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How To Be Cold Review; Stephiscold Wants you to Stop Doing This

This review will cover the course How to Be Cold by Stephon Clinkscales (also known as "Stephiscold").

We will discuss what it means to "cold" and how it can help you interact with women. This course is also worth considering.

I'll talk about what was key to my success with women later.

Who is Stephon Clinkscales?

Stephon is an online dating and health coach. He uploads content to YouTube as well as Instagram.

His advice and training help other men to be more open to women.

He's often referred to on social media as "Stephiscold".

Steph was not always as confident in his videos.

He was bullied in the past.

His height was ridiculed by people who didn't like him. He wasn't confident.

Steph was always willing to go the extra mile to please women, rather than focusing on him first.

When he began to appreciate the little things and focus on himself, everything changed.

He was cold at first, but his success with women has reached new heights.

He's now an online entrepreneur and created the How To Be Cold course.

It will become clear that cold is not what you believe it to be.

Steph might be a good fit for you.

Let's dive right in to what we'll be learning.

What You Will Learn?

  • It is cold!
  • How do you become cold
  • What is the blue pill?
  • What is the red pill?
  • How men can be hypergamous

How To Be Cold Review?

What does it mean to be cold?

Steph explains what the Blue Pill is.

This is when you are the kind of guy who doesn't pay attention to his surroundings and doesn’t know what he believes.

The blue pill is simply ignorance.

Stephon says that most men in society take a blue pill.

This is true for society as a whole.

He claims that most people don't know what vaccines mean and don't really understand why society sets up to make them fail.

It is a blue pill dream to think that you are only successful when you go to school to earn a degree and get a job.

It isn't true.

It's just a facade.

If you don't know what's happening, you're a blue pills, simp, and beta male in Stephon’s book.

In the first video, he makes it very clear.

Steph then explains what the red pill is.

It's simple truth.

The red pill signifies that you are aware of the reality in the world.

He refers to the Matrix movie in which Neo was offered the red and blue pills by Morpheus.

Do you remember that scene?

Neo would continue to live his boring, normal life if he took the blue pill.

We know that he took the red pills and was able help to change things.

The red pill is a way to deal with all the things going on in your life.

It's not just for women.

This simply means that you're more aware of your surroundings and have a better understanding of yourself.


What's the difference in the blue and red pills?

Steph breaks it down for you.

The cold truth is the red pill.

The blue pills are lies.

If you do the right type of action in your life, you're considered a red pill.

Blue pill blindness can lead to bad decisions.

Stephon asks you to do two things after reading this information...

  1. Take the red pill
  2. It is possible to apply it

Disclaimer: Red pill cannot be purchased over-the-counter at CVS or Walgreens.

The Nice Guy vs. The Cold Guy

This section is self-explanatory.

Steph continues to explain the differences between nice men and cold men.

The nice guy is weak.

This guy doesn't understand women and is someone who compromises both his morals and his values in order to validate a woman .

The nice man is a woman's best friend.

In that movie, JimCarrey is a nice guy.

They are yes men.

Stephon explains that the nice guy doesn't know that being nice is not the best way to act.

This is the best way to fail.

The nice guy is easy to exploit and boring for women.


The puppet is the nice guy

This guy is a man who doesn't show any weakness.

Blue pill for nice guys

Red pill is for cold guys, alpha males.

The cold guy won't listen to any woman or man who makes a joke of him.

This guy isn’t weak and will not let women control him.

Although women can control cold men with all their might, it won't work for them.

These guys demand respect.

The cold man will put women in their place.

There is no middle ground.


You can choose to be a blue pill nice man or a red pills alpha male (cold guys).

Steph talks about how you can apply the principles of the red pill.

It is very easy for him.

Don't do stupid things that nice men do.

Don't let women manipulate you.

When you understand the tactics of female manipulation, you won't allow women to do this.

You will continue to be ignorant of these things.

You must take control of your interactions with women, and other people, in order to use the red pills philosophy.

If the situation is not ideal, for example, don't be afraid of cutting a woman off.

Too many men shy away from taking control and doing what is right.

This may sound selfish.

What are you waiting for?

The society we live isn't fair.

It is important to always put yourself first.

This is not something a nice man would do.

