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Bulletproof Agency Review & Agency Flywheel Preview – Joel Kaplan (Marketing Agency)

Joel Kaplan's story has been shared many times on this blog.

His digital marketing agency, Atlas Digital, has helped him go from zero up to seven figures in a short time.

However, like many entrepreneurs, his success did not come overnight.

Joel had previously tried his luck in a few ventures before he created Atlas Digital with his business partner Marcos Rosenkjer.

These projects include a social media company called "Mazoof" and a company that makes healthy drinks.

Marcos met him and he soon founded Atlas Digital. He was able to quickly make $10k per month, helping chiropractors expand their businesses using his digital marketing skills.

Joel says that the reason he reached 7 figures was more due to a mindset change than any change in strategies.

These are his key points that led him to success.

Kaplan's 4 Steps To Success

  • PROVE YOUR VALUE (working at a reduced rate at the start)
  • Invest in yourself and your business first
  • FOCUS ON ONE SERVICE ONLY (he narrowed it down to chiropractors only).
  • PRODUCTIZE your service (automate it, delegate others)

Joel quit his 9-5 job to dedicate himself to Atlas Digital. He also created his course that helped scale their agencies up to six or seven figures.

Joel was able to make a name for himself with the 7-Figure Agency course.

He was also able to write for Forbes about the Mistakes Early Founders Made, and How To Avoid Them'.

Kevin O'Mr., a businessman and author, gave him a huge endorsement. Wonderful' O'Leary himself!

Joel and all his students began to get serious hits after things started to slide in the US in March 2022.

Joel knew that something had to be done. He created a course that would allow his clients to keep their clients throughout the Covid-19 epidemi c..

The Bulletproof Agency Course was created to address some of the most pressing issues that the new state had caused.

Joel was so impressed by the enthusiasm of his clients that he decided to make the course available outside of the circle of students he had.

The course will focus on the four main problems that have been surfacing for marketing agencies in the past month.

  1. 1
    During calls, new objections to the recession are raised.
  2. 2
    An influx of refund requests by panicking clients.
  3. 3
    Customers can cancel or suspend services.
  4. 4
    The rise of Click Per Lead in client campaigns.

After having reviewed the Bulletproof Agency course I will be previewing Joel’s new course, The Agency Flywheel Method.

You will notice that I do not have an affiliate link for Joel's courses.

They are not mine to sell, so I won't be making any money. However, Joel's work isn't well-reviewed, so I thought I'd fill the gap.

In the preview and review that follows, I will go in detail and answer the questions you want to know the answers to.

There's no need to mess around.

  • These courses are better than other SMMA Courses?
  • Are the courses delivering what they say?
  • Is Joel Kaplan a scam?
  • What is the cost of the courses? Are they worth it?

Bulletproof Agency Review

Joel says it in his webinar promotion of the course: This is one the few courses that addresses issues that have arisen under Covid-19.

It is chock-full with examples of how Atlas Digital and his students' agencies have solved the problem successfully, so it has been proven to work well.

Your agency can save clients who are considering quitting or pausing using your agency's services through this program.

Does it sound like a utopia? Let's take a look at how it actually works.

Preliminary information

  • This includes a Covid-19 information pack that agencies can use to promote their products.
  • The Retention Masterclass will help you save clients.
  • Nearly 30 hours of videos and Zoom calls, as well as informational material.
  • This tool provides you with a new niche calculator.

1) Retention Masterclass Part 1 and 2

Joel explains at the beginning of his Masterclass what his situation was with his agency in the wake of the pandemic.

  1. Atlas Digital serves 170 clients
  2. Retainers only generate $250k/mo.
  3. The retention rate remains above 90%

This is so Joel's methods are clear from the start, despite our current times.

Joel recommends that people who earn less than $50k/mo focus on acquiring clients for three reasons:

  1. To be more knowledgeable in the niche
  2. Paid ads will only get better and so will client relationships
  3. You can improve your product with more financial resources

Joel continues to talk about the 80/20 retention. These are the fundamental things that an agency should do in order to ensure that a client stays.

