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Best Pay Per Lead Affiliate Programs in 2022

Affiliate marketing is not new.

You can get paid to persuade consumers to visit your business and possibly purchase the goods or services they offer.

performance-based Marketing Strategy - The more visitors affiliates secure, the more they get paid.

It seems simple enough, but it is actually more difficult than you might imagine.

You can boost your performance by using what's known as pay per-lead, or PPL for short.

A standard affiliate marketing approach pays you when a customer purchases something. An affiliate link on a blog is one example.

PPL works in a completely different manner and does not require that the customer purchase anything.

Earning an income can still be possible with pay per sign ups. You will only need to refer others to get compensation.

For example, customers might sign up for the email newsletter.

This is how you create steady streams of leads that can eventually lead to paying customers.

These business owners will pay large sums for their affiliates in order to fill their pipeline and secure new business.

Programs for PPL affiliates that are trustworthy and high-paying

Programs that pay $100+ per lead plus bonuses

Stop wasting time on dead-end options, and get serious about making money.

We have listed the highest pay per lead affiliate programs that offer profitability and scalability.

Before we get started, let me tell you a quick story about myself...

Number 1

Personal Capital

Personal Capital is an affiliate niche in the financial sector that offers potential huge payouts to its affiliates.

$100/qualified Lead are the only PPL programs available in this elite category.

Personal Capital is an online budgeting tool that allows you to track every aspect of your financial portfolio.

This platform offers everything, from income and net worth to expenses or retirement savings.

They are also willing to pay referral fees of $100,000 or more to their system.

Personal Capital is the best choice for bloggers and individuals who have access to financial audience-retirement planning/wealth management, investing, budgeting, etc.

They are offered through FlexOffers and are one of the leading players in the market for rob financing.

Personal Capital affiliates are worth looking into if you have the ability to connect with people who want to manage their money and make an investment.

This affiliate program has many pros and cons.

Pros and Cons of the Affiliate Program for Personal Capital


  • A single-stop shop for investing and financial planning = bigger lead pool potential

  • Premium sales funnel free of charge, with strong incentives and bonuses


  • Finance is a highly competitive niche

  • Individuals with less that $100,000 in total investments are not eligible for commissions

New affiliates can earn $50-$144 per signup. But, to be considered a Lead, individuals must have $100,000 in investable assets and be willing to link accounts.

Although it sounds impossible, you should consider rolling over 401ks and CDs as well as savings. It is possible to get connected with investors.

This article provides additional information about the Personal Capital program and provides a breakdown of their services for affiliates and users.

You will earn more if you have more leads.

Personal Capital is a great option if you're looking for high-paying returns for your efforts. You can find more information.

Number 2

National Debt Relief

National Debt Relief is a non-profit organization that assists people in reducing their debts and managing substantial interest rates to turn around their lives.

They will help you reduce your debts up to half-way.

You'll be selling something that helps others by promoting the service via their PPL Affiliate Program.

This product could change people's lives.

You have the opportunity to make a good chunk of change as an additional bonus.

If you successfully refer this organization to someone who arranges a consultation with National Debt Relief you will earn a respectable $27.50-$300 per referred/sale.

However, there are some requirements that must be met. These include:

National Debt Relief Requirements

  • Customers must have at minimum 10,000 in unsecured and credit card debt

  • Not available in all states

  • Affiliate to affiliate commissions reduce any B2C promotions, meaning that you will earn less for discounted products

National Debt is a highly accredited business opportunity for affiliates offering flexible options to increase earning potential such as PPL, PPC, and PPS.

This service grants some of the highest affiliate commissions within the highly competitive market for debt repayment. If you're serious about monetizing your personal finances or debt blog, it is simple to promote.

This PPL affiliate program is free, easy, and one of America's best debt solutions. You can earn serious dough with it, as this publication demonstrates.

Number 3

American Debt Enders

American Debt Enders offers a similar platform as National Debt.

The basic idea is the same.

Let Americans know how to get out of debt.

Profitable PPL affiliate programs allow you to get creditors off the backs Americans.

Sign up to receive this free service and you will be paid commissions.

Although it's only 10/lead but you don't want to dismiss this as too low, think about this.

It is completely free and will make it easy for people to sign up.

Sign up for a free consolidation estimate to increase your chances of getting the cash flow you want.

American Debt Enders has many additional ways you can capitalize on their platform, including the following:

Join American Debt Enders Affiliate Programme and Earn $$$

Step 1

$10 per qualified lead

Step 2

$125 per debt settlement enrollment


$50 per debt management enrollment

Step 3

$125 per student debt enrollment


$125 for private student loan program

Step 4

$100 per ch 7 enrollment

Step 5

Payday loan enrollment: $20

Step 6

Referral phone line: $41 per call

You can also offer a permanent cookie to each visitor that you send. This average is $25/lead, with an EPC of (earnings-per-click) of .

