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Bob Proctor Coaching Review -13 Month of Success Laws, Does it work?

Bob Proctor was the first person I came across when I encountered The Secret's Law of Attraction teachings in 2011.

That was the gateway drug that led me to dive deep into personal development material.

All things, from affirmations and learning about the subconscious mind to new age spirituality. This mind-over-matter idea really appealed to me. We can control and shape our reality through our thoughts.

After years of being broke and unable to achieve most of the goals I set for myself, I realized that these laws were not all that important.

It would be a surprise to me that I had missed a crucial piece of the puzzle. That was the understanding that wealth creation depends on both mindset and actual skills that allow one to provide high-quality services to the market. Next, learning how to be a successful entrepreneur in order to build a sustainable business.

Yes, I believe that mindset is the key to success. That is why I continue to pay attention to what Bob Proctor is teaching. So I decided to review his coaching program and offer a review.

But I cannot forget my life lessons. Mindset training was only a part of what got me to this point. Skills were the missing piece.

This is why I believe in the coaching program that has helped me build my first ever 6-figure internet business helping small businesses to get more customers via the internet.

13-Month Bob Proctor Coaching Programme Module Review & Complaints

  • Success Puzzle
  • Goal Achiever
  • Freedom Series (Basically, "6 Minutes to Success")
  • 11 Forgotten Laws (based upon "Working with the Law" by Raymond Holliwell
  • Winner's Image
  • Secret Science of Getting Rich
  • You Were Born Rich

This coaching program uses videos made by Bob Proctor and is not a 1-on-1 program.

Bob is not available for ongoing support.

One of the most common complaints about his program is the repetition of some concepts over and over.

This program is getting the most recommendations because 11 forgotten laws and the secret science of becoming rich are the main hitters.

These were also my favorite parts of the program.

Is the Law of Attraction really effective?

My experience shows that the law of attraction (LoA), can be helpful to some degree.

The main benefit I gained from LoA was the ability to become more aware of my thoughts.

Being more self-aware has a tangible effect on my life.

Because I believe we must face certain battles in order to be successful. While we are on this journey, we also have to confront our lower selves, which are based on fear.

You are more likely to make poor decisions if you don't recognize or prepare for the lower self that can hinder your goals.

However, I can't say with absolute certainty that these laws or "secrets", are responsible for my success today.

It feels more like this to me.

My success is due to my mentors who taught me high-income skills.

It was the lead generation with organic traffic skills, which allowed me to make multiple 6-figures from the internet today.

I spent a lot of time when I was broke reading self-development books and practicing positive thinking in the hope that I would attract wealth and success to my life.

There was nothing tangible.

Positive thinking is useless if it's not backed up with real-world action.

The majority of LoA practitioners make their living teaching it.

If you look at the most successful business people in the world, you will see that they all worked hard to learn skills that are rare.

High-value skills that are transferable to the market.

This is what allows them to make high-paying, secure incomes.

They won't tell you about some secret law that is behind their success.

To be a highly skilled and successful person, you must have positive thinking, optimism, and be aware of your negative thoughts.

Mindset is just the foundation.

Then, it must be supported by real skills.

It's worth it.

Basketball players will stress the importance of a positive mindset and a positive outlook.

They also know that to reach their full potential, they must practice for hours to improve their skills.

We think making money is different from that.

We try to create all these secrets or cheat codes to wealth for some reason.

Because of our society's low-level understanding and education about wealth creation.

These people are simply ignorant about these subjects. They are confused and believe there is a "secret" that will save them.

People need to understand the Elementary, Rudimentary Definition of Money

Many people don't understand money.

You don't know what you are doing, so how can you expect to be able to learn more about it?

What is money, then?

I have studied many successful mentors and coaches over the years. This is the best definition of money I have ever seen.

In-demand resources are scarce.

You must have the skills to be a rare commodity in order to make a lot in your life.

A professional baseball player, for example, will earn more than a plumber.

