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Dotcom Secrets Book Review

DotCom Secrets goes beyond being an online marketing guide. This guide will show you how to convert traffic into sales and generate traffic.

This guide is designed to help you take action in your online marketing efforts.

Although this book was published in 2015, its timeless content is still relevant today. It will be relevant for many decades to come.

It was given the tagline "The underground playbook to growing your business online."

It is just that!

This book is essential reading if you want to create an online business, grow your existing company, or identify your target market.

It will be amazing to see the thoughts that come up as you read.

Warning: You will need to read the book several times to fully understand the concepts.

It is almost too simple to forget why you didn't think of it sooner.

Who is Russel Brunson?

Russel Brunson is undoubtedly one of the most successful marketers.

He loved to read junk mail and listen to commercials on TV when he was 12 years old. He still has the same passion and believes that teaching others is the best way to achieve success.

He didn't have many success stories on his journey to get to where he is now. He has failed many times and these failures have been his building blocks to success.

These failures are shared by Russell.

While in college, he created "How to make potato gun" his first product.

He began to make sales and used Google advertising to earn a decent income for college kids.

Google changed its algorithm, and the business was over. Advertising was too expensive to turn a profit.

This was only one of many setbacks that he suffered.

He finally figured it out.

Russell Brunson is a successful entrepreneur who has sold almost everything, including books, t-shirts, and supplements, as well as coaching products. Dan Kennedy, Grant Cardone, and Dan Lok are just a few of the many names he has worked within marketing.

Through the use of ClickFunnels and these techniques, he has helped other online businesses to grow and join his Two-comma Club.

ClickFunnels was co-created by him. The company was founded in 2014 and has a market capitalization of over $400 million dollars. This is the most remarkable part of this story. They built this business worth $400 million without borrowing.

It was self-funded.

He will also show you how to do it yourself.

Russell Bruson believes teaching others is the best way to make money. He has the unique ability to make even the most difficult things understandable.

What are the Dotcom Secrets?

This book is not just another "how-to" guide to internet marketing. This book is a guide to starting your own business or becoming an entrepreneur.

DotCom Secrets will teach you advanced online marketing techniques to increase conversions and increase lead value through sales funnels.

There are many things that go into creating a sales channel. Russell will walk you through the entire process, including the psychology involved in building a funnel. He'll also provide examples and proven email marketing strategies to help you maximize the traffic that you generate.

His marketing strategies work regardless of whether you're selling products or services. You don't need to be concerned about buying a book that has been around for a while.

His methods are simple and will not change.

Your ultimate goal is to find a market problem and solve it using your product.

Find your ideal client to help you provide exactly what they need.

He does much more than simply tell you. Russell Brunson will show you how to accomplish this by showing you examples and then walking you through the steps.

He even explains how science works.

He then goes one step further.

Your customers won't be satisfied with just one product. You will make more sales if you sell more. This is possible with upsells or down sells.

This increases the money you can make with a single customer.

These are the exact strategies he uses to run every business he owns... it's called sales funnels.

DotCom Secrets, and all these books, are some of his marketing strategies. He uses the "Free Book Plus Shipping" strategy.

This is how it works:

Your customers are entitled to the product at no cost. This is what will draw them to your site.

The secret ingredient to making this process so successful is .... upsells!

They encourage people to purchase more.

They are more likely than others to buy something because they get it for free.

Who doesn't want free things?

However, just because the item is free doesn't mean that they will take it.

Here Russell Brunson's marketing skills shine.

Whatever product or service you sell, you must add value.

With example after example, he walks you through each step.

Who will Benefit from DotCom Secrets?

This book is essential if you are looking to start or grow your business.

This book is filled with tried and true strategies that will be relevant for years to come.

It will be a book you keep coming back to, with new ideas every time.

Are you a successful entrepreneur and do you need this book?

Most likely not.

If you like to do things on your own, to make mistakes in product branding, marketing, and to use the wrong email marketing strategies, then go for it.

If you are looking to be a more successful entrepreneur and start your own online business sooner than others, then do it.

DotCom Secrets will give you insights and strategies to increase the sales of your products and services.

Russell Brunson understands that not everyone is ready to start a business. He discusses the challenges and his business and marketing mistakes.

It's not an easy task, let's face it. This is why you are still looking for books to help you start your business or grow an existing one.

You need to acquire new skills, purchase fancy tools, and learn how to get customers and traffic.

You will eventually give up.

DotCom Secrets is not about what-ifs or theories.

It's about applying what you have learned. This is what makes Russell Brunson's books stand out from the rest. He is the author of books that help entrepreneurs and existing business owners find success.

It doesn't really matter if your business is just beginning or an established one. This book will guide you through the steps to start and grow a profitable business.

What is the DotCom Secrets Price Book?

