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Ecom Warrior Academy by Matt Lepre. Legit dropshipping course? FULL review (2022)

This is my honest and unaffiliated review about Ecom Warrior Academy.

I had no idea what to do when I thought about taking this course. Not even Lepre.

However, I was able to see the bold claims he made.

"How would it feel to create a 6-figure Ecommerce business with very little risk and make sales in 30 days, even if you don't have any previous experience? "

I also saw his mug in the news once.

He shared that he had made $150K/mo dropshipping after three years and that he felt it was his calling to help others do the same so they could be free to do what he loves.

(At that time, he was looking for an assistant to help him travel around the world.

This is how the course was created.

Is it too good to be true?

I'm a detective at heart, so I got my Sherlock and set out to find out.

It was wonderful, I can tell right now. I did have to ignore certain red flags from time to time.

Here's my Ecommerce Warrior Academy review. I'll explain the course content and share my findings.

This course is for you if you are interested.

Introduction to Matthew

Matthew Lepre, an Australian online entrepreneur based in Sydney, is Matthew Lepre. Matthew Lepre's words:

"The internet has changed my life completely. Today, I have two multi-million-dollar businesses and the freedom to create the life I want - spending more of my time.

With my family, I take a few more vacations each year and have enough money in the bank so that I know I will be okay in case of a "rainy day."

Matthew Lepre began his journey completely broke and worked from his laptop in Western Sydney. He built a number of highly profitable Ecommerce businesses that each made six figures each month.

Matt spent many thousands of dollars studying from the best and testing strategies. He also developed the perfect "start-to-finish" plan to build a profitable Ecommerce store, without having any prior experience.

Matthew has a large social media following with over 69K Youtube subscribers. He also has 719,058 total viewers. His official Facebook page has nearly 17K likes and close to 18K following. He also has 275K Instagram users who enjoy his lifestyle and travel photos.

However, I must point out that his Instagram and YouTube channels have seen a decline in popularity since last year. In the last few months, he has lost approximately 21K IG fans (which is quite a bit).

His YouTube channel does not provide much educational content, which is something I noticed, unlike his Dropshipping "gurus". His videos tend to be more promotional and sell his lifestyle. His most popular video has more than 211K views, while his latest upload (October 18, 2020) only has 2K views.

Matthew has over 69K subscribers, but it is difficult for him to reach over 2,000 viewers.

Do you find that a little sketchy?

It makes me wonder, if people click on his videos expecting to learn something and end up disappointed.

This is the kind of thing that makes one wonder if you can really expect to gain value from the course.


Please note that I am not associated with Matthew Lepre or Ecom Warrior Academy in any way. Unaffiliated reviews are those that I write about courses and course creators for free. My honest opinion is all that I have.

What can you expect from the Ecommerce Warrior Academy?

  • How to create your online store using dropship?
  • This guide will walk you through the entire dropshipping process, from start to finish.
  • Plenty of value for beginners (Matthew designed this course with them in his mind)
  • Matt shows you how Matt gets started on Shopify.
  • Access to all course videos for life. New videos are added each month.
  • Dropshippers with more experience can take advanced training
  • Matt also offers social media marketing tips to drive buyers to your site
  • Learn about branding, shipping, logistics, customer service, and how to deal with them.

It appears that Ecom Warrior Academy's course content is the same as any other dropshipping course. It is up to you to decide if it is worth the cost.

Ecom Warrior Academy Overview

Is Ecom Warrior Academy a fraud?

This book teaches you how start a Dropshipping Business using Shopify.

Is Ecom Warrior Academy really worth the $4K?

The problem is that you don't know what you're getting yourself into before you start the course. The landing page at Ecom Warrior Academy doesn't give you any information about the course.

There is no outline of the course, no information about what you will learn or how it will be presented. You can also expect it to be in a PDF file.

Price is not mentioned on the website, which is arguably the most important thing. )

Instead, you will see all the Call To Action banners prompting you click to get more information.

After clicking on one of the green links, you will be taken to your online training.

Matthew gives a 42-minute marketing presentation as part of the free online training. You will notice that I called it a "marketing presentation" but not a training session. ....well doesn't teach anything.

Dropshipping is a process that involves delivering information to customers. This information does not qualify as training. Instead, he promotes eCommerce and how it can transform your life.

Matthew begins the "6 Figure Ecommerce" training by identifying three groups that will benefit: employees who work 9-5, students at university/college, and entrepreneurs looking to make more money.

Matthew will then tell you about his life and give you a glimpse into his "living the-dream lifestyle."

This is a way to make you think about how your Lepre's lessons could lead you to driving down the street in your Lambo one day.

Matthew's students share their success stories in this delightful montage.

