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Dan Henry Review – 30 Day Agency & Sold Out Courses, Is it Legit?

You have probably come across a video or article by Dan Henry if you are interested in digital marketing and especially Clickfunnels and Facebook Advertising Courses.

Dan is a multimillionaire who has taught Facebook advertising and offered his consulting services to business owners over the past 10 year. His online presence is impressive to say the very least.

We've all heard Dan's story in digital marketing and online business. He was a man with low income who found a way to make seven-digit annual income.

Dan promises all this knowledge in his GetClients courses. I'm here to give you an unbiased, detailed review of both 30 Days Agency, and Sold out Courses

Without getting bogged down in details, I will tell you the truth about a review.

  • These courses are better than other Facebook Ads Courses?
  • Are the courses delivering what they say?
  • Is Dan Henry a fraud?
  • What is the cost of the courses? Are they worth it?

Before we get into the reviews, let me tell you a few words about myself. You have to believe that the person who reviews these courses is knowledgeable about what he's talking.

I had a 9-5 job that didn't work and was draining my life. When I discovered a way to rank websites organically and generate leads for clients, my life was transformed.

The website I designed for tree care company was created in 2015. It has been passively generating $2000 per month since that time.

The Lead Generation model is the best way to make passive income and get out of the 9-5 rat race. Learn more about lead generation if you are interested.

Dan Henry started his main introductory course, 30-Day Agency (previously known as Facebook Ads for Entrepreneurs and Funnels & Advertising For Entrepreneurs). He has earned $1 million in five months and has coached more than 4000 people to follow his lead and make money with Facebooks Ads.

Dan recently launched another service, Sold Out Courses. In this course, you will learn from A to Z how to launch your online course before even you have created it!

Let's not forget about the first course, 30 Days Agency.

30 Day Agency

This course will teach you how to create an online advertising business that can immediately land top-tier clients within 30 days. This course is for complete beginners with no previous experience in online marketing. It promises to show you how to create leads and sales for local businesses using the proven Facebook ads blueprint. Before diving into each module, here is some information about the course.

Preliminary information on 30 Day Agency

  • This course teaches complete beginners how to manage social media ads for local business.
  • Join the private student community with over 5,000 agencies.
  • Access to weekly coaching calls with GetClients Certified Coaches who are generating at least $25,000 each month.
  • This template is designed to help you get your business started, profitable and running in 30 days.
  • This program is 100% online. Unlimited, lifetime access is available.

Module 0: Mindset

Dan introduces students to the mindset of an online entrepreneur in the first module. He clears misconceptions and addresses key mental frameworks. Then, Dan prepares them for their new mentality. There are eight lessons total.

  • Lesson 1: Financial Freedom and the Math Behind It.
  • Lesson 2: Why an Ad Agency?
  • Lesson 3: Two Types of Agencies
  • Lesson 4: How much does it cost to run an agency?
  • Lesson 5: There is so much opportunity.
  • Lesson 6: Why Everyone Can Do It.
  • Lesson 7: Moving money is easier than spending.
  • Lesson 8: How to Get Quick Results

Takeaway From Module 0 :

Dan's number one tip is to recognize that your job isn't to win on the first try. You'll have to put tremendous effort.

It's kind of counters the points from Lessons 6 and 8!

Module 1: How to Advertise?

Now we will get to the meat and potatoes of Facebook Ads, the advertising side. This covers everything from how to choose the right ad, to setting up a payment system so that your client can shower us with their shiny money.

  • What Our Advertisements Are Trying to Accomplish.
  • How to create a Facebook business manager.?
  • Create Your Agency's Facebook Page and Ad Account.
  • How to choose the right offer to advertise
  • How to request access to your clients page.
  • How to send your client a LOOM so they know how to grant access.
  • How to create an Ad Account for your client and add a payment method.
  • How to create an amazing advertisement for your client
  • How to create an ad campaign and choose targeting.
  • How to capture leads for your client
  • How to deliver leads to your client
  • How to set up a split test for best results
  • How to Optimize, Analyze and Scale.
  • How to automate your client ads and refresh them if they stop working.
  • How to use Retargeting to increase Ad Results

Takeaway From Module 1:

The creation of a Facebook Manager is critical to your agency's success. Dan walks you through the entire process, from how to create a solid page to how to use LOOM to help clients gain access to your website, to how to set up Ad Accounts for your clients.

Module 2: Landing your First Client

This module focuses on the most important aspect of online marketing, landing your first client. Here are some tips to help you get that first client in 24 hours, after you have set up your entire company in just 72 hours.

