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Instagram Affiliate Marketing in 2022: Ultimate Guide of Do’s & Don’ts

Today, you will see step-by-step how to turn your Instagram account into a profitable affiliate marketing machine.

(in 6 months)

The best part?

It doesn't take a million followers to get started.

You can actually make a lot of money if your posts get a few hundred likes.

This article explains.

In 2022, I will show you how to be an Instagram affiliate marketer.


Let's go!

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is simply "selling other people’s products."

Affiliate marketing can be described in more detail here:

Definition of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing refers to the ongoing promotion of products or brands by which a company can make money.

Affiliate marketers who are successful find products that they love and then promote them to their followers.

You will receive a commission for each sale.

Why use Instagram as an affiliate?

You might have heard of influencers who use affiliate marketing on other platforms.

Such as:

  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Blogs
  • Tumblr

Affiliate marketing can bring in substantial income for these influencers.

Instagram users can do even more.

Because is so popular on Instagram,

You can achieve greater levels of performance by using affiliate marketing on Instagram.

You might be wondering how to make Instagram money in 2020.

Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Started As An Instagram Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money online.

Although not as lucrative as lead generator, it is still very profitable.

You can make more money with Instagram Affiliate Marketing

But only if your know what you are doing.

only if your strategy is executed correctly.

Start as an affiliate marketer on Instagram

It is easy to create a large online audience.

Once you have a good following,

With your affiliate marketing efforts, you are already half way to financial success.

Affiliate marketing is heavily dependent on the size and demographics of your audience.

The more followers you have the better

The higher the profit potential,

However, affiliate marketing can still be done if your audience is small.

If you use the correct methods,

You can convert many of your followers into paying clients.

A person who is able to maximize their affiliate marketing efforts might earn more than someone with a wider audience.

It all boils down to your ability to know what you are doing.

How does Instagram affiliate marketing work?

Phase 1: Gathering a Follower

These steps will help you:

  • Posting once a week
  • Engage with your Followers
  • Develop a Content Strategy

You have over 10,000 followers.

10% of them engage with your posts regularly

Via comments and likes

Phase 2: Partnering With a Brand

After some time,

You make a deal to purchase a product from a relevant company.

Specificating a set goals and "deliverables"

You create posts to promote their products.

You will find it in the post.

You'll be able to add a special affiliate hyperlink.

This link will direct customers to the brand’s eCommerce page.

They can also purchase the exact product you featured in your story or Instagram post.

Common Questions Answered

What is an Affiliate Link?

This URL is known as an "affiliate hyperlink."

It's the foundation of affiliate marketing.

This link will take you to the next page

Customers are tracked and recorded every time they make a purchase.

The properties of the link are the reason.

The brand can track the source of the customer back through your Instagram account.

Credit you for the sale

If the company with which you have partnered confirms that theywere responsible for sending the customer to this page,

They'll pay you a commission.

Instagram Affiliate Commissions What Kind of Kickback Can You Expect?

The brand, affiliate program and product can all have an impact on the commission rate.

You might earn 1% (video game consoles via Amazon Associates ).

Clickfunnels' 40% commission rate is one of the highest affiliate commissions. This is after 40+ Clickfunnels subscribers have already signed up. (Updated April 2022).

The Instagram Affiliate Marketing #1 Ingredient for Success

Now you know how affiliate marketing works.

Steady Calls is the #1 ingredient for success of Instagram affiliate marketers:

Your followers should feel trusted and loyal.

Trust is essential for your entire business.

Before you jump into affiliate marketing, you need to ensure that the followers of yours believe in you.

It is possible to have a large following.

But how do your followers really feel about you?

Why are they following you?

Do they value you as a person?

Is it because of the values that your content exemplifies

Affiliate marketing is a way to earn extra income.

You're d looking to develop a deeper, more personal relationship with your followers.

Instead of just viewing your content, be entertained!

Your followers are being asked to trust you now

Use that opinion to decide how to spend their money.

Influencers often work hard to build a personal connection with followers right from the beginning.

