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Do you need help incorporating your online business?

Incorporate.com could be your answer!

This blog post will review Incorporate.com in order to give you an overview and help you decide which LLC service provider is best.

This review will help you find the best service providers to start your LLC.

Although it might help you determine the right price for your business, it does not show you which type of business you should set up.

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In-Depth: Incorporate.Com Review

Overall Pricing and Value

Their rates are generally more expensive than those offered by their competitors, but they don't offer enough value to offset the extra expense.

We believe it is important that the registered agent service is not included in the packages.

Additionally, $235 for a registered representative seems excessive, especially considering that most competitors are selling this service at $150 and others at $100.

Incorporate.com's packages are much more expensive than other incorporation services. The package setup was also a bit misleading.

Incorporate.com claims two of their most important features are included in the packages, namely their compliance dashboard and annual report service.

These two are only available to you if you sign up for their registered agent service.

The annual report service is $150/year and adds to the $235/year registration agent fee.

Is that a feature included even though you have purchased the registered agent service?

These package features might seem to justify the higher price of registered agent service. Each package seems a little shady because they don't disclose it.

It would be very disappointing to think that you pay for package features listed on their website only to find out that you must pay an additional $235 to use them and another $150 annually to access the annual reports service.

Track Record

Since 1899, Incorporate.com is a trusted resource.

Incorporate.com is a wealth of experience when it comes to knowledge. They have assisted more than 750,000 companies since then.

Despite being around since the 19th Century and serving almost a million customers worldwide, there is very little positive customer feedback or reviews about Incorporate.com.

We found only a handful of ratings on third-party websites, almost all of which were not very favorable.

Clients complained about the high prices and hidden fees. They even pointed out how aggressively and annoyingly they push you to use their registered agent service after you become an Incorporate.com client.

Customer Support

Incorporate.com offers standard customer service, which is a far cry from the average business in this industry.

There is a phone and chat support, and they are decent at providing customer service. However, it does seem to vary from one representative to the next.

Ease Of Placing An Order

Incorporate.com has a business formation wizard that can help you decide which business structure you want and whether you should form an LLC or a company.

After selecting the package you like, you'll need to look at seven additional up sells before entering your personal information.

It was easy to navigate their site and find the place to place an order. Then click on the payment tab. They can be irritating with their confusing advertisements and endless up sells.

Overall Turnaround Time

Incorporate.com gives you accurate lead times for both expedited and normal processing before reaching the bottom of the order form.

Transparency is key when it comes to turnaround time.

Incorporate.com does not offer same-day or overnight turnarounds like many other providers.

However, they stated that they would file ASAP if they had all the information from the business owner. This is a reasonable response.

Review of Incorporate.Com: Prices & Features of the Formation Packages

Incorporate.com offers three packages for corporate and LLC formation.

You should remember that not all formation packages include the registered agent service. You will need to purchase an upgrade for $235.

If you want Incorporate.com as your registered agent, the address of Incorporate.com is listed.

This limits the amount of spam mail you receive, and therefore reduces public access to your personal information.

The registered agent service includes access to CSC company Navigator, which is their online compliance tool. This tool will remind you of important filing dates and give you a list of things to do for your business. It also allows for document storage.

Although the Annual Report service is included in their registered agent service, you will need to pay an additional $150 each year. Apart from the $235 fee, this is the cost of using the registered agent.

We reached out to customer service to learn that registration is required to purchase Essentials for $249 or the Works for $349.

It means that if you don’t want to spend $235/year for their registered agent service, your only option is to "select Starter package and then add each additional feature separately."

These features are deceitful and even misleading in their design.

We think the website should be simpler and easier to understand, even though the customer service representative was willing to call to clarify. Their rep should not need to explain the fee structure in detail.

Who wouldn't be dissatisfied with $385 in unadvertised annual fees? You can find negative feedback from customers all over the internet.

The Starter (99 USD)

This package is best for: Business owners that do not require additional features.

Cost: $99 plus state filing fee


Filing and Document Preparation. They will prepare and file all necessary documents for your LLC or corporation. You will receive a digital copy of all your training documents.

Online Access. Online Access.

The Essentials (249$ + $235 for Registered Agent Service + $150 for Annual Report Service = $634

This package is best for: (totally not recommended!)

Prices: $249 plus state fees plus an additional $235/year for registered agent service and $150/year annual report service


Starter Package: Federal Tax ID Number (EIN). Incorporate.com can help you get an EIN number from the IRS if you want to hire staff. EIN stands for Employer Identification Number.

