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Facebook Ad Account Disabled, How to Fix It!

Banned your Facebook Ad account? It was quickly rejected? You were quickly turned down

What should you do?

Let's say you tried to create an account on Facebook using the friend's account. You were immediately banned.

It's called the digital footprint. Facebook doesn't play any games with this. They track so many factors to identify advertisers who have been banned and then reban them as fast as possible.

Facebook's primary goal is to improve the user experience. They don't care about small advertisers who might be running ads that could hurt the user experience.

Advertisers have a problem because they can make a small error and send Facebook to exile.

This guide will show you how to create a new Facebook ad account that leaves no digital footprints. You can then start running ads again.

What do I need to know? How do I know this?

You will encounter problems when you start to scale large numbers of Facebook Ads. This can be due to a variety of reasons.

You may have inadvertently violated their Facebook Ads Policy.

Although you did everything right, Facebook will eventually exhaust large parts of your audience if you spend a lot of money on ads.

Also known as ad fatigue.

When more people see the same ad they click "Hide Ad" and "Report Ad".

Every time someone reports or hides an ad, it damages your ad accounts and lowers the trust factor. If this continues, Facebook's algorithm may decide to close your entire account.

"Your ad account was flagged for policy violations. All ads that you are running have been disabled. Please contact us if you think this is an error.

You can be shut down even if your ad is clean. This happens when you run large numbers, which gives your audience more chances to vote down your ad.

You can appeal the ban but Facebook support is 9/10 useless. They are not willing to listen or be reasonable about why your account should be restored. They don't care a damn.

Let's get to it. Create new FB ad account that you can control and allow you run ads again as if you were never banned.

The first thing you need to know is that your Ad Account has a Trust Grade

Okay, so it's not only your ad account that has been closed down. Facebook also keeps track of your identity to make sure you don't run ads with another account.

Facebook tracks many factors that can be used to identify you. These include your IP address and credit cards. We will discuss all of these factors below, as well as how to get you a new version. This will ensure you don't leave any digital footprints.

Some might ask, "Do I really need all this?"

Yes and no.

You might be able to open a new account and run ads without having to do all the work.

What you may not have known is that the more trust you get on your ad accounts, the longer your account will last.

Every factor that you fail to get right will lower your trust score and could result in your account being banned within 1-2 weeks.

This list includes the most important things they are tracking, which you will want to ensure you do correctly.

1. Brand New Facebook Account

This is an obvious one, but it's important to know what type of Facebook ads accounts you have.

First, if your business manager account was banned and you have one of your ad account blocked, you can still run ads on your other accounts but your trust score for the entire BM account is much lower. Ad accounts may also be removed from your account.

You can access 5-10 business manager accounts continuously. Once you have about 5 ad accounts suspended you can use each BM account to continue using them. Then you can just replace it with a brand new BM account.

First, if you create a new Facebook Ad account from scratch it has very low trust values.

You need a Facebook account for advertising that has been used for at least one year.

Friends and family can still use your account, but you will lose it.

Craigslist is what I use. It costs me about $50-100 to access their FB ad account.

Ask for their ID and Password. Also, ask them to send you a photo of their driver's licence. This is going to be necessary later.

2. Brand New IP Address (NOT via VPS)

After trying many VPS, I had to learn this lesson the hard way. My new accounts were quickly banned.

Facebook is able to tell the difference between VPS IP address and real, land-line IP address.

An IP address is a real person's internet access at their home. This seems to be the most trusted factor according to all my tests.

It is amazing to think of how many people have attempted to hide their IP addresses at this point in order to unban themselves.

VPS and other IP masking services are great for trust, but having an actual IP address at someone's house is even better.

These IP addresses can be obtained in 2 ways.

Method #1

Let's suppose you have a friend who has never run Facebook ads before.

First, you buy a laptop at a low price of $100-$200

Refurbished laptops can be purchased on eBay for a very low price

Send the Laptop to a friend's house. Tell them to turn the laptop on and to install Teamviewer.

