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D7 Lead Finder

D7 Lead Finder Review

D7 Lead Finder: Review [Lead Generation Scraping Tool Review]

Is D7 Lead Locator a fraud?

It is the best tool for lead generation?

These are the most likely questions that led you to this page when you searched the internet for answers.

You have come to the right spot!

This honest review will tell you everything about the software and whether it is worth your time.

We will be reviewing D7 Lead Finder in a way you won't see in any other reviews. This will allow you to decide if it is truly the best tool for lead generation.

We will discuss whether lead generation is right for you.

You'll find answers to some of the most common questions about D7 Lead Finder, and lead generation generally.

The most important thing is that I will show you my exact system to build an internet marketing business worth over $40,000 per month mostly passive income.

What is D7 Lead Finder?

D7 Lead Finder allows you to capture leads from any industry in the world. This cutting-edge B2B Lead generation software allows you to quickly build a large list of contacts, sometimes in the thousands.

You can choose to use a pre-selected keyword or enter your own. This tool is designed to help you find keywords and industries that are already in use. However, you can also enter your own.

It also gives you the ability to review leads.

This information will be used by the program tool to search for leads.

  • City
  • Country
  • Industries

These are also included:

  • Maximum of 1200 results per search
  • Full business name
  • Email address for business
  • Site Link
  • Email Address (New Features)
  • Separated by Street, City, and Zip: Postal Address
  • Links to Social Media Platforms (Facebook and Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn).
  • Ability to sort results by any column
  • Results within 3 minutes maximum
  • Tracks which users are using Facebook Pixel or Google Remarketing
  • All countries supported
  • Validation of Phone Numbers & Email Addresses (New Feature).
  • Google Position for Business Website
  • Mobile Friendly/ Google Analytics/ Schema Check (New Feature)
  • CSV/ Excel/ PDF/Print Export Options (New Features)

D7 Lead Finder has its headquarters in Utah, USA.

Features And Benefits

List and Searches

D7 Lead Finder works on what it calls 'Lists' and 'Searches. This refers to the number of Industry + Location searches you perform each day. For example, "Electricians" in Miami would be the first list or search, while "Dentists London" could be second.

It would seem quite basic.

Number Of Leads

D7 Lead Finder is able to limit the number of leads that you can obtain within 24 hours. This is not the case with other software. Instead of restricting the number leads you can obtain, D7 Lead Finder limits the number of searches or lists that you can perform in a given day.

This is a great way to quickly and easily find hundreds of leads based on your industry.

Lead Contact Data

The most important piece of information in any lead scraping program is the one that allows you to pre-qualify and contact your leads.

The following will be available to you:

  • Name of the company
  • URL website
  • Address
  • Social media handles
  • Addresses postal
  • Data for remarketing and pixels
  • Business review count plus rating
  • What mobile-friendly websites they have

Contact data

It is common for businesses to request information about their names, addresses, websites, social media accounts, and mailing addresses. There isn't much more to be said.

Additional Lead Data

You will also have access to additional lead data, such as whether they use Google Analytics or SEO data points and service categorization (e.g. Thai Restaurants vs. Just Restaurants).

Review of Business

The data is gathered from a variety of sources, so the information can be varied. However, it can provide valuable insight into what customers have to say about a business. This can help us identify high-performing businesses that might be interested in our services.

Mobile Responsive

This tool is useful and can help us identify 'quick wins'. We may compile a list to identify enterprises that are not mobile-responsive and offer to pay a small transaction fee to have them convert their website to mobile-friendly . This will allow us to gain a "foot on the ground" for larger projects in the future.

How does D7 Lead Finder work?

I have had a lot of success with lead scraping programs and any tool that does what it says is a plus.

What is the real deal with this joke?

D7 Lead Finder's most important benefit is that it is a cloud-based program. This means your hard disk won't have to be loaded with additional software.

This is why I love D7 Leader Finder so much more than other options. Chromebook users have a limited number of apps available for their laptops.

The program will start searching for data after you have entered your keyword (for example, plumbers).

Once the D7 Lead Finder tool has finished scraping the data, the table will be made easily accessible.

All data can be viewed here, plan permitting. You can then export the data into a spreadsheet to begin using it to find potential customers.

How to Use the Data in D7 Lead Finder?

Of course, you could contact these leads right away. If you want to increase your chances of them calling you back, however, you need to plan your outreach more strategically and carefully.

In general, I prefer a more structured approach to contacting leads. You should do some things based on what services you are offering before you contact anyone.

To find out if there are any opportunities to connect with the lead and to engage on a deeper level, I recommend a 30-second site assessment.

Loom Video Software could be used to capture the entire process and then email it to them. This would highlight both the strengths and weaknesses of their website.

It is a good idea to be as friendly as you can.

Local companies could be contacted using their postal addresses. This can be an effective tool in your marketing efforts if used properly.

D7 Lead Finder Alternatives

Your ability to connect with leads and convince them to become prospects and close deals is your greatest power.

How does D7 Lead Finder compare to other lead-scrapers on the market?

It performs admirably, to be honest. This is not because it's extraordinary.

Check Out Lead Scraper.

Lead Scrape is another software worth considering. Although Lead Scrape wasn't the right lead scraping software for me because I use a Chromebook, it's worth noting that Lead Scrape is cheaper than D7 Lead Finder.

The information on their website is not very useful so I bought the program and tried it.

Because I have already spent $97 on useless software, I believe I would stay with D7 Lead Finder at the moment.

I'm not being facetious. It's worth looking at them.

It is important to remember that Lead Scrape, a scraping program, must be downloaded and installed onto your desktop or laptop.

This is because I use Chromebooks. It wouldn't be possible for me to do that. D7 Lead Finder's cloud-based function is what I prefer.

On the other hand, if you are looking to improve your pre-qualification of leads, increase your chances of receiving feedback via cold messaging, and increase your overall sales funnel conversion rate (that's, convert leads into paying customers).

This is why I recommend D7 Lead Finder. The cloud-based program is affordable and provides a wide range of information, even in the smallest plans. It is also very easy to use.

I wish I could have saved $97 for a program that did not add value to me - it would have given me approximately 4 months worth of lead scraping.

D7 Lead Finder Reviews: Is D7 Lead Finder Worth It?

Yes, D7 Lead Locator is worth it!

As I mentioned in the previous section I would recommend D7 Lead Finder to its competitor Lead Scraper and other scraper tools.

D7 Lead Finder is the best scraping tool and lead finder to help you increase the likelihood of receiving a call from any lead.

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