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Influencer Cash Reviews

Influencer Cash claims you can earn $200 per day just by posting links to your social media accounts. Imagine making this much money by simply posting links on social media.

This sounds like something that everyone would do.

Before you rush to sign up for Influencer Cash, you might want to take a look at what we discovered during our Influencer Cash review. You might be surprised, or it may not.

What is Influencer Cash?

Influencer Cash can be described as a monetization network. What does this actually mean?

It's easy to see that companies pay Influencers cash money to have people such as you promote their products. This allows you to make money and helps a company get noticed.

It seems like a win-win situation.

You can sign up for free of cost and begin making money online. After signing up, you will log in to your account using your username and password. Then you can start making money online.

You can invite your friends to create an account, and you'll earn money for them.

This is just one way to make money. Test the products of sponsors to make money.

We'll discuss that later.

Here are Some Ways People Make Money by Completing Tasks

After you sign up, you will be provided with a link to your referral link via the back office.

Now, you can share the referral link and start performing tasks. This will increase your credit.

Let's have a closer look at how Influencer Cash works. Let's say, how InfluencerCash should function.

Here are some facts about

Influencer cash isn't a new concept. They've been involved in internet marketing since 2012. They have at least been associated with their parent company. We couldn't figure out the parent company and they didn't mention it.

However, was launched in April 2019.

According to, InfluencerCash receives a lot of traffic to their website,

People believe the claims of making money online using Influencer Cash because it is true. This opportunity is hard to resist, or even entertain the idea of it if it doesn't cost anything.

It is evident in their rapid growth in traffic after they launched

How can you Make Money with Influencer Cash?

We've briefly touched on the ways that can help you make money. Refer your friends.

There are two main ways you can make money on an influencer website. First, you can get paid for clicking on a link. Ad impressions are the second way an influencer member can make money. For every 1,000 impressions, you earn a certain amount.

There are many big brands that want to be seen more. If you place their ads, it's a great way of advertising. This is a legitimate way of making money, and it's very similar to affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is where you promote a product, and then you receive a commission when that person purchases the product.

How does Influencer Cash work?

The website allows you to make money simply by completing simple tasks.

InfluencerCash is not a legitimate way to make money or a place where you should invest your own time. It has never paid anyone and will not pay any members. To lure people into signing up with InfluencerCash, it offers a great salary.

Social Media & Insta Tasks

  • Sign up bonus $25
  • Refer a friend and earn $10 when they sign up through your affiliate link
  • $30 to complete a Survey
  • $50 to promote and give positive feedback on YouTube

You'll receive $25 immediately after you join Influencer Cash. This is amazing, and you are so excited to have made money by signing up for Influencer Cash.

You should log in to every day so you can post links, perform tasks daily, or even complete hours of a survey.

You have noticed that your credit is increasing in your account and are now ready to be paid.

Here is where things get tricky.

You'll be asked to perform certain tasks once you have reached the payout threshold. These tasks seem never-ending, and you're still denied your hard-earned cash.

They will claim you have earned your money by some type of fraud.

You'll receive this huge promise from to make $200 per day. It also explains how you don’t need special skills to earn this money. This should be your first warning sign to stay away.

You can make $200 per day but it's not possible to make that much through Influencer Cash.

You won't find any evidence that InfluencerCash members are making money if you don't take the time to do so.

You will see some testimonials on, but are they real? Let's take an in-depth look.

Cristina's image is a stock photo. Her exact same image can be found on numerous other websites. Look at the image below to see how her exact same photo is used on RainMoney and paid4clout.

Could she have left a review on all three .... sites? Yes!

Her name is different. RED FLAG! RED FLAG!

Another red flag is the absence of presence on social media sites like Facebook, Pintrest, and Youtube.

You can't be the #1 Influencer if there aren't any followers or presences on social media.

They have only two Pinterest followers.

Take a look at InfluencerCash's YouTube channel. They have only 3 subscribers, and they don't have any content.

They have nearly 2,100 Instagram followers, and they don't need to follow anyone.

They should have millions upon millions of followers on social media, but they don't. And they have very few social media profiles.

