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David Sharpe Review – 15 Day Online Business Builder Challenge (Affiliate Marketing Bootcamp)

David Sharpe's life was typical of an entrepreneur, but with the 10x factor.

He has done 10x everything he's ever done.

Both the wins and the failures were amazing!

David was addicted to drugs and alcohol when he entered high school.

They helped his anxiety and social skills, as well as his inability to communicate with others.

He dropped out of 9th grade to become a teenager father.

It seems unbelievable that someone in such a position could make a good living and climb out of this mess.

David Sharpe is long past his days of addiction.

He founded Legendary Marketer which has helped over 500k people start successful affiliate businesses.

David is a 9-year veteran of digital marketing and has created 3 multi-million-dollar companies and generated more than a quarter-billion dollars online.

He was featured in Entrepreneur.com, and Forbes. His description of him is that he is 'one the most important people in this industry'.

It's not bad for a 9th-grade dropout!

David has been on a mission for the past nine years:

"To assist people in starting an online business, or growing an existing one using cutting-edge sales, marketing, and management strategies."

If you're new to internet marketing, the 15-Day Challenge is for you.

David created the 15-Day Challenge to help newcomers to affiliate marketing. It should give you everything you need to get started.

It will teach you all the basics you need to start a digital marketing business.

You will have access to all modules as soon as you sign up.

Click on the "video viewed" box to browse the content.

The best thing about the trainings is that they are compatible with your smartphone so you can take them along with you and use them during the day.

You'll also have unlimited access to all the things you need for your entire life.

After reading David's story, it was interesting to share it. I decided to take on the challenge and dive into it to give my honest opinion.

You will notice that I do not have an affiliate link for Brian's course.

It is possible to buy it. However, I won't be making any money.

In the next review I will focus on the 7 most important takeaways and answer the questions you want to know.

  • This approach is better than other affiliate marketing programs?
  • Can David live up to his promises?
  • Is David Sharpe a fraud?
  • What is the cost of this challenge? Is it worth it?

15-Day Online Business Builder

The Business Builder Challenge is a course that lasts 15 days. It will teach you everything you need to know in order to get started.

David is an online marketing consultant who is highly paid. However, this program can be used by anyone.

Does this sound like something you would be interested in?

Let's get into it!

Challenge Specifics

  • This is the best high-ticket model for launching an online business (newbie friendly).
  • Learn why low-cost business models keep you broke (see math).
  • Download all of David's premium templates, scripts, and funnels.
  • A business plan advisor can be reached for free by calling

These are the 7 Best Takeaways

1) The Legendary Marketer Method

The first lecture of the day was the one that provided the first takeaway.

This is a jam-packed introduction to the world of Internet Marketing. It lasts 40 minutes.

David's first point, which I completely agree with, is that while you must be passionate about your business to make it viable, your business must be making money.

David's businesses are all focused on high-ticket items.

David explains the differences between a website funnel and a website, and what lead magnets, upsells, and are. However, I won't bore you with information you already know.

It was interesting to see how David pushes for the idea of an email list, even though it is 2022.

You won't be able to succeed in digital marketing if you don't have a loyal customer base.

David then explains the Value Ladder concept, which dictates how funnels should all be constructed.

The value ladder allows you to meet the needs of your customers, regardless of where they live.

Start with the free market, and then place your high-ticket products at the back end of your funnel.

You can create free content for visitors to your site in exchange of their e-mail addresses.

As clients move up the ladder, so does the value.

In the worst-case scenario, even if your client doesn't purchase anything, you still have access to their email.

You can build rapport with clients by leveraging your email list.

Your goal is to convince your clients to buy from your back-end because that's where all the money is.

Even if you lose money, just getting an email is enough. In the future, you will be able redirect clients to the back-end.

David has been a marketer before and many others have stated that the money is in the follow up. Not many people will purchase high-end products the first time they see them.

This is the essence of internet marketing, especially for those who have never heard of these concepts.

Multiple offers are required if you wish to make a profit. Low-ticket items won’t help you.

Would you rather sell 10 $1k items or 500 $20 products to make $10k per month?

Here's an Apple example of the value ladder.

2) The Core 4 Internet Business Models

David claims that before diving into the Core 4 models David only had a few businesses with all three of his 'profit activators'.

These are Jay Abraham's three ways to scale a business and they have been proven correct by many entrepreneurs.

  • Increase your customer base.
  • Repeat business with the same customers.
  • To scale your business, sell high-ticket items

David then reviews the most relevant online bizzes after completing this check-mark.

David divides the types and businesses you can choose to make money in four distinct categories.

He then gives you four models that won't work regardless of what.