  • How to Setup Your Complete New Business in 72 Hours.
  • The Perfect Client Formula.
  • What can you charge?
  • How to Land Your First Client within 24 Hours
  • Stripe: How to Charge Clients
  • How to Onboard Clients After You Have Received Access & Payment.

Module 3: Scaling to Multiple Clients

After you've landed your first client, you are going to want to scale your business up to multiple clients, and this is where module 3 comes to the rescue: from questions on how much to charge a client to the aesthetics of cover photos, this module is the natural progression in your 30 Day Client experience.

  • The 30-Day Challenge: How to Scale to Multiple Clients
  • How to justify the cost to your clients and how much you should charge them.
  • How to create eye-catching cover photos for Messenger or Funnels.
  • How to use your Automated Case Study Funnel
  • The Perfect Case Study Script.
  • The 100% Retargeting Client is the Holy Grail of Clients
  • How to Close Prospects on the Phone and Get Paid.
  • The 100% Retargeting Client is the Holy Grail of Clients
  • Advanced Phone Closing (Guest Lesson By Ryan Stewman).

Module 4: Managing Your Agency: How to Run and Automate your Agency.

After scaling your business successfully, you will be looking to automate your ads campaigns or hire VAs and assistants to help you do the hard work.

  • How to Scale and Manage Your Ad Agency.
  • How to use Slack to manage multiple clients and your business.
  • How to automate your Ad Campaigns to Save Time
  • How to Hire Assistants and VAs.
  • Introduction to Running a Boutique Agency, Making $5000/mo per Client.

Takeaway From Module 4:

20% only emails will be read and opened. It is important to get potential clients on the telephone within 10 minutes of receiving their number. The conversion rate is higher if you can get in touch with a potential client in 10 minutes. This is because the client is still thinking about the problem. This is possible with the Lead Owl software.

Module 5: Campaign Walkthroughs

Module 5 is the most fascinating. It is expected that by the end of Module 4 you will be familiar with all the steps required to build a Dan Henry-style marketing agency. Module 5 will show you how to walk through different types of clients.

  • These Walkthroughs: How to get the most out of them
  • Client Walkthrough: Mortgage Broker.
  • Client Walkthrough: Chiropractor.
  • Chatbot Outdoor Lighting Company - Client Walkthrough
  • Messenger Ad Walkthrough
  • Walkthrough of Lead Ad Campaign.

Bonus Module

These additional modules include 7 lessons that provide useful tools such as Docusign and a variety sample forms that the student can adapt to suit his needs.

  • Lesson 1: Ad Critique Videos.
  • Lesson 2: Sample Proposal.
  • Lesson 3: Sample Credit Card Form.
  • Lesson 4: How to Upload Contracts to Docusign
  • Lesson 5: Winning Offers Cheat Sheet.
  • Lesson 6: There is no need to overwhelm.
  • Lesson 7: How to get new students for local music schools

Verdict: The Good and the Bad

Before I begin to evaluate Dan's course's pros and cons, I want to answer the questions that I asked early on. Anyone reading this review will want to know right away.

  • These courses are better than other Facebook Ads Courses?
  • Are the courses delivering what they say?
  • Is Dan Henry a fraud?
  • What is the cost of the courses? Are they worth it?

This is the most difficult question to answer. You can help yourself by looking at additional 13 Facebook Advertising Courses that I have reviewed. Dan's course was just updated. If you're interested in Facebook Ads courses it might be a good option.

If you are wondering if the courses actually deliver, I'd say they do. Everything you need to know about how to use Facebook Ads to promote your business is included in the course. The videos are well-produced and cover a lot of details.

Is Dan Henry a fraud? Absolutely not. It doesn't matter how many prizes or trophies Dan has won. You also don't have to sell 4000+ copies of your course at that cost without being called out multiple time. Dan Henry is as legitimate as they come. But, whether his business model is right for you is another matter.

The course is $ 997 if you pay in full or $ 597 in two installments. This is a significant amount considering the value of what is being offered. Is it worth the investment? Let's take a look at the pros and cons 30 Day Agency.


  • Offers genuine ways to acquire customers online
  • Dan is a seven-figure earner through Facebook Ads.
  • His teachings are backed by testimonials.


  • His program is very expensive considering the value he offers.
  • Facebook ads are risky and do not guarantee results.
  • Only FB Ads are covered. You'll spend more money on ads.
  • He does not teach any other traffic generation methods, such as Google Adwords or SEO/Lead Gen.

Sold Courses

Dan Henry has added Sold Out Courses to his GetClients service list. This service is for digital marketers at the top end of the market.