It's easy to move into affiliate marketing in this instance.

Some influencers might need to spend more time building trust and appreciation with followers before jumping into affiliate marketing.

Instagram Affiliate Marketing: Benefits

If Instagram Affiliate Marketing is done right,

Everyone wins.

The customer receives their product

The brand is more popular and sells better.

The influencer gets a cut of the action.

It is a mutually beneficial relationship.

This means that all parties get something from the deal.

With no loss or disadvantages on either side.

It is possible to argue that customers also benefit.

The Instagram Influencer's Trust Factor

You're an Instagram influencer who is successful

Your followers will likely trust your opinion.

If you can recommend products that actually work,

You're creating loyalty in your network and making sure your followers choose only the best products.

All products are created to solve problems

These customers can find genuine, vetted products that solve a problem or satisfy a need.

As I have said, everyone wins.

The size of your Instagram following

Let's now address the elephant in this room:

Your following size

To be an Instagram affiliate marketer, you must have the following skills:

You must have at least a certain number of followers.

We didn't say you needed a large following...

This business can be started with a small audience.

You might be surprised at the potential profit with only 5,000 followers.

Quality over Quantity

How many followers do you really need?

As we mentioned, even as few as 5,000 Instagram followers can help you monetize your account.

Although you might not make a lot of money, it is enough to get the ball moving. When it gets moving, it becomes bigger like a snowball going downhill

Some followers will wait longer to become affiliate marketers. Perhaps they will reach 15,000 followers before beginning.


The True Metric to Determine Profitability

Engagement (Not Following )

It is interesting to see that influencers can have large followings but low engagement.

This is especially true for those who rely on automation and bots to gain followers.

The day is over

These aren't real followers.

Bots cannot buy products.

As impressive as your number of followers might be,

Affiliate marketers with a large following of bots won't make much.

Even has 15,000 fans.

You might not be the right person to begin affiliate marketing.

The Final Takeaway About Following

Remember that Instagram is all about creating interaction and your affiliate marketing efforts are dependent on having high levels of engagement from your following.

An example of Instagram affiliate marketing

Many times,

Influencers with less than 5,000 followers often have an intimate and personal relationship with their followers .

Because the following is quite small,

Influencers can connect with nearly every follower.

Affiliate marketing requires trust.

Even with a small audience, you can still make a lot of money.

Let's take, for example, a pair socks or a trio of pens that you want to promote as a cheap item.

You earn 20% commission on the purchase of this item, which costs five dollars.

If you are able to build a personal relationship with your 5,000 followers,

It's reasonable to expect nearly all of the followers to buy the product.

It's just five dollars.

If you earn a 1 dollar commission on each item,

This is a net income of $4500... for one post.

Let's suppose that you have 15,000 followers.

However, you may not have the same level of personal connection and engagement with them.

Promoting the same product might result in only 1,000 people buying it.

You will earn just $1,000.

This is only 20% of the previous example, even though it had a smaller following.

This is just one example.

But it illustrates our point.

Sometimes having a large audience is not as important as building a strong relationship.

Promoting close engagement

4 Ways to Increase Your Instagram Followers

Affiliate marketing is something you should try if you have never done it before.

Your Instagram presence may undergo some significant changes

As you begin to invest your time and energy in this monetization method.

How can you make it easy to get into affiliate marketing and still maintain your Instagram personality?

These are some great tips to help you make the transition into affiliate marketing professionally and honestly.


You must first differentiate yourself.

Today's Instagram influencers have fallen prey to bots to gain followers for their accounts,

But as an aspiring Instagram affiliate,

Did you know that bots won't buy products?

Your main goal will be to go old school

You can build your following with sweat equity, not modern automation.

Affiliate marketers rely on engaged audiences.

The human touch is always key.

We've previously stressed the importance of engagement and building a real relationship with your followers.

Even if you grow your following to huge numbers

This means that is what you should use to grow your audience as an affiliate marketer.

You should absolutely stay away from bots, automation.

If you don't rely on bots,

How can you quickly grow your following?

We're not going lie...

