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The Ecom Good Life by Mikey Kass. FULL Dropshipping Course [Review 2022]

Everyone wants to live a happy life.

However, the definition of this is subjective.

However, people who want to make money online have a similar understanding of what this means.

The laptop lifestyle is the key to a happy life.

allows you to work from anywhere and whenever you like.

Dropshipping seems like an option. Dropshipping "gurus", who claim to have the secret to making millions online, are plentiful.

Mikey Kass is the man who can take you to the promised land.

He created the Ecom Good Life course. It's about helping young people grow their dropshipping businesses.

She claims she will reveal the top secrets and tips that can be used to make a six-figure income in just a few months.

But does he deliver?

After this course, you will be able to produce 6 figs in no time.

Most likely not.

However, I won't say the same thing and not give you reasons. Keep watching.

Introduction to Mikey

Mickey Kass, an 18-year old guy, has seen it all with his dropshipping company. Dropshippers face many challenges, including being chased by cops and seeing lawyers. It all began when he started making $150k per monthly when he was just 17. He then dropped out of highschool to move into a house in the Hollywood hills.

His parents became suspicious and accused him of running a fraudulent business. They hired lawyers to verify that his business was legitimate.
Kinda crazy, right?

Interviews were conducted with him and he answered that he "sells stuff on the internet" to make that amount of money.

Mikey made that amazing income for a year and decided to share his experience via the 'The Ecom Good Life’ course. He shares his journey and the success stories of others who have followed his steps.

Nate Lauer, for example, couldn't make any profits from his Facebook ads. He learned all the correct sell-up strategies and product strategies after a 30 minute phone conversation with Mikey. Nate was able to make $10k per month using the strategies he learned through Mikey. These are the same strategies that were taught in the course.

Mikey was a successful young man and has always longed to fulfill his Hollywood dreams. He was able to achieve his goal after three years of hard work.

Kass has almost 100K YouTube views and has 3.54K subscribers to his YouTube channel. His Instagram followers number 18.1K. He is not as well-known as some of the dropshippers who have courses. (But to be fair, Kass hasn’t been in this business for as long as these guys).


Please note: I am not an affiliate with Mikey Kass or any other course creator. My reviews are not paid.

What can you expect from the eCom Good Life?

Mikey Kass asserts that the eCom Good Life will give you the following:

  • Learn how to create your own profitable shops that sell your products.
  • How to choose the best products to sell to your customers.
  • Learn how to correctly conduct product research for the right market.
  • This guide will show you how to create and promote your product on Facebook.
  • This video will show you how to reach wholesale suppliers for your product.
  • To achieve success, you must adopt certain mindsets and habits.

What does the course claim to offer?

Mikey shared all of the knowledge he has accumulated from 4 years of dropshipping.

  • He demonstrates how he has a 65%+ success rate in finding new products.
  • He maintains a 40%-50% net profit on 6-figures per month.
  • Rapidly increasing to thousands of dollars per day
  • A walkthrough of how to create your own Shopify dropshipping store, which will go from $0 to potentially $10,000-$150,000/month (based on students results.)
  • Get the best product research and marketing strategies to scale your Shopify dropshipping shop.
  • Mikey explains how to have a balanced, high-quality life. He should be commended for including this section to his course. I don't think it is enough. It's difficult for me to comprehend what an 18-year old can know about living a balanced lifestyle. )

Let's find out what Mikey has in store for us with his course curriculum.

eCom Good Life Course Breakdown

Mickey shares his knowledge and experiences with dropshipping in the Ecom Good Life Course.

Facebook/Instagram Ads:

These videos will teach you market strategies that will get your ads noticed and bring you more customers.

Shopify Store Creation

This course will help you build and run a dropshipping business by using business models to sell the right product.

Award-Winning Product Research:

These videos will show you how to search for products using product research. This allows you to compare products and see which ones will yield the best results.


These videos will help you develop a better mindset to work in the industry and help you find the right team to grow your business.

Music Playlist

This is a great idea. You can create a course by including a playlist of music to keep you going.

You will also receive a playlist of music to help you stay motivated as you build your Shopify store. Mikey said it helped him, so it could help other people.

Does it Make Sense?

Mickey is a dropshipping entrepreneur who has been able to grow his business and become one of the most successful young entrepreneurs.

