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JK Review 2022: Job Killing Scam?

Looking up how to make money online huh?

We don't blame ya!

You must have come across the Job-Killing Coaching Program. Now you are probably curious if this is legit and if they can actually help you achieve what you claim.

We are here to help with that question!

But before we do...check out what one of our reviewers has done to earn over $50,000 a month in passive income!

What is Job Killing?

Job killing is an online coaching program that teaches you how to generate leads for small businesses through real assets that you own. The training teaches you how to create a website, publish it, and rank it on the first page of any niche.

This training program is available for nearly 7 years. These guys are the real deal, I suppose. Although they've had their ups, downs over the years, what they were able to do for others is amazing.

Now that you have a basic overview of JK, you might be wondering who these guys are and their connection to Job Killing.

Who is Dan Klein?

From 2017 to the present, Dan has been the face and voice of the program. Since 2008, when he was laid off due to the recession, he has been involved in this business model.

He was not confident in his ability to teach others how to make money until he created the job-killing program that we all know today.

He is the real deal!

Some of his detractors even copied his training and passed it off as their own.

But we'll talk about that later...

Dan is a charismatic and engaging individual. He's an absolute joy to listen to.

Ippei Kanehara: Who are you?

Ippei is one the most successful stories in Job-Killing!

In 2014, he joined the group and had barely enough money to pay for it. They joke about how they had to make a payment plan just for him.

We bring up Ippei because you have probably seen his blog or heard of it. He does exactly what Dan teaches, especially when it comes down to his blog.

There is a good possibility that you have visited Ippei before ours. The dude is an SEO wizard!

Ippei has posted many case studies of himself over the years as part of the Job-Killing Program. He is very transparent!

His past, for example, is an open book. In 2012, he graduated college and worked as a full-time employee at an auto parts shop until 2015.

He hated his job, and he realized that he could change his life by calling Dan at the end of 2014 to talk about it.

For about three months, he worked hard to build lead generation websites. After eight months, he was earning 10k!

Since then, Ippei hasn’t looked back and now makes over $52k per month in passive income!

What is Lead Generation?

There are many ways to generate leads. You could do lead generation with social media like Facebook ads, or you could even try google ads.

It's simply any way that you can connect a paying customer with small businesses.

It's also a very large industry.

Think about it, this is exactly the business model that Home Advisor makes millions on every year! They simply take the lead and forward it to business owners in return for a fee.

Despite this, Home Advisor is not the best.

What online lead generation model can Dan teach you?

What is the Cost of Job-Killing Work?

Dan believes that the best way to make lots of money from lead generation is to set up multiple websites in different markets across the country.

He calls this local lead generation and it actually helps out local businesses a lot!

You simply need to choose a niche within your city, create the site, rank it and then pass the leads on to the local business in that niche.

This is all pretty similar to the program one of our reviewers is in that makes money for him each and every month like clockwork!

Dan says that local businesses like it more when they receive leads from everyday people, just like them. People don't like dealing with Home Advisor, where they only pass on leads that are not exclusive.

This is another thing altogether!

Dan encourages small businesses to send exclusive leads to him because that's a great selling point!

A business owner looking for work wants to find more, but they don't want to have to go through the bidding war phase.

For business owners, it is a waste of time and money that leads to failure. It's a race to the bottom.

You could also send them a job that they do exclusively and where they don’t have to bid as get the idea.

How does he train?


Dan trains his students in two different ways.

The video style is the first type of training. Dan provides videos that will walk you through setting up a lead generation website. These videos even include how to get paid.

The second type of training Dan offers, is via his private Facebook group. He goes live twice per week to answer any questions or provide general updates.

What do you get from the video training?

Video Training

Dan will guide you through the process of building your first website. Literally, step by step.

You can follow his lead and create the website with him. It is very easy to follow. When people call him, he will often tell them that his son (6 years old) and his father (60+ years old) have built a site.

Both statements are true, and he isn't exaggerating.

But he doesn't stop there.

He shows you not only how to create and publish a page, but also the best techniques for off-site SEO that will make search engines love your website.

He will show you how to properly write content and explain the importance of keyword density.

Dan will also show you how to set up your H1 header and page tags. This is because search engines can use these elements to determine what your site is about.

Dan also teaches page SEO.

Although it's hard work and not easy, the results are well worth it.

The most annoying part of off-page SEO seems to be the backlinking part. Sometimes it can take a long time to find quality backlinks.

Dan will train you how to find these backlinks, and even give you quick methods of finding the best in your market.

He will also walk you through setting up your GMB listing.

These are crucial because you may be on the first page at 2 different places! You can increase your chances of getting clicks!

He shows you how you can set up your GMB and make it live. Then he shows how to get citations. Consider citations to your GMB as backlinks to your website.

Dan has some videos that will show you how to prospect, make screencasts and get to the end.

We felt that he could have been more detailed in our review. However, they do offer more in-depth training for sales with a fair price tag.