Teamviewer gives you remote access to the laptop from any computer.

You can leave your laptop on at all times.

Now you have access to a computer with a new legit IP address. This is the computer that you will use to create your new FB ad accounts.

Even better, you could use the Facebook ad account from your friend who actually lives in that house. Facebook has kept a history of that house and its IP address login and out of that Facebook account over time.

Facebook is now certain that this account is genuine and not a fake one that was snatched by someone to run ads.

Method #2

Many internet providers offer multiple IP addresses. For example, I had comcast Xfinity, and I was able, with their business internet service to get 35 IP addresses.

I had 7 laptops connected to my modem via Ethernet. Each laptop had its own IP address. A legitimate land-line IP address that is trustworthy and not VPS junk.

Craigslist was used to create a Facebook account for someone else. I would then log in from these laptops. Make sure to take a photo ID of the person you are registering for.

This error message may appear from time to time. It is caused by the IP address of your laptop business account IP changing from their home IP to yours.

"Due to unusual activity, your ads account was flagged. All ads that you are running will be stopped until you contact Facebook to confirm your account information.

You will need to upload a photo of your ID to Facebook. Your account will then be available in 2 to 3 days.

3. Neue Ad Materials

You can harm your trust score by using the same ad copy and images. The following is a list of all the elements that you should be looking out for in an ad.

  1. 1
    Use different ad images
  2. 2
    Use different ad copy
  3. 3
    You won't ever use the same pixel again (make a new pixel, gather data again, it isn't a big deal)
  4. 4
    Use a new domain for the landing page in your ad

You want to be able to advertise as another advertiser. Your landing page content may still be the same. However, it might help to have that updated from time to time, but not after every ban. This would be too laborious and other advertisers might use similar landing pages so they won’t ban one at once.

4. Get New Credit Cards

You should not use the same credit card that you used to ban your account.

You can keep the card with the same name, but the number must be a new one.

You can report the card stolen or get a new card with a different number.

You can also open a business account and issue employee credit cards to your bank (I use Bank of America).

VCCs have very low trust values. I've had a lot of problems using VCCs.

5. Scale Slowly

Although there is no set speed at which you should scale, I prefer to go slowly, perhaps 20-30% less ad spend per daily.

I also like to limit the amount of ad spend that I can rack up on one account.

My personal approach was to limit ad spending per account to $3K per month, until the account ages for 2 to 3 months. Then increase to $5K per month.

I would rather spend more $$ on ads if there were multiple accounts.

It would be even better to have multiple business managers accounts on separate IP addresses, which I can access through teamviewer.


Facebook can ban ads accounts, even if you follow their Ad policy to the letter.

Overtime, your audience will report your ads as spam. If you have too many, your trust score drops. The automated algorithm will ban your account.

Facebook has never been as helpful in unbanning my ads accounts.

Many people waste time creating new ads accounts, which are then banned in a matter of days.

Facebook uses multiple methods to keep a digital foot print on users.

This guide will help you get a new ad account that leaves no footprints and will last much longer if you follow it to the T.

In the end, I have branched out to create more long-term traffic by ranking websites on Google using SEO rather than just using Facebook ads.

Relying on Facebook ads was too volatile for me.

How to generate leads using Google's Search Engine, and make $50K per month?

This is my main business.

These are simple websites I rank for local businesses. They pay me monthly for it.

These are my websites.

Facebook cannot ban me from my account without my permission. My business is halted.

Ranking on Google brings you more consistent and stable traffic.

They are more stringent than ever in 2020, particularly after recent privacy scandals that Mark Zuckerberg is fighting.

It's not a good idea to enter businesses such as dropshipping and affiliate marketing that depend on Facebook ads.

My recommendation: Learn how to get traffic from Google.

This coaching program will show you how to do it. Continue reading...


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