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5 Best Ways to Invest $10,000 in 2021

Do You Want to Learn How To Invest 10k as a Beginner?

You've saved quite a bit of money, but we're not talking about an emergency fund. We're talking about a way for you to invest 10,000 in something long-term!

Many will tell you about real property or the stock exchange. We'll discuss those to a certain extent...but by now, you know that saving for retirement is not possible.

We digress, especially after the stock market fiasco.

Everybody who is wealthy knows that the best way of investing 10,000 in a business is to start your own.

While the immediate return may not be significant, your return over several years will be enormous!

The most realistic way to do this is not necessary to invest in real estate but to put money in a 401 k, Roth Ira, or in easy-to-start-up work from home businesses.

We will discuss the stock market/cryptocurrency investing, selling on Amazon, ecommerce affiliate marketing, and MLM's, and why they are viable options.

To top it all, we'll be discussing the #1 way to make money online by 2021!

Let's get to it without further delay.

Stock Market/Cryptocurrency Investing

Although this is the most common avenue, it is not the best place to invest 10,000.

The stock market is a topic that has been taught to people for over 60 years.

It's the same old ole' stuff.

"Invest in a401k", "Max out an ira", and "Set up an investment/broker account. You'll kill it!"

Is that true?

$10,000 is too much to invest in individual stocks, but it could be a good place to put your money.

Stocks don't just go up forever. Some companies also take a sharp dive that will never be reversed.

This means that all the money you have invested is gone and will never be returned. It is important to have a varied investment portfolio as well as an investment strategy.


Even if everything goes well, it's not always going to work out. We've seen it.

Many boomers have saved money for retirement and are still doing so.

Many of these people have had to take part-time jobs to make ends meet as they are unable to have enough money to support themselves in their old age.

You have to ask yourself: If we can see two generations of people doing stocks and bonds and a Roth ira and they aren’t better off than us, is it worth it?

The short answer is: probably not.

Why is this?

It's Rigged

Are you paying attention to the news lately?

If you don't know what to do, let's get you started.

The big hedge funds decided several weeks ago to short Gaming Stock (GME) and basically run the company down.

Reddit was the place where a lot of people came together and bought several shares of the stock. This led to an increase in the stock's price.

This made hedge-fund managers scream.

It became a larger story and more people began to buy-in.

Overnight, ordinary people became millionaires. Many people leveraged thousands of credit card debt to turn around and be able to have millions in their accounts in just a few days.

How did it all end?

Wall Street was exposed as corrupt. When it came to GME-related, all the brokerages and brokerage accounts were frozen.

Robinhood ironically was the one to lead that charge, preventing all users from purchasing it and allowing them to only sell.

What has happened?

The market and people lost power and were replaced by the corrupt elite.

This shows us that even the average Joe could not become rich simply by investing in the stock exchange.

Penny Stocks

But what about penny stock, you might be wondering?

Yes, penny stocks can be profitable. However, this requires a lot of knowledge and consistent day trading.

Investing is a way to get started on your solid rate return.

It's impossible to do this with penny stocks...

You should not use Robo advisors. Although Robo advisor can help you do some of the heavy liftings, it is still a bot.

It could continue trading on the path that you have set even if the market has made a crazy correction.

It is possible to lose a lot.

Alt Coins

Crypto might be the right choice if you want to invest 10,000 in an investment that is similar to the stock market but not the stock market.

Some coins like BTC and ETH have a lot of value.

The crypto market is more volatile than the stock market, unfortunately.

You could lose a lot, even though you may make a lot of money quickly. It's like a double-edged sword.

If you ask us, this is definitely not something that you want to place your savings on.


  • All proven models for making small amounts of money over a long time include mutual funds, IRAs, and 401 k.
  • It is good for "drip" savings over the long term.
  • It is easy to open a brokerage account.
  • A rate of return of approximately 8% per annum


  • It is rare to get a high yield.
  • Brokers usually require a minimum amount of investment.
  • Robo advisors don't think for them.
  • Capital gains are not exempt from tax.
  • The stock market is managed and not designed to allow you to become rich with 10,000 shares.

Amazon FBA

You're likely to have seen any YouTube advertisement about investing or making money.

Amazon is a great way to invest in your future.

Amazon has dominated eCommerce since its inception.