You can open bank accounts and pay taxes with your EIN.

The IRS can provide your EIN for free, but you will need to purchase this package in order to avoid the hassle of getting your EIN.

Business Kit and Seal. A binder with your company name and a personalized seal will be provided. This feature also includes some sample documents.

You will get these features if you upgrade your registered agent services:

CSC Navigator for companies. A web-based compliance dashboard that tracks important dates and deadlines for filing paperwork. It also gives you storage and a to-do list for your company.

Annual report service: Incorporate.com will watch the due date for an additional $150 per year and plan and file them in order to maintain your company's good standing.

The Works (349$ + $235 for Registered Agent Service + $150 for Annual Report Service = $734

This package is best for: (totally not recommended)

Prices: $349 plus $235/year state filing fees. The annual report service is $150/year.


The Essentials package

Business License Research Package. Incorporate.com's Business License Research Package will help you determine which permits, approvals, and certificates are required to comply with federal, state, and municipal laws and get your business license.

These applications will be available via the Business License Research Pack. You just need to fill them in and apply.

For more information:

Custom Operating agreement. This operating agreement describes how the business will function from financial and administrative perspectives.

Incorporate.com will prepare the operating agreement.

For Corporation:

You can create your own Bylaws. These are the rules and regulations that govern the day-to-day operations of the company. They include details like the number of directors on the board, the dates and locations for shareholder meetings, and other details.


Extensive experience. Incorporate.com was founded in 1899 and has worked with over 700,000.

They have a wealth of knowledge informing LLCs over the years, which has given them ample information to answer any business questions regarding your Limited Liability Company (LLC).

Customer Support Accessibility. They can be reached via email, phone, or web chat at any time. They will promptly respond to all your inquiries.

Online Portal. This portal tracks the status of your business services. This advanced feature is unique to Incorporate.com and many other companies.

Corporate Compliance Guarantee. Incorporate.com offers a corporate compliance guarantee as part of its LLC formation services.

Incorporate.com will reimburse you up to $75,000 if the LLC is issued.

Comprehensive Guides. These guides will provide comprehensive information to your company about forming a business, LLC, or other entity, such as tax filings, regulations specific to the industry, and so on.

Incorporate.com offers a section on its website called "learning center" that provides information about how to form an LLC and a corporation.


Registered Agent Service Not Included with LLC Formation.

Although Incoporate.com offers registered agent services, this service is not part of their LLC formation packages.

Instead, they sell it as an option value. It could prove to be more expensive than their competitors who get them free.

Upselling. Incorporate.com doesn't have many features, which can lead to more upselling.

You will be prompted to purchase additional features, such as a seal or compliance kit, tax number, reporting, research, and so forth after you have selected a feature.

Prices. The base package is very affordable. Incorporate.com didn't include many other features, which are more expensive than their competitors.

Register agent services are more expensive than their competitors, with a cost of $235 per year plus state fees.

Business. They won't tell you which type of business you should start.

Although it sounds dick, you should consider that if you are going to put in the hard work required to be a business owner (which isn't easy), then you might as well make some real money.

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What else can Incorporate.Com do other than LLC formation?

Incorporate.com offers many services to help you keep your business compliant. Here are some of the services:

  • Permits and licenses for companies
  • Annual reports
  • Bylaws and operating arrangements
  • Certificates of good standing
  • Service of a registered agent
  • Stock certificates and membership certificates
  • Certified copies
  • Written consent forms

They also assist with IRS filings.

They also offer mail forwarding services with some additional filings, such as the following:

  • Foreign qualifications
  • DBA registrations
  • Conversions of entities
  • Modifications
  • Reinstatements
  • Dissolution

How does Incorporate.Com compare to other agent services?

Many companies offer similar business formation packages to Incorporate.com.

Most service providers offer companies one-year free registration.

The three most popular firms in the industry with the same market share are Legalzoom, ZenBusiness, and Northwest.

Legalzoom is the most well-known of the three and has helped many businesses to be formed.

Legalzoom also offers better customer service than many of its competitors.

ZenBusiness is second only to Legalzoom in terms of service companies that offer the best formation services at the most affordable prices.

ZenBusiness offers an affordable and open LLC service with positive reviews from customers across many channels.

While Northwest Registered Agent's rates are not cheap, they are still significantly lower than Incorporate.com.