It is hard work and effort.

At the end of it all,

It all pays off when you build real connections with new audiences members,

Many of them will support your future affiliate efforts.

INSTAGRAM GROWTH TACTIC 02: Staying Niche Focused

Your goal should be to reach Instagram users who are clearly in your niche.

You might also be interested in other pages that may attract the same type of followers as you are.

Once you have found some potential followers,

Don't be afraid of engaging with them.

This can be done directly.

Through instant messages

You can also reply to their comments.

INSTAGRAM TACTIC 03: Topically Relevant Commentaries

On the other side,

You can indirectly draw attention to your self by commenting on posts they may be interested in.

Speak up!

People will notice.

The ideal situation is:

They'll click on you name.

Check out your Instagram Page

Follow you.

Develop Your Commenting Muscles

If you are up for the challenge, this method can be very hard to master.

Influencers often leave hundreds of comments and responses every day, many with amazing results.

If you are just beginning,

You should aim to get between 5-10 comments per post on topics related to your niche.

You can also send instant messages to others if you feel up to it.

It is not much to send 5-10 messages.

It would be a good goal to post 5-10 comments per day in 30 minutes without any issues.

This method is easy to use, but it will not require much effort.

The rewards can be very high.

INSTAGRAM GROWTH TACTIC 04: Incorporating Hashtags

When it comes to Instagram, hashtags are very important.

This is something that almost everyone knows.

We won't get into the details about why they're so important.

People can't find your Instagram posts if you don't use hashtags well.

Many influencers are using tonsof #hashtags to grow their following.

It is no longer logical.

They may use all sorts of hashtags.

Even if they aren't related in any way to the topic or post they just published.

This method will make your posts visible to a wider audience, but it is not a good idea.

It's unlikely to prove effective over the long-term.

People will be attracted to your account even if they don't have an interest.

It is better to use hashtags that directly relate to your niche.

Even if you only use a handful of them.

Use less hashtags that are specificto reach your ideal audience.

Why brands want to partner with InfluencersInsta?

We have already discussed how affiliate marketing benefits the brand as well as you, as an influencer.

Zooming out to the 40,000-foot view is a good idea.

Why would big brands bother with affiliate market?

Do the math.

These brands pay hefty commissions for this method.

It would be much more efficient if they took the budget and put it into a TV commercial.

What are the advantages of affiliate marketing over other forms of marketing?

Advertising and marketing more traditionally

This section explains.

Here are 3 reasons why Instagram influencers can be more beneficial than other marketing opportunities.

Advantage #1: Direct consumer engagement is the main benefit of Instagram Affiliate Partnerships

Instagram's main benefit is its direct engagement with its followers.

What does this even mean?

Simply put:

Users can click on the Instagram post that features their product and then click on it directly

They were directed to the brand's Instagram account.

Their other products are also available.

Their overall web presence.

You can interact with the post through comments.

asking questions,

chatting with other fans about the products

Learn more about the product.

This level of engagement is not possible with traditional advertisements or TV commercials.

It is impossible to "click" on a TV advertisement and then go through the brand's other products.

It is not possible to ask questions or interact with others instantly.

Even if Instagram users don’t actually purchase the product,

They might still follow the brand's Facebook page.

At the minimum

The Instagram post creates amazing brand awareness


Brands don't pay Instagram users anything unless they sell products.

This means that brand awareness and engagement are generated for zero dollars.

You should now be able to see how affiliate marketing can provide amazing opportunities for many brands.

There are other benefits as well.

Advantage #2: Consumer Targeting

A partnership between a brand and an Instagram influencer can result in a reduction of your costs.

They are building strong connections with their audience.

Because Instagram influencers are often surrounded by loyal followers,

This gives you access to a very promising customer base.

Which is better? Which is better: Instagram Affiliate or Television

You can choose to advertise on TV or in a traditional way.

Target is not possible.

It's just something you put out there by accident.

Hopefully, the right people will see it.

However, brands can choose to partner only with certain Instagram influencers.

They are making a calculated move based upon the niche of that influencer and their audience.

