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It Works Pyramid Scheme?
10 Things To Know

We would guess that you found our page by visiting an It Works distributor who was looking for an incredible "business opportunity".

It Works as a way to get healthy and make more money. To achieve this, you must use It Works products and refer them to your friends. Financial freedom is possible if you do this, they claim.

We don't blame you for looking into it. After all, who wouldn’t want to be able to set their own hours from anywhere in the globe?

It sounds too good to be true, so we know you have questions. You're probably wondering whether it's a pyramid scheme or a scam based on what you've seen.

Do you still want to be a part of It Works?

We hope this review will answer the question "Is it a pyramid scheme?" once and for all.

We dig deep into its works to determine if It Works Global is the best MLM company or a pyramid scheme!

We will discuss whether an MLM business is right for you.

You'll find answers to some frequently asked questions about It Works and MLM in general at the end.

Most importantly, I will show you how I built my internet marketing business to more than $50,000 per month mostly passively.

We all love this system because it leverages some of the same skills but in a more powerful and lucrative way.

It works! Company Overview

It Works Global, an MLM company based in Palmetto Florida, offers skincare products and other health products. Their goal is to make your body look and feel better!

They are more than just hopes and dreams. What do they sell?

Their most well-known product is "Crazy Wrap Thing".

It is not clear if a body wrap similar to theirs will work as promised, but It Works has expanded its product range.

It Works Global also offers skincare products and supplements in addition to body wrap.

This may be a sign of how successful the company really is.

It Works has such an effective social media campaign, that people are now buying random products with the It Works branding rather than their actual products.

It Works also has an It Works Give back Foundation. It Works started this charity and it continues to operate. It focuses on humanitarian causes such as cancer research and outreach for the homeless.

An elitist might believe that an MLM contributing towards charity is just a marketing stunt...

Even if this is true, you have to be respectful of the fact that they actually put money towards causes that benefit others and not the wealthy execs in the corporate world.

It Works, Who Owns It? What year did they start?

The company was founded by Mark Pentecost (CEO), and Cindy Pentecost (wife), in 2001. Their flagship product, still in use today, was the Ultimate Body Applicator (or "Crazy Wrap").

Mark Pentecost started out in Michigan as a school teacher.

He worked in direct sales for several other companies before starting It Works. He was able to put in a lot of hard work for them and became motivated to start his own business.

Mark finally settled on the body wrap after much thought and research. Cindy supported the idea and was willing to give it a try!

The two of them could not have been more pleased. Cindy Pentecost saw her results and immediately called her friend to tell her!

Mark and Cindy Pentecost realized that they had the perfect product for direct selling.

They went international in 2010 and added more products to their product line just four years later.

They moved to Florida shortly thereafter, in 2011. Can ya blame them? Michigan winters are miserable!

Mark and Cindy began to invest in real estate over the years and started buying properties around the world. He has also purchased a ranch worth 7 million dollars and a private island worth 14 million!

It works! Does the Product Actually Work?

This is something you should know before you start selling It Works products blindly.

We have reviewed a few of their products and can confirm that they live up to the hype.

Let's begin with the body wrap

It Works Body Wrap Results

Their flagship body wrap product, the Body Wrap, certainly appears to deliver results, but looks can sometimes be deceiving.

A plastic wrap can not make you lose weight.

You might see some improvement in your vision and lose weight if you apply some cream for about an hour.

You will find lots of photos everywhere else. These pictures are often promoted by It Works, which boasts really impressive results.

We just need to examine the scientific evidence.

You must eat less and eat better if you want to lose weight.

You will see the results you want if you eat healthier and use the cream and wrap.

We want to make this the main point of our conversation:

If you are already well-versed in other aspects of your diet, the body wrap will not have any effect.

Is it possible to make money with this method?

If you can't make money from it, why would you join an opportunity like this?

In the next few paragraphs, we will discuss how distributors can make money and whether it is worth your time.

It Works Compensation Plan: Does It Work? Are You Ready to Make Money?

It Works offers a 22-page document that explains all details about payment.

Let's face it, no one has the time!

Let's just summarize the most important bits for you.

It is important to remember that you are not guaranteed a commission, even if you do sell a few products.

Let me repeat that one more time, a little louder to the people at the back

You are not guaranteed a commission, even if you sell a few products!

Yes, it sounds like a stupid policy. If you are going to put in the hard work required to become an MLM IBO, which is not easy, you might as well make some real money.

My online business grew to over $50,000 per month. This program teaches you some MLM skills and shows you how to monetize your MLM skills in a more profitable manner.

It Works Products products can only be sold if you reach a "commission qualified goal".

There are only three ways to be eligible for this.

Option 1: You must sell or buy at least 150 PBV (Personal Bonus Volume).

Each product is assigned a point value, which is usually calculated using money.

A point is generally equal to a dollar. So a $40 product has 40 points.

What happens if you don’t meet the 150-point requirement?

Distributors don't get paid.

It's as simple as that.

But there is a way around it...

To earn that commission, you could also buy your products.

This is why it's so frustrating.

Let's suppose you sell for $90 per month.

To reach the 150-point goal, you could spend $60 on a product...but that's a loss of money.

Only 10% commission is charged

It would cost $60 to get $15.

It's not worth it!

Option 2: Enroll customers into a recurring monthly product order of $80

This option is half the price.

Unfortunately, their cancellation policy is a sham and can really irritate your customers.

It can take up to 3 months for cancellations and costs $50.

It's really awful. But, thankfully no one will cancel and you won't be left feeling guilty for your headaches.

Option 3: Purchase Their $100 Business Starter Pack

This is the quickest way to become commission-qualified with It Works. However, it only works for the first 30 days.

Then, You can only make money through It Works options 1 and 2.


