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Harvey Weinstein Net Worth

Harvey Weinstein's Net Worth:

Net Worth: $25 million

Age: 68

Born: March 19, 1952

Country of origin: United States of America

Source for Wealth: Film Producer/Director

Film Production Company: Miramax Films & The Weinstein Company

Ex-Wives: First Wife Eva Clinton, Second Wife Georgina Chapman

Last Updated: 2021


Harvey Weinstein, who was a co-founder and former movie producer and mogul, is now a convicted sex offender and sentenced to 23 year imprisonment.

Miramax Films was founded using money from the concert promotion business he and his brother Bob built.

Miramax has been producing award-winning films since its inception, including "Good Will Hunting" (1997) and "Frida" (2002), as well as The Aviator (2004).

Harvey Weinstein, then living in Miramax, married Eve Clinton in 1986.

Weinstein's career was halted when female film industry workers began to accuse him in 2017 of sexual misconduct.

He was fired from his company after this scandal involving his sexuality revealed his exceptional contributions and achievements.

Early life

Weinstein was born on March 19, 1952. He grew up in New York City with his brother Bob Weinstein. They founded Miramax in 1979. He was a powerful and influential producer.

Harvey Weinstein graduated in 1973 from New York State University at Buffalo.


Harvey and his brother Bob own 42% of Miramax. Since 2005, they have been co-chairmen at their film production company.

The Weinstein brothers produced many award-winning films, including Shakespeare in Love, which won him an Academy Award, 7 Tony Awards, and musicals and plays such as August: Osage County and Billy Elliot the Musical.

Their Miramax company produced some of the most memorable films, including Pulp Fiction and Good Will Hunting. The Weinstein Company produced excellent films like The Imitation Game and The Butler, Inglorious Bastards.

The British film industry recognized Weinstein and made him Commander of the Order of the British Empire for his outstanding contributions.

Harvey Weinstein's career received a lot of praise, but it was also heavily criticized.

Weinstein's Oscar campaign was one of his most controversial activities. This caused the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMMA) to ban such campaigns.

Weinstein's brutality and violence are well-known facts in the film industry. Weinstein allegedly put a New York Observer reporter in a headlock out of a party.

Julie Taymor, the director, and her husband had a dispute with Weinstein about her Frida movie's screening test screening. Weinstein then publicly criticized and humiliated them both.

Rumours also claimed that he fought Sydney Pollack over the release of The Reader, his movie about Pollack's deathbed.

Weinstein, publicly disapproving of the extradition of Roman Polanski from Switzerland into the United States in 2009 over allegations that he had sex with a 13-year-old boy in 1977.

New York Post film critic Kyle Smith indicted Harvey Weinstein for producing anti-Catholic films such as The Priest (1994), The Butcher(1997), Magdalene’s Sisters ((2002), and Philomena (2013).


Harvey Weinstein's greatest achievements include the following:

  • Britannia Award for Excellence in Film. Britannia Awards (1996)
  • Producers Award, Gotham Awards 1997
  • Saturn Awards Special Award (2003)
  • Producers Guild of America Awards, Milestone Award (2013)

How Did Harvey Weinstein Make His Money?

Bob, his brother, used the concert promotion money to fund Miramax's founding in 1979 with Harvey.

Miramax's 1989 film, "Sex, Lies, and Videotape", was a major breakthrough for the company and went on to become one of its most successful films.

In 1993, Miramax was acquired by the Walt Disney Company.

Nevertheless, the Weinstein brothers were able to retain their creative and financial freedom up until 2005 when they joined the Walt Disney Company.

The Weinstein Company, an independent film studio located in New York City, was founded by the couple in 2005. Weinstein was fired in 2017 after dozens of women made sexual harassment claims against him.

The Weinstein Company's Top-Grossing Films

  1. Django Unchained
  2. The King's Speech
  3. Sliver Linings Playbook
  4. Inglorious Bastards
  5. The Butler
  6. The Imitation Game
  7. Scary Movie 4
  8. Paddington
  9. 1408
  10. Halloween
  11. Good Will Hunting

What Films Has Harvey Weinstein Produced?

Weinstein was the director of many award-winning and popular films, including 'Shakespeare In Love' and 'Gangs of New York'.

However, his recent film Tulip Fever was a disaster.

According to IMDB data Harvey has 328 credits as a producer and executive producer of TV and film. Weinstein also funded other projects.

What's next for The Weinstein Company?

Variety reports that Lantern Capital, a Texas-based private equity firm, closed the $289 million purchase of the former powerhouse. This was months after Harvey Weinstein has expelled from the film industry for a series of explicit allegations of sexual misconduct.

Harvey Weinstein's Homes and Real Estate

Harvey and Georgina Chapman owned multiple properties and real estate worth millions of dollars.

A few days before the scandal became public, they sold a house for $1.65million.

Two other homes in Connecticut are valued at $7 million to $8.5million each. They hosted a massive fundraiser for Obama in 2012.

Harvey Weinstein's former Westport, Conn. home, which he bought for $1.65million.

Weinstein's former Westport, Conn. home, which he bought for $1.65million.

Weinstein and Chapman sold their second home, a 9,000-square foot Hampton home on the seaside in Amagansett. It was not available for sale at previous asking prices of $ 128million and $ 135million.

Harvey Weinstein's 9,000 sq. ft. in Amagansett Hamptons.

Harvey Weinstein's Amagansett home is fully furnished

Harvey Weinstein's Amagansett home has one of its living rooms featuring multiple Academy Award statues.