Engaging with your audience is a great way to build long-term relationships.

As influencers gain more followers, brands can grow and become more prominent on the platform.

This connection is essential for influencers to have access to their followers.

Many influencers become PR reps for the brands they work with.

Their image and name become synonymous with the brands with which they have worked.

Every time a brand releases a new product,

The influencer promotes the product immediately and enthusiastically.

Advantage #3: Instagram Affiliate Partnerships Are Inexpensive

This kind of relationship can be a great long-term investment for large brands.

Almost all companies are interested only in one thing and one thing only.

Their bottom line will improve.

If their marketing efforts do not directly lead to increased revenue,

Then, what's the point?

This is a crucial consideration for any brand considering investing in affiliate marketing.

How much revenue can affiliate marketing generate for large brands?

Affiliate marketing is extremely lucrative,

The affiliate does all the marketing and brand exposure until one of his followers purchases a product.

At this point, the influencer is paid a commission.

Instagram is one of the newest platforms.

Still an exponentially growing number

This area offers a lot of marketing opportunities that aren't being used.

In the end,

It all comes down to viewing habits.

It is no secret that traditional media such as radio and television are rapidly disappearing.

Slowly, alternative models such as YouTube and Instagram are being introduced.

Statistica 2020

Instagram has more than 1 billion users.

The Triangulate Of Trust is Present in Long-Term Marketing Partnerships

If you are forming a partnership in a business,

It's important to share what you have to offer as an Instagram influencer.

The day is over

Affiliate marketing is built upon trust.

Trust the brand you work with.

should be in their products.

Their ethos is exemplary

Their overall mission as a brand.

If you aren't passionate about the brand,

You won't feel motivated to market their products.

It will also be easier to promote products and brands that you are actually interested in.

Brands must also trust you as an influencer.

Brands must feel confident in their ability to represent them as a company.

Remember that you are essentially acting as a PR representative - especially for more serious affiliate marketing relationships.

Brands select influencers who reflect their brand's image and goals.

They don't want you to make controversial statements about them or to do anything that could damage their reputation.

Lastly, don't forget the customers.

They must also trust the influencers they follow to recommendexcellent products.

This is what affiliate marketers do.

You are saying, "Hey guys! This is an amazing product. You should definitely buy it!"

What happens if the item is deemed terrible by your followers?

You are instantly destroying their trust in your influencer status.

They won't likely buy any of your future products - they don't want "burned" again.

Trust is a key component of affiliate marketing.

It is a triangle of trust.

Brands must trust influencers, they need to trust influencers, and customers should trust influencers.

The whole thing will fall apart if there is distrust between these three partners.

Find the right affiliate partner

Your relationship with a brand by itself can be detrimental to your influencer status.

What if the company engages in bad business practices?

Maybe they treat their employees poorly.

Contribute to global warming or pollution.

Younger generations are more concerned about the environment.

You should not partner with a company without researching the brand.

Your followers may become angry with you.

Many will not follow you.

The day is over

Before entering into a business relationship, both the influencer as well as the brand must have a positive reputation.

Key Takeaway

You should do your research on each brand you are considering as a partner.

Research is key to saving your reputation as an Instagram influencer.

How to land an affiliate partnership with a brand?

You need to put yourself in a place where they want to form a partnership.

It is important to be aware of your children's goals.

As an Instagram Affiliate Marketer

This intelligence is what you need

Knowing the benefits of affiliate marketing will allow you to market yourself better to large brands that are looking for trusted influencers to work with.

You must be able to show the idea affiliate marketing to brands.

This is especially true for small influencers.

You're looking to get into affiliate marketing.


It's true, you can sign up for affiliate programs without ever communicating with any brands.

This is not always true.

Influencers often choose to contact brands they are interested in working with.

If you are just beginning,

These might be local, smaller brands.

Affiliate marketing may not be understood by these brands.

They might be a bit outdated.

They haven't kept up to date with marketing trends over the past few years.

Affiliate marketing can be a great way to make money.

You can meet with them to explain why this works for both of you.

