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Kris Krohn: Is He Legit or A Scam Artist?

Another one of those making money online these courses are focused on selling a course that makes money renting outhouses.

However, you can still jump into an EXPENSIVE stock market before it crashes.

Do not cry to us if you have lost THOUSANDS of dollars and your parents are giving you shit.

This book is supposed to teach you how making a 6-figure fortune in real estate, but it's really out of reach for many people with limited budgets and student loan debt.

It's not true. You won't make a lot of money buying a property that only makes a few hundred dollars a month, with lots of liabilities and poor tenants.

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We have to be truthful in this review...

Kris Krohn's course contains some great information that will help you make money in real estate and land big deals.

It's outdated!

I will answer the most common questions about the topic at the end. In Kris Krohn's course, you can't afford to waste money on one property.

Most importantly, I will show you how I built my internet marketing business for more than $40,000 per month mostly passively.

This system swears by it. It's a great way to make money, and it makes use of some of the same skills.

More on this later.

Let's jump into all things for now. Kris Krohn!

Kris Krohn: Who are you?

Kris Krohn, a Brigham Young University alumnus, and real estate investor is a former student. He has been a speaker, coach, and leader of teams in recent years.

He is passionate about showing people how making a profit in real estate investing with very little or no down payment. His specialty is buying real estate without credit.

The Strongbrook Group was founded by him. It is a group of organizations that helps Strongbrook customers protect their investments.

The Strongbrook Team includes the following:

  • A Real Estate Firm
  • A Mortgage Company
  • Property Management
  • Life Insurance Firm
  • A Holdings Company

All this was possible under the guidance of Kris Krohn, his team, and his mentors.

Krohn is a leader in the pursuit of financial freedom and wealth creation through real estate investments.

Is Kris Krohn Legit Or A Scam?

Kris's teachings are simple and straightforward, which is why he is definitely legit.

His method is called "Home Equity Loan", and it involves purchasing property with no money down to purchase your first home. You can then use the equity from your home as collateral to get a loan from a bank to purchase more houses that you can rent out.

Currently, Kris has many videos on YouTube and has 608,000 subscribers (and counting) to his YouTube Channel. His YouTube videos contain tons of information.

He retired from his job at 26 and began investing.

This was achieved by buying a house that had a fair market price of $260,000 but which he only paid $110,000 for. He had therefore $150,000 equity. He then rented the basement to pay the mortgage.

With the equity in that first home, he got a $20,000 home equity loan a year later and bought another home to rent out to someone for a $600/month profit.

Kris continued to do this, obtaining more equity-backed loans to purchase more homes. He retired with $12,000 per month after he bought his 25th home.

Kris Krohn's Mentorship Program

Is Kris Krohn A Real Estate Investor?

Kris Krohn started his investment career in college. He was able to acquire a few properties in real estate and make a lot of cash with the guidance of a mentor.

After purchasing more properties for real estate investments, he decided to make real estate investing his career. He wanted to help others in the same way as his mentor.

Kris Krohn Books

Kris wrote a book called 'The Strait Path To Real Estate Wealth' in 2010. I've researched a variety of real estate investing techniques, including:

  • Rents
  • Fixer-Uppers
  • Apartments
  • Commercial Properties

He analyzed the good, the bad, and the ugly, then he wrote the book in the context of all he had experienced and learned.

Next, in 2013, came 'The Conscious Creator'. Both books can be found on Amazon.com.

Pros And Cons Of His Real Estate Investing Course

Let's now look at the pros and cons of his course.


  • You can see that he has built trust with his YouTube channel, with over 608,000 subscribers. It is also impressive to see the ratio of Likes and Dislikes for each video.
  • Kris' YouTube Videos can be very instructive. You can get a lot of knowledge for free from many other sites.
  • Kris is a person who thinks outside of the box. Kris is the first person to create a mentorship app.


