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Dino Gomez Course Review- Is Funnel Consultant Society Original?

You may have seen this guy and his course everywhere, from Facebook to YouTube and Instagram.

He discusses a new trend in making money online that requires virtually no expense from your pocket.

You might be wondering if Funnel Consultant Society is legit.

Unfortunately, not at all.

Continue reading to learn why.

What is Funnel Consultant Society?

Funnel Sales Consultant Society, another Facebook Ads course has allegedly hundreds of student success stories. Facebook can be used to generate leads for small businesses and then sell those leads and profits consistently every month.

It's a great idea!

However, as you will see, it is very unrealistic.

Gomez may have targeted you due to the shady nature of Facebook and AdSense.

You may have been searching for ways to make financial freedom possible, and you might be interested in learning FB ads or offering FB ads as a marketing agency SEO service.

FCS is designed to help new entrepreneurs learn how to manage Facebook advertising for local businesses and how to approach them to sell.


Facebook Ads are old news, highly controlled, and saturated. To make matters worse, most business owners have heard the Facebook advertising pitch before.

The course has undergone many (MUCH NEEDED!) updates and improvements since its inception to ensure students' success. Dino believes this business model is "Recession-Proof".

It's hard to say no to you...

Facebook is a sign of recession

Who is Dino Gomez, you ask?

Dino Gomez, a digital marketing expert, and owner of his own company in San Diego, California, runs the internet marketing agency.

Dino was a digital marketing manager when he graduated college. He soon realized that the corporate lifestyle was not for him and started his own agency to assist the main street guys.

His small company, Dynamik Internet Marketing Inc, has grown rapidly and now helps not only local businesses but also businesses globally at the corporate level.

Evidently, since he had so many clients in SEO and Facebook Ads over the years, he felt it was time for him to share his secrets with everyone.


What does this have to do with FB ads

Absolutely nothing...

It's important to note that Dino Gomez started by learning SEO and renting digital real estate.

What is the point?

He didn't get his start on Facebook and built his wealth via Facebook ads...

We'll just leave it at that.

Full Course on Facebook Ads

What course review would be complete if you didn't get a glimpse into the actual offerings?

Dino breaks the course down into 21 modules so that you don't feel like you are being told to eat an elephant.

We will give you a brief overview of each.

**NOTE** We are not associated with Dino Gomez. If you sign up, we do not receive financial compensation. **

We will, however, provide an honest review that reveals all the pros and cons.

Module 1: Facebook Fast track (Intro).

  • Introduction (22.20)
  • Schedule your 1 on 1 coaching call at 22:22
  • Growing your FB Ad Agency (11.49)
  • Facebook Pixel (11.58)
  • Facebook Ad traffic Ads Sets, Campaigns or Ad Traffic Ads (27:27).
  • Guidelines for Ads (10.17)

Dino, along with his team, makes it clear that they want you to succeed in this first module. They want you to set up a 1 on 1 meeting with them once you have landed your first client.

What are you waiting for?

Why not?

It sounds like they are desperate for case studies...

He then outlines the game plan and how to grow your agency, without any prior experience.

He then gives you a rundown on how Facebook Pixel works in the basics. You know, downloading to a website, funnel, etc.

He explains how to create the best Facebook traffic ad towards the end of the second module.

His teaching style is excellent, and it's evident that he has a lot of teaching experience.

If you are wondering, he's not shooting from his hip.

He also gives you an overview of Facebook's Ad policies, so that you don't get suspended for disturbing Mr. Zuckerberg.

Module 2: Types of Facebook Advertising (Traffic Engagement and Conversion, Leads).


  • Different Facebook Campaigns and When to Run Them (13:34).
  • Facebook Ad Media and Their Uses (19:00)

To be completely honest, this module would fit almost better in the introduction.

While we appreciate the way he broke it down and the fact that he is still giving a survey about the various options with Facebook, we think it would be more appropriate to include it in the intro module.

Module 3: Basic Acquisition Funnel - Cold Targets


  • Basic Targeting (18.23)
  • Targeting Research and Determining Buyers (30:32).
  • Targeting Hacks (13.44)
  • Built-in Targeting: You Must Know There Is (Crazy Options). [12:02]
  • Built-in Targeting (12:02

You'll be able to create a number of cheat sheets with great hacks if you take these notes!

Module 4: Advanced Targeting (Warm targets)


  • Retargeting Ads and People (27:25).
  • Email and Contact List Creation (22:39).
  • How to Target Lookalike Audiences [19.24]
  • Target Lookalike Audiences & Ads (19.24)
  • Conversion Ads (35.53)
  • Conversion Campaigns Hack To Outbid Competitors [12.56]
  • Conversion Hacks (12:56).
  • Creative Targeting (post-interest removal update) [28.23]
  • Post Interest Creative Targeting (28.23)

This module will show you how to save time and keep your leads at a minimum cost. This module is primarily a streamlining one.