DotCom Secrets can be purchased using the exact strategies that he teaches.

He gives it away free!

This strategy is likely to be familiar to you. You only pay to ship and receive a free product!

You can get DotCom Secrets Book starting at $0.00

Ship to the United States for $7.95 or $14.95 internationally.

His 2-step Free plus shipping funnel will be demonstrated to you. Learn how he adds value and value to his FREE offer, just like he teaches in his book.

A Russell Brunson DotCom Book Garanty

This information is directly taken from Russell Bruson’s website: "I 100% Guarantee that You'll Love this Book, Or I'll Return Your Shipping Fee and Let You Keep the Book. You are correct. You don't even need to return anything. You can email me or call the number listed on your receipt to get your money back.

This is a very strong guarantee .... You don't think so?

Dotcom Secrets: Where Can You Buy?

A quick Google search will reveal a lot of people who are promoting his book. You'll then be redirected directly to his website.

You can also buy a paperback copy of DotCom Secrets from Amazon for $11.34.

You can also purchase it on Kindle for $8.69

Dotcom Secrets: Can you make money?

DotCom Secrets doesn't have to be a book.

Each story adds value to your experience.

Each page provides a way to get started.

Keep a notebook handy so you can capture the ideas.

You'll see a rapid increase in sales if you apply the marketing strategies he describes to your business. One of his concepts is finding your ideal clients.

Your ideal client will be the one who gets the most out of your products and services. Once you have identified them, you can begin to attract them.

Advertising is expensive and wasteful.

He'll show you how to find the perfect client, so don't be afraid.

What's in The DotCom Book?

The book is divided into five sections that clearly define the steps and guide you through each step.

Section One: Ladders and Funnels

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Secret #1: The Secret Formula

The book will help you understand your customers and clients and where your business should go. This will help you better serve your clients.

Four simple questions are the key to unlocking the secret formula.

  • Who are your ideal clients?
  • How can you locate them?
  • How can you attract them, without being pushy?
  • What benefits will they receive from your business?

All of these questions will be answered.

Secret #2: The Value Ladder

You can build a sustainable company by adding value to your customers and clients. They will get so much more for their money it is almost absurd for them to not buy.

It is an important step to build a value ladder. Russell spent much time deconstructing these steps. He explains how to find your ideal customer, starting at the bottom of your ladder and ending with the sale.

This value ladder doesn't just have the goal to make you more cash, it also aims to give your customers a custom solution.

Each level of the ladder has a higher price and additional products or services.

Secret #3: From A Ladder To A Funnel

Here is where the real magic happens.

Everything will suddenly make sense. Once you have your first sales funnel, you will understand the psychology behind it.

This is about more than selling a product. This is about automating the sales process for you.

It doesn't happen overnight. He explains how to create a sales funnel, and how to tweak it to make it more effective to increase sales.

The way that online sales are conducted has changed dramatically with the introduction of sales funnels. It takes customer behavior and guides them through your value ladder to make sure they buy.

Are you able to see the power?

Secret #4: How to Find Your Dream Customers?

You can effectively serve your target market by identifying their needs.

This can be the most challenging aspect of marketing. However, knowing how to define your target market effectively is crucial for finding people who are willing to buy your product or service.

This book will teach you the strategies to get customers to visit your site and follow your sales funnel.

DotCom Secrets will teach you this skill. It's easy to follow Russell.

Secret #5: There are three types of traffic

It doesn't matter how valuable your sales funnel or the value you add to it, traffic to your website is what matters most.

They won't come if you don't build them.

So that your business can be transformed, you'll discover the best traffic type.

Section Two: Your Communication Funnel

This section is important and not something you should skip. This section will teach you how to sell through proper communication.

Secret #6: Attractive Character

Your funnels should have an "attractive personality".

These attractive characters are people who know your target audience and have been there. You can also share a story about how your product solved their problems so that you can help them.

Being attractive is key to being a successful business owner. You'll be able to attract more qualified customers and people who are interested in what you offer.

Three main components are essential for creating an attractive character.

  • The Elements
  • The Identity
  • Storylines

Russell will teach you how to create a character that is attractive. Russell will show you how to communicate your stories effectively and identify them so they can sell more of your products and services.

Secret #7: The Soap Opera Sequence

This "secret" will allow you to build a connection between your target audience, and the appealing character via email.

This is a collection of email sequences that will help build the relationship. Russell is not the original creator of this method. He credits Andre Chaperon, who created Autoresponder Madness to the Soap Opera Email Sequence.

Russell discusses the five email templates he uses, which have helped him become an internet marketer.

Let's now take a look at the Soap Opera Sequence. Your subscribers will be able to benefit from it, thanks to its compelling storylines. People love stories. Your email sequences can be turned into stories that sell.

