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101 Dan Peña Quotes (Savage, Funny, Billionaire Mindset) 2022 Updated List

Dan Pena has inspired entrepreneurs all over the globe for decades.

Everybody who dreams of reaching extraordinary heights of success is familiar with the "Trillion Dollar Man."

This self-made man has gone from a LA barrio to a big business. He is living proof that money and connections don't necessarily make it easy to find a place in the world of billionaires.

His (often savage) motivational techniques, intense speaking abilities and powerful speech ability make it easy to fall for his charms.

Dan Pena served in the military and then received a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration. He went on to become a Wall Street financial analyst.

JPK Industries was then founded by him. This company is involved in oil and natural gas drilling. The company grew to $50,000,000.

Pena is also the founder and former Chairman, President, CEO of Great Western Resources Inc. (a natural resource company). He started with $820 and grew the company to $450M over an eight-year period.

Dan Pena has the Midas touch. He can turn anything he touches into gold.

He knows it.

Quantum Leap Advantage was created to help people achieve great success in different industries around the world.

Because it works, people flock to his QLA Program.

He is also a strong motivator and has changed the lives hundreds of people through his mastery in entrepreneurship skills. He teaches them the exact same strategies that he used to generate $450M.

This page contains 101 quotes by Dan Pena that I consider the most inspiring in my entrepreneurial career.

A bonus section has been added at the end. You won't regret reading this if you have ever wondered about Dan Penas net worth.

Every entrepreneur's journey is unique.

If you are curious about my path, you can read more about how I started an online lead generation business. I generate leads for small businesses and have grown the business to $55K per monthly of residual income. More information is available below.

101 Quotes from Dan Pena - 14 Categories

I. Efficiency

1. "The more you research, the less you need to invest." Dan Pena

2. Stop playing to lose. Play to win Dan Pena

3. "Don't work more hours. Keep busy as the majority of people." 'Work smart' -- i.e. Stay focused and productive. Dan Pena

4. My whole life I was always in a rush! I was always hustler! - Dan Pena

5. After I returned from the military, I completed a -year degree. I learned the remarkable habits that allowed me to accomplish a lot in a short time. - Dan Pena

6. Next time you're unsure of what you are doing, ask yourself: What can I do better? Extra time is the best leverage you have in most cases. - Dan Pena

II. Emotional Discipline

7. "The more emotional distractions that you have, the more difficult it is to achieve your goals, especially at extreme levels!" - Dan Pena

III. Experience

8. "The older you become, the more you're surprised." Dan Pena

9. "Show me your friends, and I'll show your future." Dan Pena

10. "Business deals begin and end with people" Dan Pena

11. Always aim for the moon. Dan Pena

12. The road to success is constantly in construction... there are many potholes, but no traffic jams. - Dan Pena

13. You only need passion and the will to fulfill your dreams. - Dan Pena

14. "We can't change the past. We can only learn from it." Perhaps we can learn from its terrible lessons." - Dan Pena

15. The world is filled with people who want to hear about strategies for wealth creation, protection, and the so-called secrets to wealth creation. There are many slick "business coaches" who will do this for a fee. This is the world where seminar gurus rule. - Dan Pena

16. People want strong leaders. Good leaders are always students. - Dan Pena

17. "Once you have learned how to make money, it's not difficult... the hard part is staying excited about it." - Dan Pena

18. "Good lawyers win very few lawsuits." A great lawyer can win lawsuits that you have no chance of winning. - Dan Pena

19. "Jerry Ormand was already a legend Texas oilman when he met me. He took the time to explain the finer points of the oil industry and how to survive in a chaotic environment. - Dan Pena

20. "The Internet is a huge 'lab experiment' for corporate America. Those companies who recognize this and play within the rules of fluidity and ambiguity will win." - Dan Pena

21. You will face a lot of resistance along the way to your super success. But don't let that stop you from achieving your goals." - Dan Pena

22. "Virtually all large law firms have excellent to super-good attorneys. "All big law firms lack great litigators." - Dan Pena

23. "I know what it feels like to have your house taken away... "I've been there." - Dan Pena

24. Jim Newman, a business visionary and the one who invented the term "comfort zone", showed me how I could expand my horizons. Jim helped me to get out of my comfort zone at Bear Stearns, and I became an extremely successful oilman. - Dan Pena

25. "I would rather be lucky than stupid, as I've often stated." It is better to be super-smart and lucky than it is to be smart! - Dan Pena