Module 5: How to Price, Sell, and Close Clients?


  • Picking Your Niche And Price (22:32)
  • Winning Proposal Examples (17:24)
  • How to Close Clients at Your Price (35.18)
  • Sales Process for Local and Corporate (32.05)
  • Earn $10,000 with One Billing Trick (4.24)

This module is the most useful because it deals directly with sales, which is the largest struggle for most people. If we're being honest, the little trick at its end looks a bit shady.

Module 6: How to Land New Clients?


  • Grab Facebook Leads for Free (11.57)
  • 5 Ways to Get Facebook Ad Clients (28.09)
  • Facebook Ad Transparency (8.33): Spying on your Competitors
  • Cold Outreach For Your Chosen Niche (22:27)
  • $5 Leads! (21:53).
  • Group Authority (9.18)
  • Your own acquisition funnel through your social profile (11:56).
  • 6 New Methods to Get Clients In Any Economy [31.33]
  • What is the Down Economy? 6 Ways to Always Land a Client (31:33).
  • Dino Generates Leads In 2 Sentences (41:45)
  • Running Facebook Ads to Get Clients (84.43)

This one has many neat tricks for both the client and the server. There are two types: one for clients who need fulfillment, and one for new clients.

Module 7: Ad Copy & Landing Pages (TEMPLATES).


  • Ten Commandments for Every Facebook Ad
  • Conversion of Local Ad Copies (Template).
  • The Perfect Template for Ad Copy
  • Super Bowl Ads But For FB
  • The Best Converting Landing Page
  • Thank You Page Optimization
  • Optimization For Thank You Page
  • Best Conversion Offers
  • Copy & Paste Templates

Converting ad copy is the most important aspect. If people don't feel compelled by what they read, all of your research and looking into what people are interested in every Facebook group would be pointless.

He will teach you some good copies.

The only problem is, and it's kinda a buggy, that he uses templates for his Ad Copy.

It is almost certain that these items have been used too often and are no longer as noticeable to the customer as they once were.

Other Modules We Do Not Want To Bore you With

  • 8. How to Launch
  • 9. Facebook Ad Stacking (tm)
  • 10. A proven formula to book clients
  • 11. Manager for Facebook Business
  • 12. How to Automate Your Facebook Ad Biz
  • 13. Bonus Modules
  • 14. Accelerator
  • 15. Get Unstuck
  • 16. How to Use Messenger Bots
  • 17. Live Training
  • 18. D4U Funnels
  • 19. How to Track Like a Hound
  • 20. FB News and Updates
  • 21. Here are some resources to help you with any questions that you might have along the way
  • As you can see we only scratched the surface, about a third of Dino's course. These modules are great for tuning landing pages, but you can also find training videos on YouTube.

    What is the Cost of a Funnel Consultant Society Membership?

    FCS's pricing has changed as more students find success in the program.

    You might have read in an old Funnel Consultant Society review that you must schedule a sales call or that students paid $497 to participate in the program.

    You'll see that the program cost $497 in the older Funnel Consultant Society Reviews. This is clearly not true now.

    Dino's course is now more valuable and less expensive. Dino's course has increased in value and cost, after helping beginners marketers and marketing agencies succeed with Facebook Advertising. Funnel Consultant Society 2.0


    Dino, like many other stereotypical internet marketers, has raised the price of his courses to an even higher level. The reason for the price hike is likely to be due to all the success that his students have enjoyed with Facebook Advertising.

    He probably also had to hire coaches to help him manage his growing team of agency owners and the occasional SEO manager.

    Funnel Consultant Society: Can you make money?

    Funnel Consultant Society can help you make money.

    You can see some excellent proof on his sales page.

    It is not a passive income as he claims.

    CPC prices can change rapidly and Facebook is constantly changing them. You'll need to monitor your clients or your account to ensure you don't go into debt with your Ad budget profit margin.

    Okay, but why not hire a VA instead?

    Yes, but that means you have to spend more money.

    Steady Calls believes that you should look elsewhere if you are looking for passive income.


    • Facebook Pixel can make you a master.
    • Cheat sheets
    • Access the Funnel Consultant Society Facebook Group


    • Tickets at a high price
    • Easy suspension of Facebook ads
    • Templates that are too often used

    Funnel Consultant Society and Dino Gomez a Scam?

    The Dino Gomez course, while not a scam is available. He actually teaches multiple aspects of Facebook Ads through the program. It's much harder to get clients these days, as Facebook Ad "Consultants” are all around.

    Marketers call businesses all the time to offer the exact same thing...Facebook ads, Facebook ads, and more Facebook ads.

