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How To Start A Plastic Recycling Business in 2022

Plastic is bad for the environment. It's:

  • Destroying our oceans
  • Leaching into food and water.
  • Polluting our atmosphere and..

Plastic is a great business opportunity for anyone looking to make serious money, despite how horrible it sounds.

You won't be contributing towards the harmful effects of the plastic industry on the environment, but don't fret.

You'll actually be doing the exact opposite.

You can make a lot of money by starting a plastic recycling company.

This business model is one you can be proud of and it's easy to set up.

Recycling is a great business model.


You're basically taking out the trash and making it usable.

This is a very profitable way to make money, but few realize the potential.

A plan is essential to be successful in any industry.

Plastic recycling is not an easy task.

This is a complicated business that requires sophisticated machinery, a strong supply chain and highly-trained people.

You must be educated to succeed in this business.

You'll be spending most of your time learning about the plastic recycling industry once you start this business.

The more detailed you plan, the greater your chances of success.

Many people in the business world are encouraging you to think less and start executing your plans immediately.

A sound strategy for any project can make all the difference.

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You can also plan every detail of plastic recycling in advance, before you touch any plastic scraps. Then, fine-tune each step until your business is ready to go.

But, hey, that's what you're here for...

Let's take a look at this complex business and see what we can do to help you start making great money from recycling plastic.

The Basics of Plastic

Plastic can be used as both your raw material and final product.

It is worth learning the basics of plastic and why it is so important in 2022.

You can make almost anything with plastic.

Plastic products are a common purchase, with an endless supply.

This is great news because you will never run out customers.

Plastic doesn't decay. This is the most important fact to remember about it. Plastic does not "go away" like other trash. Plastic is a polluting, harmful material that will not go away.

Researchers have searched for methods to break down plastics. However, recycling seems to be the best option.

Recycling plastics can be used to make new products and reduce waste.

This is what your business will be doing.

How much waste plastic is there?

Recycling is an excellent way to help the environment and reduce plastic pollution. Unfortunately, plastics are not recycled in their entirety.

After one use, they go straight to the dump and will never be used again as a raw material in the plastic industry.

It is difficult to believe how much plastic is thrown away every day.

It is amazing at its sheer size.

Plastic has been used extensively in commercial applications since the 1950s. A staggering 8.3 billion tons have been made.

Unfortunately, the majority of this plastic was never recycled. The plastic industry shows no signs of slowing down. Each year, over 400 million tons are created in plastic waste. This number keeps growing.

How much of this plastic can be recycled? About 10%. We can do much better than that. Your Plastic Recycling Business can make a huge difference and earn impressive profits.

The Shift to Environmentalism

It's never been better to start a plastic recycling business than in 2022. Why? Because global well-being concerns have reached an all time high.

People are more aware of the environment than ever and want to help it. Businesses can easily make products out of recycled plastic.

These days, people are more likely than ever to recycle plastic products. This makes your job easier.

Additionally, large companies are more likely care about recycling and will be more inclined to purchase recycled plastic.

Although the plastic recycling industry is growing rapidly, it's still relatively young. There are many opportunities for people to start their own recycling business.

The industry will undoubtedly continue to grow in the coming years, so it's worth getting involved as soon as possible.

This means that 2022 is the perfect year for a plastic recycling company to be started.

How to Start a Plastic Recycling Business?

Let's begin by giving you a brief overview of the business and the steps that will be required to start your own plastic recycling business.

1. Establish funding

This is a crucial step in starting a business. Either borrow money or come up with the cash yourself. The size of your business will determine the amount of money that you need.

2. Locate a Business Space

Next, you need to search for a space. The size of your business will also depend on its scale. It is possible to launch your business in a small area, but it might be more efficient to have something bigger.

3. Obtain Your Machinery

Get Your Machinery We've done it. You will need top-quality equipment to make this business work. Your machinery is, in many ways, the main focus of your manufacturing company.

4. Get Your Waste Plastic

This type of business requires you to get lots of waste plastic. You must remember that waste plastic is your primary raw material. You won't be in a position to make any product if you don't have a steady supply.

