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Biaheza Dropshipping Course Review. Teen Genius at Play? Or Nothing But Hype?

It's refreshing to see people share their failures, and not only their successes. Because entrepreneurship is not always a success story, it's much more realistic.

There will be disappointments.

Success is not measured by how many failures they experience, but rather how they deal with them.

They will, I promise.

Biaheza's willingness to admit his mistakes makes me more trust him.

Dropshipping was something I had failed at many times before I finally found success.

(Updated: In 2022, I prefer the lead-generation business model to dropshipping. More on that later ...)

Yes, Show Me How!

Dropshipping back to you...

Your failures will not be caused by inadequacy or poor product research.

You should verify the type of plug your product has if you are selling electronic equipment/appliances, such as a portable steamer. You won't be able sell the product in all countries because different countries have different-shaped outlets.

It is a bit disconcerting to see someone who has made six figures in one month from a dropshipping business make such an error. But, then again, he is still very young.

Then there's the artistic part of his course site.

It's plain. It's simple.

This is the landing page for the course.

Although you are not supposed to judge books by their covers, a lot of your conversions will be dependent on the landing page for your online store.

Biaheza seems to care more about his YouTube presence than his course's landing pages.

The guy is charming and camera-friendly. However, you need to put in effort if you ask people to pay for your site.

Anyone who teaches dropshipping must be familiar with the importance landing pages. This one looks like it was created by a child in a matter of minutes. Sorry.

It does not even have the most basic branding feature: a logo.

The banner at top of page looks like it's from the 1990s. It's very unoriginal. It's as if it was made without any effort.

We are not yet at a good place.

Introduction to Biaheza

Biaheza launched his YouTube Channel one year ago. It currently has 834k subscribers. This is no small feat.
These videos are between 4 and 20 minutes long, with 102 total. Biaheza posts an average of one video per week.
His hands move all over the place and he gets excited, so he is not boring. It could be irritating for some people though, I can see it.

However, he isn't very active on Facebook.
It was strange to me that he didn't have a lot of presence on the platform that made him all his money. Let's dive deeper to find out more.


This review is solely my opinion about Biaheza’s Dropshipping Course. Biaheza is not associated with me in any way.

This means that I do not receive any money for reviewing this course. I was not paid to review, or say negative things about the course. This review is solely based on my experience with dropshipping.

What can you expect from this course?

It is broken down into 13 lessons, which take just over 1.5 hours to view. (You might be asking yourself whether it is worth $294. Think of it as if you are paying $196/hr for him to teach you.

What Biaheza has to offer you?

He stated that the course's goal is to achieve the following:

Biaheza claims this is his most transparent piece of content. He said, " ... I even reveal some my personal best-selling products."

He shows you how to start an online store right from scratch using his process.

He also discusses his Facebook and Instagram marketing strategies that will make your success!

So that was the sales pitch. Let's find out if he keeps his promises.

Breakdown of the Biaheza Dropshipping Course

13 video lessons are included in this course. Here is a list of all the lessons.

Course Curriculum

Which Products Actually Work for Dropshipping

  • Biaheza uses tools for finding his products. This is an inefficient way to find products as dropshippers use the same tools, and will have thousands of the same products in their online shops.
  • Dropshippers who are serious will have a long-term goal. You must do your own product research to be successful long-term and not rely on any genetic tool that everyone else uses.

The software I use to find winning products

  • Biaheza is an associate for these apps/tools, which he uses in order to find his products. The focus is on getting you to use these tools/apps. This means that he can earn a commission as an associate.

Five Winning Products Examples + Reveal Products I have Dropshipped

  • I have found that dropshippers who make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year are not likely to want to share their products with me unless they are following a declining trend.
  • These (older) products might still be profitable, but you will never make the same amount as Biaheza.
  • Remember that this course is not unique. Everyone who has taken it will be selling the exact same products.


  • Biaheza covers all the basics so you can get started.
  • YouTube has better and more free videos.

Where can I get content for my store

  • This article covers the basics of creating product pages. However, it doesn't provide any new insights.

Setting up Shipping and Legal Pages

  • These are great additions as not all courses cover this.

Building an Instagram Company Page From Scratch

  • Biaheza is an Influencer and uses Instagram to great effect. This is an excellent addition to any dropshipping program.

Where can I find content for my company page?

  • Biaheza's success on Instagram and FB gives us solid advice.

What's the Facebook Pixel? How do you Install It?

  • It's a simple lesson, once again.
  • You can find all of the above information (and more) on YouTube, from dropshipping veterans as well as Facebook marketers.

My FULL Instagram Marketing Strategy

  • This strategy is still very effective, which I find surprising. You can still use this strategy, as it has been tested and proven to work.

How to Choose the Right Pages for Advertising on

  • This is Biaheza’s greatest lesson. But is it worth the cost? It is probably not...
  • This guide will teach you a lot about Instagram. How to use IG Influencers and which pages to target. Also, how to make your ads viral (at least in theory).

How to use Facebook Ads

  • This is a very basic introduction to FB Ads. There's nothing more to it.
  • You can find this topic in more than a thousand YouTube videos.

Targeting and scaling my Facebook ads (Full Strategy).

  • Although it is a strategy, I wouldn't consider it to be a full strategy. Full strategies would also include other advertising platforms like Google, Bing and Snapchat.
  • It is not enough to cover scaling your Ad Campaigns.

How to Handle Taxes

  • This is an excellent addition to the course, and something that's often overlooked in dropshipping programs. This is something I really appreciate.

Customer Support

  • It is easy to set up and very straightforward. This course is not expensive, but there are no new features.