  • Create amazing relationships by focusing your efforts
  • Complete responsibility for the client's ROI
  • Before they launch, set the highest expectations
  • Communication is essential, especially in difficult times.
  • Make an irresistible referral deal
  • Continue to innovate on the products and services you offer to your client

Joel insists that the first month of a client's membership is crucial to their retention. This is why it is so important to impress them more than ever.

This is done by:

  • A flawless onboarding process will impress the client.
  • Week by week, resetting your expectations
  • Keep the client's dopamine levels high by catching any last-minute resistance

This complex process has allowed Atlas Digital to maintain its high standards, even in difficult times.

The entire process is then described in detail:

  1. Establish your expectations immediately following closing
  2. As a welcome gift, send a T-Shirt and a book
  3. Call the technical onboarding line
  4. To help clients understand technicalities, set up a training call
  5. After checking that everything is in order, the account manager sends out "going live" email.
  6. Send a message 3 days after the site went live
  7. Call the client 2 weeks after you go live
  8. Two weeks after the site went live, send a handwritten message and a gift certificate
  9. Send a message 3 weeks after the site went live

This will allow for close contact with the client, and ensure that retention possibilities are significantly increased.

You have all the templates you need to create emails and texts.

Joel talks about Joel's first month to-do lists. He also discusses the referral program. Clients who refer one client will receive $500/mo.

This means that if a client refers four clients, the referral will earn him $2000.

Joel mentions the last strategy of sending an apology gift (a wine-bottle in particular).

This resolves tensions even though it does not solve the main problem.

Joel believes that this is relationship building, which will increase retention chances.

2) Cold Email Masterclass

This Masterclass was created to help reduce the ever-increasing costs of FB ads as well as the increasing competition in the field.

This lecture will focus on a case study of a FB advertising agency that went from 0 up to $65k a monthly without spending any money on FB ads.

It is as easy as sending 500 to 1000 emails per day and booking 3-5 appointments per semaine without the need to pay again.

Joel is a master at cold emailing. He uses them as often as he uses paid FB ads. However, he has very clear rules to follow.

Here are Joel's cold email 10 commands:

  1. It is not about booking an appointment, but turning a cold lead into warm leads.
  2. Keep your mails brief
  3. You want them to be curious and open-minded.
  4. They don't get what they want: Leads Vs. Appointments with buyers
  5. The barrier is too high: "Book on Calendly VS. Answer YES with the best number
  6. Always choose quality over quantity
  7. Send emails to multiple addresses using no known software
  10. Points 1,8,9

This cold email sequence can be automated in many ways.

To get email addresses and to build a list, first you will need an email scraper.

Step 2 involves verifying your email list and then sending them to the Master List.

Third, you can create thirty email accounts with:

  • Outlook
  • Yahoo
  • Hotmail
  • Gmail
  • There is no signature, personal or business name.
  • OR you can buy 30 age accounts (google "buy aged accounts").

These are the final steps to take for part 3.

  • Asking family and friends to verify email accounts
  • Buy an unlocked phone and SIM cards
  • Ask VA for a unlocked phone that accepts SIM cards
  • Sending mails back-and-forth and subscribing for mailing lists can warm up accounts.

Step 4 prepares your email and sends it to 50 recipients each day. Step 5 logs onto other accounts and does the same.

Pretty ingenious, huh?

Prepare for the sixth phase:

  • All responses should be sent to one email
  • You can create a ZAP to forward all your emails to your VA
  • Let VA sort through your mails and send you the good stuff
  • Mark positives green, negatives red

Step 7 sets up a 3-minute call with the prospect. Step 8 calls them immediately to schedule a demo viewing.

Your VA can do steps 1-7, and you should concentrate on calling clients.

This method was actually quite ingenious. It was an enjoyable experience to see this young entrepreneur create something new.

3) Coronavirus Press Release Parts 1 & 2

This press release includes a video in three parts and a Press-kit, which Atlas Digital provided to Joel for his students to use with their agencies.