  • If I had one thing to say, it would be that his YouTube videos make everything seem so simple. It is possible to make a lot of money in real estate. However, it requires a lot more work.
  • Although he offers a lot of information via YouTube, I find it very admirable. However, most of what you will see is in his mentorship program. The information is rehashed from books his students have read.
  • This course is not cheap. You can expect to pay anywhere from $99-$499 per month, depending on which subscription you choose. It seems self-indulgent to charge newbies for the daily grind.
  • Kris Krohn has, unfortunately, had his fair share of legal troubles. Some of his potential customers may have been concerned when he was facing some allegations back in 2010.


Does Kris Krohn Have Any Courses For Real Estate Investors?

Lease Option Pro

Kris will show you how to buy real estate with no down payment and even with less than perfect credit. His teaching method is to use a series of videos as the core content in real estate.

The following are also included in this course:

  • Kris uses all the legal documents and contracts in his real-estate business
  • 2 tickets to Kris' live events
  • For more information, join his Facebook group

lease option is basically a meeting of the minds between a real estate investor and a tenant. The contract between the property owner (the tenant) and the tenant stipulates that the property will be purchased at a future date. The tenant has the right to exercise the option to buy the property at an agreed-upon price. The investor then takes the house off of the market in exchange for an option consideration (a small amount of money).

This serves two purposes. The tenant benefits because they will have to pay a set price once they exercise their right of purchase. The tenants are free to test the house and the neighborhood in the interim. The property owner will also benefit from this arrangement, as the tenants will be able to look after the property. It is much easier to fill vacant spaces with lease options.

Is Kris Krohn a Youtuber?

Yes. Many of his videos can be found on his YouTube channel, but you can find all the content of his videos in one place on his website at reinvestortv.com. These videos are available for subscription.

Is Kris Krohn On Social Media?

Yes! You can visit his Facebook Page here

Is Strongbrook a member of an MLM business model?

This is a first for me, but Kris Krohn's company (Strongbrook) is in fact set with an MLM business model. This is how the plan works: You convince your family and friends to sign up for the program and then you earn money from their monthly subscriptions. Your bank account will grow the more people you invite to join. Basic MLM.

Although the Strongbrook MLM side is unusual, it doesn't necessarily mean illegal. It's been successful for companies such as Amway.

What is Kris Krohn's Net Worth?

As of December 2020. The net worth for Kris Krohn is estimated to be $65 Million. He had built a million-dollar fortune in real estate investments and intelligence. He owned approximately 400 properties in real estate, most of which he bought with no down payment.

Is Kris Krohn's course can help you make money?

You can. But there is a catch. If you're persistent and have the right guidance, real estate can be a great way to make a lot of money.

Is Financial Freedom Possible With Real Estate?


Financial freedom is something everyone wants. While many people want financial freedom, only a small percentage of them actually do it. This can be due to many reasons. It could be due to education or monetary resources. Others waste too much time wasting it. No matter what your financial situation, you can still achieve financial freedom through real estate investing.

eAssets #1 Recommendation For Making Money With Digital Real Estate

Scalability is where these models fail. You can't make a lot of money by just having one or two websites. You need to reach millions of people nationwide.

What if you were to go local?

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One YouTube video I watched had the host comment that it wasn't about making lots of money on one website, but about making a little money from many different websites.

Think of it as...

Imagine if you could make a steady stream of income by renting 10 units to tenants that you could rent for anywhere between $750-1,000 per month.

Passive income is $7,500 to $10,000 per month.

What if you invested in 100 rental units?

Instead of spending millions to build homes or apartment complexes, you can spend just a few hundred dollars to create websites.

These websites will then be ranked in search engines for the specific home-based services customers are looking for.

Next, offer your business opportunity to local business owners looking for customers. They will pay you for this information.

You have just built a Digital Real Estate Investment Empire which could potentially earn you 4-5 figures per month in passive income without having to spend a dime on advertising.

You will be competing with thousands, if certainly millions, of other digital real estate sellers who sell the SAME product and to the SAME customers.

Local Lead Generation is a great way to reduce competition and increase your profits by 85-90%.

You probably have many questions about how to create Digital Real Estate assets and start building YOUR digital empire, check out our #1 recommendation here!


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