5. Marketing Your Finished Plastic

This is the last stage of your business. You must market your plastic recycling business effectively and secure tons of customers to make it profitable.

Although it seems quite straightforward, each step is very complex. We will need to dive deeper into each step and the details that go along with it.

Finding Your Business Space

You will need to decide where your business is going to be located.

You don't need to worry if you have enough land or a large amount of empty space. Any business space will work as long as it is connected to electricity.

However, if you have to buy land or rent space, the process can be a little more complicated.

This will depend on the size of your business. You should look for large areas that can accommodate multiple machines if you are looking to build a large-scale recycling plant. This is 500 square feet.

It is technically possible to fit one machine into a very small space. You could theoretically set up a small-scale plastic recycling business even if you have 50 square feet.

We recommend at least 200 square feet to make realistic profits and have a worthwhile venture. This is the minimum. You should have 200 square feet to accommodate all machinery and workers needed for a professional recycle business.

There should be at least one separate room in every business space. These rooms can be used to store finished products, raw materials, and other machines.

Also, your rooms need to be well-ventilated and/or air-conditioned. It can be very uncomfortable to work in tight spaces with machinery. It could even pose a safety risk for you and your employees if you aren't careful.

Another concern is water.

Make sure your business has access to running water. This is vital for safety and the operation of your machines will depend on it.

You can find the best business space by keeping all these things in mind.

How to Get Your Machinery?

Your plastic recycling machines are the foundation of your entire business.

You're nothing without them.

You should ensure that your machines are of the highest quality and spend as much time as you can searching for the best brands and models. If you can, don't cut corners in this area.

Your business' productivity and the quality of your final products will be determined by the quality of your machines. Your maintenance costs will be significantly higher if you have substandard machines.

There are many sizes and shapes of plastic recycling machines. The recycling process can be complicated and involves many steps.

Some machines may not be able to complete all of the steps necessary for the final product.

These machines are convenient and efficient because they are all-in-one. Others perform only a few functions, so you will need to purchase multiple machines to produce your plastic.

For large-scale operations, there are huge industrial-scale machines for recycling. There are also smaller machines that can be used for smaller to medium-sized operations.

It all comes down to your business goals and requirements. Consider the space available and how many machines can you fit in it.

For maximum efficiency, you may want to use a smaller machine that is "all-in" for smaller spaces.

There are many options for larger spaces. One large machine, or several smaller machines can be used. You can calculate the output of each machine and determine how much plastic you can produce per square foot.

It makes sense to buy "all-in one" machinery if you want to maximize your space. If space is not an issue, buying multiple machines might be more cost-effective.

This stage requires careful planning and a lot of research. Reach out to the manufacturers to ask any questions you may have about their machinery. You can read online reviews about the different brands and models and do your best to find the best possible solution.

Personally, I can attest to the importance of investing in a business.

It might be that money is actually required to make money.

But, I'm not attracted to business by huge investments.

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How does plastic recycling work?

Let's assume you have selected some amazing machines and are ready to get started.

For most people, however, plastic recycling is still a mystery.

What is the secret to it?

How can you recycle plastic into something you can sell?

Although the process can be quite complex, it is not necessarily difficult. Here is a quick overview:

First Stage: Separate the Plastic Types

To recycle plastic, you must sort it and seperate all of them. This is the most difficult part of plastic recycling and it's not easy to do. Your workers or you will need to manually sort through the plastic and separate PVC, PET, and LDPE.


This is the first stage in the mechanical recycling process. Once you have separated the plastics, you can load them into your grinding machine or the first stage in your "all-in one" machines. The process is simple and plastic can be ground into smaller pieces.

Compression and Melting Stages

Once your waste plastic has been ground up, you can feed it to the designated recycling machines. This is where the real recycling begins. Your machines will melt and compress the plastic waste into new, raw plastic. This is an extremely efficient process that minimizes pollution.

Filtering Steps

Now that the plastic waste has been melted the filtering process can start. This is where the machines use cold water and melt the plastic. They filter out any leftover material and leave only pure plastic.