The Corona Business Strategies Cheat Sheet was the most fascinating document in the kit. Joel's clients were given instructions to cover certain aspects of outreach for their businesses in this sheet:

  • Encourage clients to be comfortable in your office.
  • Set aside specific hours for seniors/immuno-distressed clients
  • Make special offers for seniors and children who travel with their parents
  • Provide long-term payment plans to clients who fear an economic downturn
  • Limit client numbers
  • You can make your paperwork online or at home
  • Home visits may be possible, depending on local restrictions

These steps will help your clients create a safe environment that is comfortable for people who are afraid of the recession and the pandemic.

Now, let's get to the videos!

The videos, as you can see, are about growing your agency during Covid-19.

Joel encourages students to be open to clients who want to stop working with an ad agency. However, he stresses that ads can be more effective in such times.

It is important to be creative and create the possibility of advertising campaigns even when you are locked down.

  • Doctors can be reached by phone
  • Chiropractors can visit patients at home
  • Narrow niches are not a good fit for brand awareness

It is believed that people will stop advertising during crisis times, and the amount of money spent on ads will decrease.

You can also write ads that relate to the current context and that are relevant to the conversation everyone is having.

Joel dives into the details of what his students need to do in order for clients to stay loyal and make new connections.

This lecture is very charged. You can see the serious faces of all participants to the Zoom call.

These are the master-tips Joel shares with his students, and you can also use them.

  • Communicate with clients
  • Clients who wish to pause should use the SOP (get them on the telephone, not email).
  • Implementing strategies
    1. Transition to DWY Coaching offer
    2. Remote Campaign/Offer
    3. Change to Crisis-Proof Niches
    4. Build Your Brand (FB Group Lead Magnets, Free Work, and FB Group)
    5. Retention is the key focus
    6. Upsells and downsells can be created
  • Change your messaging to keep up with the times
  • You must be open to change and innovating

Joel's main message throughout the three-part video series is that entrepreneurs who can weather the storm will be the ones who prosper when the tough times are over.

The necessity of pivoting and adapting was probably the most powerful message I received from this video. It was also inspiring to see all the solutions Joel and his students created so their agencies could withstand the recession and the pandemic.

4) Masterclass Launch Call

This masterclass focuses on the delicate process involved in setting up clients for success and onboarding them.

Joel explains that there are two reasons this Masterclass is necessary:

  • Be realistic and clear about your expectations with the client
  • Remorseful buyers will be annihilated

Joel uses a New York Times bestseller as an example. The first two to three chapters of the book are about Joel going through his life and accomplishments over and over.

You should also be talking about buyer's regrets and expectations at the beginning so that your client has these core ideas in his head.

The onboarding call should include a section where you discuss the referral program which allows clients to earn $500/mo per client they refer.

This should be enough incentive to get clients excited!

Joel then dives into his Simple 5-Step Success formula for his clients to connect with potential clients.

It's here:

  • CA must contact leads as soon as possible (5 minutes is ideal).
  • You must call and text the lead 3 times before you give up.
  • You must set up a reminder text and call for 24 hours, as well as a 2 hour reminder text
  • CAs need to update their spreadsheets daily
  • Join the Chiro University FB Group with your CA

Joel insists on telling clients that they must follow these steps to turn leads into clients.

These 5 rules are followed by his highest-performing clients, and it is no surprise that they work.

It is important to explain to your client that referral leads they have used are different than leads obtained via FB marketing.

They will not be better or worse than the previous, but they will be at a different stage in the buying process.

Contrary to referrals, the goal of conversion is not all of them.

Your client should receive 50-100 leads each month. The goal is to find the 5-10 who will convert and become regulars.

Joel says that unlike referrals, ad-generated leads can be predictable and generated month in and month out. Once everything is in place, will be able grow at its desired pace.

Another 5 step routine is the last thing that will reassure you during your onboarding call.