These skills can be used when you work with larger brands.

Reputable brands may only choose to work with people they trust.

How to reach out to companies for affiliate marketing deals?

We have not yet covered the steps required to get started as an affiliate marketer.

How can you create these business partnerships? How do you get started?

Affiliate networks are the best way to get started in affiliate marketing.

For first-time affiliate marketers,

You can easily open an account with any of these network.

Register for a program in your niche and you can start making money immediately.

This is a growing industry.

There are many affiliate programs that you can choose from.

Affiliate Program 1: ShareASale

ShareASale is an excellent starting point for Instagram affiliate marketers.

It is one of the most important networks in the world.

This should give you a lot of choices when it comes to choosing products to promote.

Every month you'll be paid on time

Their system will also show you the most lucrative deals.

The following criteria are used to select their recommended deals:

Earnings per Click

Commission rates

The average amount of sales

Other factors.

Affiliate Program 2: Flexoffers

Flexoffers is another well-respected name within the affiliate marketing industry.

This network offers you tons of tools and features to make your affiliate marketing campaigns more successful.

Flexoffers caters to all content creators which is a great thing.

This includes YouTubers, bloggers, as well as Instagram influencers.

If you are looking to grow your Instagram reach to other platforms,

Flexoffers provides flexibility

There are thousands of affiliate programs that offer a variety of brands.


This network includes many small and medium brands.

This might be a better starting place for smaller influencers.

There are huge brands that also use this network.

So you are truly spoilt for choices.

This is because the network is organized in different categories and subcategories.

It's easy to find the perfect program for your Instagram account.

You won't need to scroll through many programs to find the right one, unlike other affiliate networks.

Flexoffers has its own affiliate programs.

Flexoffers can be shared with other influencers and they begin to earn cash using the platform.

Refer a friend to earn a commission.

Flexoffers is a great way to get started - you won't find it with any other network.

Affiliate Program 3CJ Affiliate

CJ Affiliate is a great choice if your goal is to work with large retailers.

This vast network features programs from almost every major name.

This network is also available.

You can quickly and easily find the most profitable offers by comparing them.

This network offers a wide range of options.

This is great news for Instagram influencers.

You can also choose from thousands upon thousands of advertisers

You can choose from many options to display your affiliate link.

Affilate Program 4: Rakuten

Rakuten is an established network.

It has a solid reputation for being one of the most respected networks in the world.

There are so many innovative options that you have almost unlimited options when it comes to how you can post your affiliate links.

How Instagram works for you advertising.

Deep linking is one example of their improved functionality.

Rakuten is a platform that only around 1,000 advertisers can use to market to affiliates.

But these advertisers are the best.

You can be confident that you are seeing the best.

It's sometimes a good sign that affiliate networkers are selective about who they allow onto the platform.

Affiliate networks can sometimes be poor at quality control.

They allow brands and products of very low quality to join their network.

Perhaps a small number advertisers on Rakuten aren't so bad.

On the other side,

Rakuten influencers often complain about a somewhat unreliable payment system.

Affiliate Program 5AWIN

AWIN is a great affiliate network that allows you to select from a wide variety of options.

This affiliate network works in partnership with more than 13,000 advertisers

This blows away most of the competition

Selection is the most difficult part of this process.

Although AWIN's headquarters are in the UK,

It is currently in operation in more than 11 countries.

This network is truly global.

You can pick from a variety of niches.

There are some areas that this network seems to be specialized in.

This network is perfect for you if you have an Instagram account that focuses on beauty, fashion, sport, and travel.

These niches are the focus of many deals and products.

However, you will need to pay a fee to join the network.

Similar to Affiliate Center

If none of these networks provide what you need,

Consider taking a look at my 2020 affiliate program (button to the right).

Solution to the Instagram Affiliate Link Issue

Instagram Affiliates must learn how to use Instagram.

"Where to put your affiliate link on Instagram?"

This is what many influencers have done.

You can also use the same techniques.

Solutions 1 and 2 are both free.