Formation of Pellets or Bricks

Once the plastic has melted, your machines will transform it into pellets, bricks, and other basic units of plastic material. These pellets can be your first product and are easily used for many purposes.

Creation of Products

This stage is where your recycled plastic will be used to make finished products, depending on your business model. Plastic can be used to make almost anything. This includes plastic bottles, buckets, and furniture. The type of plastic you use to make your products will determine the product type. This stage can be skipped.

Finding the Right People

Let's be honest, you cannot do this alone.

A top-quality team is essential to running a successful plastic recycling company. Your employees are just as important as your machinery when it comes to the final product and overall efficiency.

Two types of people are needed to run a successful plastic recycling business: experts and laborers.

One expert might be all you need to understand the recycling process, the machinery involved and the basic properties plastic. You will find many people who have been specially trained to do this job. It is important that you do your research to ensure that you only hire the best.

While laborers may be competent, your recycling expert must have a solid grasp of the subject. This could make or break your business. It's worth not taking the chance on someone who doesn't have basic knowledge. It's worth taking the time to find the right person for the job. Even if they are willing to work for a high salary, you won't regret it.

Your laborers must be reliable, able-bodied people. You shouldn't hire people off the street. Hire the best people by going through an interview and hiring process. Unskilled laborers are important because they will be working together.

You will need more laborers than you experts. It all depends on the business you have, but even small-scale operations may require one expert and several laborers.

There is nothing to stop you becoming an expert in your business. There are many guides and courses that can help you understand the recycling process. Although it might take you several months to understand the process, in the end you won't need to hire an expert.

You will likely need to hire a specialist technician to repair your machine from time to time. While you can learn basic maintenance and repairs yourself, the more difficult tasks should be left to professionals. It is not a good idea to try to fix your machine accidentally.

Good news: The repair technician does not need to be employed on a permanent basis. They can only be called in when there is a problem. A machinery technician might be needed for large-scale operations.

This means that your employees are very important to your company and is definitely one of your most important steps in establishing your business.

What is the total cost?

Let's look at the cost of all this.

Your initial investment is something that you will need to plan for. For some, it might be a barrier to entry. It is important to determine if you have the financial means to start a business.

Let's begin with the space for your business. If you choose to go this route, the biggest expense will be buying land. Renting is also expensive because it all adds to over time. This business is not for you if you don't have the money to rent large business spaces or buy land.

Real estate is expensive no matter where you are located. If you want to start a large business, you might spend millions on land. You might also find yourself renting out business space for a few thousand dollars each month.

Next, you should consider the machinery. The cost of plastic recycling machines can range from $10,000 to $200,000, or more.

All that matters is their size, quality and productivity. You might need to purchase multiple machines that perform different parts of the recycling process.

The size of your business and your budget will determine the machinery you need. We recommend spending as much as you can within your budget in this area. If you can afford a high-quality machine, it is worth it. It will make your business more productive and efficient.

Your utilities must also be taken into consideration. The plastic recycling process uses a lot water. This could add up quickly, especially if you live in an area with water shortages.

Your machinery uses incredible amounts of electricity each day. Your total power bill will likely be high.

Although you may find plastic waste sources for free, most plastic waste will need to be paid for. This cost is not something to worry about, as it will always be very affordable.

Think about the wages of your employees. Recycling experts expect high wages and they are rightfully so. This is a cost-saving measure that will pay off. This is another expense you cannot afford to ignore.

Consider miscellaneous expenses such as transport, advertising, packaging and random equipment. These little costs add up quickly, so make sure to include every cost possible.

This business will be expensive to start. It's not something we're going to sugarcoat. Some people won't be able to afford all these costs.

These things all cost a lot. You can expect to be paying a lot of bills when you run this business, whether it's your office space, your equipment, or your employees. This is the truth, and you must accept it if you want to manage this business.

You don't have to be a millionaire in order to start a business. As long as you are willing to take some risks and borrow a few dollars here and there, it's possible to start this business with modest savings.