26. "My candor has gotten my in a lot trouble over the years!" - Dan Pena

IV. Forward Thinking

27. "The best way of predicting the future is to make it!" Dan Pena

28. "A deal must sound good before it's good." Dan Pena

29. "Quantum Leap success is fishing with nets and not with lines." Dan Pena

30. "A famous man once stated, "Trying to please everyone is a sure way to fail." Others might argue that I have built my career by not pleasing everyone. - Dan Pena

31. "Don't limit your time to achieve your goals." They should not be limited by time. - Dan Pena

32. "Good leaders understand the world and then share that knowledge with their team." - Dan Pena

33. "Any problem that is solved will be replaced by a bigger, more complex one immediately!" Dan Pena

V. Goal Setting

34. "Year-end targets are fantastic! Even better are affirmations that include goals! Affirmations with goals are even better than affirmations. - Dan Pena

VI. Hard Work

35. "I can work 5-10 hrs. Straightforward with no problems, but I do take some extra time towards the end a 6-8 hour. Work stint to make me a serious gym rat with weights/aerobics and intervals! - Dan Pena

VII. Harsh Truth

36. "Our lives are a series lowered expectations year-after-year. Everything around us pounded on us. Like our parents and their parents. Our socio-economic environment is what makes us who we are. - Dan Pena

37. "We can only be as emotionally strong as the deepest/biggest secrets we keep!" - Dan Pena

38. "Remarkablely successful people do things that others won't." Because there is less competition, they go where no one else will. This gives them a better chance of success. - Dan Pena

39. I could write volumes about what distinguishes high-performance people from the rest!" You could even write volumes! - Dan Pena

40. "As I've told many, my dad had one goal for me: to keep me alive until I reach the age where reason is possible!" He didn't have any aspirations for me in terms of education, wealth, or any other goal." - Dan Pena

VIII. Mental toughness

41. “Tough times don’t last – tough people do!” Dan Pena

42. "Don't ever second-guess yourself." Dan Pena

43. "Don't dwell on your mistakes, focus on the positive next step." Dan Pena

44. "The only thing that distinguishes a Champ from a Chump" - Dan Pena

45. Your gut instinct is your most valuable natural resource. It's not something to be ashamed of. Your instinct is more powerful than any conventional wisdom in the world." Dan Pena

46. "Never ever be afraid to share your doubts." Dan Pena

47. "If you want things change, you first have to make some changes." Dan Pena

48. "Just do it!" Dan Pena

49. "Entrepreneurship means enduring pain for a long period of time without giving up." - Dan Pena

50. "My time is too valuable to waste on people who only want to talk about high performance but can't or won’t take action!" - Dan Pena

51. "High performers take action quickly, and then change their minds slowly." - Dan Pena

52. Never start small when it comes to goals. When your ultimate goal is success, you'll make better decisions and work harder. - Dan Pena

53. "High-performance people have greater comfort zones than others!" - Dan Pena

54. "Super-success does not come easy. You will have to endure many obstacles, failures and victories over the years, as well as pain and other 'negative' experiences, in order to reap the benefits of success. - Dan Pena

55. QLA is more than just filling your brain full of information. It is also about lighting a fire in your heart and soul! - Dan Pena

56. "I've heard it countless times that high-performance people never feel satisfied with how or what they do." Therefore, I am constantly striving to improve." - Dan Pena

57. "By definition, in order to work with me you must have thicker skin and be able to take verbal abuse!" - Dan Pena

58. I have said it countless times that it is not what happens in your life that matters. How we respond to the events in our lives creates our history, and more importantly, our future. - Dan Pena

IX. Continue Moving

59. "Don't waste your time on things that you can't fix!" Dan Pena

X. Practice makes perfect

60. "People practice playing sports like basketball or golf, but they don't think about the importance of 'practicing being successful'. I had been practicing meeting the Queen of England for many years - how I would dress, stand, and the handshake. I felt comfortable when I finally met her. - Dan Pena

XI. Reality Check

61. Cash only prolongs death. It does not prevent it." Dan Pena

62. "A deal can either be hot or not." Dan Pena

63. "People who read books don’t take action" - Dan Pena

64. "I have never seen a part-time super-successful, high-performance person." Dan Pena

65. "You can't make a dream come true without a dream." Dan Pena

66. - Dan Pena

67. "Life without dreams, is like a bird without a wing -- it can't fly!" - Dan Pena

