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Ho’oponopono & Money -Prayer for Attracting Wealth, Business Success

Ho'oponopono, a Hawaiian prayer technique that removes limiting beliefs (data), is first mentioned by Dr. Joe Vitale in Zero Limits.

This technique was developed by Dr. Ihaleakala Len

Joe was Dr. Hew Len's conduit for bringing his teachings to a larger audience.

Inspiration comes when you get rid of the clutter in your subconscious.

It is almost like you are able to magically get there.

It works. It works in so many ways. It has been my passion for more than 5 years. Here is my success story.

Since a long time I have been involved in self-development. I can honestly say that Ho'oponopono has had the greatest impact on my life.

It is now a part of me.

It is second nature, like breathing.

You are often confronted with difficult situations in your life.

All you need to do is speak.

You are my love. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. We are grateful.

It doesn't matter if you don't know the basics.

It is enough to just say those words in your head.

Get immediate results

Stress is when I am stressed about something.

These are my words.

I feel instantly better.

I feel physical changes.

As if my heartbeat slows down.

My belly, and especially my stomach, begins to relax.

These energetic tingling sensations can sometimes feel like my body is saying thank you for letting me go.

Long-term Results?

This technique has helped me with some major life issues I faced in the past five years.

While I didn't have a great relationship back then, I do now.

I was plagued by insecurity and niggling doubts. I have seen improvements.

I was unhappy at the time and didn't make that much money.

My online business is growing and I am now making more money.

I love what I do and generate leads for local businesses.

Every day I can get up and work remotely.

All you need to make multiple 6-figure incomes is your laptop.

(btw, I also show others how they can do it here).

I stopped feeling constantly short of money and now don't worry about it.

While I have enough to enjoy the lifestyle I desire, I am driven to create more wealth.

It's been an amazing ride.

As a person, I have grown a lot.

While a lot of it has to do with my desire to become an entrepreneur and my constant thirst for personal growth, I cannot help but feel that ho'oponopono played an important role.

Looking back over the past five years, I can see how I managed to be at the right spot, at the right moment on so many occasions.

  • I found the right mentor for my online business
  • I was fortunate to find the right client for my business
  • I received the right information to help me develop my skills
  • I made the right connections at networking events which helped me take my business to the next level.
  • The right book
  • On & on...

It is clear that something is beyond my conscious awareness. The coincidences that occur are so bizarre that I believe that there is something I don't fully grasp.

It doesn't matter if you want to call it God, Universe, or your subconscious mind.

The proof is in what you eat.

This is how we live our lives.

Looking around at my high school classmates, I see that some are doing well but that many are stuck in the same place in life.

My life has changed significantly in the past few years. It feels like things have taken off.

But I don't believe in praying alone.

Two things are necessary to be successful in life and make lots of money.

Skills & Mindset.

Both are necessary.

You don't need to be at the bottom of the mental spectrum.

It is possible to be enthralled by the idea of more money, whether you are praying or visualizing it. But then they stop taking action.

Many people work hard, but fail to improve their incomes or standard of living.

It was also there once.

It can be slow and it can take a while.

It takes time to change.

It is important to be patient, especially when you are building a business.

It is important to question what makes us impatient.

My experience is that it's because something's going on inside that's upsetting me at the moment.

We have a limiting belief and we are trying to change our external circumstances quickly so that we don't feel this.

It's because we care about how others view us. Deep down, you don't feel like a winner. We get impatient to close the gap.

But all this drama hinders our ability to produce.

All of this data can be gradually re-evaluated with ho'oponopono.

We can face many obstacles to our success.

If you pay attention, people are masters at self-sabotage.

You can have the best skills in the world, but you'll never get anywhere if you have self-limiting beliefs.

Or it will take you 100x longer just to get there.

Were we born with self-limiting beliefs?

Self-limiting beliefs are certain to block you from opportunities and money.

Many people believe that self-limiting beliefs are a result of our upbringing.

or specific events in our lives.

Dr. Hew Lee has a different perspective.

He believes that we carry generations upon generations of data in our subconscious minds, which is preventing us from achieving our brilliance.

When I feel negative or think negatively about something, I do my best to get it caught / or become more aware and pray for them.

You are my love. I'm sorry. I beg your forgiveness. We are grateful.

Someone once asked Dr. Hew Len what to do about procrastination.

He stated, "It's just data, make it clear."

His response is so simple, I love it.

It really does work.

Do not overthink it. It should be clear.

It's all data.

Dr. Hew Len believes that this data is also embedded within our DNA.

A lot of research is being done now on epigenetics. How our environment influences our genes.

It goes deeper than that.

An Experiment on Rats Shows How Trauma Effects DNA and How It Is Passed Down?

They conducted a study in which they electrocuted the rats and placed a rose scent inside the cage.

Monitoring their heart rate and other indicators would show that they were in distress.

Here's the kicker.

Those rats had children, and those babies had more children.

So 2 generations down.

These rats, who are not related to the original condition, will exhibit the same stress response if they are given the rose scent.

This is Mark Wolynn's amazing book that discusses this topic.

Many personal development professionals have spoken out about the idea that we need to get rid of whatever is preventing us from moving forward.

Subtraction is the key to greatness.

Ho'oponopono is a very grounded teaching.

It feels to me like this.

Pay attention to what you do in your life.

Be especially sensitive to situations that are distressing.

Clear the situation and clean up.

You can either say it or keep it in your head while the upset is occurring.

You can also think about it again later on. I find it interesting to try to invoke the distressing feeling in my body.

Next, say the prayer in you mind.

"I love you.

"I'm sorry.

"Please forgive me.

"Thank you."

Parting Thoughts about Ho'oponopono & Business

This is what you will hear me repeat on my blog.

Mindset and skills are key to success.

It is wonderful to know that ho'oponopono actually takes care of the mindset.

It seems to bring you good fortunes.

Right friends, romantic partners and business partners. Mentors are key to identifying the right business opportunities.

Perhaps even more profound than that

My long-standing, deeply rooted life problems have miraculously been resolved.

These resolutions have made me a better person and resulted in more money and business success.

I made $35K per year in a job I didn't care about, and I now make $35K.

Now, I am on track to become a legitimate millionaire by the time that I turn 30, doing what is my passion.

Local businesses can create a digital marketing agency to help them get more customers.

I have 45 clients in the US.

I am a catalyst for their business to boom.

Make their lives extraordinary.

Recently, I became passionate about teaching others how to build an internet empire.

It is a perfect marriage between ho'oponopono and building an online service-based business.

Local lead generation is especially important because of the abundance of local opportunities.

Ho'oponopono is like a magnet for money.

My #1 skill is being able generate leads from free traffic.

Take a look here if you feel inspired.


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