SEO. Track record.

The Biggest Issue

  • There are very few videos. Most of the material is on pdfs.


This guy is a master of his craft and it shows every week.

Each week is packed with so much information, you'll wonder how your websites could perform well before Matthew started teaching SEO.

This course delivers exactly what Matthew promised and takes you from the foundations of on-site search engine optimization to backlinking.


3. ) Lion Zeal SEO Academy - Daryl Rosser

Course length Monthly Training Cost: 7 Days for $1.00


  • Unlimited site audits
  • Daryl conducts weekly live site audits
  • Learn how to create your own PBN


  • There has been no recent course update

Lion Zeal SEO Academy:

This monthly training will teach you the latest SEO tactics, strategies, and tricks, no matter if you are a beginner or an intermediate in the SEO world.

This course will teach you how to create a PBN.

What's PBN?

This is a private blog network. You can use this to build out other websites and pass on what I call "link juice", which is how they rank higher on Google.

This course is unique because it isn't taught in many other courses.

Daryl's course will make it easy for you to rank websites without blindly following Google's guidelines.

This course will help you learn more than how to add backlinks.

Daryl comes from a small English town. He refused to pursue the dream of becoming a factory manager. He wanted to be his boss.

He began building websites and realized that he could make serious money.

After an unfortunate relationship with a partner, someone approached the man for SEO marketing. He didn't know what he had to do.

Daryl purchased a course for a bargain price, followed it to the T and ranked his client. He has been very successful in ranking clients since then and has improved his SEO skills.

After becoming so proficient in SEO, he created a course to teach other digital marketers. Daryl speaks at SEO conferences, and he gets to travel around the globe and make his clients happy.

The Bottom Line

The Best Selling Point

  • A comprehensive course that covers all the skills required to create winning ads (copywriting and sales).

The Biggest Issue

  • There have been no recent updates to the course.


Daryl knows what he is doing and is happy to share his knowledge.

It is a good course to start, especially since it only costs $1 for the first week.

This course is great for getting started in SEO.


2. ) OMG Machines - Greg Morrison

Course length: 8 Hours Cost: $7.999.00


  • Comprehensive course that covers all aspects of SEO
  • Greg will teach you proven SEO strategies and methods that work long-term
  • Learn how to create a PBN.
  • There are many resources available


  • It is not clear how to install WordPress, or how to purchase domain names. This can be confusing for some.
  • Some methods may be outdated

OMG Machines Course Details:

One Man Gang Machines is a premium SEO training. It includes a PDF ebook of 44 pages and links to instructional videos.

Because it is the fastest way to get paid, this course focuses on client SEO. This is something I have personally experienced.

Greg is the one who teaches you most and shows you how to do things. He even shares the tools that he uses in Google's dominance.

Greg demonstrates best practices in

  • How to set your content up on your website
  • Linking structure
  • How to create offsite links
  • Links to build
  • Navigating PBNs (Private Blog Networks)

Follow Greg's advice and your site will rise to the top of Google when you search for the desired terms.

Greg's methods will get your site ranked in just 8 weeks.

Greg also shares the links he uses. Greg and the other instructors will not leave you confused about the whole process. They do a wonderful job of explaining everything to you.

Greg has earned millions of dollars through the SEO skills he teaches with this course.

Greg has taught me a lot and I have implemented his ideas in my local lead generation business, particularly when it comes PBNs.

He is an expert in his field so you can be sure to implement the lessons you have learned from this course, if you are willing to invest.

The Bottom Line

The Best Selling Point

  • This will give you a solid foundation for how to rank sites on Google

The Biggest Issue

  • The Training Platform is not well-organized


If you are already a pro at SEO, this course may not be for you. This course is for beginners. If you invest in it, you will learn everything you need to rank your site.


1. ) SEO That Actually Works - Brian Dean

Course length: 5 Weeks Price: $900.00


  • Brian shares actual successful case studies
  • Brian's methods are white-hat.


  • Brian's SEO techniques can take time if you want to rank clients locally rather than nationally.
  • PBN is vital for ranking clients locally and you won't find out about it.

SEO That Works Course Details

If you are looking to start a blog, this course is for you.

This course will teach you how to organize your content. It is important because your goal is to grab the attention of your readers from the beginning of your post.

You can expect your blog to rank on page one for multiple keywords or phrases after you have completed this course. This means that your blog is at the top search engine results pages.