It's impossible to go wrong, right?

There's more to selling stuff on Amazon than meets your eye. Let's take a deeper dive and see if investing in an Amazon store is a good idea.

Crazy Rules

Amazon was once a gold mine.

There were not many rules, and most people would have a high return if they opened a store.

Yes, a profitable Amazon store would beat any competitive interest rate that a bank or stockbroker would offer for you to put your money into any portfolio they offer.

The opportunities to invest in a particular plan will start to diminish when the rules become more strict.

Amazon currently has so many rules for sellers that it's hard to keep up. It seems that they have new rules almost every day.

It's crucial that you understand the rules before making an investment in your Amazon store.

Amazon reserves the right at any time to close your store and take all of your money.

Just think about how awful that is for a second...

Take your $10,000 investment and create a profitable Amazon business.

Let's suppose you have several products that are dominating the respective markets they are targeted at.

Amazon can literally come out of nowhere and shut you down without any rhyme or reason.

This is a great way to put it. Amazon allows you to create the illusion that you own and control your business and store while making you a profit. However, they have the ability to come in with their 10,000 to invest and take all your progress.

You never know, you might be lucky enough to make as much as the other investors who invested 10,000 in an Amazon store.

Consistent Commission Cuts

This is more for the affiliate side, but it still works.

You can see that you were once qualified to be an Amazon associate and could place links to products across the internet.

Unfortunately, Amazon continues to reduce commissions year after année. It is already difficult to get clicks online. But these slashes make it harder to keep trying.

Imagine your portfolio manager wanting even more of the pie you were bringing him. Doesn't that sound fair?

Unfortunately, Mr. Bezos is the one who calls the shots.


If the constant commission cuts and rules weren't enough for you to think twice about other ways of investing 10,000, then this might.

It is easy to set up an Amazon store. Many online courses will teach you how to set it up in a matter of hours.

It is easy to make it a profitable business, but there is plenty of competition. Amazon has thousands of sellers trying to sell exactly the same products as you and earn a 6 figure return.

To get the chance of success, these people poured their entire savings into their stores.

It's hard to rank products organically in search engines, and it takes a lot of effort to run an Amazon Business. This is where you can be thankful for some of the new rules.

You have to rank organically with people who know the same thing you do. However, you can also use paid ads to get quick money to start recouping your initial investment.

It is difficult to run PPC because prices change constantly and you can end up in trouble very quickly.

Let's just say that an investment of $10,000 into Amazon could be lucrative, and it has been profitable for a few people...

To be truly successful, however, you need to be a great PPC campaign manager.

It is not that hard.


  • Amazon can help you make 6-figures per annum with just $10,000 of investment
  • It is easy to set up an Amazon store.
  • Amazon's platform makes it easy to get into eCommerce. They have the highest sales.
  • There is no credit score requirement.


  • Amazon is cash-intensive
  • PPC can be difficult and frustrating to track.
  • Organically ranking an Amazon product can take up to six months


If Amazon seems too complicated to get started, maybe you are wondering about a general eCommerce site?

It would be a sensible thing to think so.

It's not a bad idea. There are many Shopify store owners who are earning 6-figures.

Is it worth investing $10,000 in an online eCommerce store?

Let's take a look at some of the major factors.

Big Up-Front Cost

Amazon is a good example of this. You still need to purchase all inventory upfront. In reality, inventory will likely take $5,000 of your $10,000.

Advertising and shipping costs will likely consume the rest of this budget.

This model helps you to see how much $10,000 is really important. It's not as much as most credit cards, but it works really well in these types of businesses.

Ten Thousand dollars would make a huge dent in any student loan.

It is easy to see why most people don't want to stay in E-commerce. They don't have enough capital to keep it running.

This brings us to the next topic, competition.

Competition and Margins

Ecommerce is highly competitive. There are many Amazon stores and thousands of ecom shops on Shopify and other platforms.

Do you realize how difficult it will be to rank on page 1 with all the free traffic when there are so many other SEO experts out there?

It's pretty hard!

Many eCommerce entrepreneurs with $10,000 don't get in the paid traffic market. They don't have the time or desire to learn SEO.

What about margins?

It is becoming increasingly difficult for other businesses, due to the entry of Chinese wholesalers into the eCommerce market, to make arbitrage work.