When you start a business, it is important to fully understand the risks involved. These costs should be considered carefully and weighed against the potential savings.

How to get loans and financial assistance?

A loan may be the right option if you are looking to start a large-scale operation but don't have the money.

It's easy to get a loan for a business in the right circumstances, especially if you have a professional plan.

Banks and other funding sources might be interested in your business plan.

You might be eligible for loans from the government, especially if your recycling business is starting. Why? Because government officials are often very passionate about recycling.

They are aware that this is a serious issue and will support businesses that use environmentally friendly practices like plastic recycling. This business is doing a great favor to your community.

You might be eligible for grants, loans, subsidies or other incredible benefits from local government agencies to help you start a sustainable, green business.

It's possible to be surprised at the results of your search for funding.

All of this being said, it's important to not give up if your operation is having difficulty funding from your own pockets. People who are in need of assistance can find many resources.

Obtaining Your Waste Plastic

To create tons of recycled plastic you will need to have access to constant waste material. How do you go about doing this? How can you get the best quality waste plastic and make your final product?

It is possible to find it in various scrap yards and landfills.

For best results, you should try to build a strong network with potential sources from different organizations and individuals. It will be well worth the cost to get waste plastic from these sources.

This will ensure that you don't pay too much and have a more consistent, reliable supply. These suppliers will likely process your plastic at least partially for you.

It is common to process the plastic before transport. This makes life much easier. You will need less trips to compress the plastic before you transport it.

No matter where you live, there will always exist plastic recycling and dumping organizations. Get in touch with these organizations to discuss your situation and determine who can supply you.

It shouldn't take long to find multiple sources of plastic waste.

There are many types of plastic available. You might choose to concentrate on one type of plastic, such as the plastic used to make plastic bottles, if you are running a small business.

You can specialize in different types of plastic as you grow and add machines and workers.

When you source waste plastic, make sure you focus on the type of plastic that you are recycling. You might find different types of plastic in different parts of the country, so it might be worth doing some research.

Permits, Licenses, and Other Paperwork

You will need a business license in order to open your plastic recycling facility. Before you start to recycle your first piece of plastic, make sure that you have all the necessary paperwork.

Although the government may love the idea, the law is still the law. Without the licenses and permits required for business operations, it is impossible to do business.

Keep in mind that the paperwork required varies greatly depending on where you live and what your municipality is. You can't simply Google for the documentation you need. Get in touch with your local government official to find out what you need.

You will definitely require insurance in some way or another. The risk of injury is a major concern with all the machinery and employees.

Insurance is a mandatory and obvious way to protect your business and yourself.

Make sure you do the right thing and have all paperwork in order before you open your business. This is an area you will regret.

Making finished products

Although selling raw, finished plastic bricks or pellets is legal, many Plastic Recycling Businesses prefer to make finished products.

You're doing 90% of the work required to make finished plastic products with the plastic recycling process. You can spend a little more time going the extra mile.

Marketing will be easier if you make finished plastic products such as bags or bottles. It's much easier to sell actual products than raw plastic chunks.

Although bricks and plastic pellets are still in demand, there is a larger market for finished products.

You'll make more long-term profits, and not only that. It doesn't take much to convert your recycled plastic into finished products. However, you can increase the price significantly.

In the end, it's a bigger and more lucrative market.

You don't need to make complex plastic products. While bottles are solid, bags are easier to make. Plastic bags are very popular everywhere, and can be made with various types of recycled plastic.

You'll find a lot of potential customers in grocery stores and other shops who will love recycled bags.

This is just one idea. You can create more complex and costly plastic products to make a higher profit margin.

You can make finished plastic products if you want to increase your income.


Marketing is, as we have already mentioned, the most difficult aspect of the business.

Your business will not make money if you don't have a steady flow of reliable clients. How can one do this? What is the best marketing strategy to market a plastic recycling business?

There is a large market for all kinds of plastic. Plastic is a widely used material worldwide and it's in constant demand. It seems that there is never enough plastic.

