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Direct Incorporation

Are you an entrepreneur searching for the best LLC formation services to help your business grow? This article is for you if you are. A service that forms LLCs can help you have more time for other business activities.

The question is: Which LLC formation provider is right for you?

We will discuss everything you need to know about Direct Incorporation. This will help you make a decision and decide if it is the right formation for you.

This might help you set up everything and determine the price point, but it doesn't tell you which type of business you should set up.

This system can make a lot of money. It requires some basic skills, but it's a more powerful and lucrative way to make some extra cash.

First, let's talk about what makes a good service for formation.

Are you looking to grow your business? This article is for you if you are. A service that forms LLCs can help you have more time for other business activities.

The question is: Which LLC formation provider is right for you?

We will discuss everything you need to know about Direct Incorporation. This will help you make a decision and decide if it is the right formation for you.

Although it might help you determine the right price for your business, it does not show you which type of business you should set up.

This system can be used to make a lot of money and requires some basic skills.

First, let's talk about what makes a good service for formation.

What makes a Formation Service "Good"?

It really all depends on your priorities and what you value in an LLC formation service. This is why "best" may be subjective.

But there are certain qualities entrepreneurs need to look for when looking at a formation company.

These are the basic questions that will help you to identify them:

  • Is it a premium value for money?
  • Is the track record of the company or service provider for LLC formation reliable?
  • Is the customer service of the LLC formation company high-quality?
  • Are they easy to follow and understand?
  • Is there a turnaround time for this LLC formation service?

These questions are often used to determine the quality and value of a formation service. These categories will be used to assess the services of Direct Incorporation.

What is Direct Incorporation?

Direct Incorporation, a service provider of formation services, has been operating in Ann Arbor since 2003.

The idea to offer a cheaper way for Michigan residents to start a business, rather than a costly law firm, was born. Direct Incorporation was created by a father and son who teamed up with lawyers.

In the beginning, they only dealt with document processing. Their business grew over the years and their services expanded.

The company has assisted more than 80,000 companies with its comprehensive range of services, which include business formation, domain registration, and website development...something that many competitors have missed...

What is the process?

The process of Direct Incorporation is fairly straightforward. Direct Incorporated will begin working on your business requirements as soon as you provide the information.

Here's a quick overview of what you can expect from Direct Incorporation.

  1. Choose your package- There are five packages available from Direct Incorporation. Make sure you evaluate which features are most important to you, and then choose the right package. You can choose to add additional services to your package if you require them.
  2. Fill in information about yourself- You will need to submit Direct Incorporation along with your information, including your full name, telephone number, email address, and preferred business location (state you want to incorporate).
  3. Provide information about your business- Lastly, include information about your company, including your preferred business name, a state where you want to incorporate, and the person-in-charge who will be running your business.
  4. Review your order- After you have completed these steps, you will be asked for a review of your order and to add any additional services (if applicable).
  5. Place your order- After you review your order, Direct Incorporation will ask for payment information.

Direct Incorporation will take care of all paperwork once you've completed these online forms.

If you are going to put in the hard work required to be a business owner, which isn't an easy task, you might as well make some real money.

This program helped us to grow our online business from $40,000+ per month. It teaches you the best ways to make your business more profitable.

For whom is direct incorporation best?

A direct Incorporation is a great option, but it may not be the right fit for everyone.

Although their basic packages include a few basic features, the premium packages offer many more features at a much higher price. You are forced to choose between them, even though you wish there were a simpler package that met your needs.

You should also note that there are many other providers of formation services that offer better inclusions to their basic packages.

Direct Incorporation has one advantage that we like: their "Executive Club". For $13.99 per month, you get access to a licensed and certified accountant and lawyer.

Customer Reviews: BBB, Facebook, Etc.

Direct Incorporation's LLC services have received mixed reviews across the internet. This is not unusual for a business that has been in existence for over 15 years.

