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Personalloans.com Reviews

We have the answer for you if you're looking at PersonalLoans.com reviews online and are unsure if it is right for your needs.

This platform was created in 2017 to provide a simple and easy way for consumers to obtain a loan through dependable lenders.

PersonalLoans.com matches potential lenders with borrowers and lends them money from their network. This platform is best suited for people with low credit scores who are struggling to manage their financial problems.

Based on our research and findings, we are pleased to share our legit PersonalLoans.com review that will help you make an informed decision.

Review of Personalloans.Com

We have the answer for you if you're looking at PersonalLoans.com reviews online and are unsure if it is right for your needs.

This platform was created in 2017 to provide a simple and easy way for consumers to obtain a loan through a trusted community of lenders.

PersonalLoans.com matches potential lenders with borrowers and lends them money from their network. This platform is best suited for people with low credit scores who are struggling to manage their financial problems.

Based on our research and findings, we are pleased to share our legit PersonalLoans.com review that will help you make an informed decision.


  • Soft credit pull
  • Large loan amounts available
  • Quick funding in one day
  • Different types of lenders offer loans
  • It is easy and quick to apply
  • No collateral required


  • A weak lender
  • Minimum Credit Score: 580
  • There are many personal loan eligibility requirements

Who is PersonalLoans.Com and What Are Their Goals?

PersonalLoans.com, which is also known as a lead generator in the lending industry, is what you actually see. These sites allow clients to apply to different lenders.

PersonalLoans.com does not lend money. They are merely a middleman. The service is free and there's no charge. However, you should be wary of any site that offers a rate to find you a loan.

What is PersonalLoans.Com?

PersonalLoans.com and other lead generator websites are beneficial to both lenders as well as borrowers. These sites allow people to search for personal loans and can also be used by lenders to find new certified businesses.

Lenders create profiles that include their specific underwriting requirements. Lenders will identify the type of customer they are looking for based upon earnings, credit scores, and other factors.

After a customer submits an application, the software is compared against different lenders and selected the loan offer. A few websites will offer a variety of personal loans.

Other lenders will contact you right away to help you get a personal loan. PersonalLoans.com directs you to the lender network website.

What kind of loans does Personalloans.Com offer?

You must be aware of what financial instrument you are using to join and purchase. This firm offers:

  • Unsecured Loans: This is a loan that doesn't depend on any type of collateral.
  • Loans starting at $1,000 and ending at $ 35,000: This broad range allows you to select the length that suits you best.
  • Fixed terms: The percentage that you pay each month for your mortgage will remain the same throughout its life.
  • Fully amortized: This means that each transaction you make will move towards both principal and interest.
  • There is no prepayment rate: Why should you have to pay a rate in order to become a reliable borrower? It is not necessary. You should not allow a moneylender to ask you for extra cash to pay your mortgage off first.

What do you need to know about PersonalLoans.Com personal loan?

We will be taking a look at the services PersonalLoans.com offers and explaining why they have a high rating. However, they don't lend money directly. PersonalLoans.com connects you to potential lenders in the online lending industry. PersonalLoans.com will not be required once they have chosen the lender that is most suitable for you. Be sure to choose a lender carefully. There are three types of personal loans available: bank personal loans, peer-to-peer loans, and personal installment loans.

Here are some details about how PersonalLoans.com operates. Take a look at these details:

  • Expected Installment Loan Summaries - $1,000 - $35,000
  • Annual Percentage Rat (APR) - 5.00% to 35.99%
  • Loan Terms 90-days to 72 months
  • Types of interest – Variables from lender to lender.
  • Unsecured or maybe Secured- Unsecured
  • It is easy to request a loan. After you submit your request, loan quotes will be available within minutes.
  • The typical funding period- PersonalLoans.com's standard financial backing timeframe is one business day from the approval of the mortgage demand. However, this can vary from lender to lender.
  • Penalties and fees
  1. Origination Fee – You are not required to agree to any mortgage phrases provided to you. It is 100 percent free.
  2. Prepayment Penalty – Not Available
  3. Late Payment Penalty – Not Available
  4. Returned Payment Fee – Not Available

How to Apply for Personal Loans with Personalloans.Com?

PersonalLoans.com makes it easy to apply for a loan. You have to make sure that you have enough money to repay your debt.

Take a look at your finances and see how much income you have. You should consider leaving $500 in the bank each month. This will ensure that your monthly payments do not exceed this amount.

Next, gather all the documentation you will need to submit the forms. Personal loans require:

  • Status of Age/ID/Residency: This information is generally obtained from your driver's licence.

Age 18 or older.

A valid SSN (Social Security number) is required.

You can be a permanent resident of the US or a legal citizen.

This includes your name, address, Social Security Number, and many other details.

  • Income: PersonalLoans.com needs to know how much income you have in order to calculate the term length and the amount of the loan. PersonalLoans.com requires applicants to disclose their source of income. The applicant must prove that they are either employed full-time, self-employed or may be receiving social security benefits or chronic disability. Multiple lenders may require verification of your application, including a paystub.
  • Checking Account: To ensure that the loan application is approved, the applicant must also provide a valid checking account. When loans become available, a lender will usually deposit money directly into your personal bank account.
  • Credit Type To get a personal loan, you don't need to have great credit. However, you must show individual responsibility. You must pay your rent on time. No late credit card payments? You might be able to get a personal loan that meets your needs.