You can expect success.

Brian backlinking strategies will get your blog moving in search engines.

Brian's methods are just what you need to know to take your SEO game to the next level.

Brian is also a member of a private Facebook group that offers support and assistance whenever needed.

Brian has videos, worksheets, and templates to help you learn. This will give you the confidence to succeed in SEO. This is especially true if you already have a blog.

Brian is one the most prominent SEO's that you will find and has his backlink website ranked for many keywords as well as search terms.

He stresses the importance of quality content. He's a real celebrity because he has been featured on Forbes, Inc., Entrepreneur, and many other media outlets.

You can visit his Youtube channel to find great tips and tricks you can use immediately on your blog.

The Bottom Line

The Best Selling Point

  • Brian teaches only whitehat SEO methods

The Biggest Issue

  • This course is for ranking a blog more than ranking a small business


Brian Dean offers solid SEO tips and tricks to help you grow a blog like Steady Calls

His course is currently closed. However, you can still sign up for a waiting list by entering an email.

To rank websites for small businesses, continue reading


Steady Calls is the #1 Online Business Model that Earns Me $52K+ per Month...Passively

Why lead generation is better than doing SEO?

More than $50,000 per Month .....passively

This is the kind of income I am able to generate through local lead generation.

SEO is crucial to my lead generation business' success. I can rank my digital properties well, and send organic traffic free of charge to small businesses that could use it.

Doing so has a tremendous positive impact on their lives and businesses.

Yes, it is possible to make a lot of money SEO-ing and ranking clients' sites on page one of Google. But, the problem is how long can that client continue to pay you month after you get them to page 1. ?

Client retention is the most important issue in SEO.

This is the unavoidable scenario:

It takes 6 months of hard work to rank a website. Once they have their results, they don't feel they need to pay you.

It's super fun...

hate hunting SEO clients for my cash...

This is why I don't take any SEO clients today.

Instead, I generate leads. I rank websites and make money from the leads.

This is an example of my own website.

The site is mine, and I rank it. Any organic traffic (leads), that comes through the site, I send to business owners who are looking for more work.

For every lead I send, I earn $$$.

A client can't fire me.

SEO - Ranking websites of other people, which can earn them thousands of dollars. You won't ever see a penny of it once they're done.

Lead generation - You rank your websites and they have the potential of bringing you income year after year.

I would rather rank my sites that generate leads and then sell them to hungry business people.

If the client ceases to pay me, I can switch up so that they send me leads to their competitor. This will allow me to keep making money.

I have 100% control over my website and who I send leads to. They're my leads that I own.

I won't let a client leave me if they are a lead generation customer.

This is how the whole thing looks.

Because these websites rank high, I don't have to touch them anymore.

We all know that Google's top spot is prime real-estate.

This is what you tell your SEO clients when prospecting.

Let's apply a little logic now.

YOUR sites are already ranked...

Leads keep coming in...

Client will always be satisfied!

They won't stop the flow of leads. They won't stop paying you as fast as they can.

As I have already mentioned, SEO clients can cease paying you after you rank them, but this lead generation model is not.

You can also check out this site, which has been making me money for many years.

This site was ranked for Limo Rental Keywords in Lansing MI in 2020.

Since then, every month I have been receiving a $750 check in my mailbox.

Do the math.

$750 per month for 12 consecutive months starting in 2020

This is at least $54,000 in the mail I have received. It took me 6 hours to create and rank this site.

You won't see these passive returns with any other business model, believe me.

It's not enough to do SEO for other companies.

Now, don't get it twisted.

This is not a quick way to get rich.

It isn't.

As a general rule, be wary of anyone who tries to sell you a business plan that promises quick money with little work. )

You will need to work hard in order to earn passive income that lasts forever.

This is the best business model to get you there.


Because it is repeatable.

It's easy to rank one website and then just repeat the process.

Ranking more websites will increase your passive income stream.

We are all already there, including many local lead generators through our coaching program.

My mentor Dan, my friend and mentor, said it best: "I'm in future... listen to ..."


Patric, a 4 year old student in our program, and his 7 Figure agency built this robust CRM with advanced functions like a heat map that acts as a Google local rank tracking tool.

I used to ensure that my GMB's were at the top of their game in all the cities I live in.

It's here:

This business model works, and we know it well.


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