A man who is nice will be afraid to tell a woman "no" even when it's justified.

Steph acknowledged that he was a beta man who would never tell any woman no.

This is how he, and many other men, are raised.

He changed his ways over time.

Red pill is your way.

No woman can stop you from getting what you want.

Apply the red pill philosophy and your entire life will change.

Stephiscold Red Pill G

Steph discusses what you can do if you want to stop being nice.


Change your mind.

Don't do the same as nice men.

Steph offers an example: If you text a woman every morning, "Good Morning Beautiful".

This is not a good idea.

Instead, you can text her to let her know that you would like to see her again a few days later.

It's not a good idea to be soft.

Tell her that you would like to meet her, and then call it a day.

Don't let your girl disrespect you.

She will not learn her lesson this way.

The most kind men will quickly apologize and pretend it didn't happen.

You shouldn't be treated coldly or you will be run over by them.

Do not be afraid to tell a woman what is wrong.

While you will treat a woman well when she deserves it, don't be kind to her when she doesn't.

Don't let a woman dictate your emotions.

Steph's advice is very simple, and I agree with much of what he says.

Then he tells you why alpha males are so attractive to women.

Alpha males are the men they want to be with for life.

This guy is the one who can do it all: sex, physique, and even money.

Alphas can be unpredictable, and they keep women on the edge.

Women love this.

They cannot get enough of a man who can control their sexuality and overall life.

You might be wondering how to become an Alpha.

Steph will discuss it in the next section.

The 5 Traits that Make an Alpha

Steph discusses being assertive and decisive as the first trait she talks about.

This trait will help you to know what you should do.

You don't need to ask your girl what she would like if you go out to eat.

You are the one who decides what will happen.

My experience is that most women want you to make the decision.

It all comes down to knowing what you want.

Then, follow through.

Beta men are indecisive and women don’t like it.

Be assertive and decisive if you want to be an alpha.

He also mentions confidence.

Steph is a master at this.

This is something that all men require.


When a man is confident, women pay attention to what you do and how you act.

Steph is an example of confidence.

Imagine that you are out with your lady and other men are checking out her.

Beta males will look at you from the side and avoid eye contact.

An Alpha, on the other hand will not be concerned because his girl is being checked out.

Confidence is a trait that will reflect in your daily life and interactions with others.

You won't give up if a woman turns you down.

Instead, go find another woman.

Failure is not something to be afraid of.

This is how you can build your confidence.

You must work on your confidence if you aren't feeling it.

Confidence is a key ingredient in improving your life.

You will never be able to make progress as a man if you don't want to work hard.

Steph discusses the next trait, being an entrepreneur.


Alpha means to have control over your life

You are your boss and you decide how much you make.

You can be financially independent and an alpha, but only to a limited extent.

The truth is, you won't make it big working 9-5 jobs.

This is what I can attest.

Back in Detroit, I worked at an auto parts counter.

It was horrible.

I would receive a small raise every year, and I was working hard to fulfill someone else's dreams.

When I joined lead generation, everything changed and I began to make a passive monthly income.

Today, I make over $50K+ per month. I am financially independent and in control of my own life.

Nothing is more satisfying than working hard to achieve your dreams and making a lot of money.

These are just a few of the checks I have gotten as a result of my lead generation efforts.

Steph discusses not caring as much.

Many men focus on things that aren't important.

You shouldn't be so concerned about small things as an alpha.

Concentrate on the things that are important.

You should only worry about you.

Everyone will always have an opinion.

You won't be happy if you give too much attention to others.

Do what is best for you.

Be happy.

Don't be so sad if your girl leaves you.

There are many women around the world.

She can go.

No big deal.

It's always about when someone is an alpha.

This is the mindset that you should have.


Because you are the only person who can make a difference in your life.

Your life will be ruined if you are always worried about what others think or say.

Stephon mentions the last trait as being okay with being.

Too many men cry about being alone.

You can do it.

It is important to remain positive and accept being alone.

You will be able to focus on your business and yourself when you are alone.

Being alone has allowed me to scale up my lead generation business.

I don't need to worry about anyone but my family members and friends.

The moral of the story? Don't let your happiness be dependent on being with someone.

This is what blue pill men think.

Understanding Hypergamy

Stephon discusses Hypergamy and how men can get hypergamous.