    We all know that social media ads can be very helpful. This is especially true for older people on Facebook. But it's not new news.

    The Pandemic has also made the Facebook Ad Market even more saturated.

    Many people are forced to find their own ways to make money due to unemployment.

    The majority of people are familiar with Facebook's functions and are able to figure out the ads section.

    The barrier to entry is low enough that it can be difficult for you to distinguish yourself from your competition, especially if they are using the same ad copy.

    Facebook has a reputation for shutting down accounts at will and never returning messages with answers. You and your business may see a significant downturn in just a few hours.

    We recommend an online company model that you have complete control over and where no one can stop you from doing business!

    The Problem with Funnel Consultant Society Customer Testimonials (Ouch!

    We have found that the FCS testimonials are not as effective because your interview/video is recorded only after you have landed a client.

    What does that actually mean?

    The only people who have made any money are those you see on the sales pages.

    What about the Funnel Consultant Society Review articles on the first Google page?

    These sites are heavily biased and include affiliate links.

    They have an incentive financially to make the deal sound good so they can get paid.

    They will likely minimize the cons to make sure you don't focus on the potential pitfalls. It's kinda like the competition or how saturated it is all, or suspension issues.


    You probably have questions about Facebook ads in general, besides the Funnel Consulting Society. To help you better understand Facebook Ads, we've compiled a list of frequently asked questions. We hope you find this helpful!

    Why are Facebook Ads Dying?

    Facebook Ads aren't dying, they are becoming saturated. They are used by everyone and they then cannibalize each other's Ad Copy.

    Simply put:

    It can be very difficult to distinguish yourself from the rest of your competitors and remain on top.

    Facebook is cracking down on Ad accounts, and this is worse. Every day seems to have a new rule and accounts seem to be randomly selected for the ax.

    Although Facebook ads can be a great upsell, they shouldn't be your mainstay.

    It's possible to lose everything in a matter of hours, and your clients might not be pleased about it!

    Are Facebook Ads a Good Way to Make Money?

    Facebook ads can be a great way to make money.

    True, a lead can be a leader. The business owner doesn’t care which marketing channel it was sent from. They just want the money.

    They'll even pay you.

    The real question is "Can you make any money with Facebook Ads "...?"


    Facebook ads can make you money over the long term, but that is not the real question.

    That is hard, my friends.

    You will not be banned with the same account. You are likely to be banned at one point or another.

    Is Internet Marketing Coaching worth it?

    We believe that internet marketing coaching is worthwhile. Dino Gomez, to be honest, is probably a better coach and teacher than most college professors.

    Many of these coaches can actually be better than college professors because they are there every day.

    We think he's teaching the wrong model of online business, but at least he's not a direct marketing company.

    Paid running ads can be done for any niche, just as you can for everyone else.

    We recommend something that generates traffic and leads organically. This will keep your profit margins high.

    Steady Calls is the #1 Rated Business Model (better than FB ads)

    Dino was correct about one thing: lead generation is a recession-proof business model.

    Facebook, however, is not the right avenue because your content can be copied by others without penalty.

    CPC can also really impact your profit margins.

    If lead generation is still so important, what platform is best for it?

    Google, of course!

    It's possible to set it and forget about it.

    Digital Real Estate

    This is also called lead generation, but it is done through ranking a website in google. We believe this is safer. Why?

    Google only has 10 spots on its front page, and nobody ever scrolls to pages 2 or 3. The first page gets all the traffic.

    Your barrier to entry is therefore lower.

    People don't have the ability to jump from page one to page two in an instant. If they did, many businesses would be shocked to learn that a high school student who created a website for his class was not allowed to own the market.

    Organic traffic is also available, so you don't need to worry about CPC cutting into margins.

    These sites are worth an average of $500-$1,000. Sometimes even more! They have margins up to 90%!

    Let's see what that means.

    How can you make money?

    It is very simple, once your website has been ranked and up you can pass on the jobs to businesses that provide the service.

    Referral fees are a common practice among contractors.

    Can you imagine what it would be like if roofing companies brought 5 jobs per month?

    If you consider that the average roofing job is 10k, you'd expect to make 1-2k on every job.

    This is 5-10k per month. All you had to do was ring the phone!

    Last time I checked, an advertiser on Facebook would be thrilled if they weren't required to spend half the $5-10k to run their ad campaign over the next month.

    You can create fully functional websites in as little as a day (styles, content, forms, and everything!)

    Where can you learn?

    You might think that this is impossible because you don't have any tech skills. Even Facebook is stretching the truth.

    Don't be worried.

    Steady Calls team has searched the internet for a program that can show this model to people of all levels.

    We have given the Scam Risk seal approval to this program.

    Watch the videos to learn more!


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