The first is the feared 9-5 model of being employed.

This is a terrible model. 78% of those in a 9-to-5 position admitted that they live on a check-to-check basis.

The 9 to 5 option does not tick any of these profit activators. This is why you won't be truly rich if you hold down that job.

Real estate flipping is the second business option. Let's compare that to Abraham's 3 profit activators.

The HGTV series on flipping houses has made this a thriving business, but it's not as popular in real life.

Although you may be able to get more clients to sell their real estate for flipping, you also have the option to flip a house to resell it at a fraction of the price you paid.

Repeat customers are not an option.

Once you have purchased a property from one client you are done.

David considers the third type of business a dying breed. It is the brick and mortar business.

It is possible to gain more customers. However, it is not impossible. You can also have loyal customers who will become your most loyal customers.

They don't have high-ticket products, and there is no third profit activator.

E-commerce is the same. You don't need high-ticket products or MLMs. This will leave you running after friends and family while selling low-ticket product.

What are the Core 4 Businesses That CAN Make You a Lot of Cash?

  1. 1
    Affiliate Marketing: This fulfills all three of Abraham's activators.
  2. 2
    Digital Products are the heart of e-learning.
  3. 3
    Coaching & consulting, where you design the e-learning course(s).
  4. 4
    Events & Mastermind: These events cover all three activators, and are very expensive.

These four business models will give you high leverage with high-ticket products.

3) Develop Your Business Plan

Day 5 of the Challenge is a webinar designed to help you create your business plan.

This webinar is not your typical webinar. You will be funneled to the expensive courses David sells. However, there are a lot of great information in it.

This webinar will help you find your preferred route out of the Core 4 and into the multi-billion-dollar e-learning market.

Jay Abraham's profit activators are a great way to determine what you need to get started in your business.

David also uses Robert Kiyosaki’s ESBI Cashflow Qurant:

This graph shows the progression of the least financially viable to most automated ways of making money.

David is a believer in automation. Automation.

David says there are many reasons for you to choose e-learning and start an online business.

  • You can break into this multi-billion dollar industry.
  • Gives you extra spending money.
  • This gives you the freedom to work and travel from anywhere.
  • You can be proud of it.
  • You can leave it to your children when you retire.
  • It is possible to start immediately, without the need for email lists or software.

The cool thing about this type of business is that you're not the only one who benefits.

Clients will do the same.

  • He will be able learn at home and not in a classroom setting.
  • You will spend less on traditional education than you would.
  • He can learn whenever he wants, and without having to wait for classes.
  • Can learn at his own pace, and without having to think about what the rest of class is doing.
  • He's used to learning online.
  • It's not a new idea to take online classes at universities.

Next, we move on to the meats and potatoes.

David shares his business plan with you and gives an example of how to start a new company through the affiliate marketing link.

The plan includes:

  • Model for business
  • Target market
  • Customer target
  • Problem to be solved
  • How will it be solved
  • Revenue streams
  • Expenses
  • Key roles and team
  • Milestones

This is a complete business model. You can download it from the page.

It is important to find something people want and of high value.

You will not only solve their problems but also make money.

David is focused on affiliate marketing because most people are here to learn it. He can then scale up to other businesses later.

David then outlines 5 steps you should follow to start your business.

  1. 1
    Select a market (Health, Wealth and Relationships).
  2. 2
    Create the Bridge (Set up landing page, squeeze pages, funnels).
  3. 3
    Launch the Ad by clicking through
  4. 4
    Start the First Stream of Traffic
  5. 5
    Stack Streams of Traffic - Diversify Ad Strategy for Winning Campaigns

The webinar ends with the familiar testimonial reel and fake scarcity.

However, this informative webinar is something I've never seen before!

4) The 3 High-Income Skills You Need.

David walks you through the three core skills required to be successful in online business.

These skills will serve you well regardless of what niche you decide to build your online business.

It is not surprising that Lead Generation is the first skill mentioned.

Your #1 goal in your entrepreneurial career is to drive traffic to your website, funnel, or squeeze page every day and generate leads.

You will need to be proficient in lead generation before you can even think about selling clients anything or making a commission.

David says that a lead is someone who is interested enough to sign up for the lead magnet and to exchange their email address for it.

Once you have gained familiarity with the lead, this lead will be added to your email list.

When looking for leads, the first thing to do is identify their pain points. Then you should realize what you can do to help them.

Targeting your audience is key. You need to focus on narrowing down and laser-focusing your audience. Once you do this, you will know exactly what you can offer them.

To succeed in this endeavor, you will need 100 people who are passionate about helping others solve their problems. Once they're convinced, they will buy anything you tell them will help their problems.