Here's what you need to know about the lowest credit score.

Peer-to-peer mortgages require a minimum credit score of 600

A 580 credit score is acceptable for individual installment loans or bank private mortgages.

These specifications are not guaranteed to approve your request, but they will increase your chances of approval.

Steps to Apply for a Personal Loan with PersonalLoans.Com

It takes less than five minutes to complete a loan application. It's simple and fast.

  • First, fill out the form to request a mortgage on their website. You will need to provide information such as your income, credit class, loan amount and credit limit. This information will allow you to determine the best loan offer for you.
  • Second. Now, submit the loan request. Online lending companies will make you offers based on your information. Once your loan request has been approved, you will receive a loan agreement that includes specific terms and conditions.
  • Third step. This is one of the most important personal loan stages. It is a good idea to compare offers before making a decision.
  • Step four. The lender will confirm the amount of the loan and transfer it to your personal bank account within 1-5 days.

Is PersonalLoans.Com safe?

It's easy to request and register for a mortgage that suits your needs. PersonalLoans.com is a great system to work with. It is absolutely free and there are no fees or rates. This was what piqued my curiosity. It's easy to use the internet and you don't have to pay anything. PersonalLoans.com is different from other lenders in the industry that I tried.

OLA member

PersonalLoans.com is an OLA member (Online Loans' Alliance) and commits to fair and honest consumer practices. It is essentially an element of the internet-based business community.

This means that the company must comply with all federal laws and regulations, protect consumers from fraud, and offer the best user experience. OLA requires that OLA participants offer enough cancellation time and policies to consumers, do not display misleading information or indulge in misleading advertising, and that they manage third-party affiliates with integrity.

This is a great standard to hold someone to and PersonalLoans.com adheres to it all.

Flexible terms

PersonalLoans.com's flexibility is another factor that helps it climb the ladder of lending portals. Most lenders restrict their customers to very short loan terms, rigid policies or personal installment loan amounts. It was amazing to see the variety of options they offer their borrowers. It can work with lenders that offer mortgage amounts as low as $500 up to as high at $35,000.

The limit for loans like this is $10,000 by almost all lenders. Therefore, $35,000 is quite remarkable. PersonalLoans.com lenders allow you to repay your loan in as little as ninety days, weeks or longer depending on your credit score and the type of loan you took out.

Different types of loans

PersonalLoans.com's wide range of loans is what I want to highlight as the last thing I will emphasize.

The majority of lenders only offer one type of loan. PersonalLoans.com offers three types of loans. This means that you can find the right one for you. You can choose from bank loans, peer-to-peer loans and even installment loans. Each loan is different in terms of the amount you can borrow and the credit score needed to be approved.

This site has all the information you need, but the options are yours.

PersonalLoans.com offers many great financial education tools, sensible budgeting, investing content articles, fraud alerts, and useful tutorials for reliable financing.

How do I know if these reviews about PersonalLoans.Com are trustworthy?

Many of the reviews about PersonalLoan.Com on the internet can be trusted. The majority of people who have reviewed this company are well-respected and have an authority in the category, especially the editor rating. Each review has a good editor rating.

What is PersonalLoans.Com Privacy and Security Policy?

PersonalLoans.com uses specific security measures and adheres to all applicable security laws to ensure that your personal information is safe and secure from unauthorised access. Protected documents, structures, and computer safeguards are the most prominent features of these actions.

PersonalLoan.Com Review Wrap-Up

PersonaLoans.com offers the fastest personal loans. This is based on the reviews of many satisfied customers. You can get unsecured personal loans and they also cater to customers with low credit scores. You can therefore make a mortgage request and get multiple loan offers from lenders, even if you have poor credit. Creditworthy applicants can also get loans at a competitive APR.


Can I refinance my personal loan?

You can get a consolidation loan to consolidate your debts. However, you will need to increase the loan amount online. The interest rate may vary and your credit score must be above the minimum.

You can reach them by phone or email to confirm this information.

What can I use my personal loan for?

It can be used for just about anything. There are no restrictions. PersonalLoans.com loans can be a great choice for clients who need money to pay for a wedding, home improvements, or a family vacation - many of these purposes are discussed in reviews.

What are the best ways to get a personal loan online?

Yes. PersonalLoans.com offers an online loan application process, which we discussed in more detail in our review.

Who are their personal loans best for?

PersonalLoans.com focuses on providing easy loans to borrowers. This is especially useful for borrowers with poor credit who are unable to qualify for traditional funding.

Is PersonalLoans.Com accredited by the BBB? What is its rating?

PersonalLoans.com is rated "F" by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). It is rated "F" by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). This rating is based on two complaints that were filed against the company in 2018. Before making a decision, you should read a few PersonalLoans.com reviews. You will be able to make a better decision and feel more confident after reading several reviews.

Personal loans are not the best option.

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