Customers give it the highest ratings.

Incorporate.com does not offer expedited or same-day delivery, which is a major advantage over its competitors.

They will give you an estimate of the processing time once all the information has been collected.

Incorporate.com is a costly option to incorporate a business. You can find the same LLC services at a lower cost elsewhere.

Incorporate.com is proud of the quality service it has provided over the years. Although they aren't cheap, there are many positive reviews.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

What are Incorporate.Com's biggest advantages and disadvantages?

Incorporate.com's strongest suit is longevity.

A company that has been in business for more than 120 years must have done something right. Their biggest problem is their inability to provide value to customers through high prices for their products.

What features should I buy if I use Incorporate.Com?

A formation package that includes the registered agent service is usually the best choice. This is not included in the Incorporate.com packages.

Their Starter Package is $99, and their registered agent service is $235. You can also look at ZenBusiness and Incfile if this seems too expensive. If you upgrade to one of their formation packages, both include one-year free registration as a registered agent.

Are They Able to offer publication service?

The requirements for publication vary from one state to the next.

In some states, your business formation must be published in a regional newspaper.

For example, Arizona and Nebraska would require it for corporations and LLCs, while New York and other states would only require it for LLCs.

Incorporate.com doesn't offer publishing services or support for the process.

Is Incorporate.Com able to help with ongoing compliance requirements?

They can assist you with compliance issues. These can be upgraded via their registered agent service for $235 per year and an annual report service worth $ 150 per year.

You must note that the Essentials and Works packages cannot be upgraded without purchasing them.

What is their refund policy?

Their refund policy is unclear. Incorporate.com claims that they will refund your money less the service fee if you cancel before you submit your documents.

You can find the full statement on their website.

Incorporate.com will refund your entire order minus a service fee if you cancel your order after it has been submitted to a federal, State, or Local office. We reserve the right to cancel an order once it has been submitted.

Is Incorporate.Com offering any discounts?

Sometimes they offer discounts or money-saving coupons.

This is usually the case on holidays. They do not offer any promotions or promo codes.

How Fast Does Incorporate.Com Process LLC Formations?

The state of the formation will determine the processing time. Incorporate.com generally processes your request within a short time.

You can get an expedited service if you need a faster turnaround. It takes just a few days.

What is the Incorporate.Com Customer Support Number and Email?

They can be reached at 855-236-4043.

You can also send your concerns via their email contact form. Once you submit, a representative will respond to you by email within one day.

Do I need to reserve my LLC business name before forming an LLC?

Each state, except Florida, has a method of reserving business names before forming the company.

The reservation is not required if you have not started the formation process.

You don't have to reserve if you are willing to start working on it. As mentioned, each state has its own requirements. Alabama requires that you reserve your name prior to forming an LLC.

Is Incorporate.Com the LLC Website That You Recommend to Family and Friends?

This is a tricky question to answer.

We would rate it an acceptable service if it was available for a long time. There are many better service providers available, despite the fact that it is not long-lasting.

We would recommend ZenBusiness or Northwest Registered Agent if we had to choose between the best providers.

You will find many positive reviews about these companies if you look at customer reviews. Their greatest advantage is their lower price. The same high-quality LLC formation services are available at a lower price.

If you search for positive reviews on incorporate.com, it is hard to find one. Many customers complain about the high prices of their products.

Is Incorporate.Com Legit?

Incorporate.com is a legitimate company, as they have been providing LLC services for more than a century.

They were originally called The Corporation Service Company but changed their name to The Company Corporation. Finally, they changed it back to Incorporate.com. Their goal has been to assist people in forming their business entities.

But, just because they are a legitimate business formation company does not mean that they aren't shady.

Incorporate.com sells overpriced products. Their fee structure is not transparent and straightforward.

Is that your answer?

It's possible to create a successful, profitable online business.

This is our #1 pick. It is not like incorporate. This pick actually shows real proof of success from real people just a few days back.

Last Thoughts on Incorporate.Com

Even with more than a century of industry experience, Incorporate.com falls short of our expectations (and those of their customers).

They are somewhat out of date and quite expensive, but they do not include the extra services most businesses require.

You would have to pay $385 more per year to receive the Essentials and Works packages.

Wait, there's more! There's an additional $235 annual fee for the Starter Package's featured features.

Incorporate.com is a poor choice for anyone searching for an LLC provider because of its overpriced pricing and confusing ads.

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