Who is Behind Influencer Cash Website?

It is not easy to find this information. It is not easy to find this information.

These are the people responsible for influencer money.


Based on information on their website, we know it was registered in Panama in April 2019.

This is all you need to know about them.

What does The Better Business Bureau have to say?

The Better Business Bureau, or BBB, can be consulted. The BBB warns visitors not to use Influencercash, stating that it was made by scammers.

What if it's free?

It is as easy as data harvesting.

They would like to have your personal data, including your name, phone number and address, as well as debit or credit card information, passwords, PayPal email addresses, and any other data.

They can also sell the information to other companies, and make some good money.

After they have sold your information, you will start receiving unsolicited emails with promotions for other dubious and shady products.

It's worse that they can hack your Paypal account. They have your personal information such as your email address, name, password, and bank account. They are aware of what they are doing.

It's not surprising that this is a great opportunity to make money. You can sell your personal information to make some money.

...... is the only proof that Influencer Cash is doing it.

Let's Discuss the Red Flags of InfluencerCash

Although there are always red flags to be aware of, we often ignore them when the offer is more than it is. People with zero experience can make $200 per day by posting links.

These are often the first signs of a scam.

Let's look at some other red flags.

Unknown owner

Why would anyone trust someone who is unwilling to accept responsibility for InfluencerCash? Most often, the reason an owner hides their identity is because they don't offer a high-quality product or service.

This is the #1 Platform, so why don't their social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest?

Earnings from Over-Hyped Activities

Everyone wants to earn $200 per day by doing minimal work. The InfluencerCash website hypes up the possibility that you can make this kind of money. It even claims that influencers earn $2,000 per month. The $30 TaskWall requires you to complete at most 5 tasks. These can include postings on the platform, offering offers to reach an audience, and any other task that you might find.

You can't guarantee that you will make this much money in any industry. This claim is not made by any legitimate GPT website. It claims that someone can earn $2000, $200 per month or more through their website.


This has been mentioned before. What else could they be lying about if they use stock photos to create testimonials?

Are all the testimonials from InfluencerCash fake or real? They don't appear to be trustworthy. How good can their product really be if they need to fabricate testimonials? They must make a product of low quality that has no value.

If a product is great, there's no reason for them to make false claims. Testimonials will be readily given by people. They are eager to share their experiences with others.

Let's face the truth, InfluencerCash is likely to have something illegal going on if it has to pay its members $50 for each YouTube video upload. For $5, you can visit

There are no payment proofs

We have yet to find any member who has been paid. There are hundreds of members who claim they have not received payment for sharing links or posting on websites.

Is InfluencerCash.Co a Scam?

InfluencerCash is a fraud. There's no doubt about that. Their website contains fake information and other red flags that indicate that they are not real.

This is a red flag if the website owner doesn't want their program to be theirs. If a company doesn't appear on social media, especially if they claim to be the #1 Influencer, you can tell there is something wrong.

It is more likely that you won't be able to contact them if you don't receive payment. They don't answer your questions or offer support.

You are only expected to spend your time filling out surveys and placing ads on websites. Then you will be paid for clicks or for a daily task you complete within the platform.

These overhyped income claims will grab your attention. These claims play on your desire for a large income without putting in the work.

It's possible to believe that it sounds too good for it to be true. This is still true.

You should have proof to back up income claims that you exaggerate. You can't make income claims like this and trust issues arise when you aren't able to prove them.

Conclusion For Influencercash

We wouldn't recommend this. It won't make you money and you can join other legitimate programs. Although you can promote product after product, it won't pay you a penny.

We spent a lot of time looking for systems that actually do what they promise, rather than wasting our time.

This is the Last Review you'll Ever Need to Read.

Here's our #1 Business Model and Best Recommendation

We all want to earn money for our own purposes. We waste our time on things that we don't believe are right for us.

We just hope this will be the chance to quit our jobs and begin earning a full-time living at home.

We have the freedom we desire and control over our salaries.

It's not easy to do this when there are so many frauds.

Too many programs offer false hope of a steady income.. while taking your time, money and hope.

We get it!