Hypergamy refers to when someone marries someone with a higher social standing.

It is also known as "marrying up".

Steph believes hypergamy is everything a woman does up.

What does that mean?

If you try to talk to a girl in high school but she doesn't want to talk because you joined the football team, it would be an example.

You're not "lame" to her anymore.

They won't mess with you if you aren't important.

Steph believes that women follow the trends.

A man who likes dudes with beards, money and lots of friends will tell a woman that she will end up following those kinds of guys.

Women will not mess with you if your contributions to society and the community are important.

Perhaps you are wondering how hypergamous you can be.

Steph is a natural at it.

He said it all starts with you first.

Before you can do what you want, you must be a better man.

This is what success looks like.

You must create a world that is friendly for a woman to enter your world.

Before you can do anything, you need to improve your life.

You must let go of the idea that you are relying on a woman for your life to be different.


That's what you do.

Believers are a large part of this.

This is because it makes sense that if you are able to improve, so will the woman in your lives.

Yes, it takes discipline. But that's how life works.

You must also consider what she will bring to your life when you choose the woman you want to partner with.

This is about value.


You think sex should be all that matters

There are other important things.

For example, you want a woman who can cook for your meals.

This is something entrepreneurs can appreciate greatly, especially since they are always busy.

This is a valuable quality.

You should move on if a woman isn't bringing true value to your own life.

Only cold people can do it.

Free Bonuses

Stephon will share 5 bonus lessons once you have completed the course.

First, he talks about how men must be focused on their purpose.

Your purpose is something you will actually do for nothing.

If you are really good at it, it is smart to get paid.

Ask yourself:

What are you doing for your purpose?

You are supposed to live your life on your terms.

If you are passionate about something, you should be doing it.

If you are passionate about making music, then you must be doing things that will help you get closer to your dream of becoming a professional musician.

Even if you don't have much money initially, it's worth learning to play music in bars.

You have to work hard in order to reach your goal.

You need to either be in college or start a training camp if you are passionate about basketball.

You must take action daily, no matter what your passion is, so that you can keep doing it for the rest of you life.

It is important to start this process early in your life.

My opinion is that it's never too late for you to start until you're gone.

Stephon will give you the next bonus if you become a leader.

This is something that every man should do.

Alphas are naturally leaders

This will require some effort.

Leaders inspire and motivate others.

Smart people pay attention to the lessons they're giving.


Followers will talk and act just like you.

They will try to make the same decisions as you.

To be a leader and inspire others, it is important to set a goal.

This is possible only if you have confidence within yourself. Also, your purpose must be clear in your head.

A bonus is to enhance your looks.


When it comes to attracting a partner, improving your appearance is key.

What can you do to get there?

  1. Exercise
  2. Choose the right style of clothing for you

He emphasizes how important it is to exercise.

You need to work out if you want to attract beautiful and fit women.

This makes perfect sense.

You won't look good if your body isn't in top shape or you don't want to wear the most skinniest clothes.

Choose clothes that are comfortable.

You should make sure your shoes are clean.

Steph suggests that you keep at least two pairs of shoes that are always new.

Accessory like chains can help you to enhance your appearance.

Your grooming is also important.

These are simple things that will make you look better and help you attract the women who you desire.

Bonus #4 is all about charisma.

This simply means that you are a person who is easy to like.

Charisma is not something you can teach.

You must feel it from the core of your being.

People like to be around charismatic people.

Confidence is key here.

Do not be afraid to have a good time and improve your interactions with others.

You shouldn't take it too seriously.

Get comfortable speaking to women, and spark up a conversation.

Be an alpha male.

Charming is your forte

Keep your hands cold

It's all about how you present yourself to women

Be a nice guy, not a boring blue pill.

Steph emphasizes the importance of getting rid of the beta mentality in the last bonus video.

Get rid of it.

The right decisions are essential for men to make more often than not.

He believes that the beta mentality can lead to you doing things you shouldn't.


Beta is less than a man.

He also lists other things you don't have to do:

  • Talking to your girl
  • You should stress if your girlfriend cheats on you
  • There are no other women lined up
  • Texting a girl back so quick
  • Chasing a Woman
  • Blaming women because they are not successful with them
  • Fear of breaking up with a woman

He keeps it simple.