  • Better Business Bureau rating: BB: A+ (5 reviews)
  • Facebook: 4.0/5 (42 Reviews)

Here are some testimonials from clients:

  • Direct Incorporation has unique features that many of its competitors don't have: website development and business logo design.
  • After purchase, they follow up with customers.
  • It is very simple to incorporate directly.
  • Affiliate commissions can be earned through their program.
  • They provide services for trademarks, copyrights, and other related matters.

Below are a few negative points:

  • Direct Incorporation automatically subscribing you to their marketing telephone calls and emails
  • Some services are not available for free and can be difficult to cancel.

Are They a Good Choice for Entrepreneurs?

Both yes and no. Direct Incorporation, as I mentioned previously, is not for everyone. It all depends on your priorities and values. Direct Incorporation, however, is a good option if you are looking for such a service.

Their unique services, which are often overlooked by their competitors, business logo design and web development, is what sets them apart from other form services.

Is Direct Incorporation allowed to share your information with third parties?

Direct Incorporation offers a comprehensive range of services. They handle almost all aspects in-house, so they seldom use third parties or entities to share your information.

This information is in their privacy policy.

They also assure their clients that their data will not be sold, traded, or shared with any private company.

What is Direct Incorporation?

Direct Incorporation packages include an EIN acquisition from IRS. This is something that most formation services only offer in their premium packages.

Although the company's track record spans over 15 years, it is still a good idea to look at the competition.

Let's compare Direct Incorporation to other LLC formation services. IncFile is our first choice. IncFile is my personal favorite, but it's also one of the most difficult competitors.

IncFile Vs. Direct Incorporation

Pricing: Pricing options in IncFile start from $49, which is $90 less than the Standard Package for Direct Incorporation.

Features: Direct Incorporation has features that IncFile does not like, such as the Executive Club features and trademark options. Plus, all formation packages include an EIN.

They don't offer registered agent service. However, IncFile offers it at no charge for a full year with all packages.

Turnaround time: While filing times vary from one state to the next, they are similar in terms of turnaround time. Direct Incorporation takes approximately 2 days up to 12 weeks. IncFile takes 1 day up to eight weeks.

Customer Service: Both companies have excellent customer service, according to our correspondence. They are friendly and competent, with short wait times.

Companies Established So Far: IncFile incorporated more than 150,000 businesses since 2004, and Direct Incorporation more than 60,000 since 2003. Although the difference is not significant, IncFile does have a slight edge over those with more experience.

Comparing the Standard Package of Direct Incorporation to $90, you will save $90

Features: IncFile does not like the Executive Club features and trademark options of Direct Incorporation. EIN is also included in all of their formation packages.

They don't offer registered agent service. However, IncFile offers it at no charge for a full year with all packages.

Turnaround Time: Although filing times vary from one state to the next, both have an identical turnaround time. Direct Incorporation takes approximately 2 days up to 12 weeks. IncFile takes 1 day up to eight weeks.

Legal Zoom Vs. Direct Incorporation

Although both LegalZoom as well as Direct Incorporation offer business formation services, there are some notable differences between them.

Here are some key differences I have noticed.

  • LegalZoom boasts a large client base - over 3.6 million customers, of which 1 million are companies. This allows them to stand out in the industry.
  • Direct Incorporation offers unique features that other companies do not have: a business logo design and web development.

In-Depth Review

Forming an LLC is expensive

If you are a business owner or entrepreneur, you must consider the cost of any LLC services.

The Standard package's inclusions are not as good as other services, and the price starts higher than others. The premium packages are more expensive and include many features that other packages don't have, but they only offer them to those who really need them.

Direct Incorporation's Executive Club is our favorite feature. This allows you to be a part of their compliance program.

You can also get the services of a certified and licensed lawyer as well as an accountant for legal and business advice for only $13.99 per month. This is a great deal and something new business owners love.