People who know a lot about a subject and want to market it. However, they need assistance in getting the word out and selling.

This course will basically take you through the exact same process that Dan used to sell his Facebook Ads course for $3 million. Dan will also cover any issues you may have, in an effort to make your journey to success as smooth and seamless as possible.

Preliminary information on Sold Out Courses

  • Learn how to make digital products for sale.
  • Learn how to market your course through Facebook ads.
  • Access to extensive sections about creating sales funnels and upsells.
  • Dan will mentor you. He has a proven track record of success in this field.
  • Weekly calls will be made with him, during which he'll assist you in resolving any issues that may arise while creating your online course.

Week 1

The Sold out Courses begins with an introductory course. This course focuses on the mindset of an entrepreneur, getting all pre-requisites organized, and then moves onto the harder material.

  • How to access the coaching calls.
  • Understanding the Journey
  • How to prepare your mind.
  • Make Your Message Clear
  • Your Course Plan.
  • How we hit $1 mil a month in revenue

Week 2

The second week is when things get serious. You will learn the basics of marketing your course from creating a winning resource, to generating a following who will want to invest in you, Dan Henry style.

  • How to Build a Follower That Buys.
  • Basic Market Research.
  • How to lead with the result in mind
  • How to create a free training survey.
  • How to set up your free community
  • How to create an irresistible resource.
  • How to create an audience growth funnel
  • How to create a Facebook profile optimized for you
  • Paid Ads for Growing Your Followers
  • 30 days to $100k Blueprint

Takeaway From Week 2:

The B.D. is given a lot of attention. Statement (or Big Domino Statement), a personal statement of intention and your course, which will make any future objections irrelevant. Your B.D.S. should not be sold to prospectors. Selling your product will be difficult if you don't sell the prospector on your B.D.S.

Week 3

This is the core of the course. Here you will learn how to create your beta courses, work on them, launch them, and then save time on polishing it.

  • How we sell beta
  • How to Prepare for Your Beta Program.
  • Set up tech to sell your beta program.
  • How to prepare for your beta webinar.
  • Promote Your Beta Launch
  • Launching beta

Week 4

You can use the feedback from your beta clients to help you create a course that addresses all questions and objections.

  • Analyzing Beta Feedback.
  • Planning Content and Creating Slides.
  • Recording, editing and hosting your content.
  • How to create and secure a members area.

Week 5

You are now ready to present your course in your first webinar. Week 5 will focus on the basics, including how to set up a webinar and how to follow-up with emails. It will be over.

  • How to create a great webinar.
  • Complete the Blank Webinar Template.
  • Webinar Follow-up Emails.
  • Set up your Funnel Pages.
  • Facebook Ad Strategy for Live Webinars
  • Performance hacks for Launch Day
  • Evaluation of the Numbers and Where We Go From There.

Week 6

The week 6 section contains all the tips and tricks that you need to be successful in the webinar. This section is for those times when you're freaking out. You don't want the webinar to be a distraction from Sold out Courses.

  • The Tools You Will Need, and What They Do.
  • Recording your Automated Webinar
  • The On-Demand Webinar Funnel
  • Set up your Funnel Pages.
  • The Automated Email Sequence
  • Evergreen webinars: Facebook Ad Strategy
  • Ad Appeal Template.

Week 7

You now know how to pitch your webinar to your yet to be written product. Now you must make your product a high-ticket product. Week 7 has your back.

  • Introduction to the High Ticket System.
  • RMS Mastery.
  • Big Domino Mastery.
  • High-Ticket Webinar Strategy.
  • Set everything up.
  • Editing Your High Ticket Funnel.
  • Editing your High-Ticket Email Sequence.
  • How to manage booked calls (Cancelling, Show rate, etc.
  • The Sales Script.
  • Overcoming objections.
  • Facebook Ad Strategy for the High Ticket Funnel.

Takeaway From Week 7:

Dan offers a bird's-eye view of high-ticket phone call funnels. However, Dan predicts that the person who does the course will use additional software such Clickfunnels and WistiaActive Campaign as well as Plus This. Total extra software expense is approximately $400 per month. Talk about upsells

Week 8

Dan will review the final week of the course and make any necessary adjustments to your webinar or course. He will also explain how coaching calls work.

  • Facebook Ad Angles
  • Examples of winning ads
  • Retargeting Ad Strategy.
  • Example of Retargeting Ads
  • Behind the scenes of Dan's ads - Evaluating Split tests
  • Youtube ads for selling courses
  • Facebook Compliance Training.
  • Ad Account Appeal Templates

Takeaway From Week 8:

The course includes 2 weekly coaching calls. Two weekly coaching calls are included with Dan and one with an SOC Coach. All calls are recorded and a list of all questions is included.