American Debt Enders is an accredited company that provides outstanding customer service and offers a way for affiliates to make big money.

You will find a variety of tools that can help you succeed. If you're interested in learning more, or signing up for American Debt Enders , you can visit.

Number 4


Paribus, an online shopping tool, locates price adjustments and refunds for shoppers.

This refund APP is 100% free to use. It's a price comparison platform which can help customers get compensation for late deliveries.

This clever APP integrates with major online retailers like Amazon, Home Depot and Walmart. It offers protection and monitoring to shoppers.

Paribus boasts an 30%+ sign-up rate for traffic from current affiliates. This means that even though the sign-up price is lower at $2.50, you can still make a lot of money with this affiliate program.

Paribus also recognizes eligible purchases from retailers and affiliates earn.

Another way to make money with the PPL affiliate program. This program has great reviews.

Paribus, backed by Capital One is as legit as it gets.

You can connect to Paribus via FlexOffers.

Paribus, a popular American saving solution, is different from the rest.


Instead of saving $$$ on future purchases, backtrack your purchases


Retailers use advanced algorithms to distort prices


Champion is for the average American who doesn't have the time or motivation find price drops-refunds etc.


Paribus is a popular choice in this niche. This is great news for consumers as well as sweet for its affiliates.

They are able to save people money and have done an incredible job with their affiliates. These publishers must be motivated, quality publishers who produce great content for their target audiences.

This may be the best affiliate program for 2022 if you are a good fit.

Number 5


Swagbucks, an American loyalty and rewards program, offers a variety of ways to earn money by participating in paid surveys.

Affiliates can direct web traffic to their site via banner ads, referral bonus, or incentive ads.

Users are paid to complete surveys, play games or do other activities online. This is the best place to earn rewards for your daily activities.

Each task earns points that can be converted into cash or gift cards.

One of the most well-known survey sites, Swagbucks associates make $3 per signup and 10% referral earnings without any maximum limit.

Although it is true that surveys are not a great way to make a lot of money, the autopilot option is growing in popularity.

Companies will pay a lot to get data and opinions.

Swagbucks offers many benefits and is one of the best options.

Swagbucks Perks Include:

  • Sizeable e-commerce site

  • Excellent ratings from shoppers

  • High scores in comparison to other brands within the rewards industry
  • Customers can benefit from specialized e-commerce features

This article contains additional information about Swagbucks reviews and affiliate opportunities.

If you're interested in signing up or learning more about this affiliate program, you can find it on FlexOffers.

Number 6

American Consumer Opinions

American people are known for their opinions and love to share them.

This character trait can be used to make money by becoming an affiliate at one of the top survey sites in the country.

American Consumer Opinion is a panel that partners with established companies to get customer opinions about products and brands to help them grow their business.

Lead generation helps business owners succeed and dominate their industry. This is why is so attractive.

You can not only make an income selling leads from websites that you rank and leverage on Google, but you can also make a real difference for local business owners.

Lead gen allows you to enter over 400 niches around the globe and offers an passive income stream. You can also create your own schedule from anywhere.

You will reap the rewards of your commitment to training and trusting the process.

You were warned not to waste time on low-income affiliate programs. But, you should dig deeper into American Consumer Opinion's opportunities.

Although $1 is not the maximum you can earn from each member survey you complete, it is the beginning of your earning potential as a partner with this site.

This platform is completely free to join and offers a 20%-25% conversion rate .


American Consumer Opinion is a well-respected company known for its exceptional customer service and dedicated marketing manager. They also offer additional incentives to their affiliates like:

  • Cash bonuses for contests

  • Top performers get bonuses and higher pay rates

  • It is a research powerhouse and has been accredited by the BBB, making it a top contender for those looking to connect with survey platforms.
  • Affiliates earn more traffic if they have more customers

This article provides additional information as well as the pros and cons associated with American Consumer Opinion.

These products were found on ShareASale. You can view them and sign up there.

Number 7

Mr. Rebates

Mr. Rebates is an online cashback platform that connects to more than 3000 online merchants.

Their madness can be solved by sending traffic to their merchants, saving them money.

Mr. The vendor pays Mr.

You can earn cashback online by spending money with Mr. Rebates-simple

Earn $1 for every email address registered in our PPL affiliate program.

However, the potential to make money doesn't end there.

Boasting a successful '

This article provides a comprehensive overview of the system as well as the strategies employed by Mr. Rebates.

Although you might have to work harder to make this an affiliate program that generates significant profits, it is possible to find this one of the top PPL programs in 2020.

Number 8


Quality content and the magic schema of SEO are key ingredients to dominating search engines.