Here's a great example of how to find the pain points and niggling down.

David also makes a point about leads, and I wholeheartedly agree with it.

Guys, not all leads are created equally

David believes that no matter how many leads you make, it all comes down to video.

David enjoys putting a video to familiarize the lead and turn them into quality leads right after the opt in page.

You can make them comfortable with your face and make them feel like part of your system via video and mails.

You control the quality of leads that you generate.

How you frame the leads that you generate is the final layer of quality leads.

High quality traffic should result in high quality offers, which in turn will lead to high-quality sales.

Marketers should always put themselves in the shoes of prospects.

Your leads will be more quality if you do this.

Zig Zigler put it this way:

5) The 3 High-Income Skills You Need.

David's second skill with high income is copy-writing.

Copywriting is about being able to communicate persuasively. This will be used in both your lead generation campaigns and in your funnel.

Copy is, at its core, the ability to create words that sell.

David will provide you with templates and blueprints to help you create your ad copy and your funnel copy. These are the same ones he uses in his business.

Steph Perez, David's chief copy-writer is the one who gives the lecture on creating ad/emails/general content that converts.

She also has some gems to share during her presentations.

Steph uses email as an example of how you can apply your copy skills in your business.

This is a guide for email, but it could be used to any other copy in your business process.

Steph breaks down the anatomy of an email in five sections:

  • Subject line (Draw them into)
  • Opening Sentence (Get them hooked!)
  • Storytelling (Make yourself look credible with storytelling)
  • The Lesson Learned (What did you do that your reader can learn from)
  • Call to Action (Invite the reader click the link to see similar results).

Copy is meant to make your prospect want to learn more about you and your company.

The call to action should be obvious by the end of the email.

Steph describes 6 types of email that she has seen convert like crazy.

  • This is the first, and it's the use of stories to grab the attention of the reader. It's pretty standard.
  • An email with checklist/tips is valuable and introduces the reader to the product you are selling in the funnel.
  • You can delete future objections before they are raised by you. Also known as the Q&A Email, a question/answer email.
  • Emails containing controversy are more likely to be opened, as the prospect will immediately want to learn more about the teaser.
  • Through film quotes, trivial facts and other familiar references, you can build a rapport with your reader.
  • Make sure the title is intriguing or has a double meaning so the reader opens the mail to find out the truth.

Steph wraps up by describing what you need to do in the copy department for your business to thrive.

  • Send emails daily.
  • Always point to your product.
  • You can create a compound effect
  • Plan ahead!
  • Use your email content to create new content.

Although there is so much to be learned about copywriting, David will give you Steph's templates!

6) 3 High-Income Skills You Must Have

The third highest-earning skill is sales and presentation:

You are an affiliate marketer, and you can be a salesman.

When it comes to convincing prospects to buy your product, your presentation skills are extremely important.

There is no life without a sale.

It doesn't really matter if you are going out on a date or partnering with someone.

All of this starts with a sale or a deal being made.

David invites Kevin Harrington, a legendary salesman and Shark Tank judge, to assist you.

Kevin separates the sales and presentation phases into three distinct phases.

  • Tease: This is the first step and contains the Hook. It's where you "plant" the seed of your interest. The problem that your product, service, or idea solves.
  • Please, show us how your product or service will solve the problem we discussed in the Tease step.
  • Take advantage of the opportunity. You have shown your customer that you are able to solve their problem. This solution is valuable.

When you make an irresistible offer, it is called the Seize moment.

You will then have explained the problem and the solution. The Seize part shouldn't be too difficult.

7) How to Avoid the Wantrepreneur syndrome?

You have now decided to start an online business that can make you money and last many years.

Your greatest fear is losing your money.

David dives right into the core of the matter in this video.

David suggests setting goals for the next year at the end each year.

What amount of money would you like to make?

How much money do you want to spend?

How many emails will you collect?

You can establish tangible goals to determine if you're moving in the right direction.

People who don't plan are more likely to fail than those who plan.

It's simple.

David plans to invest in real estate and has cashflow.

You must be open to making commitments.

To support your goals, it is important to sleep, take care of your mental and physical health, and be spiritual.

If you want to succeed in business and life, discipline, routine and structure will be key.

It is also important to observe what others do, especially David's view of those who fail. This will allow you to do the exact opposite.

You will be successful if you run in the opposite direction to where they are going.

Find out who your toxic friends are and get rid of them.

David recommends that you keep going until your success is achieved.

You have to work harder to capture the greats if you want to be able to.

Follow mediocre people or you will achieve mediocre results.