The third solution is 120 dollars per year, or 15 dollars per month.

Solution 1 : The Bio Strategy

First, simply put the affiliate link in your bio.

This is probably something you've seen before on Instagram, even if it wasn't obvious that these were affiliate links.

Influencers may post a photo.

They'll write something in the caption like "Check the link in my bio."

This is a simple and effective way of using affiliate marketing techniques with your Instagram account.

If you keep posting affiliate links to your bio, you will have to face future issues.

You'll end up with a bio that includes affiliate links to various brands and products.

A bio that is overloaded with affiliate links is obviously spammy.

It's not ideal, it's obvious.

You can work with any number of brands as long as you only want to.

You can continue to refer customers to the same affiliate links as in your bio.

If you are looking to partner with other brands,

You might consider another approach.

Solution 2: Operation G.A.

A Gallery App is also available.

What's an Instagram Affiliate Gallery App?

An affiliate gallery app allows you to have more affiliate partnerships linked to your profile in a professional way.

Gallery apps are the best.

You can either rent or make one yourself (DIY).

DIY Method: Create your own website using WordPress and create your own gallery.

Making clickable images that allow your followers to buy your partners' products

What is a Gallery App?

This tool allows you to post directly from your computer.One Link in your bio

Click this link to find out more

They'll be taken directly to the page.All Your affiliate links are displayed.

They can scroll through an image gallery containing all of your most recent posts.

Find the product that interests you.

Click the affiliate link.

Gallery app services DFU (Done For You).

1. Linkin.bio

Linkin.bio allows you to create a free account and then upgrade when you earn more affiliate commissions. It will grow with you.

2. Like2Buy

Like its predecessor, Like2Buy has multiple plans and tiers to allow you to offer different affiliate products to your Instagram followers.

Solution 3 - Swipe up to Sell

You're probably keeping up with Instagram's latest trends.

You already know that Instagram Stories are huge right now.

Instagram is shifting more towards videos

These changes must be reflected in the minds of influencers.

Instagram makes it easy for entrepreneurs to make money from these changes and trends.

You can, for example, add a "swipe-up link" to your Instagram stories.

This feature allows you to:

Customers are sent to your eCommerce pages by simply tapping their fingers.

This method is extremely profitable.

Particularly as more people follow stories and less posts,

There are some important considerations to make when using this method.

First, this feature can only be used if you have a business or 10,000 followers.

Many influencers will be immediately excluded from this list, either because they don’t have enough followers or don’t want to upgrade.

Influencers have also claimed that this feature could drive engagement down.

This affiliate marketing method uses posts instead of stories.

You're effectively interacting more effectively with customers.

Algorithms may be less forgiving if your stories are centered on the swipe up feature.

Believe it or not

There are many ways to include affiliate links.

SOLUTION 4: Embed Code in Image

Another way is to embed the code directly in your image.

Your viewers will not be able click the link but they will see it.

They can still see it.

This question was asked by a Quora member and Sara Gattoni.


The answer was:

SOLUTION 5: Make the link Short and Sweet

Use a link shortener,

They can also take a picture and manually enter the URL.

This is likely to be the most ineffective method.

Because you are asking customers to do a lot of work.

Link Shortening Tools:


Bitly is most well-known for its ability to reduce links as of April 2020. However, Bitly can do much more than that.

Some of the most beloved features of this tool include:

  • MEMORABLE: Customize your URL to Make it Relevant and Easy To Remember
  • INTEGRATABLE:  Bitly connects to the flywheel hub for your operations, regardless of whether Sales Force or another CRM via Zapier.
  • Total Clicks: Organic Sharing Clicks, and More.

Are you interested in learning more about Bitly


It is one of the most powerful link management platforms. You can brand, track and even share short URLs with unique brand names

Some of the most beloved features of this tool include:

  • MULTIPLEDOMAIN NAMES: This tool allows you to manage multiple domains from one place.
  • INTEGRATABLE: Rebrandly can integrate via Zapier, as well as with project management platforms like Slack or ZohoFlow.
  • COLABORATIVE: As you grow your company, you can allow different users to manage different domains.
SOLUTION 6: Implement a Promo Code

Last, you can use a promo code.