  • It's normal for leads to slow down. You see FB ads in 2-week cycles, and not daily.
  • You can reduce the adspend if there are too many leads.
  • Show your client the videos if he is having trouble.
  • Contact the support team of the agency
  • Both the agency and client should focus on the growth of their client's business.

Joel concludes by suggesting that the client give Joel 90 days to make it happen.

5) Sergio Tavarez's Downsell Training

Joel's most accomplished student Sergio Tavarez has helped roofers across the US with their leads via FB ads. His business Rolling Revenue is a result of his success as a student.

This training focuses on being responsive to the pandemic. It also teaches you how to retain clients and create new ones in difficult times.

Sergio begins by setting some guidelines that you should follow with your clients.

  • Reaching out (video, phone or mail) to all of them
  • Adverts must target epidemics without pretending they don't exist.
  • Be proactive and take the initiative with clients
  • When dealing with the pandemic, your agency ads should address the state and union of your niche.
  • Your team should be able to handle these objections.
  • Remind your client that this is only 10% of an external event, and 90% of how you respond to it
  • These are times when great entrepreneurs thrive.

Sergio's solution to these times of recession, and for some areas lockdown is to teach the client through classes:

  • You can show them how to sell during times of recession
  • If possible, teach them how to make their services available online
  • To avoid overcharging your client, keep the price of these courses low and give some of the benefits to coronavirus research
  • This is a great way to help your clients.

This will ensure that your client is able to learn new skills after the recession ends and that you have a client for life.

This generates great goodness for your agency. It creates the potential for future customers and, when things improve, they will look up at you because you were there in financial distress.

6) The Hybrid Model Masterclass 1 and 2

Joel has been thinking about how to adapt to 2022 since the pandemic spread.

He has been working on a new business model that caters to people who don't have the money to invest in a $10k or $5k project.

This is what Joel calls the Hybrid Model. It is a model Joel believes will soon replace many Done For You services offered by FB Ad Agencies whose revenue is the monthly retention.

Joel believes that this model has a problem because not everyone can afford a retainer every month. Clients leave after only 2 or 3 months.

Joel proposes a new model for an agency. He believes that people who can't afford the monthly fee should be taught how to do the work by using specific courses designed for "broke clients".

The Hybrid Model's purpose would be:

  • Businesses don't need to be tied to monthly retainers to sell their products and services.
  • After pitching the classic service, this gives the agency an opportunity to downsell the product.
  • To be able sell the system to clients who want to leave the agency
  • Scale with both the downsell and don't for you models

You could then try different combinations to get the best retention rate.

  • DFY Agency + DIY course (The most popular model for a new agency).
  • DFY Setup + Coaching
  • DFY Agency + DWY Coaching (The most intense model: basically two businesses)
  • Once you have scaled, you will be able to:
    • Continue on with the DFY or Hybrid model, or
    • Make a full DWY coaching program that is highly profitable

Joel has clearly explained the course structure and basically has the entire template available for you to use.

These are the characteristics of the course:

  • 6--12 Program
  • Online Course
  • Call for the initial 20 clients to set up an onboarding call (to identify the client's pain points)
  • Then, you can use the welcome video to share all the information you have gleaned.
  • 3 Coaching calls (Q&A/Technical, Sales)
  • The first 20 clients will receive 50% off and then the price will go up for every 10 clients.
  • After the course, a monthly fee is payable

The idea of opening up to a lower tier clientele is a great idea for advertising agencies during this time of recession and pandemic.

A lot of people would prefer a DIY course for $1k/$3k with a small monthly fee, rather than the more costly models Joel and his students offer through their agencies.

Agency Flywheel Method

Joel recently launched a new way to manage your advertising agency, the Agency Flywheel method.

This information is scarce on the internet and I am the first to write about it.

It should be able to leverage automation and allow the CEOs of the advertising agencies more time.

Joel has said that himself

"Of all the growth strategies for agencies I've seen, and even tried, this one is the most powerful.

  1. This allows you to enjoy the financial and lifestyle benefits of owning the agency that attracted your attention in the first instance.
  2. Any operating agency can easily implement it.
  3. Scaling up is possible while working fewer hours. You can scale up to 3-8 hours per week, without limiting your growth.