His course will help you grow your Shopify store, and make more money.

Are you a young entrepreneur who is looking to put your trust in an 18-year old?

Mikey claims his models and strategies have enabled him to make $653k in just 4 months. If you are really determined, you can achieve the same success.

This kid is amazing, I have to say. He still has so much to learn. I'm expecting great things. However, the online world has changed significantly since Mikey's first success. I bet he is learning and adapting right now just like all the other seasoned dropshippers.

It doesn't matter if what he teaches works for him in the past, it just means that it might work for you today.

Dropshipping is very different today. There was a lot of debate over dropshipping a few years back. It's still a viable online business model that can be profitable long-term.

There is no debate these days. It's not the best.

In a moment, I will tell you. Let's wrap it up.

His course doesn't have many reviews. I searched Reddit for Ecom Good Life reviews and found very few.

His lessons are not well-known. If you are new to dropshipping and eCommerce, it can be difficult to determine if Mikey's course has everything you need.

Most people don't have the $497 to invest in something that could be of use to them.

Having a few videos and a playlist (I don’t know what the playlist means)it doesn’t feel professional enough for someone who is trying to help people make business decisions in 2022.

He doesn't say why his course offers more value than other dropshipping courses on the internet. There are many.

So why would you choose him?

You have the final say. Do you want to believe him and trust in the outcome?

I discovered a better business model than the one I had been promised. It has allowed me to enjoy a luxurious ride with my own playlist over the last few years. It's also my top pick for anyone who wants to start an internet business in 2022.

Click here to learn more.

Yes, Show Me How!

Review Conclusion

Mikey Kass founded "The Ecom Good Life" to help entrepreneurs understand the intricacies of creating a 6-figure business. He shares his top tips for creating a Shopify store that is successful and achieving financial freedom. The $497 cost of the course seems high for those who want to learn dropshipping techniques.

Mikey also claims to be an expert in product research. If you take his course, you will never have a problem finding a product you want to sell again.
However, is this a good long-term investment? The Ecom Good Life course costs $497 for a set video. This does not include the cost of running ads on Facebook or Instagram.

As time passes, these are becoming more and more expensive. With all the chaos and confusion around, you might want to think about whether drop shopping would be a good option for you in 2020.
Are you ready to take on the risk?


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What do I like?

  • Good product research is important

  • Great training in Facebook and Instagram Ads.

What I didn’t like:

  • This course is not the most complete.

  • YouTube has a lot of great information.

  • This is not the best business model to use in 2021.

Dropshipping is the best way to make money online by 2021.

Dropshipping can seem like a quick fix for your financial woes.

You can sell products of other people, without ever touching the merchandise, and you get a cut. You do all the marketing.

Dropshipping millionaires are all over YouTube, giving their advice and showing off expensive cars.

It makes dropshipping look like a get-(very) rich-quick scheme.


It's amazing, just think about it. Consider the daily challenges you'll face such as time management and ad issues.

Dropshipping can be difficult if you're a complete beginner. It is important to take into account all the challenges that the industry presents, such as competition, finding the right product, or having enough money.

Dropshipping is a great way to expand and improve your ecommerce business.

Dropshipping is a great way to make money if you do your market research and are aware of the people you're selling to.

All of this is still a lot to do for a long time. Is it possible to have the financial freedom you desire and live the "good life" in 2021?

Interview with Sheesh! An interesting piece of information I discovered in a Sheesh Magazine interview. The article states that Mikey's shops were not profitable immediately or consistently. "It took me four months to get my first $10,000 monthly, and then I didn't make any money for almost a year."

This is a great insight into dropshipping.

It takes a lot to create and maintain a Shopify store. And let's not forget how expensive it becomes when you need to advertise your product. It's unrealistic to think that a $500 course will cover everything you need to know about dropshipping. You can easily spend $2k per course to continue your education.

Dropshipping can have many benefits, but these are the reasons I wouldn't recommend dropshipping in 2021.

  • Competition

You can be in fierce competition if others copy your winning ads, funnels, or products and make them their own.Amazon's low shipping times and competition also means you are in direct competition.Which would you prefer: Amazon with 1-3 day delivery or a dropshipper from China?