The Verdict: The Good and the Bad

Before I look at the pros of David’s challenge, I want you to respond to my early questions.

  • This approach is better than other affiliate marketing programs?
  • Can David live up to his promises?
  • Is David Sharpe a fraud?
  • What is the cost of this challenge? Is it worth the cost?

This 15-day challenge was a great experience.

I did not sign up to the course because I chose the local lead generation path, which is treating me well.

If you're interested in starting an online business, this challenge could teach you some things about what to expect.

It is very well-structured, and experts are called in for explanations of parts that David doesn't know. This ensures that the overall quality is high.

David delivers on his promises in this way.

Although this is his front end product, you'll be asked to buy his most expensive courses on Day 5. But it's money well-spent.

David Sharpe is not a fraud.

This guy is a good guy who has made more than $300M from his online business.

He doesn't spam you with any tactics and, except for the webinar, he won't force you to join his upsell program.

To be fair, if you did learn from him, you would probably thrive.

The challenge costs only $39 so you can enter almost any one.

The full course costs $2500 and is only possible if you choose this path for yourself.

You can get a lot of bonuses by buying his course. However, I don't recommend it for 2022.


  • To be honest, the challenge was fun. David is straightforward and the videos for each day are filled with useful information that you can use whether you choose to go on with him or not.
  • The videos are high quality and the interface is easy to use. You can see thought and money was put into the video. Having guests such as Kevin Harrington is a great bonus for anyone who spends $39 on the product. These videos include detailed instructions, inspiring clips, and advice on how to start certain aspects of your company. It's quite impressive for the price.
  • David does a great job promoting his flagship course. I'm not sure if it should be included in the pro section, but you can see from the many videos taken during masterminds that he has hosted that he is an entertainer and mentor, and that his students love working with him. His presence is always relaxed and light-hearted.
  • David's teachings are not rocket science. He has done everything he speaks about himself. He doesn't make vague promises and doesn't talk about fluff. David is as authentic as any mentor could be, and it's always an honor to hear people like him share their triumphs.


  • Although the video production is beautiful, some slides, bullet points, and all other graphic aids would make learning from video an enjoyable experience. The vids are great, but they could be even better.
  • While there are 4 Core businesses discussed in the videos, the focus shifts to affiliate marketing because, as David states, most people who sign-up for his course want to get started in affiliate marketing and then move on to other forms later. However, it would have been nice if more information was provided about the 3 Core bizzes that are used in his course, especially if they are not newbies and you want to climb the complexity ladder.
  • The 15-day challenge only gives you 15 videos, some swipe files, and templates by David. You can't expect much from a $39 product. However, it's not a difficult task. It's more like a sit down, watch one video per day and take notes if you wish. You can create your business plan, and you can have a conversation about it with an expert, but these seem to be for people who will be joining his course.
  • As you'll see below, the Core 4 are not the best online business model in 2022. What I do is better than these systems any day. You can read below to find out what I mean.

David's courses may be right for you if you are looking to launch a business or market your products.

However, I do not recommend building a business the way David is teaching.

Lead Generation is a superior way to monetize your talents.

Let me explain, keep reading...

Why I quit businesses that depend on paid ads?... Lead generation proved to be a much better business model. Here's why?

My lead generation business is worth $50K per month. However, all my leads come from organic traffic or SEO and not through expensive courses or e-learning.

It's basically passive money. I don't need to worry about advertising success or anything similar.

My website ranks on Google's first pages, in the so called map pack. The leads are just starting to come in.

It's passive income so I don't need to worry about how my emails or ads perform.

My site is ranked once it has been ranked. It generally maintains its rank with little to no maintenance.

You can still make money by building an email list and selling it through funnels.

Selling affiliate products can be difficult because you have to constantly monitor your CTR and convert rate in your emails and ads.

How many people click on your ad and how many end up buying the product?

If things don't go according to plan, you can tweak or spend more on repairs, or try a new approach.

This is why I recommend that people continue to do lead generation with no traffic.


David Sharpe's Legendary Marketer Challenge is well executed. Everything is available to learn how to use high-ticket, e-learning products.

Let me tell ya, in elearning, just like other businesses, there are niches which work with this method. But the problem is that there are many niches who really struggle.

You can create amazing results for your clients by generating leads through free traffic. This is a huge advantage over selling via affiliate marketing.

This is how 90% of my multi-million dollar 6 figure income comes from. It's passive income, so traffic is never a problem.

I will continue to build lead gen websites in 2022, even during Covid-19. I also write at least one blog post per day for this site because these are high-income producing activities that directly increase my monthly traffic.

Click here to learn more information about my Lead Gen Method.


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