Secret #8: Daily Seinfeld Sequence

Russell Brunson will often say that the Seinfeld email format is key to keeping subscribers happy.

This email style creates excitement. This is done by sharing a part of your life and telling stories about the things that have happened to you.

These stories are a powerful way for you to connect with people and to sell.

These stories will ultimately lead to your product or service.

People love stories. If you strategically tell these stories to bring attention to your product or services, it's a win/win situation.

Learn how to create your daily Seinfeld sequence email and when to send it to your customers.

You can even get his daily Seinfeld sequences, and other scripts to help you!

Section Three: Funnelology

Although you may think you have learned all there is to know about sales funnels from the other sections of the book, there are many more. This was only a small sample of what you will learn in this section.

Learn how to make a funnel and how to use them to your advantage.

Here are the strategies and tactics you will use to create a high-converting funnel over and over again.

Secret #9: Reverse-Engineering A Successful Funnel

Internet marketing is all about understanding that there are no shortcuts. It is best to build on what works. This is the biggest mistake made by business owners.

Russell will teach you how to reverse engineer companies in your market, so you can achieve the same success as them in half the time.

This book contains powerful information!

You take a successful funnel and make it better.

Most entrepreneurs make the most common error when creating their sales funnel. They try to reinvent the wheel.

Do not do that. Instead, follow Rusell's instructions. Rusell will show you how to leverage the success of other businesses and how to improve it. You will be copying successful funnels and copying their Demographics, Ad copy, copies, Traffic sources and offers.

You should not copy what others are doing. This will only make you more trouble. Russell will guide you in building on the things that are working when you read the book.

These elements can be reversed to make them work for you. This section will be explained by Russell Brunson.

Secret #10: Seven Phases Of A Funnel

This article will reveal the secrets to creating the perfect page, offer, and traffic to drive sales.

This chapter is likely to be read several times.

Russell Brunson will help to make sure you understand all aspects of building your sales funnel and getting leads and visitors to trust you.

These seven stages of a funnel are important to fully grasp.

Secret #11: Twenty-Three Building Blocks of a Funnel

These building blocks will allow you to create a perfect funnel.

DotCom Secrets is much more than your typical business book. This book is more than just business advice.

This secret playbook will help you grow your sales funnels and build an online business.

Learn about landing pages and how to create them using the 7 phases of the book. With 23 examples of how to build sales funnels, you can be creating your own in no matter what stage you are at.

Secret #12: Frontend Vs. Backend Funnels

The most difficult part of the sales funnel selection process is choosing the right one.

This is a problem that many entrepreneurs struggle with. Even the most skilled marketers may struggle with this.

Your funnel should be targeted at qualified buyers.

DotCom Secrets, by Russell Brunson, will guide you through this whole process. He will show you how to select a funnel and how to use it at the frontend of your value ladders. He will show you examples of the value ladder funnel that he uses during the consideration stage and backend offers.

Secret #13: The Best Bait

This section will reveal the secrets that made Russell Brunson's businesses successful again and again. You will also find out about his mistakes.

This is a common mistake that marketers make. Failure is something that all entrepreneurs have to face and from which they can learn, and Russell was no exception.

You're likely to have many "ah-ha" moments. The information you will review is pure gold, and his strategies are all simple.

Russell Brunson knows the power of words. You can transform the way you do business by using certain words. One word can be enough to hook customers, regardless of industry or products or services.

Section 4: Funnels and Scripts

Russell dives deeper into his core funnels. Russell will discuss ClickFunnels, and then show you the exact funnel scripts he uses to grow his businesses.

Each one is broken down into three sections: Frontend, Middle, and Backend Funnels.

The following sections will be covered.

  1. Frontend Funnel- Two-Step - No Shipping Charge
  2. Frontend Funnel- A Self-Liquidating Deal
  3. Frontend Funnel- Continuity
  4. Middle Funnel- Perfect Webinar
  5. Middle Funnel- Invisible Perfect Webinar
  6. Middle Funnel- Product Launch
  7. Backend Funnel- High-Ticket, Three-Step Application

Section Five: ClickFunnels

Russell Brunson will show you how ClickFunnels can help you create sales funnels in the final section. This is the software that brought him millions.

DotCom Secrets Pros and Cons

The Pros Of DotCom Secrets Book

DotCom Secrets will help you discover your target market and find your dream clients. It will also help you identify the problem in your market, determine the best way to communicate it, and help you become an entrepreneur you always wanted to be.

It is actionable! This book is easy to use for people who struggle with putting words into action.

This book is filled with inspiring stories and example after example.

You will be able to increase your business' value. Additionally, you'll learn how to be a leader within your industry and what to do to create relationships.

The Cons of DotCom Secrets book

This section is pretty sparse, if we are being truthful.