Being an alpha is a good thing.

It is not a good idea to be a beta man and it should be stopped.

It is you who must make the right decisions.

The beta in you is going to die if you don't kill it.

Although it may sound absurd, Steph makes sense of all this.

Steph is the best person to learn from if you want to be an Alpha.

Is this Course Worth It?

To be honest, this course is not worth the cost if you have someone to talk things out.

It's only $49, so it's not really breaking the bank.

However, I wouldn't advise you to spend your money.

Steph's course covered everything that is easy to learn by trial and error.

As I completed the course, it became apparent that I already possess the Alpha mindset.

One time I was a beta. But that all changed when I rearranged my own life.

This course was more of an overview for me.

It was easy to see that Stephiscold wasn't just teaching surface-level stuff like how to talk to a woman.


If you are looking for someone to tell you to "man up", keep your money in check, and not be soft-spoken, this course may be the right one.

Stephiscold's ideas are all my favorites, from burying beta to focusing on women and getting their finances in order before worrying about them.

This all contributes to your being cold and an alpha male. You also have the potential to succeed in life by putting yourself last.

Let me talk about how being cold allowed me to build my lead generation business to the point that I now earn more than $50K+ per month passively.

How Being cold has helped me earn $50K+ every month passively, through Lead Generation

It is important to understand how money works when you are trying to achieve financial freedom.

All those years ago, I had a beta mentality and was just trying to get by with a 9-5 job.

When I made the decision to enter lead generation, things changed.

Rather than focusing on getting women out, I focused my efforts on building and scaling my lead generation business.

Today, I feel more confident than ever about my finances.

My success with women has been extraordinary.

It was important to have an abundance mindset in all aspects of my life.

How did I get there with lead generation?

Let me explain.

Simple websites such as the one below are created by me. They offer a specific service, like tree removal.

These sites are then ranked high in Google's search results.

Because all my lead generation sites rank higher than the competition in every market I enter, I can make money while I'm sleeping.

Today, I have more than 50 websites that make me money using autopilot.

It's what I call "mailbox money", because it is a way for business owners to pay me each month for the leads that flow through my websites.

These are my digital assets.

What other ways can I be financially free?

It's the fact that I can rank sites and never touch them again.

They generate leads by themselves.

Because all the work was done beforehand, my job is to cash my checks.

This is financial freedom.

Here are some examples of the lead generation process.

Since 2014, when I joined the lead generation coaching program, I have been making passive income from this type of work.

My friends were all trying to get drunk and have sex with women all the while I was building and ranking my digital assets because I knew that they would enable me to live the life that I want.

What is my daily life like?

To be truthful, nothing short of extraordinary.

From driving an Accord to Detroit to driving a Tesla P100D, I have changed.

It was a huge day for me.

It helped me see that all my hard work was being rewarded.

Oh, but it wasn't over.

I was eventually able to buy a house in California.

Also available is a San Francisco luxury apartment with a great view of the Pacific.

It's so great to live in San Francisco because I can take a non-stop flight to Tokyo to visit my family. I also stayed in this 5-star luxury hotel.

I have been able travel the world and eat at the best restaurants.

Is this a sign that I am spending money without thinking and getting into debt?


My lead generation websites are ranked and send leads every month only to my business owner. I still collect my commission checks.

Local lead generation is a way for me to live the best life possible.

This is not a brag post.


I believe that once you make yourself the first in your life and commit to financial freedom, everything will change for the better.

It's what made me an alpha male.

Women can sense my confidence to the moon, and I am confident to the moon.

Today, I don't chase women.

Tony Montana said it best...

You first get the money, then you can power and then you can have the women.

This is real yo.

My business is more important than my relationships with women, and I can tell you that.

My business allows me to live the lifestyle I want.

Not women.

Believe me, I do love women.

Things are now different because I work with women on my terms.

I set the rules for engagement.

Because of this, I have a life that is more fulfilling than most of my friends.

It was also a great help to me to surround myself with other entrepreneurs who were also focused on growing their lead generation businesses.

We have more than 6700 students in our coaching program from all walks.

Local lead generation is the best way to make a steady, passive income each month.

You can see all the reasons lead generation is #1.


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