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Karla Marie Review(Scam?) – 11 Things To Know (Fiction Profits Academy)

Karla Marie, a musician and yoga instructor, is now a 6-figure online entrepreneur.

You can publish books on Amazon.

Do you want to do the same?

Let's see what happens.

1. What is Kindle Self Publishing?

This is also known as Kindle Direct Publishing. It allows you to publish, create and sell books through Amazon.

There are systems that let you outsource any step if you don't believe you can do it all yourself.

2. Why Should You Sell Books On Amazon?

Self publishing is something that some people may be skeptical of. Here are some...

Why you might want eBooks to be sold...

  • Amazon pays 35% to 75% royalties on net revenue
  • Publishing eBooks is easy
  • Amazon will keep your books forever
  • Amazon dominates the eBook space
  • Each step can be outsourced
  • Customers decide if your book is worthy
  • You can make as many eBooks you like

3. Who is Karla Marie, the author?

She is a self-publishing expert for Kindle and a course creator.

She was a touring musician in Canada before she published books.

She has coached hundreds of people across six continents about how to make more money bundling eBooks.

Karla is a published romance fiction author who has a loyal following.

Her eBooks are not the only thing she loves...

She also teaches this model because of her impact.

4. Is there a private course with this course?

The Fiction Profits Academy Facebook Group does not have a private community.

This group brings together motivated, inspirational, and hardworking publishers to mastermind and strategize.

5. Policy On Refunds And Costs

You can buy this course by investing $1,497

You have the option of paying 3 installments of $789.

It's just not something I think is worth it.

Karla offers a 30-day, 100% money back guarantee to clients if they aren't satisfied.

6. Fiction Profit Academy: Will It Actually Work?

Karla is a recognized authority in her field and this course is proving to be a success for many of her students.

You will find many testimonials about her students' success on her sales page.

This one stands out...

Karla can also help you locate freelancers who will handle almost everything you dislike about the eBook business.

This will save you 90% of the effort and time it would take to fix the mechanical problems.

7. What Does It Cost For Publishing To Begin?

Amazon Publishing is free.

You only need to create a Kindle Direct Publishing account (KDP) and upload your books when you are ready.

8. Fiction Profits Academy Key Points

A. Build Your Books

Karla will take the time to explain everything you need to know about building books.

She will show you the tools that you need to publish and make sales.

B. The Perfect Cover

Amazon offers the "Cover Creator" tool.

Here you can personalize the cover of your book.

Although it is not required to be used, it can be helpful if you have questions.

Karla demonstrates how to use it.

C. Blurbs & Formatting

A great way to increase sales copy and to hook readers is to include blurbs in your book.

This is the text you will find on your book's back cover.

Amazon lets you use up to 4000 characters, so make sure you take advantage.

Karla discusses the importance of blurbs that are both descriptive and that draw readers in.

D. Launch Strategy

Karla shares a proven way to launch your book that has been used by many successful publishers.

9. Do You Want To Buy This Course?

Karla's course is designed to help you decide if this business model suits you.

It was clear and concise.

It was easy to grasp every part.

I liked that she included email templates, mailing list and opt-in calls to action.

These are great things to have.

You can save tons of time, money, effort, and even your precious time with the mix-match strategy in this program.

She also offers tools that you can use to automate your eBook business.

Automating is key to a passive income.

This course is well worth the cost if you are able to publish frequently and market them effectively.

I believe publishing is not something you should do often.

10. Is Self-Publishing A Lucrative Business?

This is a lucrative career that many people make thousands or even millions of dollars each month.

This is evident if you take a look at the testimonials on this course sales page.

The number of books you write is a key factor in how much success you achieve.

You'll also make some money if you have appealing content and are well-marketed.

It takes effort, time and money to make it a success.

11. To Make A Passive Income, I Prefer To Grow My Lead Generation Company.

My local lead generation company relies on organic Google traffic.

Attraction marketing is all about free traffic so...

People are looking for you.

They are looking for what you have to offer.

You can build multiple lead generation websites to create multiple revenue streams that work on autopilot.

This is my first lead generation site, which passively earns $750 per day.

Since 2014, I haven’t touched it.

These sites don't require constant maintenance.

After they are ranked, you can collect your commission.

There's no need to spend time writing stories or buying ads to promote eBooks.

Today, I earn $52K+ per month through my more than 50 lead generation websites.

We teach students how to do the same in the lead generation coaching program.

Here are the reasons local lead generation is my top choice for making money online.


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