Verdict: The Good and the Bad

The Sold Out Courses were $247. This is the same price as his 30 Days Agency. However, (2020 update), the truth is that DH no longer offers either of these courses to new students. He does offer them as bonuses for people who purchase his current offerings.

The 30 Day Agency promises financial freedom, but has it delivered? Yes, this course will allow you to pitch your beta version of your course and make money before you spend money or time on a product that may sell.

Dan's course will require you to be heavily dependent on Facebook Ads. We'll get to my thoughts about this shortly. But relying so heavily upon something that has failed spectacularly in others is a big risk. You can say goodbye to your traffic if Facebook changes its ad algorithm.

Dan's students have proven that the program works. If we believe the testimonials on GetClients, there are many. But how can we determine what percentage of success stories come from all those who purchased the course and helped Dan earn more million?

Dan's course is solid and it's a great way to market your webinar and sell your knowledge for money. The problem with the course is that building a webinar from scratch once you have pitched the beta version is not for everyone.

The course will provide you with a step-by-step approach to creating webinars, but it is still something very complex that you cannot just improvise.

You must ensure that the webinar is a great deal and that you are able to make money using Facebook Ads.

This is one thing Dan's course cannot promise. You can only hope that your webinar converts once you have created it. Otherwise, you will end up losing money in the long-term.


  • This course is great if you are looking to promote your knowledge via a webinar.
  • Dan is a legitimate 7-figure earner in digital marketing.
  • You can share your experiences with other SOC members in a private Facebook group.
  • There are more than 40 videos that have been well made.


  • The risky road to financial independence: How many failures are there for the successes we have seen?
  • Only FB Ads & Youtube Ads are covered.
  • Upsells galore.
  • This is not the best online business model for 2020.

My Experience With Running Paid Advertising For Clients

Don't get me wrong, I don't think Dan's courses are bad. They are, however, not the most cost-effective method of making money online in 2020.

My lead generation business generates $50K per month. All of my leads come from free traffic or SEO. It's almost passive income. I don't need to worry about how my ads perform.

There are many problems associated with Facebook Ads landing leads.

Why I don't like Facebook Ads?

  • First, they can fail spectacularly. You can follow all of the templates, but sometimes FB ads don't work. In these cases, you have to pump more money into trying to revive a dead ad. This money slowly eats away at your finances.
  • Your ad's lifespan will end after a while. It's not worth the effort.
  • Thirdly, I dislike the fact that paid advertising clients can drop you at any time they want. You might have a $2000 monthly client and think all is well. Then suddenly, they tell you that they are hiring a different company for marketing.
  • Finally, it is risky to bank all your chips on Facebook Ads: your money will be spent without any guarantee. You might get returns sometimes, but not always. This is why you need to monitor the ad on a regular basis: there are high chances that you will lose money with such a low return on investment.

As I mentioned, I have a $50K monthly lead generation business. However, all my leads come from free traffic or SEO. The website I build ranks on the first page in Google's so-called map pack. From there, the leads start to pour in.

It's basically passive income. I don't need to worry about my ads' performance or anything. My site is ranked and it stays ranked with little to no maintenance.

While you can still make more money by running FaceBook Ads for other people, it is very difficult to retain clients over the long-term.

Facebook ads are difficult because you constantly monitor your CTR and conversion rates. You need to know how many people click on your ads and how many of them actually buy what you're advertising.

If things don't go according to plan, you can tweak, spend more money or try a new approach. Facebook Ads can be unreliable. I know because I invested a lot of money into them before I moved into lead generation for free traffic.

It is for this reason that I recommend that people do lead generation with no traffic. Clients will not be required to continue paying you and you can retain full control of the lead gen properties.


The Facebook advertising & funnels course by Dan Henry is solid. Everything you need to know about FB marketing is available. My experience shows that FB marketing is dependent on your niche and the product or service you are offering.

There are certain niches that work well with Facebook ads. But the problem is that there are many other niches that are not as successful with Facebook ads.

Google Adwords produced better results than me in many of these home-service industries that I enjoy because there is a lot happening and most of it happens over the telephone.

Unfortunately, Dan Henry does not teach local SEO or adwords. These two skills are the most important missing component of this program, I believe.

You can generate leads for free, and you can create amazing results for your clients, unlike Facebook Ads.

This is how 90% of my multi-million dollar 6 figure income comes from. It's passive income. Traffic never stops.


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