Matthew informs you 18 minutes into the training that he will share his 3-step system to "... generating millions of dollars every year. Matthew explains why eCommerce has become so popular and recommends that beginners begin with dropshipping.

At 28 minutes, he moves on to the "good stuff" and explains his 3-step system. Matthew explains the three pillars that he is focusing on but not how to put them in place or how to use them. He spends only 4 minutes explaining the 3-step process before moving on to the sales pitch to convince you to sign up.

The intake form for 6-Figure Ecommerce Mentoring is opened. Although I understand the need to have an email address in order to be added to a mailing list for you, this form also asks for your income and phone number. This is clearly an automated sales funnel that separates the wheat from the chaff.

For example, if you submit that you have $500 to invest in your self, you will receive a message stating that your application was rejected for the mentoring program. Instead, they recommend that you join the Millionaire Mastermind, which costs $49 and seems to be a mindset mentoring programme.

You still don't know what Ecom Warrior Academy means. What is the course? Or a mentoring program. What is the cost of it?

Next Step: You can expect a sales call

Only during the call will you get a true sense of Matthew's Ecom Warrior Academy. It is a combination course and mentoring program with an investment fee of approximately $4,000.

Matthew created the need for people to go through so many hoops in order to obtain a course/program they don't know ...?.

Step 1: Go to the site.

Step 2: View the "training" video.

Step 3: Complete the application form.

Step 4: Get a call.

Step 5: Access the course and mentorship.

It is strange that the course doesn't have a website.

Does it make sense?

We need to ask a few questions: Is it a course? It is a mentorship program or a course? Is it a combination of both?

Only after you call will you know. If you indicate that you have at least a few thousand dollars to spend on yourself, you'll also get the information.

Recap of Ecom Warrior Academy

  • An course for beginners.
  • Access to training videos for life
  • Learn how to create your shopify store and search for products.
  • How to market your store via social media
  • Training in branding, shipping, logistics and customer service.
  • Each month, new training videos are created.
  • You have access to a student community that allows you to interact with other students.

This might seem like a good deal to a beginner. But for $4k, you should expect much more.

What you can expect from the mentoring side of the Program?

  • Two group Q&A mentoring calls per month. You can ask any questions you have and get immediate help if you need it.
  • Access to the Facebook Mastermind Community for life. This is where you can make connections and establish relationships with fellow online millionaires and students.
  • Unlimited mentoring and support via email Anytime you require assistance or support, you can reach out to us.
  • 1-on-1 strategy consultation, where you receive one-on-one assistance from Stallon Zyya (Lepre’s associate), to help you decide on your first product.
  • Live growth and feedback calls every day with direct access to Stallon. He will answer all your questions and offer support.

The mentorship program may be more valuable than the course content, but you don't get direct access to Matthew. Mentorship is offered through a consultation and feedback call with Stallon Zayya as well as via email and community support.

For a course that isn't around that long, $4k seems a lot. The course also relies on dropshipping, which I believe is no longer viable.

You can find my top business option if you are curious below.

Yes, Show Me How!

Ecom Warrior Academy Policy

You would be interested to know what the refund policy for eCom Warrior Academy is, given their high cost.

Their website states that they offer a full refund. However, there are some requirements to be eligible for this refund.

Before you set up your shiny new eCom Warrior Academy login, I suggest that you become familiar with them.

Review Conclusion

When there isn't enough information, it can be difficult to make an informed investment in a course. If I didn't know what I was getting into, $200 would be a lot to spend on a course. You can decide whether to gamble with $4K. That's not all. Marketing will cost you another $2K, so be aware of that.

This is the case for Ecom Warrior Academy. The salesperson you speak to over the phone will tell you what the program is. These people are trained to convince you to spend your money so they will try to sweet-talk you.

Once you have made the investment and received the training, everything you need to start a dropshipping business is possible. You can find the exact same information, and better, at a fraction the price elsewhere. There are courses that offer the exact same content for as little as $200.

Ecom Warrior Academy is a great investment. The salespeople say it's because of the mentorship and advice that you will receive. There are no guarantees that your success will be as great as Matthew's.

What do I like?

  • These are the essential lessons and easy-to-follow steps to get you started.
  • Every month, new lessons are added.

What I didn’t like:

  • Information regarding Ecom Warrior Academy cannot be found readily.
  • There are too many hoops to jump through in order to reach the course.
  • Matthew Lebre's success in dropshipping is not well documented.
  • This program is very expensive.
  • This is not the best online business model for 2022.

Ecom Warrior Academy, Social Commentary

Once I have made my own decisions about a course, it is always interesting to hear what others think.

I came across some information about eCom Warrior Academy via Trustpilot and Reddit, which I thought was worth sharing.

