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Pipedrive CRM Review

Small businesses today need better ways of keeping up with customers. With the introduction of customer relationship management software, this is now possible.

We're going to be reviewing Pipedrive CRM to determine if it is truly the best customer relationship management solution.

We will discuss whether Pipedrive CRM works for you and your company.

Then, I'll address some of the most common questions about Pipedrive CRM and customer relationship management in general.

But, most importantly, I will show you my exact system to build my internet marketing business to more than $40,000 per month mostly passive income.

What is Pipedrive CRM? A CRM Review?

Pipedrive is a customer relationship management CRM system that deals with customers. It also functions as an account management program, which helps with marketing and sales.

Its proactive nature automatically tracks and organizes calls and emails, and syncs schedules across devices. Pipedrive's ability to visualize the entire sales process from start to finish is a feature that would be attractive to small and medium-sized businesses.

This would improve both efficiency and reduce second-guessing in teams. This is often the main reason why CRM implementations fail.

Pipedrive, a CRM for sales professionals, is an appealing choice due to its ease-of-use and many tools and integrations.

It is however limited to 1,000 email addresses and does not offer powerful marketing automation features. This makes it a weak competitor.

Additional resources are available to provide similar features at a lower price than Pipedrive CRM. They start at $12.50 per month for a single user. This is why it remains behind the Editors' Choice winner Zoho CRM, Salesforce Sales Cloud Lightning Professional.

This is a beautiful tool, which we found easy to use and purchase. Pipedrive is the best choice if you need specific features for your business. Pipedrive has also expanded its support for large companies.

Pipedrive's user interface (UI), is extremely easy to use. This is a huge advantage over the cost and time required to train and onboard new users.

Its ease-of-use will be appreciated by smaller SMBs and entrepreneurs who are responsible for CRM activities. Despite the UI's visual appeal, Apptivo CRM is our third Editors' Choice winner. It offers the same performance, but for less.

Almost all of that means that you should carefully review each package to determine which one best suits your needs.

Pipedrive CRM Pricing

Pipedrive CRM makes pricing easy with three tiers. The Essential tier is $12.50 per user per calendar month and $15 per month.

Smart email, 2 gigabytes of storage space (GB) per user, sales management for unlimited users. Native integrations and access to the entire application programming interface (API), as well as additional support via chat and email.

Pipedrive CRM Silver is a great entry-level plan.

Advanced Tier

The Advanced Tier ($24.90 per month or $29 per month) allows for two-way full email synchronization and storage up to 5GB per user.

The Enterprise tier is $49.90 per user month, or $59 monthly. This tier provides dedicated hosting and 100GB storage per user for enterprises. Pipedrive offers businesses 2 weeks of free storage per user for every level.

The company also recently launched an Enterprise tier at $99 per user per monthly (minimum of ten seats). You get a personal account manager and full telephone assistance.

Pipedrive CRM Price Comparison

Apptivo is $10 per user per monthly when compared to other cost options and offers significantly more project management capabilities. Insightly CRM Basic plans are comparable in price, but they can be billed annually. It is still designed to provide your business with far more features.

Your 14-day trial can be started on the Pipedrive homepage. Until the trial ends, no billing information will be required.

Even if you don't want to use the chatbot development functionality of LeadBooster,

Pipedrive CRM will store your data for two months. If you don't subscribe within this timeframe, your details will be deleted.

Pipedrive CRM Features

Imagine being able to quickly glance at a simple sales dashboard and see what offers you have to close.

You could even imagine if all your team could access your lead flow through a simple-to-use dashboard. Let's take a closer look at the many features Pipedrive has to offer. This will give you an idea of how Pipedrive can stimulate your sales team.

Pipeline Management

Pipeline management is a proven technique that puts your sales and lead generation front and center. Now you and your team will be able to decide which moves to make for increased conversions.

You can see the status of each product sale point in your Pipedrive dashboard. Your staff will know which steps to take next. The instrument panel is very user-friendly. This allows you to know your priorities and target your marketing efforts with laser beams.

Pipedrive's top features for pipeline management:

  • Find the stats that you need quickly.
  • In just a glance, you can identify a trend quickly and find answers to your questions about lead generation.
  • To complement your sales and marketing efforts, you can quickly and easily personalize each level of your pipeline.
  • The intuitive visual layout allows you to quickly add tasks and deals.

Email Integration (Email Marketing).

Are you annoyed when a prospect asks for your assistance even though you don't know who they are or how they found you?

If that is the case, you're wasting your time and effort.

It would be much more efficient if you knew the exact location of every customer and who they were before advertising.

Pipedrive makes it easy by connecting your email to your contacts.

A disorganized lead flow could cost your small business a lot!

Particularly if you aren't prepared and organized when a prospect is caught.

Pipedrive makes it easy to monitor your leads and convert emails with ease. You will be able to see the state of every lead and which emails they have opened. It will also help you to understand their individual state, so that your focus can be on exceptional support, follow-ups and revenue.

Pipedrive's best email integration features

  • You can easily sync your emails with your email inbox. Your advertising and lead generation data can be easily centralized.
  • Pipedrive can help you stay organized. Pipedrive allows you to send messages and has that information synced with your email accounts.
  • You will be notified immediately if prospects open emails or click links. You can then follow up while you're still fresh in the prospect's mind.

Goals and Activities

Expertise is the key to your small business's success.

Pipedrive's goals and activities provide insight into your business and the future.

You can also adjust it to suit your business needs. This feature will be a great help when you plan your deals.

Google Calendar allows you to quickly sync all of your tasks. It will help you to understand the upcoming tasks and make sure that you are prepared for them.