Variety reports that Weinstein and Chapman purchased a New York City townhouse for $ 15,000,000 in 2007. Weinstein also paid $ 155 million to buy a Beverly Grove house for one of his children.

Harvey Weinstein's Causes & Political Donations

Harvey Weinstein is a long-standing supporter of progressive politics and democratic politics.

He told the Hollywood Reporter last April that he and Jay Z were planning to collaborate on a movie about Trayvon Martin. They also plan to create a private foundation named for Weinstein's mother. This foundation supports all, "from LGBT to women’s rights, more female directors, the National Endowment of the Arts."

Business Insider reports that Weinstein contributed $23 million to political candidates and committees of the Democratic Party since 2000.

Numerous government officials, including U.S. Presidents Elizabeth Warren and Cory Booker, and Chuck Schumer, were beneficiaries of Weinstein's donations. They also announced recently that they would donate these donations to groups and organizations that support women.

Weinstein was a strong supporter of both the Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama campaigns. Both issued statements condemning Weinstein and praising the courage and bravery displayed by the victims.

Weinstein offered to donate $5 million to USC's School of Cinematic Arts to support scholarships for women directors. However, the school declined the offer.

Rutgers University in New Jersey, however, is not planning to return the $ 100,000 donation that was made by the Weinstein Foundation for equality for women.

Harvey Weinstein's Influence

Hollywood and media people have been afraid of Weinstein for decades. The Guardian stated in 2012 that Weinstein was a man whom people are reluctant to discuss or even skeptical.

After the revelations of sexual abuse, journalists were encouraged to tell their Weinstein stories. This helped expose Weinstein's use of power, wealth, and intimidation to conceal his crimes against women victims.

Rebecca Traister, a New York writer, shared a story from 2000. Weinstein called her "c ***" and she knocked down Andrew Goldman, a fellow journalist, before dragging him down Main Street.

"Harvey was able to spin-and/or suppress anything; there were so Many Journalists on his payroll, either as film project consultants or screenwriters or for his magazine," Traister wrote.

Tina Brown, New Yorker editor, and Talk magazine founder wrote,

Marianne Garvey, an ex-New York Daily News gossip editor, recalls an instance in which Harvey Weinstein tried to force her hand by manipulating her with big celebrity names like Oprah Winfrey or Jennifer Lopez.

Harvey Weinstein was known for his willingness to take legal action against anyone who wasn't in his favor, as a way of intimidating and displaying his power. Reps for Weinstein said that he had plans to sue The New York Times. Ronan Farrow (the journalist who reported on the New Yorker expose) revealed that Weinstein threatened to sue him personally.

Sexual Assault/ Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Weinstein was forced by several women to address the allegations of sexual assault, including one by Ashley Judd that took place 20 years ago.

In October 2017, The Weinstein Company's board fired him.

Harvey was then practically expelled from any entertainment industry production guilds, making him unemployed and powerless.

Harvey Weinstein was reported to have reached a $44 million settlement with his victims.

$30 million would go to the plaintiffs against Weinstein. The rest would be used for Weinstein's legal fees (mostly former Associates) which are also defendants in the litigations.

Harvey Weinstein's insurance companies would bear the majority of the settlement.

In December 2019, it was reported that the settlement had been reached at $25 million. This amount will be paid by an insurance company. The $6.2 million settlement will be split among the victims.

Each would receive no more than $500,000. Each of them would receive no more than $500,000.

Harvey Weinstein was ultimately defeated in the first-degree criminal sexual offense and third-degree rape cases and was sentenced to 23 years.

Fashion Brand Marchesa Facing Backlash In Light Of Harvey Weinstein Scandal

Harvey's involvement in the promotion of the brand put at risk Harvey's ex-wife’s fashion business.

Marchesa had planned to launch a new collection of engagement ring designs in partnership with Helzberg Diamonds. However, the deal was canceled as soon as Harvey Weinstein's sexual harassment allegations were made public by The New York Times.

Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig, her cofounder, canceled the company's 2018 summer preview runway show in October.

Marchesa was the target of a significant backlash on social media. People were urging people to boycott the company. Fearing that Marchesa would not recover from the scandal, many employees quit.

Their bridal gowns line is the company's primary source of income. The collection's clients, particularly the brides, have slammed the brand, stating that they don't want to be associated with any sex offenders.

One of them is Lila Feinberg. She is also the ex-fiancee of Amazon's programming head and was also accused in a sex crime. Soon after the sexual harassment accusations were made public, Feinberg ended her engagement to Roy Prince.

It is also at risk of losing its red-carpet business, which includes renowned actresses like Cate Blanchett, Rene Zellweger, and Blake Lively.

Weinstein strongly encouraged actresses in The Weinstein Company films to wear a Marchesa dress on the red carpet. This has a great impact on Chapman’s fashion brand.

Harvey Weinstein and Georgina Chapman have finally reached a settlement after three months since the Marchesa fashion designer confirmed their separation.

Sources say Harvey will pay Georgina between $15 and $20 million in the divorce settlement.

Does Harvey Weinstein Still Get Royalties?

Although no one is privy to Weinstein's worldwide network of companies, everyone agrees that he still makes money from at most some of his movies, and probably from all of them because of profit-participation agreements.


Harvey Weinstein is, judging by his impressive track record in film production, undoubtedly one of the most significant and powerful film producers in history.

Miramax Films is his film production company and is an important linchpin in the independent film industry. It brings a lot of attention to underrated independent films.

To everyone's surprise, however, all of these were permanently stained by his horrific crimes.

Harvey Weinstein's net worth is $25 million as of 2021, which is a mere fraction of his $300 million net worth at the height of his career.


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