This is because they come in and offer exactly the same price as what they have to sell. It's essentially cutting out the middleman.

Are you worried that we are exaggerating this issue?

For a second, think about the last time these ecom gurus promoted their courses via Facebook or YouTube.

It is difficult to pinpoint it, isn't it?

Our team noticed this trend with many of these ecom-related courses. Their "fearless" leaders are backpedaling to get sales and are now transitioning to other industries.

It is important to ask yourself why.

This pandemic has effectively decimated certain industries. Online commerce, to a certain extent, is one of these.

Online commerce is not going away. However, the average Joe who wants to start a successful online business like this cannot anymore as he can't afford the fractionalized profit.

This pandemic has actually made it easier for larger retailers than for smaller ones.

Barrier Of Entry

Next, we need to address the barrier of entry.

It's almost impossible to find one.

It is possible to create a website with just one product online. You can also run ads and make a sale. You might not make a lot of sales due to a lack of content, but you could still get some sales.

It's easy to set up a project, so you can imagine how many people will want to jump in.

This can be very discouraging for some people as they begin to play the odds. While this is okay to a certain extent, it can become consuming.

If you want to invest $10,000 in an eCommerce company, you will need to wait six to one year before anything happens.


  • Online shopping is becoming more popular.
  • Many people have earned 6-figures per year through their ecommerce businesses.
  • You don't need to have any investment experience.


  • Margins shrink continuously
  • A substantial minimum investment is required
  • To see any kind of results, you must keep it up for at least six months.

Affiliate Marketing

It can be difficult to be successful in affiliate marketing.

You don't need to worry about shipping or buying inventory. But you must make sure your links get clicked and drive traffic that converts.

It takes a lot of money to become a successful affiliate marketer, unfortunately.

Affiliate marketing is a complex field. Anyone who has ever used it knows that blogs that contain affiliate links generate the majority of conversion traffic.

These sites need to be visited a lot, and it's not easy.

PPC is not a good way to drive traffic to your blog and then hope that people click on your affiliate links.

Yes, blogs that make a lot of money rank organically on page 1 of Google for many keywords.

It's not easy to make a living by simply putting your links on the internet randomly. That is what people hate.

Barrier Of Entry

Affiliate marketing is as easy as pie

It's possible to pay $25 for an affiliate link that you can place on the internet. These are links to programs or products that people are not interested in, which is why commissions are so low.

There are literally hundreds of thousands of affiliate marketers and it's difficult as hell to keep up with them. That's what we'll be discussing next.


The competition is insane. This business is populated by thousands of people, which has given it a bad name.


Everybody has been placing affiliate hyperlinks wherever they want. Reddit bans users who post an unwelcome affiliate link.

Spam is something people hate to see everywhere, which is why affiliate marketing has become so popular.

Are you familiar with any Facebook groups where people simply dump their links all over the place?

It's pretty annoying, huh?

We are in agreement.

Okay, you aren't a spammer and have products to promote...how can you make money as an Affiliate Marketer?

A blog would be the best way to do this.

It is important to provide consistent content that adds value to the users and helps them find the information they need.

However, this can be costly. While you're focusing on the creative side of things, outsourcing SEO will be a major expense.

Depending on the amount of content you want to send out, you might need to hire more writers. Good writers are costly!

If you have the right budget, you can be an affiliate marketer!


You'll quickly discover that affiliate marketing can be very stingy with payouts.

We mean that you should read all terms and conditions. They'll take your traffic, make a sale, and then not pay you.

Although not all affiliate programs work in the same way, they are often free or very cheap to join.

A great affiliate program can be expensive. However, they make it easy to pay.

However, there is a caveat: affiliate programs that are really great deal with high-end clients will have to compete with those who have higher budgets and use many SEO strategies to dominate most of the traffic.

You have 10,000 to invest, right? This might be the best opportunity to invest your money out of all the options we've discussed.


  • This is the best way to make money online.
  • You can get started in as little as a few hours
  • Will not be put in any credit card debt.


  • There is so much competition.
  • It is very difficult for companies to transfer your commission into your checking accounts.

Multi-Level Marketing

Ah, yes, the old-fashioned MLM business opportunity.