Ecom Warrior Academy Review on Reddit

It was quite quiet here. Although I didn't hear any complaints from anyone who took the course, which is great, I did find one Redditor who was satisfied with their purchase.

It is vital to have the right support. This is something I cannot stress enough.

Overall, however, I was shocked that there wasn’t more buzz about the course. This section will be updated if I find any additional information about Ecom Warrior Academy via Reddit.

Ecom Warrior Academy Review on Trustpilot

This is when things began to get worse.

Honestly, I wish these reviewers were more specific about what their eCom Warrior complaints were.

However, I know from personal experience that when you are considering investing thousands in a course, you don't want to hear the word "scam" being used to describe it.

Dropshipping is a viable option for you in 2022

Dropshipping has received a lot of attention over the past few years. There are many opinions on dropshipping. Dropshipping experts will convince you of the superior business model if you follow them.

This might have been true in 2016 but has seen a lot of change since then. You must make an informed decision before you decide to open an online store that is based on dropshipping. This means knowing the pros and cons of dropshipping, as well as comparing it with other online business models.

In 2020, eCommerce was a huge success, partly due to the decline of traditional retail. This means that now is the best time to get into eCommerce and open a dropshipping business.

Many people would agree that dropshipping is a good idea, as there are many positive indicators. Dropshipping is a business model that has serious drawbacks.

Dropshipping can be difficult . Some say it takes months. Others claim it takes a year. Would you have the capital to continue building your brand? It takes time to build a brand. That's the key to eCommerce success.

Smarter shoppers: There is increasing evidence that online shoppers shop around to find the best deals. They don't fall for the clever marketing tricks. They will always search for the best deal, even if it takes them longer. Take a look at Exhibit A.

Revenue vs. Profits: Gurus make it appear that they make thousands of dollars each month. But what they really show you is their gross revenue and not their net profit. Dropshipping has a very low ROI. Profit margins are usually between 5% to 20%, if you're lucky. If you sell $20K in sales per month, and have a 10% profit margin, you will take home $2K at month's end.

Flippa has a Flippa store that you can see the evidence of. It has only 12.6% net profit and has been in operation for 4 years.

If you want to keep up with the latest trends in dropshipping, you need to be constantly looking for new products. This is a tedious, never-ending process that consumes a lot of time. Time = money. )

Customers don't want their products to be delayed for weeks because shipping from China is too slow. It is important to look for suppliers who are local, have quality products, can ship large quantities of products, and are able to handle packaging and shipping. This will result in lower profits as the local suppliers products are more expensive.

You will need to excel in marketing and specialize in various online advertising platforms by 2021. Facebook Ads are a complicated process. You can expect to see a 90% increase in your annual revenue.

There's also email marketing, re-targeting, placing orders, shipping issues, chargebacks, after sales and additional costs that no one discusses such as Shopify Apps subscriptions

Shopify, the payment gateways and FB Ad Manager have issues that can cause your account to be suspended without warning or explanation .

Dropshipping is a problematic business model. There are other online business models available that won't need you to deal with these issues.

Dropshipping: Is there an alternative?

There are many options for online businesses, but dropshipping isn't the best option for 2022.

Local lead generation is my recommendation for the best online opportunity in 2021. Since 2014, I have been creating and ranking lead generation sites and renting them out. It has been my most profitable business model year after year without fail.

Dropshipping, affiliate marketing and Amazon FBA have all been tried with mixed results. However, none of these options can provide the same Return on Investment as lead generation.

Here's an example from one of my first lead generation sites, which still makes me $2K per month.

Local lead generation offers many advantages over other online business models, particularly dropshipping.

  • It's not a business model that is influenced by fashion trends, fashion, or seasonality. It performs consistently month after month, and it will continue to do so as long as the services you generate leads will be required.
  • Lead generation is not a business model that's influenced by fashion trends, fashion or other seasonal trends. It performs consistently, month after month, and will continue to do this because the services that you generate leads will always be required.
  • This business requires less effort than most other businesses. You don't deal with shippers, manufacturers, regulatory companies, or customer issues. You work with a select group of clients.
  • You have very low overheads and can expect higher profit margins than other online businesses. You also have very low upfront costs.
  • There are no marketing costs. Google provides organic traffic for free. There are no daily advertising expenses. You can rank at the top and stay there with very little tweaking or maintenance.
  • Market saturation is not something you need to worry about. There are many small businesses that are desperate for leads and you are not restricted to an area.
  • If done right from the beginning, local lead generation can be stable and requires little maintenance. This makes it an excellent passive income source.

Get started with Lead Generation

The Ecom Warrior Academy course has many great benefits. Dropshipping as an option for a business model is not something I can say.

My opinion is that there is no competition. For 2022 and beyond, lead generation is my top business choice. It brings in $50k per month and keeps growing year after year. For more information, click the link.


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