RankPay offers digital marketing services for business owners. They are well-known for their ability increase bottom line.

This SEO-style opportunity allows their affiliates to earn a recurring Commission on every dollar that a referee spends on their services.

commissions start at 10% and scale to 20% for what they call'modest volumes.' There are no minimums or catch.

Affiliates have a variety of digital marketing options and can earn recurring commissions for the following:

  • Social Marketing
  • Blog Management
  • Website maintenance
  • Optimize Content

This is a great opportunity to earn passive income by using a PPL program that offers $25/lead services business owners are actively looking for.

This article breaks down the RankPay process.

You can also sign up for additional information about the PPL affiliate program.

Number 9


CreativeLive is a cutting-edge online education company that encourages innovation.

This platform offers freemium classes that can be viewed via live-steam, or downloaded and saved for later. It is an incredible resource for affiliate marketers.

This program has a huge audience, with a range of 20,000 to 100,000+ per live broadcast- which are available 24/7 from five different studios. - The bandwidth is incredible.

There are many sweet incentives for affiliates and chances to earn substantial coin.

1 per new registration, but the real money is in the sales.

Affiliates receive 10% recurring Commission for every renewal.

CreativeLive offers a number of selling features that can be used to attract affiliates, such as:

  • 30 day cookie
  • Self-referrals-meaning you can buy from your personal referral links
  • Track referrals-conversions and revenue with a real-time reporting system through Shareasale
  • Quick payouts
  • A dedicated account manager for affiliates.

For more information about CreativeLive, visit this or this which provides additional information about their pricing model.

Online education and e-learning will continue to expand their market.

CreativeLive is the place to go if you want to jump on one of the most lucrative pay per lead affiliate programs, and capitalise on this new wave.

Number 10


ShareASale offers a unique opportunity to affiliate marketers. They offer a "two-set" style service.

Affiliate marketing for merchants and affiliate marketing to the affiliate

Let's not leave you scratching your head.

Affiliates use ShareASale to source products and get commissions from their referrals.

Merchants can use this opportunity for affiliate program regulation.

An existing affiliate program can include a PPL program.

Referring new affiliates to our program earns you a commission and you get a fee.

They in turn receive a commission for promoting and selling other people's products through ShareASale.

It can be confusing, but it is highly profitable if your hands are right and you master this skill set.

Refer to ShareASale and earn $1 for every affiliate you refer.

You can do better.

Refer merchants to our affiliate program and earn $150 per refer.

ShareASale’s Two Marketing Models:

  • Visitor completes the =$$$ form to get a PPL (pay per Lead)
  • PPS (pay per sale)-visitors purchase your direct link=commission

ShareASale has been around over 20 years and is a trusted platform.

ShareASale is worth mentioning-it has the good, the bad and ugly.


Real-time reporting system


There are tons of ad types, all of which can be customized and made easy to use.


Monthly payment for anything above $50


Not all reporting and tracking systems are user-friendly.


There is not a lot of support for ad creation and implementation


Reduce 20% transaction fees on selected commissions

This publication demonstrates.

You can learn more about this option or sign up for affiliate programs by visiting their website .

Number 11

Affiliate Manager

AffiliateManager offers a white-hat approach to affiliate management and merchant assistance. It covers all aspects of creating and optimizing affiliate programs.

These online services are designed to assist merchants and affiliates in creating successful campaigns and increasing their revenue potential.

AffiliateManager allows you to quickly recruit new members and build productive relationships.

Refer a legitimate person and you will receive $1 in compensation.

AffiliateManager is only the beginning of your earning potential.

Affiliates can earn $150 per sale if your lead purchases one of the many products on this online platform.

AffiliateManager offers many services, but here are some to get you started.

  1. 1
    Management of affiliates, including white label recruitment.
  2. 2
    Search engine for affiliate recruitment
  3. 3
    Consulting and direct competitor targeting with biweekly reporting
  4. 4
    Prospect efficiency organization-outreach & streamlining

This post provides more information about the services, assets and liabilities of this affiliate program.

AffiliateManager is a well-respected agency that has helped businesses expand their affiliate programs for more than 15 years.

You can visit AffiliateManager's website to learn more or sign up if you are interested in connecting.

Number 12


PPL affiliate programs can be very fortuitous.

Finding the right fit for your style, your niche and the best ROI is key.

PPL affiliate programs are a great way to achieve success. Profitability and Scalability are key cogs.

This is just a small sample of the many options available if you're willing to do some research.

Google search engines can help you find PPL programs that suit your style and unique promoting strategies.

Some of the most popular sites include ShareASale and FlexOffersAWIN and VigLink are also among them.

This post offers many additional suggestions, broken down into categories that simplify the research process.