The '90s called and said they wanted their overpriced trash back!

All jokes aside, you can still make some money by investing $10,000 in an MLM.

Although it may not be the best use of $10,000, some people have had great start-up success.

As you can see, most, if not all of the $10,000 will go to investing in products you will then be able to turn around and sell to your family and friends for a profit.

MLM's were a great way to make money in the 1990s, but the high prices and poor quality of today's products are no longer a viable option for many people.

The internet has made it possible for friends to see a great deal and even make it happen.

They are not to be blamed.

Your friends wouldn't just hand you a handout, would they?

However, investing in an MLM may seem a bit archaic. There are other reasons you might not want $10,000 to invest in an MLM.

For more information, please visit:

Most MLM's won't allow you to sell the products. You can only make so many sales per day and your margins aren’t very high.

You will need to recruit people if you want to make big money.

It doesn't sound that cool, does it?

There is nothing more awkward than trying to get someone to join your downline, and then explaining to them that they will be receiving a small amount of their hard-earned money.

MLM's that sell products would be a pyramid schemes. That's why most people avoid it.


This is usually the part that people love the most.

It's not as glamorous and exciting as it sounds.

MLM's can be expensive compared to the income of your uplines.

It is often necessary to exceed a sales quota before you can receive money. If your sales quota for the year is $200, and you sell $199 worth, you won't get your commission.

On top of that, the average network marketer only makes about

MLM's can also be very competitive. It is structured like a pyramid. The top earners are able to afford a mansion and a Ferrari, while the rest of us will only make a few hundred dollars per month.

Many people have attempted to set up an eCommerce site so they can make sales from their bed.

That's a smart idea. However, many others have the same idea. This is why there has been a huge push for SEO. Now you are competing with thousands of other people selling the same product worldwide.

It's expensive and difficult. SEO is a great way to get traffic to your website, but it will cost you a lot if you don't have the time (which is unlikely given how busy you are running your MLM business).


  • A $10,000 investment could give you a great jumpstart.
  • Friends and family may be able to support you with monthly recurring products.
  • Many people have made it to the top.


  • If you do not meet your monthly quota, there is no pay.
  • Sales will be your main focus, as capital won't win this game.
  • Network marketers typically make less than $2k per month.

Steady Calls is the #1 Way To Make Money Online

It works exactly the same way it sounds. It's the equivalent of renting a website.

Here's how it works.

Locate a local service-based business to help you build a website.

Once leads begin to come in, pass them on to the business owner so that they can start collecting the checks.

Is it really so simple?


As you can see, eCommerce doesn't require that you run paid ads on a website. You'll only pay $8 per month for hosting, and $11.99 per year for domain registration.

If you don't have the money, there may be other issues that we should discuss.

However, they are extremely passive and make a lot of money.

Once they are ranked, you don’t need to touch them again as they operate on autopilot.

You might be wondering what the competition is like.

Affiliate marketing is almost nonexistent.

Ecommerce allows you to compete with literally millions upon millions of people worldwide.

Lead generation is about 20 businesses in the same area. Many of them don't have any idea how to rank a site.

It could not be simpler.

The best part?

These sites can be worth anywhere from $500 to $1,000 per month.

You could make $5,000 to $10,000 a month passively if you owned just 10 sites. You could bank 10 sites with a $10,000 investment in sites!

Your margins are literally between 90-100%

That's enough... click here for more information

This model crushes eCommerce Check it out!


What should I invest 10k in?

We recommend starting a lead generation company. In just three months, you could have 10 sites built and ranked using $10,000.

These sites are usually worth $500-$1,000 per month if they rank well with leads.

In just a few months, you could be earning $5,000- $10,000 per month in recurring income.

How can I make money with 10k?

You can make the most of your 10k by looking for a business that will generate a recurring income via autopilot.

Traditional methods like real estate are a great way to achieve this.

Real estate can be quite expensive, and investing $10,000 in one property may not give you the returns you desire.

You'll see a higher return on your investment if you invest in digital real estate through lead generation.

Can You Turn 10k Into 100k?

This would make it easy to generate leads!

You could earn $100k in 10 months by working at 10 different sites

How can I get rich with 10000 dollars?

The best way to get rich with 10000 USD is to invest in a business with high-profit margins and recurring clients.


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