This is the easiest.

Because your customers will be able to recall things like BONUS20 easily

Instead of a long URL.

This code can be embedded in your image.

It shouldn't be as disruptive as a URL.

There are many options.

This might seem excessive.

Rest assured.

It is important that you present affiliate links to customers in an easy-to-remember manner.

If they become frustrated,

They'll continue to move.

It's that simple.


They can always Google the name and brand.

You can buy it online directly without having to go through your link.

It is important that your affiliate links are easy to find.

You might be admired by your followers.

But they won't be willing to go through so many hoops to make sure you get your commission.

Promo codes are very effective because they offer customers an incentive for buying products through you, an affiliate marketer.

How important it is to stick to your Instagram micro-niche?

If you are already a successful Instagram user,

You already know one the golden rules.

Stay true to your niche.

When you create your Instagram account, it is important to choose a niche.

It is still vital to explore affiliate marketing.

You'll always be appealing to your target audience if you stay within your niche.

Your content will be unfocused and vague if you try to reach a wide market.

Because you are passionate about a topic, people will follow you.

They don't like a mix of all sorts of subjects appearing on their feeds from your account.

If you decide to get involved in affiliate marketing,

You should choose brands and products that are closely related to your micro-niche.

When choosing products to promote, think about who you are following.

What kind of items would they like to buy?

This is an important point to remember.

Because it will affect your profit potential.

Do not choose affiliate marketing programs just because they seem easy or profitable.

Key Takeaway

Partner with brands that are closely aligned to your niche.

Promote products that are completely unrelated to your niche and seem random.

Your followers will notice.

It will be easy to see your attempts at monetizing your Instagram account.

Your followers may accuse you of being "money graber"

If you decide to promote products that are in line with your account's main focus,

Your affiliate marketing efforts will appear more authentic.

These products are perfect for your account

It will appear that you are truly interested in these products

You're actually making recommendations based on your personal preferences.

By the way:

Before you promote these products, it is important to actually test them out.

Brands are known for doing their due diligence

It is worth noting that influencers can also be chosen by brands that are relevant to their niche.

They could spend weeks looking into your account.

Investing in your followers

your niche,

Your profile should include the subjects you are interested in.

Analytics tools can be used to analyze the most popular posts.

Gaining deep insight into your channel.

They may only reach influencers that are closely related to the niche they're in.

Legal considerations for Instagram Affiliate Marketers

Before you start your Instagram affiliate marketing efforts,

You might be interested in learning more about the legal issues surrounding this practice.

The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) is the most important and obvious legal consideration.

According to the FTC, if content is posted for financial gain in digital spaces,

This fact must be clearly stated.

Your audience must understand that these posts are generating money as required by law.

You can easily do this by using a simple hashtag.

According to the FTC, including #ad in your post will not satisfy their legal requirements.

Remember that the hashtag must be "clearly visible-"

This basically means it cannot be hidden in the midst of tons of obscure hashtags in your posts.

You can find the FTC details here.

Affiliate marketing is fine, but local lead generation is better

Affiliate marketing has a problem. The commission rates are low (10%) for a product like $60. This means that you need a lot of traffic to make decent income.

Here's an example.

You get 10% commission if your product is $60.

You earn 6 dollars per sale

If every follower purchased the product,

You'd make money quickly,

Affiliate marketing brought me my fair share of income

(See my review on Wealthy Affiliate).

But I made a lot less than I do now because I took the time to start my lead generation company.

Those are my thoughts.

Here's a quick overview of the business model that allowed me to quit my 9-5 job in six months.

Here's a site I created and ranked in 2015.

That's been my constant income ever since.

Tree removal jobs can cost anywhere from $3,000 up to $15,000

It is a dangerous job in America.

My tree care man pays me 10% of each job he closes.

500 dollars is the average salary for a tree-removal job worth $5,000.

Before long,

I was able to generate over a thousand dollars per month from this site.


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