We've done extensive research on many programs, work from home opportunities, and websites like Influencercash.

We are going to expose those that don't work. But, more importantly, we will show you what works.

We found the best business model to allow you to make a passive income.

Think ..... Imagine that you are spending your time working on something that will continue earning you money each month, but you don't need to spend as much time on it.

This is how you can be free and have more time to do the things you love.

You have to work hard.

You will need to work hard to keep your income up, but that's okay.

Real estate is attractive because of this.

You purchase a house and fix it up. Then you rent it out at a monthly rate. You have nothing to do until it is notified that something must be done.

But you will still get paid every month until they move on, regardless of what.

You'll then find a new tenant.

We found the exact same program.

Digital Real Estate Offers You Passive Income

It's the exact same idea. You'll create a website and get it up to speed so it can generate leads. Then, you'll rent it to a company at a monthly rate.

The industry standard price will be used to determine the price.

You don't have to worry about it, although you may not know how.

Josh was our host, and he is the creator of Digital Real Estate Program, called BAM.

It was designed to help people like you create a Digital Real Estate Empire.

You can build multiple websites that you rent out to make as much or as little money as you like. Imagine 10 websites you can rent for $500 per month. It's $5500 per month to do nothing . This is a low-balling of it.

This program includes payment proofs, video testimonials from real students about their success, and people who are willing to assist you in your journey to earning the same income as them.

This is one of the best things about it.

Josh is a successful entrepreneur who has made six figures using the same business model he's teaching.

This is not theory.

These are the steps he takes in order to make that amount of money.

You're guided through each step, so you feel confident you know how it all works.

Here's how it works

It will be a pleasant surprise to see how easy it is.

You'll first need to do some research on the companies that require a website.

This will depend on the market and the location. It will pay off in the end, but remember to do your research.

Let's find a Jacksonville plumber that can also rent your website.

Use the Google search term "Criminal Defense Lawyer Jacksonville FL."

There are many.

This is prime real property.

Here's what you would do.

Because Dale Carson Law has the highest reviews, you would build a website.

This website will be designed so that Google lists it on the first page.

This is how to generate leads.

By placing your number on the website, you can get the phone to ring for Dale Carson. They'll receive a message saying that they are sending the lead.

Here's where magic happens.

After a few days of submitting leads, you will be able to call them. After a few days of sending them leads, you'll call them and introduce yourself to them as the one who sent them those leads.

Let them know that $x per month is required if they wish to keep obtaining these leads.

Simple right.

Remember that if they refuse to pay the amount you ask, there are two other options that may be available that might be more willing.

Your website is designed to generate leads for your business.

Most companies don't know how to do it. They want to sell more services and products online, but they don't know how.

You will.

It doesn't matter which type of business they have. They need leads to survive. It's easier to target local businesses to rank higher in search engines.

This is the best part.

Did you know there are more than 125 million small businesses?

There are many ways to make money.

Most likely, you're focusing on the small details. You don't know how to build a website.

It's OK, that's what BAM is all about.

They will show you .... You can scratch that .... They will take you by the arm and guide you through all that you need.

His student went from $0 up to $40K in 8 months. He had never before built a website in his entire life.

It's easy and you'll be able to build as many lead-generating websites as you want once you've understood all the steps.

This means that you have no limit on how much money you can make.

You will make more money if you have more websites.

Here's the best bit The sky is the limit.

This is just one website you can use to generate leads for your plumbing company.

Are you ready to get started with your very own digital real estate business?

Visit their website to see a lot of testimonials from students who have used this platform to make full-time income, without having ever built a website nor had any sales experience.

They put everything they learned at BAM to use and created their first lead-generating website. Then they got a business to rent it.

These are just a few of the many things you'll discover.

  • Learn how to buy a domain name.
  • How to create a website.
  • How to identify the most relevant keywords for search engines.
  • How to send email notifications for call notifications
  • All the details that go into ranking your website so that you can generate leads or passive income.

Are you ready for the ultimate guide? To make money, you need to do everything from start to finish.

To learn more, listen to testimonies and view payment proofs from students who have completed the course click here.


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