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What is the Paparazzi Compensation Plan?

What is the Paparazzi Compensation Plan?

The Paparazzi Compensation Plan explains the rewards and requirements as a Consultant decides to create a team and expand his Paparazzi Accessories business. It is designed to assist business people within the company in building and helping others who are part of his group. When a consultant decides that he wants to expand his Paparazzi Accessories company, he will be rewarded with profits, commissions, bonuses, and other perks.

Two things are important to understand about the Paparazzi Compensation Program:

  1. Personal Volume - Also known as Product Value. If a Consultant wishes to move up in the Compensation Plan, they will need PV. Points are used as commission for standard products. Consultants will get 2 PV per $5 product. If a Zi necklace collection has been purchased, they will receive 10 PVs.
  2. ACTIVE status- This is when a Consultant has attained the minimum 50 PVs per month. That's equivalent to 25 inventory pieces each month.

To be a Consultant rank, you will need to have a certain amount of PVs. If you don't have enough, they won't mark you as active, meaning you can't get commissions for your downline or team.

You can only stay as a Paparazzi consultant if you meet the 200 PVs requirement each year.

If you want this to be a successful business venture, then set a goal to climb up the ranks one step at a while.

These are the two things that will get you compensation:

  1. Paparazzi Jewelry sales - This is the result of placing Paparazzi Accessories up for sale on websites and in stores. Wholesale accessories are available to Consultants. A piece of jewelry sells for a 45% profit. Imagine what you could make!
  2. Paparazzi Jewelry Teams’ Sales- These sales are made by team collaboration, effort, strategy and goal setting. The basis for compensation to the sponsor or anyone else in the group that has sponsored another is the team's performance. This is the basis for your ability to rise in rank.

Understanding Symbols:


This means that you are eligible for specific compensation.


This means that a consultant must meet both the minimum 50 PVs requirement and the requirements of the organization to be considered active.

Double Asterisque

This means that no more than 1/3 (OV) of the organization's volume is met by one leg of an organization. It is an indication rank qualification.


This means that no more than 1/4 (OV) of an organization's volume is met by one leg of the organisation. It indicates rank qualification.


This is a rank qualification and must be met within the two calendar months preceding issue to get paid.

The Compensation Plan ranks:

  • Consultant– If you choose to join the Paparazzi team you will be considered a consultant. Paparazzi will offer you wholesale prices for jewelry pieces and you will be eligible for the "Show Rebate." If a consultant hosts a launch party and brings in large quantities of inventory, Paparazzi will pay a percentage to make up for the stock purchase. Paparazzi will give a 10% Show Rebate to those who have purchased more than 1000 PVs. This is in addition to the monthly commission.
  • Star Consultant- An active consultant who purchases 50 PVs or 25 jewelry pieces in a matter of months is called a star consultant. The star consultant's bonus includes retail profit and show rebates as a new consultant. Business Building Bonus, or BBB is available to him. This is because the Consultant might have sponsored another Starter Kit or purchased 200 PV's. 15% of the initial Starter Kit purchase price is credited to your account if you support or register another Paparazzi Independent consultant. Sponsoring new Paparazzi Independent Consultants will earn you a 5% Unilevel1 bonus that can be used to train and support them.
  • Director- Sponsoring might be enough to get you a bonus, but it will still make a big difference if you rank Paparazzi Director. You can sponsor three recruits, train them to become. "Active", Consultants, and order 50 PVs per month to get promoted to Director Rank. The Star Consultant will have the same benefits as you, but the, Unilevel 1 Bonus- will be 10% higher than the Star Consultant. You will receive an additional 5% bonus when your Unilevel recruits begin to sponsor and recruit their consultant.
  • Premier Director- While it is exciting to be a Paparazzi director, this rank requires a new kind of strategy in your team's organisation because it requires Organizational Volum (OV) to rise to a higher rank. At least 3000 OV should be accumulated by the team, with at least one recruit from each member. Only 1/3 of the product value (PV), should come from one part of the organization. You cannot be a Premier director if you have three consultants and only one of them has purchased the product or provided the majority of the OV. You will receive all commissions from the Unilevels, but you'll also get 5% commissions if your Unilevel 3 consultants hire their own. You'll also get 10% Unilevel 1, 5% Unilevel 2 and 5% Unilevel 3 bonuses.
  • The Premier Director Rank requires almost the same personal and organizational volumes as the next ranks. There are also three requirements for the Consultants organization. As you rank higher, your personal and organizational volumes will increase. Bonuses will also be included in your monthly commissions for the "ACTIVE” Consultants in your group.

    These are the Ranks after achieving the Premier Director Level

    • Executive Director
    • Produce
    • Premier Producer
    • Executive Producer (This is your first Elite Rank).
    • Fashionista
    • A-Lister
    • Maven A-Lister
    • Jetsetter
    • Luxe Jetsetter
    • Impressionist
    • Iconic Impressionist

    Additional Bonuses when you get higher

    Generation Bonus

    This bonus is available to Executives and higher. You also get compensation for the third generation of team consultations. There are three levels to this bonus, and it increases in value by 1% to 3.3% for each rank you reach. These levels include all Consultants below and, of course the next higher level.

    Legacy Bonus

    A legacy bonus is awarded to Paparazzi Consultants who reach the A-Lister rank or higher. There are three Legacy levels, and a 1%-2% bonus on the personal and organizational volume generated. These bonuses are available to all Consultants, as well as those at the next level.

    You'll be eligible for a cash bonus if you reach these ranks and keep the qualifications up over two consecutive months.

    • Luxx Jetsetter gets $25,000 Bonus
    • Impressionista receives $50,000 bonus
    • Iconic Impressionista gets $100,000 Bonus

    If you're interested in a sample of a Compensation Plan, please visit the Paparazzi Accessories and consults.


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