July 23


Eddy Miranda – Network Marketing – Is It Worth It? [2021 Review]

Eddy Miranda hopes to make MLM great once again. (Wait! Was it ever?) Here's how: by offering network marketing coaching "that tailors successful methods to your skillset so you can stop wasting your sanity and money on funnels that never work." Is it legit? How much does it cost? Scroll down to read my Eddy Miranda review.

Eddy is grateful to have the opportunity to help network marketers push product and grow their downline in today’s market. Eddy states in his pitch video that "my mission is to change how this industry is seen." After signing up for their upline, network marketers are often left alone and left to do it on their own. They don't know how to succeed."

They default to the same routine that top earners do: memory jogging and hotel meetings. They give up because it yields very little to no results and is as much fun as having your teeth pulled. They never had a chance of building a team. Lucky for you, Eddy's here to save the day.

In just one year, he and his wife had recruited 1,800 people to their company. They have the company car, company stock and even become founding members of their company. In addition to the $100,000 monthly sales, they also own the company car. They did all this while disregarding their sponsor's outdated advice.

What is Mrs. Miranda's secret to success? Eddy claims it has nothing to do the purchase of shiny new software or courses. It's not about spending $10k on a marketing funnel that will do the job for you. Instead, it's about letting someone else build your business while you watch Breaking Bad.

It's not about finding the right coaches. Eddy says that this is what top producers share in common. They recognize the power of mentorship, and seek out guidance from experts who have achieved the results they desire. As you may have guessed, he is willing to help you fill that void. They would love to share everything they have done to overcome the odds and create a wonderful life through network marketing.

All their social media strategies were tested. These are the exact mindset strategies that kept them motivated every day. How they present themselves to be considered an authority. How they approach prospects and get people to sign up. You can create endless leads with Facebook ads. Automated funnels to filter out time-suckers, tire kickers and cash-strapped. Sales scripts for phone closes. Eddy is there to guide you through every step with weekly live support.

Eddy stated, "I want you to get over every hurdle so that you can implement everything" and become a successful network marketing professional. He adds that once you have his blueprints and frameworks, swipes, support, and backing, it's virtually impossible to lose. Unfortunately, he will not tell you how much one-on-one coaching cost until you schedule a call with his team. My guess is between five and ten grand.

Eddy and his wife are fine with me. His non-hyperbolic messaging was actually a plus. Multilevel marketing is not cool or ethical in my opinion. You can do better with better odds. You're proud to be a part of it. Everybody wins It won't be shut down in six months. Check out the video below.


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