68. "There is no seminar that can give multi-million-dollar advice about building a business. - Dan Pena

69. You have to think differently if you want to make more money. You'll have to try things that you didn't think of in the past. You'll have to step out of your comfort zone. - Dan Pena

70. "Wishing, hoping and dreaming without an action program - is nothing but a pipe dream!" - Dan Pena

71. "All of us have baggage from our childhood!" That's life!" - Dan Pena

72. "The truth is that I almost always achieved what I promised - even in the face of overwhelming obstacles!" - Dan Pena

73. "The internet has made it possible to grow more than the bricks-and-mortar industries I used to work with many years ago. It's easier to make a business million-dollar/pounds of revenue online! It's not easy. It is not easy, but it is much easier than construction. However, all businesses use the internet to increase their marketing. - Dan Pena

74. You would think that American educators would want their children, particularly those from lower income families, to hear the top-rated Oxford students' views. You would be wrong. American schools are now able to hide from students ideas similar to mine, if they don’t agree with the message or the man. - Dan Pena

75. "If money cannot buy happiness, then you don’t know where you can shop." Dan Pena

XII. Self-Esteem

76. "Dream big. Think big. Be big." Dan Pena

77. How each person deals with fear is what makes the difference between a failure or a high-performing individual. - Dan Pena

78. People with low self-esteem avoid taking chances and protect themselves. Dan Pena

79. Fear of failure can be caused by low self-esteem or lack of confidence. Super success is about dealing with fear. - Dan Pena

80. "I couldn't be prouder of the many lives I have changed since starting my coaching and mentoring career!" - Dan Pena

81. "I have often said that no one loves me more than I do! You can't love anyone if you don't love yourself! - Dan Pena

82. "Now, I admit that my concentration power is extraordinary, and it has been since my army training!" Others say it's almost legendary, and even cosmic! - Dan Pena

83. "I might be wrong, but it is not in doubt that I am right!" Anyone who has ever been around me even for a moment knows that my self-confidence is often overwhelming. - Dan Pena

84." My mentors are taught to think like they're invincible. To act as though they can do anything. - Dan Pena

85. "I've been following the now-called 'Spartan Way,' long before it was popular!" - Dan Pena

86. "I've always known that I have talent, LOL. But to be called a talent' feels strange, but it's well within my comfort zone!" - Dan Pena

87. "When you believe in your idea, your company, or yourself, you don't have to be a big ego or have a large personality." - Dan Pena

88. "I've said it many times: It all depends on how we were raised. Self-esteem is usually developed in the first few years of your life. - Dan Pena

XIII. Tough Love

89. "Don't lose heart." Dan Pena

90. "We all need to remember that life doesn't have be fair in order to succeed. If we make positive changes and take control of our destiny, then it won't have to be fair!" Dan Pena

91. "All of us are self-made. But only the successful admit it." - Dan Pena

92. "Successful people aren't ten times smarter that you. They work 10 times harder than you. They are successful because they have bigger dreams than you. Because their dreams are bigger than yours! - Dan Pena

93. "Officially, I have said it, till my face is blue - people don’t lack passion, drive, or goals – they lack leadership!" - Dan Pena

94. "If you aren't willing to accept a work load that others would find crazy, your goal won't be as important." - Dan Pena

95. "Man plans, God laughs!" Dan Pena

XIV. Wisdom

96. "Progress often disguises itself as trouble." Dan Pena

97. "Hunger makes beasts out of men and demons out of beasts." Dan Pena

98. "Ask, and you will receive" - Dan Pena

99. "Progress can often disguise itself as trouble." - Dan Pena

100. Self-service is the best type of customer service. Customers should be empowered to find their answers by themselves. - Dan Pena

101. "You must have faith in people." - Dan Pena

Dan Pena's Net Worth & Conclusion

You'll find Dan Pena is known as the "trillion-dollar man" if you do your research on him.

Does this mean Dan Pena has a net worth of a trillion dollars?

No. He clarifies the matter in many of his videos by explaining that the trillion-dollar figure is the sum of all the value he and his mentors have created in the past 40 years.

Although this does clarify things a little, it still leaves us wondering about Dan's net worth.

Wikipedia doesn't even list it.

Reddit allows you to search for his net worth and find one member who doubts the validity of these claims and another member who corrects their suspicions.

Entrepreneurs are great mentors if they put in the effort to get from zero to millions.

Although I am not quite there yet, Pena and I both started out broke but are well on our way to accomplishing some major things.

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