  • Identifying customers and products

Mikey acknowledged that despite all his expertise and success, he still only has a 65% success rate in product development.To sell, you must find the right product to reach the right audience at the right time.

  • Ads on Facebook (if blood = money Facebook Ads = vampires).

Facebook ads can be tricky.To get the highest ROAS, you need to be an expert.You must also compete for your audience's attention on Facebook.Profits are being reduced by FB ads, which is becoming increasingly expensive.

  • Clever shoppers

Customers are more sophisticated.Customers shop around for the best deal.Even if your ads are successful and get people's attention, they won't pull the trigger.They'll first check to see if your product is cheaper.

  • Fads and trends fade quickly

Because products quickly become outdated and out of fashion, there is a constant need to test new products.Customers are constantly looking for the next big thing, and this happens every day.This means that you are always looking for new products.It can be exhausting!

Is there a business model that can answer all of the questions in an uncertain 2021?

Dropshipping is still a popular business model. Dropshipping is as popular as affiliate marketing, digital marketing, and Amazon FBA.

It doesn't necessarily mean that it is trending will be a sure way to succeed. This simply means that a lot of people are interested. This also means there is more competition.

There are millions of opportunities on the internet that can be used to invest and get the results you desire.

The question is: Which one should you choose?

The End is in the Here:

  • What time do you have?

  • Are you limited by your budget? How much are you willing spend to see results?

  • Are there any customers who are interested in the products or services you offer?

  • Is the business model right for you? Is it going to bring you any job satisfaction?

To make the best business decisions for 2020, you need to conduct a lot of market research.

Dropshipping, Amazon FBA and affiliate marketing are all options I've tried.

For me, there is one clear choice that makes sense in 2021.

Local Lead Generation is a clear winner biz model that I can highly recommend. Since 2014, it has kept me happy since my start.

Local Lead Generation has given me excellent results. I have enjoyed the freedom of working only a few hours per day and making a living at home.

You could not ask for more.

While there are some drawbacks to local lead generation, I believe the pros outweigh them. Here's why:

  • 1. TIME!

To rank your website at the top of Google, it takes only 10-15 hours per week over 3-6 months.Dropshipping is twice as time, contrary to what you may have heard.Your ROI will be lower.

  • 2. Low maintenance

It runs almost entirely on autopilot once the site ranks.This gives you the opportunity to move on to the next lead generation.The next.Dropshipping requires daily Ad Campaign maintenance, as well as the hassle of searching for new products.

Local lead gen does NOT require constant tinkering. Your sites will run automatically once you rank.

  • 3. Low competition

People cannot copy your marketing, unlike Facebook and other Social Media Ads. Dropshipping sites can also be copied, which is a problem. You need to have high-level skills and time to rank in order reach the top position on Google. This keeps the competition away.

  • 4. Marketing for FREE

Ranking sites on Google is free, while Facebook and other Ads cost a lot to get leads.

  • 5. Local support

Local Lead Gen helps you support local businesses instead of Chinese suppliers.This helps to build small businesses, the economy, and the community.

  • 6. Customers for life

Many local businesses you will be competing with don't have any knowledge of digital marketing. It's easy to rank them. Your clients will love you because you are an expert in your field. Your clients will be loyal to you.

Local lead generation is the best option.

It is easy to make your first lead generation website. A site can be created in less than four hours.

It's easy and quick to master the art of ranking. You can then relax and watch the money come in each month.

Here's a sample of a lead generation site I created in 2014. It is still the number one site in both the organic search and map packs.

My Grand Rapids Tree site has been bringing in $2k per month since 2014 with very little maintenance.

This is amazing!

Imagine starting with one and growing it to 20, 30, 40, or 50.

How does local lead generation work? Here's a quick summary:

You build digital real property (lead generation sites) and then rent these properties to local businesses. You receive a monthly check in return from your clients.

Here are some benefits of local lead generation:

  • High demand services. Every business needs more leads.

  • Recession proof Because every business will ALWAYS require more customers/clients.

  • Loyal clients. Why would they ever lose you if you continue to bring them new business?

  • PASSIVE INCOME = LOW MAINTENANCE + MOMENTAL RETAINER Every month, you are guaranteed a regular income.

  • Lead Gen has the potential to scale your business.

You see why lead generation is my preferred business model?

There is no competition!

You want to learn more? Scroll down to find the link.


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