Here are the packages they offer:

Standard Formation Package (+ State fees):

The Standard Package is $147 and includes the following: articles of incorporation, preliminary name availability check, tax ID number, and EIN. The Standard Package includes a 3-week trial of their Executive Club, as well as six months of free registered agent service. This is worth $159 annually in the following months.

Premier Formation Package (+ State Fees):

This package includes all features/ services of the Standard Package plus a corporate kit that includes a customized binder and seal with the company name printed on it, sample documents (e.g., operating agreements and membership certificates), and $297 in-state fees.

The Elite Package

The Elite Package costs $329 plus state fees. This package is only $32 less than the Premier Package. You'll also get their website builder tool, five business email accounts, and a logo. The shared license allows you to use the stock logo.

Venture Package + State Fees

The Venture Package comes at a high price of $873 plus state fees. It offers all the features of the other packages, as well as a logo and website for your business (exclusive rights).

You will also receive a year of Executive Club benefits and trademark protection. These can be purchased separately for $964.

Venture Plus Package:

Venture Plus Package includes all the features of the previous four packages and allows you to file for a subsidiary or otherwise known by DBA name. You can also get a trademark for $1,495 plus any state fees.

Direct Incorporation's entry-level packages are more expensive than those of its competitors, but you won't find the same features in any other package. You will receive an EIN for all registered agent services and packages. This EIN is valid for six months.

For more information on these packages, you can visit their website.

Direct Incorporation Order Process

It is crucial that your preferred provider/organization's LLC formation process is smooth.

Direct Incorporation's order process takes approximately 15 minutes. They recently made improvements to their package selection page. We like them. Each page is well-explained, which makes filling out forms much easier and quicker.

Before you begin the LLC formation process, you must finalize your details. Fill out the forms with your business name, purpose statement, and leadership role. If you don't, it will take longer to complete an order.

Customer Support Friendliness

Even though the whole process is virtual, the organization ensures that customers are treated as real people.

They provide their clients with the best customer service and friendly customer support.

We wouldn't know this, of course, if we hadn't tested their customer service. We reached out via email and phone to them. We received 100% transparency. The response was thorough and professional.

Their complete contact information can be found on their website.

The Speed of LLC Formation

Entrepreneurs and business owners highly recommend hiring a professional to file all necessary paperwork for the establishment of a business.

They are busy and need the assistance of a professional to help them focus on their business.

Direct Incorporation can be done quickly and is comparable to the rest. They are well-known for their speedy turnaround times and streamlined processes.

Your documents will usually be filed with the state within the next business day. They will also give you an estimate of the turnaround times in your state before you complete your order. This will let you know if it is necessary to expedite your order.

Refund Policy

Any provider of formation services cannot offer a full refund. This is because a portion of the payment goes towards the state fee. The state fee is non-refundable.

Each LLC formation company has its own refund policy. Direct Incorporation offers more flexibility in refunds than LegalZoom. Refunds can be made at any time, but you will need to pay a $40 convenience fee.

Assistance with ongoing compliance

It is one thing to create an LLC. But it's quite another to keep it running.

State compliance is ensuring that all requirements are filed in order to continue legally operating. This can sometimes get confusing.

Many service providers provide assistance for ongoing compliance. The service or package that you select will determine how much help you receive.

Direct Incorporation offers a 6-month free registered agent service. They are available to answer questions about the registration agent service cost after the 6-month free trial. Annual report services cost $75.

Is Direct Incorporation Legit?

A direct Incorporation is a good option for forming an LLC. The only problem is the way they package their services.

Most readers agree that package inclusions in higher-tier services only make sense if the customer actually needs all of them. This is not the case for most customers.

Direct Incorporation may be the only provider to offer these features in one location if they do. All packages include the EIN and registered agent services.

Direct Incorporation has a great track record of customer service and an excellent 15-plus year track record. We give them a rating of 3.9 out of 5 stars.

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