What exactly is the process?

The course is basically made up of three phases that continue to feed each other. It also touches on a point that was made in the Bulletproof Agency lectures:

This is how you can make your clients more successful by referring them to other people in the same niche.

  • Start with an inbound funnel to bring in clients
  • Refer your clients to this program
  • Clients bring in more prospects than you do.
  • Rinse and Repeat
  • Joel says that the reason for the agency's failure to succeed is usually because they are stuck in the Agency Doom Loop. This loop involves relying on second-hand information from a "guru".

    The Agency Doom Loop is something like this.

    Joel's mistakes will help you avoid the Doom Loop. You can also learn from Joel's past failures and help your agency succeed according to the Method's three main principles.

    The first pillar deals with scheduling appointments. It includes:

  • Establishing an Organic Prospecting System
  • Cold Emails
  • Voicemail Drops
  • DMs that convince Decision Makers to book a call
  • Daily Coaching Calls With a Multi-Millionaire Copywriter
  • There are many more perks
  • The second pillar is all about closing appointments. It will assist to:

  • Get rid of bad-fits and attract the right clients to your offer
  • Listen to live recordings of sales calls
  • Access to Sales Training for the Internal Team
  • How to hire hungry closers who work for Straight Commission
  • Joel's Exact Presentation Closes 60%+ of All Calls
  • How to handle all objects
  • There are many more perks
  • The third pillar will be about systems and scaling. It will include:

  • What Every Client Does
  • How to Measure Every Metric to Get Success
  • How to create Scalable Systems: A Complexity Analysis
  • The Secrets of Retention: What Gurus don't Teach
  • Account Manager Masterclass
  • How to automate 80% of everything
  • This is the most important point, as many of Joel's student agencies had reached a ceiling that only automation could allow them to scale up.

    This method is still in beta and 20 students will be allowed in (feel the scarcity!

    It appears to be $9997, and Joel or 7 paying clients will work with you up until you do. Joel will also give you $2500 back.

    You can find more information in this funnel created for the course by Joel.

    The Verdict: The Good and the Bad

    Before I discuss the pros and cons, I want to address some of the questions I had early on, which anyone reading a review will want to know right away.

    • These courses are better than other SMMA Courses?
    • Are the courses delivering what they say?
    • Is Joel Kaplan a scam?
    • What is the cost of the courses? Are they worth it?

    These courses are not for everyone and cover specific topics that might or may not interest you.

    Joel's Seven Figure Agency course seems more comprehensive and offers more, but I believe that it is worthwhile to teach how to manage the pandemic as well as how to keep your agency in business.

    Bulletproof Agent is the only course I've completed in its entirety. It helps clients to be more realistic and encourages a mindful approach to FB ads.

    Joel is real. He studied with Dan Henry, another professional in the field. He has also won a Two Comma Award and been featured on some of the most prominent entrepreneurial websites and magazines.

    It's not possible to make it in the mid-seven figures by faking it until you make it. I believe that Flywheel Method will prove to be a success, and it will benefit many other entrepreneurs.

    Bulletproof Agency courses cost $697. $200 of this amount is devolved to the medical community in order to find a vaccine against Covid.

    It's quite a nice touch.


    • Joel shares his videos mostly via Zoom with his students. He is very direct and provides a lot of insightful content. You can see that he has spent hours perfecting the material he offers to his students. There is no room for guesswork. His teaching style is clear and efficient. He uses slides to make it easier for students to grasp concepts that may seem a little too complicated, especially since Masterclasses can last up 2 hours.
    • Joel and Sergio Tavarez, his closest students, are undoubtedly slaying it with the methods he introduces. It's exciting to be there and listen to their thoughts and exchange ideas. There are many things to learn but, most importantly, you can implement the Masterclasses.
    • Joel's approach to dealing with the pandemic is one I love. He listens to clients and adapts, reassuring them, and then he takes a proactive, not reactive, role.
      You almost feel like you could be at ease being a client of Joel's even though you may never be. Joel is not only a pleasant guy but also a skilled marketer. These two qualities are rare to find in one person.
    • This bundle is very affordable, with $200 going to charity. You're paying $497 for endless hours of video, slides, and templates. I have seen worse courses sold for much higher prices.