This model is not easy to make money.

To make your $100 initial investment back, you must sell $1000 worth of It Works products before you can even begin working with It Works.

This is not the way to financial freedom.

How can they suggest you climb the ranks to make more money?

It Works Compensation Plan is a stereotypical multi-level marketing company plan.

It Works distributors must be recruited and presented with the same business opportunity.

It Works distributors who are successful will receive more bonuses and be able to move up the ladder.

You'll actually start to see some serious cash when you reach the leadership level of a diamond.

This is not to give you false hope, but to keep you from feeling discouraged. Only 2.5% of those who reach the diamond level of leadership make it to that point.

It Works is a basic MLM business with the same policies and financial model.

Do you still want To Join It Works?

Let's take a look at why it's almost impossible to get ahead with MLM businesses.

What are MLM Companies?

Multi-level marketing companies, also known as MLM, are businesses that make money by selling products to others.

The money is usually raked in by the very top, while the bottom earns the least.

MLM companies will attempt to sell you by calling it a great passive income opportunity...

To get there, however, it takes a lot of work.

You can only make a lot of money if there are many people in your network. It Works distributors are the key to success.

Most MLM businesses have a minimum payout rate. It is very difficult to reach that level because they only tell you to contact friends and family.

Sorry, but selling a friend a crazy wrap will not make you rich. Your family won't want the same auto-ship program products every month.

Sometimes it can be hard to distinguish between pyramid schemes and MLM businesses.

Let's get down to it.

What is the Difference Between a Pyramid Scheme and an MLM?

The major difference between a pyramid scheme or MLM lies in the fact that pyramid schemes are often unable to stand on their own.

This means that multi-level marketing businesses will often have a product or service to sell to keep their company afloat.

Pyramid schemes rely on people paying to join, and if they stop joining, the company is bankrupt.

What about It Works...where does that company go?

It Works Pyramid Scheme

We can define the difference we have outlined above by using the following definitions:


It Works isn't a pyramid scheme, it sells products such as a starter kit, body wraps, and weight loss products.

It has run such a successful social media campaign that most of its sales aren’t even for its flagship product, dubbed "crazy wrap thing".

Pyramid schemes are illegal, and we would be the first to tell you that it isn't.

It does however have some characteristics that make it appear like a pyramid scheme.

Multi-level marketing companies often pay distributors strictly on commission.

One person can only make so many sales of low-cost products at a low commission rate.

Network marketing is a great way to do this. To find out more about the business model, distributors (people in the company) will post on social media.

This business model is a sham for each person, which most people don’t realize until it’s too late.

To make a noteworthy income, they must put in a lot.

You can see how much the management of the MLM company makes per month, which further reduces morale.

The business model they teach you is DEFINITELY not worth the effort.

Is that your answer?

It's possible to create a successful, profitable online business.

This is my #1 pick!

It works, but it provides actual proof of real success from people who have been there for just a few days.

It Works Reviews by Customers

Customers and distributors alike don't like It Works.

Trust pilots have an average rating of 2.3/5 stars.


It's not just a few people who feel this way.

Trust Pilot has 527 reviews, 63% of which are 1-star reviews.

Many are upset about the characteristics and pyramid schemes of It Works.

Some reviews also focus heavily on the products, such as body wraps.

We will suffice to say that not all people are satisfied with the products It Works offers or their experience as a distributor.

Does It Work?

We are unable to recommend products It Works offers as a distributor.

Our Steady Calls team is not satisfied with the reviews of any current it works product.

Steady Calls is the #1 Way to Make Money Online

Are you tired of the endless stream of network marketing and MLM opportunities that are offered every month?

Do you get tired of selling products in your home office every month, but not making a lot of commissions?

You might find this to be a good fit.

The team at Steady Calls has discovered a model that can be used to make a steady income online. It is our top recommendation.

Digital Real Estate

Digital real estate, also known as "local lead generation", is the process of creating a website for a specific service-based industry in your locality, ranking it, and then selling those leads to the business owner.

How can you make money with it?


You will get the most traffic if your website ranks high on google.

Translate that traffic to any other service industry.

All calls received are called "leads", and lead has a monetary value.

This is actually the basis of home advisors models and it's worth millions! You can!

Let's take an example.

An average tree service job can be worth between $500 and $2,000 Most leads are worth between 10-20% of their final ticket.

These leads are often provided by other contractors who will pay "finders fees". This is a common way for contractors to get work from someone they don't know.

Retour to tree service

You will receive many calls each month if you rank one of these sites at the top of your market.

This means you can have a digital asset that generates between $5,000 and $20,000 per month.

Every month, products are created without you lifting a finger.

If we use a worst-case scenario calculation based on $500 jobs and a 10% Commission, you still have an asset that earns you $500 per month. This is a rent payment!

Imagine this now...

You can make a passive income of up to $5,000 per month if you have 10 sites.

Why passive income?

These websites are easy to rank and maintain once you've done it. You don't have to be there every day for MLM companies that require you to make sales.

Complete control and leverage.

It sounds great... It sounds great...but where do I start?

Steady Call's team has searched the internet and social media for this program.

This program will show you:

  • How to build a website

*Website Fee: You only need to pay $8 per month to host your site on the platform you choose.

  • How to rank a website
  • How to scale full-time.

You will also have access to live calls twice per week, where you can ask any questions throughout your journey.

A Facebook group is also available that is open 24/7. This is the most active group we've seen in this area. This level of support is unmatched by other course programs.

This course has helped many people to increase their incomes by up to $40k per month.

Does it sound like a scam to you?

It isn't!

We can confirm that the course is legit based on all the testimonials and a review we have seen.

It even received our Steady Calls seal for 2020.

Get more information... Click here!


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