FB Group

Another part of this training is the ongoing private JK Facebook group. Although a group such as this is not new to the online learning space, it is very active.

We were able to get a glimpse of the course and see how many people were posting and interact with it.

These are not spam messages asking for your Whatsapp number. The group is moderated.

There are many posts to the group every day and almost all questions that get asked are answered immediately or have been answered already.

Dan goes live in the group two times a week! These live streams usually last between 1-2 hours each, and you can ask all kinds of questions.

Literally everything.

He has been known to call potential students who are giving the runaround!

However, it is not in a negative way.

Sometimes, newbies are so fresh to the market that they may find themselves being exploited by clients (business owners) who don't pay them what they promised.

Dan then went to bat for his students, helping them resolve the situation in some way or another. All live by the example of Dan.

We were impressed by how well-organized and moderated the Job killing Facebook group.

What Does It Cost to Kill a Job?

The Job-killing course is not available for purchase. To find out if you are a good match for the program, schedule a call to one of their coaches.

They don't accept everyone and have been known to turn down many people who do not believe they can succeed in this online business model.

Although prices may be listed on different forums or blogs, they are not always accurate.


Great Option For Entrepreneurs:

This course is ideal for people who just want to get into the entrepreneurial game and make money online. Lead generation is better than the Amazon FBA model at this stage.

Amazing Support

Very few online courses can match the support team at Job Killing.

High-Level SEO Training

Job Killing teaches you SEO and internet marketing techniques that are virtually unmatched. Many people and internet trolls who talk trash about the course are simply trying to sell their own version of the course.

In other words, is the OG.

Great coaching

It's not unusual for founders of online courses to take a step back, or students who have been successful to move on.

In the job-killing group, Dan is consistent and helps students who have made it as Ippei.


It takes time:

Although they are not misleading, the online business model takes time to develop. This is not going to make you wealthy overnight.

Fake Reviews

It's unfortunate that when you create something similar to theirs, it opens up the floodgates for haters. Many fake reviews have been posted online about the Job-Killing Scam, and the people involved.

Many people who leave negative reviews for courses are actually trying to get traffic and make money.


We felt that the training didn't go deep enough into sales. We would like to have seen more sales training, but not in the form of upsells.

Scam to Kill Your Job

Scam to Kill Jobs. We don't think so!

It doesn't matter how many times you hear it being called one. Too many success stories and too many case studies support this belief.

Additionally, those who claim Job Death is a scam often have an incentive to do so...such as trying to sell their course.

We find this quite dishonest if we are honest...

We don't have any financial incentive to tell you that. We are not affiliated in any way with Job-Killing.

We were allowed to have a peek inside the training and Facebook group, so we could see what was being offered and how active it is.

Job Killing delivers on all its promises and more often than not.


Job Killing We know that you have other questions about the online lead generation business.

Why is the organic local lead generation the best business model?

While we think that having money given to you is the best model, this second place option is close. Lead generation is actually one of the best passive income models that you can ask for.

It's digital real estate without all the costs associated with property management and maintenance fees.

It's even better than Amazon FBA because this doesn't require you to front $10,000 in a product that might not even turn a profit.

If you want to make money online with a high-profit margin, organic lead generation is the best option.

You have more control than profit margins.

You might be able to run a lead generation business using Facebook ads. However, statistically speaking, your account will likely be suspended in 6 months. Everything you have built up will also be gone.

CPC is always changing, and it's possible to be in the negative faster than you think.

Paid traffic can also reduce your profit margins. Flat rate traffic is $20 per lead. But it costs $12 to generate, you only make $8.

Organically, you can see that all 20 would be retained.

Organic lead generation is the best option for many reasons. But we won't bore you with all of them.

Why do small business owners hate marketers?

Simply put, almost all business owners have been screwed by smooth-talking cold-calling marketers at some point.

You can change this. It is possible to prove that you are different by offering them leads for free before you get paid.

This is how the wealthiest marketers made a lot of clients!

Is Lead Generation still a viable option to make money in 2021?

You can still make money in lead generation in 2021.

Every day, people are creating and ranking new sites for new markets!

SEO has not changed in any way over the years. Ranking a website has remained virtually the same. Your site won't be affected as long as you have good content and use good backlinks. Only strengthen.

Businesses are now looking for leads more than ever, especially after the disaster known as covid-19.

Organic lead generation is now more important than ever with people looking for information online and less on billboards.

Steady Calls is #1 Way to Make Money Online In 2022

It is no secret that leads generation on Google is the best way to make money online.

Job Killing isn’t the only option. It also lacks in one area.


Yes, It's still Lead Gen, but not JK...

Steady Calls is #1 business course is more than JK when it comes to selling, and shows you exactly the 6 steps.

Not only does this program and coach show you exactly what the search engines want with SEO, but he shows you how to land these clients through his tried and true process!

For more information, see the video to your right!


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