    • This topic is very specific. I can see why many people wouldn't be interested in purchasing the Bulletproof Agency even if they are marketers using FB ads. While I don't deny the importance of the content, I do think it is a valuable course that all online marketers should take. However, it seems to be a niche product so I doubt it will sell as well as his 7 Figure Agency.
    • We agreed that the content was good. The videos could have used some polishing. Some slides are nearly impossible to read and the Zoom calls are mostly raw Zoom calls. The calls do not have an intro or outro and only one Masterclass is featured. It is the exact same video. It looks like a rush product, which really needs more polishing and attention.
    • Despite the many methods that were suggested to keep alive the pandemic and subsequent recession, I don’t believe that FB ad agencies did too well in 2022. The rare exception is of course. You can only use ads to rebrand and increase brand awareness before your client decides that it is time to end the relationship. It is inevitable that people will lose their jobs and businesses close down. In general, the population is feeling demotivated. Facebook ads will be the last thing people think about.
    • Even if you haven't been in a recession, FB ads are not the best model for online business in 2022. My method is organic and I get all my traffic that way. The ROI is amazing.. Keep reading!

    Joel's course is for you if you are looking to create an advertising agency using FB ads.

    However, I do not recommend building a business as Joel is teaching.

    Lead Generation is a superior way to monetize your talents.

    Let me explain:

    Why I quit doing FB ads? Lead generation proved to be a much better business model, here's why?

    Joel's course is not being criticized. It is, however, not the best way to make money online in 2022.

    My lead generation business generates $52K per month. However, all my leads come from free traffic (aka SEO) and not paid Facebook ads. It's basically passive income. I don't need to worry about any ads' performance.

    There are many problems associated with Facebook Ads landing leads.

    Why I don't like Facebook Ads.

    • First, they can fail spectacularly. You can follow all of the templates, but sometimes FB ads don't work. In these cases, you have to pump more money into trying to revive a dead ad. This money slowly eats away at your ad spending.
    • Your ad's lifespan will end after a while. It's not worth the effort.
    • Finally, it is risky to bank all your money on Facebook Ads. Your client's money will be spent without any guarantee. You might get returns sometimes, but not always. This is why you need to monitor the ad on a regular basis: there are high chances that you will lose money with such a low return on investment.

    As I mentioned, I have a $50K monthly lead generation business. However, all my leads come from free traffic or SEO.

    The website I creates assets by ranking first on Google in the so called map pack. Leads just start coming in.

    It's passive income so I don't need to worry about my ads' performance. It generally maintains its rank once it ranks, with little to no maintenance.

    While you can still generate leads by running FaceBook Ads, it is very difficult to sustain this long-term.

    Facebook Ads are difficult because you constantly monitor your CTR and conversion rates. How many people click on your ad and how many of them actually give you the lead that you need?

    It's easy to fix things and spend more if they go wrong. Facebook Ads can be unreliable. I know because I invested a lot of money into them before I moved into lead generation for free traffic.

    This is why I recommend that people continue to do lead generation with no traffic.


    Joel Kaplan's Bulletproof Agent course is excellent, everything can be used to learn FB in these times of recession and pandemic.

    Let me tell you, Facebook ads can work in certain niches, but there are also many niches which are not compatible with Facebook Ads.

    You can create amazing results for clients by knowing how to generate leads without paying any fees, unlike Facebook Ads.

    This is how 90% of my multi-million dollar 6 figure income comes from. It's passive income, so traffic is never a problem.

    I will continue to build lead gen websites in 2022 even during Covid-19. I also write at least one blog post per month because these are high-income producing activities that directly increase my monthly traffic.

    If you would like to learn more about Lead generation, click here!


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