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Income Store: SEC Verified Ponzi Scheme

Imagine if you could simply hand over your money to someone and get a guaranteed return in a contract.

This sounds like something you would want to do.

It's a mistake!

Income Store was a compelling and logical offer, but it has become nothing more than an internet site. The SEC has verified the Ponzi Scheme.

But was it always wrong? Did there ever seem to be justification for the intentions?

We get into the details Income Store What you should know.

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Kenneth D. Courtright

Today's Growth Consultant was founded by Ken Court right It was 1992. It was named an Inc 5000 company twice, and its annual revenue increased by twofold over the past five years. It was an international company that worked with more than 3,300 companies across 49 states.

Ken is the author Guerrilla Marketing Today Part of his best-selling series, "Online Income". Brian Tracy was his co-author. Ironically, he also wrote a book called "Trust Trumps Everything". He would have been more careful about his digital footprint.

Ken Courtright Today

Before the Securities and Exchange Commission got involved, Ken was interviewed by WGN Chicago and Forbes.

His company was a success. Income Store"This helped people make recurring income from websites for a while...but after some mismanagement, it turned to a nightmare."Ponzi scheme.

He was arrested for wire fraud in the early 2020s.

What is the Income Store?

One, the company itself is called "Todays Growth Consultant Inc They are just doing business as "The Income Store"

In 2008, the company was founded by Ken and Kerri Courtright in Illinois.

The deal was simple. Income Store would find income-producing websites to sell and pitch them to investors. This was a very simple pitch. They would split the profits 50/50.

The upfront money was paid by the investor. Income store They would contact the person they needed to contact in order to make the deal happen and also maintain the sites.

This might not sound like a terrible idea, but the problem is that they didn't offer a guaranteed rate return.

All that money is worthless if sites stop working.

Here are some links to some of these sites: analysis on traffic and earnings

George. big analysis on the sites

Jon Haver at Website digging into the numbers

Richard Patey's analysis of the sites

All of this would have been possible in theory. Simply put, it's just people buying passive income...but where this went south was in management...

Are you looking for a passive income that is real and honest? This is a great article!

How does Income Store Work?

It was very simple. Ken and his crew would offer investors a chance to invest in digital properties that were already bringing in money.

The investor would only have to pay the bill in return. Income Store They would manage it, and split the profits 50/50.

The business model is sound.

Problem is, they grew too fast and burned to the ground.

What Happened to the Income Store?

The company experienced significant growth from 2012 to 2019. Frankly, they had the Making money via web sites The industry must overcome these challenges.

Is The Income Store a Ponzi Scheme?

Although we don't have any inside information, if the Securities and Exchange Commission is correct then that would be what it looks like.

Due to all the mismanagement of assets touched on earlier, the SEC (in the country of the U.S.) alleges that new investor money was used to pay off older can see how that might be an issue.

It's not hard to see why...

Ken used a bank that admitted to accepting investor payments in excess of the contract agreement. They cut all ties with Ken because of that. Income Store

This was the basis of a court filing.

But was Income Store really intended as a scheme from the beginning? Did the business's demise result from inequal management and resource distribution?

Although the authorities have shared some information with each other, every claim is still unclear at this time.

It doesn't really matter what the intentions may have been to some degree. Individuals were still being scammed of their money.

Our view is that there is a point in time when it becomes a problem. Ken and TGC He crossed the line. He violated his contractual obligation to individuals and used their money as he saw fit for his company.

If it was a Ponzi scheme, then why would you spend so much money on websites? Instead, why not create a website with an eye-catching name and make it accessible via an email account?

Furthermore, why should you be involved with a bank at all? Why would you admit to a bank that you are using investor funds in a way that makes them want to end the relationship?

We believe they were able to see the truth of their intentions, but became victims of their own success.

The business model they had devised was brilliant, however, they didn't have the systems in place to scale and grow at the rate they were.

This led to them becoming burnt out and making poor decisions with the money they didn't have.

This is speculation, and we may never find out the truth. We know that many innocent investors lost their funds.

Other issues with The Income Store

We also noticed other problems. Income Store You can also.

Income Store experienced major communication problems. They would not respond to the deal broker for days or even weeks. They could not respond to the deal broker for days or even weeks. This is odd because you as the receiver want to have access to the websites as soon as possible.

They would also have wanted all information on the site as quickly as possible, such as an earnings review and the like. However, we never found any evidence that they were pressing for anything as a buyer.

We don't believe they were malicious, but we think they were just growing too fast. They weren't able to respond quickly enough to all their needs.

What has Happened since the Income Store was Shut Down?

Income Store was shut down and the power has been transferred to the new owners.

One could argue that her management isn't the best, as one of her first moves in the lawsuit against Empire Flippers.

It is still not clear what the reasons are, so we won't go into detail.

Investors who hope that the company will return to its former glory days may be disappointed. We recommend that you invest in something else.

We recommend that you create your own websites so that you are the owner and can make all the profits.

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