You can also search for affiliate network databases and CPA (cost-per-action) affiliate networks.

Although CPA is similar to PPL, there are some differences worth noting.

PPL vs. CPA-2 Main Differences

  • CPA is flat-fee while PPL offers upsells and variance in commissions
  • To achieve maximum CPA commission, your strategy must be well-structured. PPL can earn you a simple payout for filling out forms.

One is not always better than the next.

It all depends on how you market and what your end goal is.

PPL removes the need for a salesman and allows you to earn an income while helping people and businesses connect.

PPL Affiliate Program is a great way to make a lot of money if you are able to master your craft and connect with high-traffic websites like those listed in this article.

IMO The Best Way To Earn Online Cash

Lead generation

Personal Capital is an affiliate niche in the financial sector that offers potential huge payouts to its affiliates.

$100/qualified Lead are the only PPL programs available in this elite category.

Personal Capital is an online budgeting tool that allows you to track every aspect of your financial portfolio.

This platform offers everything, from income and net worth to expenses or retirement savings.

They are also willing to pay referral fees of $100,000 or more to their system.

It takes a lot of effort to be an affiliate marketer.

Even with the best intentions, sometimes it feels like your head is hitting a brick wall.

It's not hard to believe that I was there.

I grew tired of relying on others for my financial success, and decided to take control of my future by using lead generation.

This online program taught me how to create websites and use Google to get to the top of search engines.

You can easily go into more than 400 nichesanywhere you are in the world to make a passive income and not rely on pay-per click or the flighty attitudes that online customers have.

Local business owners can make a lot of money by owning digital property.

I get the leads and I own them.

Look for business owners who are eager to grow their business, and then sell the leads for a share of the monetary action.

Lead generation taught me how to create a highly profitable and scalable internet business that brings in $52,000 per month without the need for affiliate connections or PPL.

Here's why lead generation works so well.

  • Local lead generation does not depend on finding the perfect trending product every week or month.
  • There is no need to adjust your advertising budgets or methods constantly. You don't even have to manage Facebook, Instagram, or Google ads.
  • There is no selling or buying of products. Profit margins are not an issue. Shipping. Returns. Or any other issues that come with the sale of physical products. EVER!
  • Google provides organic traffic for free.
  • You can leave your lead generation site up for months if you have it set up correctly from the beginning.
  • You can make passive income from it. That's the golden ticket!

This lead generation model is open to all.

The training is comprehensive enough to be understood and implemented by even a 10-year old, regardless of whether you are a SEO expert or not.

This program breaks down video training into small snippets. It takes you step by step, nice and slow.

This guide will help you understand and do everything necessary to succeed in lead generation.

You will earn a passive income that is beyond your wildest dreams if you trust the process and commit to doing the work.

I achieved financial success because I was willing and able to work hard, applying the lessons I learned from this course.

You can do the work upfront, then relax and enjoy the results.

This is exactly what happened with the tree site I created in 2014. It's bringing in an income $2000/month.

Since 2015, I haven’t touched this website. Instead, I took the lead generation lessons I learned and created 80 more sites.

Each digital property that I own ranks in Google searches has produced leads for business owners as well as a steady stream of income for me.

Month after month, checks like a clockwork

Affiliate marketing can make you rich, but your parent company will expect you to give up a significant portion of the sales profits that you earn every month. Sometimes it is 10%-15%.

Never get reimbursed for digital mileage for any of your marketing efforts.

You can't compete with the other members of the ring all chasing the same market.

You don't want to be a small fish in a very competitive pond, and you want to become a big dog. Then you should consider our local lead generator for small businesses.

Lead gen is the answer if you are looking to acquire a high-income skill that will bring in financial results for business owners.

An entrepreneurial mastermind facilitates this unique training program.

Here's Dan and me, he is the man who makes magic happen. He has dedicated his entire life to helping others succeed financially.

With this business idea, he has helped more than 5000 members. They are all focused on financial independence and the ability to work from anywhere they can.

It's like a family: we cheer on each other and show newbies how to win.

This is not a club where you drink the koolaid. It's the cool club for kids.

Lead generation has no boundaries.

It is flexible and scalable, and can be used as an alternative to PPL affiliate marketing.

The enterprise is yours to manage.

Your websites-your leads.

Find another business owner if the business owner isn’t a good fit.

You're the one driving lead generation. This course will give you the foundation to take your income to the next level.

This is the only thing that's comparable to it, and I mean everything.

Click the link to book a meeting if you're interested in lead generation or fed up with fighting PPL.

For more information, please contact me or one my colleagues.

Although this list is not exhaustive, it should give you some ideas about how to grow your affiliate marketing business.

Affiliate marketing is what you love? You might as well align the top PPL affiliate programs so you can make the most of your efforts.


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