The pro baseball player is able to use a skill that is far rarer than a plumber.

We've already identified the steps you need to take to be an entrepreneur.

Skills that solve problems in the market are essential.

The higher the skill level, the more lucrative it is.

If you are able to change your mindset and work hard, you will see results in a matter of months.

All that positive thinking should inspire you to act and find mentors who will teach you real-world skills.

It is possible that this skill is not common enough to allow you to make money at an amount that makes you happy.

Take Bob Proctor's success as an example.

He is able to make more money than many people, not only because of his success principles. I'm sure these principles help him stay focused and motivated.

He's a highly skilled persuader, which I believe is why he's so popular.

He is a master orator and a skilled communicator. His message is compelling in a way that keeps people interested in his products, teachings, and concepts.

This is his true skill, which allows him to make the money he deserves. These skills are what allow him to have an impact on the lives of many people.

These are not mental exercises.

Some of these skills may not be for everyone.

Here are natural talents and gifts that can be found in people.

It's just like the sport of athletics: entrepreneurship is all about making money.

We need to double down and use our natural talents and gifts to our advantage.

This is what we are taught in school, unfortunately.

It is no surprise that many of us are financially crippled.


These success principles are very beneficial to me.

It is a mistake to think that studying these laws will make you a success in your life.

It's no different from trying to play sport without learning certain skills and finding a coach who will teach you those high-level skills, especially when it comes down to your financial picture.

It doesn't matter how many times you imagine yourself as this great soccer player who scores goals.

You're just fooling yourself if you don't go out on the field, but you do start practicing.

The actual skill is what people lack most.

90% of my energy was spent on mental gymnastic activities, laws, affirmations, etc.

My time now is spent ranking websites and generating leads.

Maybe 10% for my mental.

Guess what?

I am making more money than ever in my life, and I can see a direct correlation between my increasing skills and my income increasing each year.

Bob Proctor's self-development products are excellent. I particularly enjoyed the 11 forgotten laws and secret science of becoming rich concepts.

It is possible to change your mindset, even if you are in a difficult place in your life.

If so, you.

Bob Proctor could have summarized his teaching success in one sentence.

Find a mentor who will teach you high-income skills

It doesn't matter if you are speaking in public, selling, or online marketing.

People fail because they don't pull the trigger.

Unfortunately, for these people, if you do not make proactive decisions in life, your future life circumstances will dictate the decisions you make.

The majority of people's life plans are based on everything being exactly the same.

If you really look at history, you'll see that life has a cyclical aspect similar to the changing seasons. However, our economy can also experience devastating downturns.

A secure job with a fixed salary is not as secure after all.

If you don't invest in your skills to generate income for yourself, you are at the mercy of what happens to your company during economic downturns.

It is important to practice mindfulness and control your limiting thoughts.

It is more important to focus on developing skills that can directly translate into earning income.

This skill was for me to learn how to generate leads using the internet for small businesses.

After joining the coaching program that taught me these skills, I was able to go from making $2000 per month to making $10,000 per mois.

After you have learned the theories and philosophies of wealth and success, it is time to start to apply them to real life.

Your earning potential on the market is determined by your ability to use that skill.

The law of attraction is not a panacea. We do exist in a capitalistic world, which operates in a certain way. Just because we think differently does not mean that the outside world will conform to our thoughts.

Our thoughts don't have the power to change the world, I can assure you. This is why I think a lot LoA practitioners get it wrong. They go too far.

To be successful in the world of finance, you must be observant about the world and be able to devise sound strategies to position yourself financially.

Money flows to those who have the in-demand skills that are rare in this capitalistic environment.

IE: Why a plastic surgeon is more profitable than a doctor?

It was a lucky thing that I discovered a skill in lead generation with organic traffic. This skill is highly sought-after (most small businesses require more leads), and it's also scarce since most people don't know how Google works.

These are simple lead generation sites that we build and earn a monthly residual income.

Click here to see, where I learned this skill which allows me to passively earn multiple six figures online.


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