Pipedrive's top goals and most popular activities:

  • You can easily assign tasks to individual employees so that everyone can use their unique skills.
  • Use the "deal rotting” function to quickly identify missed meetings and flubbed opportunities.
  • This will allow you to anticipate what's next in your sales pipeline so that you can plan for maximum effect.

Lead generation

Even the most reputable business can be a failure. You will almost certainly fail if your leads are not generated (and closed). Pipedrive's lead generation feature is exactly what you need.

Pipedrive allows you to create and deploy an intelligent bot which could gather leads for your website. The bot can then automatically route the leads to your best sales rep. This will ensure that your website visitors don't get lost. Your sales team can also benefit by using intelligent automation and leverage.

Pipedrive's Top Lead Generation Features

  • Chatbots allow you to capture leads right from your website. Don't let a lead you are comfortable with go cold.
  • You can immediately route leads to your top sales reps so that you can make that bright lead into a hot scorcher!
  • Bots allow site visitors to plan conference calls, consultations, and other activities directly from your website. Bots are a great tool for marketing because they don't call out sick, sleep or ignore the curiosity of your prospects.

Sales Reporting

If you don't have the ability to quickly use information, it is useless. Information can be your greatest marketing asset if it's easy to understand.

Pipedrive's product sales dashboard is a great example of this. It is easy to understand the key performance indicators that can make your company grow (or maybe just a whimper).

Pipedrive's reporting tools make it easy to identify your top performers and your struggling sales team members.

Pipedrive's top sales reporting features

  • Imagine your key performance indicators and see the results.
  • You can quickly grasp key information in charming graphs and charts that reveal details about your company.
  • Straightforward reporting allows you to increase your revenue and marketing goals at every level.

Sales Forecasting

Imagine an intelligent product forecasting tool that allows you to choose which offers and potential customers to focus on in your marketing efforts.

We are entrepreneurs and small business owners who don't have unlimited time. This is why we must make the most of every second.

Pipedrive will give you complete clarity, so you can make the right decisions about which deals or activities you want to focus on.

Pipedrive's top sales forecasting features

  • You can make the most of your time by focusing on opportunities that are likely to close.
  • Your marketing staff and sales managers should be empowered to concentrate on the low-hanging fruits.
  • You can customize your forecasts to focus on dates, deals and products.

Pipedrive CRM Review: Pipedrive Pricing

You should be aware of 4 pricing points for Pipedrive that are reasonably priced so you don't feel any financial obligation or stress once you start. The costs shown below are for month-to-month payments.

Spend annually to get money off your credit card. Pipedrive also offers a free trial, but you can always opt to continue with an unlimited strategy.

Essential: The Essential plan is only $15 per month. This is a smart start that will allow you to create a transparent sales process quickly and easily at just $15. This plan allows you to quickly assess your activities and your pipelines, and can help you manage your sales performance.

Advanced: Advanced costs $29 per Month. This program is ideal if you want to boost your Pipedrive account with powerful email marketing features.

Advanced plans include email templates, email monitoring, as well as email syncing. Social platforms such as LinkedIn can help you improve your information.

Professional: The Professional plan costs $59 per month. This plan includes everything in the Advanced program and additional sales features. If your marketing team wants to achieve their sales goals and performance, the Professional approach is for you.

The professional plan includes innovative features such as one-click calling, custom permissions and revenue dashboards. Call recording is also included. Staff management tools are also included.

Enterprise: Enterprise plans cost $99 per month and should only be purchased annually. This is Pipedrive's most popular bundle. It includes everything from the Professional approach, plus extra onboarding and handholding features.

The Enterprise plan offers additional customization, set up help, enhanced security and operator permissions.

Pipedrive CRM Pros And Cons


  • Pipedrive interface that is easy to use and deals-driven workflow
  • Solid mobile apps, call and email synchronization to email marketing
  • SMBs can keep their CRM processes top-notch by using this tool
  • One of the most cost-effective CRM solutions
  • It is easy to use and comes with lots of training
  • Excellent 24/7 customer support


  • Priced at a low price, the features are limited
  • There is no separation between leads and contacts lists.

There are some issues that could be improved

  • No "forever free" plan
  • The Essential plan's first tiered package includes branded web forms
  • Possibility of a constricting feature set

Review of The Pipeline CRM: BOTTOM LINE

Pipeline CRM is a small business-focused solution that includes high-tech features such as chatbot creation for website and reporting.

Pipedrive CRM's greatest feature is its ease-of-use, as we've seen with other iterations. This CRM is very easy to use.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pipedrive used for?

Pipedrive CRM Software is perfect for small business owners, small organizations, and small businesses that want to increase their lead generation and sales process.

Pipedrive's low cost makes it an ideal choice for companies that want to gain better sales insights but don't have the budget for a large-budget CRM. Pipedrive is used by over 90,000 companies in 170 countries. If you decide to give it a try, you'll be in great company.

Who owns the Pipedrive?

Pipedrive was founded on Crunchbase and launched June 21, 2010. These are the founders:

  • Martin Henk
  • Martin Tajur
  • Ragnar Sass
  • Timo Rein
  • Urmas Purde

Pipedrive has offices in six locations around the world and employs more than 500 people. Pipedrive is a large-scale business that has lots of social proof.

Is Pipedrive compatible with Microsoft Outlook?

There are a few ways that Pipedrive can be integrated with Outlook. You can find third-party apps that allow seamless integration of Pipedrive and Outlook when you search within the Pipedrive marketplace.

This is how you can link your contacts and calendar to third-party apps.

Also, you can take a look to the Zapier integration for Outlook and Zapier.

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