Biaheza's Dropshipping Course is on Reddit. The Good and the Bad

Reddit is a great place to find out what people think about these courses. You can find many offers to purchase the course on Reddit for $5-10, depending on its quality. I like to see both the good and bad sides of things to get the whole picture. But in this case, it was hard to find the latter. Here's what I did discover:

The Bad

One person stated that they didn’t feel the course was worth the cost. I would agree.

The Ugly

It is not a good idea for someone to buy something and then feel "bamboozled". It was interesting to me that this person made a good observation. He observed that many dropshipping "gurus", are selling courses. Hmm ....are you able to see why?

Is it worth the effort?

Biaheza targets complete beginners and those who are new to dropshipping. People who aren't sure where to look or how to get free information about dropshipping might find this course tempting. )

Although it's not very expensive, the value for money is not there. Biaheza's course content can be described as very basic. However, it is possible to find much better and free lessons on YouTube.

Dropshipping is also mocked by the course length.

With only a few hours of knowledge, you can't expect to launch a dropshipping business that is profitable.

Review Conclusion

I will always credit Biaheza where credit is due. Biaheza's course doesn't just dazzle you with its incredible content and insider tips. Biaheza's fame as an Instagram star and YouTuber is what makes it possible. The course content can be found on YouTube as free lessons.

Biaheza is an entrepreneur at a young age. However, he excels as a marketer and youtuber.

Dropshipping has been a success for him, but I believe that most of his success is due to his large audience on Youtube and the sale of his courses.

The bottom line is that Biaheza’s Full Dropshipping Course wasn’t worth our $294 investment.

Alternatives To Biaheza's Dropshipping Course

The following courses are Value For Money. Ecom Empires - This course is free and contains over 20 hours of content. Read my review about Nick Peroni's Ecom Empires Academy.
2. Oberlo 101 – This website was created by Oberlo and contains more than 7 hours of content. It is available at $39.92 and $49.90 depending on whether there are any promotional discounts. is my review.
3. Ecom Elites- This course is still a top choice at $197 and has over 32 hours of content. Read my review about Franklin Hatchett’s dropshipping course .
4. You can also download and print my Dropshipping guide for free. Click the banner button to access it.

What do I like?

  • Biaheza is a person with a lot of personality. She has the potential to be a successful marketer.
  • The young man is a "chutzpah" guy who appeals to younger audiences.

What I didn’t like:

  • It is not enough content. There is not enough detail.
  • All course content can be found on YouTube.
  • There are no Ad bidding strategies. His one FB strategy, which is very basic, doesn't really count.
  • Only FB Ads are covered.
  • Not covered: Product, supplier, and niche research. Rather encourages you to use apps that do this for you.
  • This is not the best online business model for 2022.

Dropshipping. Still viable in 2022?

Dropshipping is a risky business, even if you do your best.

Facebook ads are becoming more expensive.

Dropshipping is a growing niche.

These factors change constantly and include:

1. The right product(s)

You must always do your own product research, regardless of whether you are selling trending or evergreen products. You'll sell the same products to a thousand people (10k, 100k?) if you use an app/tool that helps you find your products. Other dropshippers.

2. The Right Time

Selling trending products is all about timing. If you want to make a lot of money, strike while the iron's hot.

3. The Right Place

It is important to understand how to sell your products to shoppers. If they aren't ready to buy, convince them to purchase NOW. Marketing savvy is required.

4. Marketing

Ad costs rise year-on-year, with a lower Return on Investment (ROI).

You need to be able to:

What successful ads look like and how they read

How to reach the right audience with your ads

How to effectively scale your ads

When to Kill Ads.

There are many factors that play a role. You can find out more in my Dropshipping Guide. It lists 14 Steps to Dropshipping Success. It is available here.

WARNING Dropshipping is a time-consuming and difficult business model. Dropshipping is no longer an easy way to make quick money. You must be committed to your business for the long-term if you want to succeed. Be prepared to pay $$$ for testing ads.

What's the Alternative?

Other than dropshipping, there are many other online business models.

Dropshipping is one of the most well-known business models due to all the YouTube videos, gurus and blogs making a buzz. However, it's not the most popular.

I can help with almost any online business that you can imagine.

Affiliate Marketing, Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA), Amazon Affiliates, Dropshipping and Lead Generation

Many of these businesses are still in operation. Dropshipping is just one example. Dropshipping used to bring me $10k per month, but it's too inconsistent for my best earning.

Local rank-and-rent, or lead generation, is the best way to maximize your ROI.

Most people are not able to benefit from passive income if they don't have the capital to invest, such as in a rental property or an investment that pays interest.

However, lead generation offers the chance to make passive income streams by using your skills to add value to other companies.

This is how lead generation works.

Simple websites such as this can be ranked at the top of Google and generate leads for local business owners.

To continue receiving leads, your local business owner will continue to pay you monthly.

You can basically rent or rank a virtual property.

You control the online property you create. You even have the option to choose your "tenants".

If a client is difficult to work with or refuses to pay you, you can simply rent the site to another business owner who is serious about making money.

Lead generation is not only passive income but also a 100% automated business model once your site has been ranked.

You can then either go on to the next project or you can just relax and watch the money come in. You have the option to choose. You can't relax once you start making money from hustling.

It's not a quick way to get rich. To reap the rewards, you must put in the work.

The learning curve for lead gen is steep. This is a good thing. Dropshipping has a low barrier to entry. Lead gen requires you to be very specialized.

You can learn all the skills you need and, unlike dropshipping, it doesn't depend on luck.

Although you might not be a millionaire from lead generation, it is possible to quit your job in a matter of months and still make a decent living.

Lead gen has allowed me to live the laptop lifestyle...

Do you want to learn more?

Click the button below. It might just make your life easier ...)


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