To fully understand each section, it is likely you will need to read the book several times. Russell Brunson does an excellent job breaking it down, but there will be times when you get overwhelmed by the ideas.

This book is the perfect business book to help businesses leverage online marketing platforms.

What makes DotCom Secrets different from Expert Secrets and Traffic Secrets?

There are many differences between Dotcom Secrets & Expert Secrets.

This is the biggest difference

DotCom Secrets guides you through the steps of structuring your company. This book will show you how to communicate your message effectively and convey the value to make people want to purchase from you.

Expert Secrets will provide you with concrete examples, illustrations, stories, and strategies to reach these goals. It will help you find and express your true voice. It will allow you to create a loyal fan base, and show how you can make a difference in someone's life.

Traffic Secrets will show you how to drive traffic to your site. Learn about different traffic sources and how you can take advantage of them. Russell will share his story about how he lost his entire company by only using one source of traffic.

You'll be able to learn how to create a sales funnel that is successful by using the methods in all three books.

The funnel will also be targeted to increase traffic. You can't make sales without traffic. However, a sales funnel will help you increase sales.

You will need to use every step in this book to create an online business that is attractive and does the selling.


Russell Brunson's book is a wonderful example of real-world examples that will allow you to implement your ideas. He will help you to understand the basic building blocks and build your sales funnel around your ideal customer.

This book goes beyond building a sales funnel. This book is about creating a business that stands out from the rest. This is about helping you find customers who are interested in buying. This alone will lower your marketing costs and increase sales.

This book can help you succeed, whether you are an entrepreneur looking for ways to make your business more successful or you have one already. It's also attractive because you don't have to pay shipping.

Do You Need A Business Idea

Steady Calls is the #1 High Income Recommendation

Combine the skills taught in Russell Brunson’s DotCom Secrets book and digital real estate to create a powerful business.

This is a simple idea that doesn't require a lot of effort.

This is the fundamental concept of digital real property.

A website is what you will build. You can, for example, create a website about plumbing services in your town.

In a few months, you'll be able to rank on Google page one using SEO techniques.

You'll then be receiving calls from people searching for plumbing services.

Stay with me.

I'm sure you aren't a plumber. This is what makes it so wonderful.

These leads will be sold to local businesses who don't know how build websites, rank on Google or make calls.

There are many plumbers who are willing to pay top-dollar for quality leads. They know the value of these leads and are able to generate them on their own.

You need to have a certain skill. You will need to have this skill.

A plumbing lead is worth between $50 and $200. If you get only 10 calls per month, you can generate $5,000-$2,000 in income each month.

This is just one website. It is our goal to have as many sites as possible - hence, the term digital "real estate".

This type of business is so amazing because once you have done all the work and are ranked in Google, there's nothing else you need .... you don't even have to touch it!

Simple right?

I'm sure you don’t know how to rank websites, build websites or generate leads. What if you don't know how to find companies willing to pay you for the leads you generate?

We have you covered!

This is How You Can Learn Lead Generation Skills?

We recommend this course to show you how to create SEO-friendly websites that will help local businesses get customers.

This course will teach you how to work with local businesses and generate unlimited leads each week.

This course is extremely well-constructed and will provide you with all the skills that you need.

  • Build a lead generation website
  • How to choose the perfect market
  • Sales skills are essential
  • SEO
  • And much more

These exact skills have been instrumental in helping others to start their own lead generation businesses and generate income within six months. This program allows them to quit the 9-5 and gives them the freedom they have always wanted.

Are you fed up with living paycheck to paycheck and longing for a better future?

You have the opportunity to start your own business.

This course doesn't tell you what to do. This course will show you exactly what to do. It will help you take action and provide support along the way.

Access to a Facebook group will allow you to connect with other people like yourself and others who have used these techniques to create a successful digital real-estate company.

This is not all.

The creator of the course will be available for you to join him on a live phone call and learn from someone who has made six-figures with his digital real estate business.

Nothing is impossible in theory. These are the things you need to do in order to get your business off the ground.

It will be easy to grow your business online.

It's easy to start your own online business

You'll be the entrepreneur everyone wants to emulate if you combine the knowledge you have from this course with the storytelling techniques you'll learn about Russell in DotCom Secrets.

This will allow you to build your own sales funnel. It will not only help collect leads, but also generate sales. Giving customers a memorable experience.

This will undoubtedly increase your business exponentially.

Click here to learn how you can build your digital real estate empire.

You'll be guided through every step of the process, just like Russell Bruson did in his books. This eliminates the guesswork and confusion involved in building your business.

This is not something I can vouch for. You can learn how to grow your business online by watching the videos of former and current students who took the Digital Real Estate Course.

Are you ready for your own business? Click here for more information about starting your own lead generation company.


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