Here's the bad news. Recycled plastic is not as good quality as new plastic. Even though everyone agrees that recycling is important for the planet, many companies prefer new plastic for both their raw material and finished products.

There are many areas where recycled plastic can be used. Recycled plastic is a good choice if you are building a container, or packaging that will be used only once. Recycled plastic is also possible with bottles, which are easily thrown away after being used.

This means you must know who your marketing is to and why recycled plastic might be desirable by certain companies and brands. You can identify which companies would prefer new plastic and make a list.

Plastic graded according to how many times it was recycled. You can make plastic of high quality if you are using plastic that has not been recycled.

Your final product will not be as good if it has been recycled more than three to four times.

This is something you should keep in mind when approaching potential clients. Consider the market that you are trying to reach and the products that your plastic will be used.

Low profits don't always mean low quality plastic. It's important to understand who your plastic is being sold to and what types of plastic are most in demand in your locality.

You need to be creative in your marketing strategy if you want to make the most of your profits. Do not limit yourself to the obvious. You should think about the plastic products that most people don't even consider and offer a viable solution to your customers.

Many people don't even think about the signs and cones used in construction. They can be made with recycled plastic and could be a great way for a city to establish a lasting, reliable relationship with their supplier of traffic cones.

You could also look for companies that make these products and provide the raw plastic required.

Even low-quality plastics can still be used in highly profitable applications. You can use low-grade molten polymer to replace tar and even make roads from it.

It is important to have multiple customers and clients. It is probably not a good idea for your Plastic Recycling Business to rely solely on one source of income.


You'll be left without a customer if they suddenly disappear. You can't rely on one source of income if you have several high-paying customers. It is possible to charge higher for some clients.

It is always a good idea explore all options.

Marketing your recycled plastic is a vast field of possibilities. You're almost certain to find many interested customers if you think outside the box.

What is the Maximum Money You Can Make with This Business?

We have covered almost every detail.

The only thing that matters most is the detail...

What amount of money can you make from a plastic recycling business?

Unfortunately, your initial investment won't see any return for quite some time. Because startup costs can be quite high, it will take you months to make a profit.

This will instantly discourage many people from starting a business. We live in an age of easy, quick cash.

Plastic Recycling Business requires patience, planning and organization.

This means that you will need to continue funding this operation month after month even if you don't make any money. This could mean that you may need to borrow more money, which can be very concerning for many people.

Even if your savings are substantial, it is possible to feel a little worried when this business begins to take all of your money and not give you any back.

Rest assured, there's a light at end of the tunnel.

After a few months, you can start making serious money if you do everything correctly. After you have paid all of your initial costs, the profit margins for this business can be incredibly impressive.

This stuff is also in great demand. You will find plastic everywhere, so it shouldn't be difficult to find new clients or customers.

It should not be difficult to get rid of the plastic if you are producing a lot of high-quality recycled plastic.

This means you can make a lot with this business. Although a plastic recycling business may require significant initial investments to get it started, there is a flip side.

You'll begin to make insane amounts of money once you get momentum in this business.

Despite the high startup costs, the profits margins are well worth it. This business will make you a lot of money if you are patient and able manage the initial investment.

Last Thoughts

We recommend that you start a plastic recycling business in 2022.

This business is attractive for many reasons.

Let's begin with the ethical and moral aspects. When you open your business, you'll be providing a meaningful and real service to your local community. It's a great feeling to run a business that does good in the world.

You'll always be the moral high ground, even if other businesses or corporations are guilty of unethical and harmful practices.

It's more than feeling good. It's easier to advertise and promote a ethical business. It might be easier to find clients.

Everybody wants to be involved in recycling the planet and helping to save it, even large corporations that are trying to improve their image.

Manufacturing businesses often pay tons of money for raw materials. This is because you are dealing with recycled plastic. This is a huge plus because your raw materials will never be extremely expensive.

Your profit margins will be high because of the low cost raw materials. This is why you should start your business as soon as possible. These profit margins will not change even if you grow your business and increase your operations.

This business is expensive at the beginning. This is not the best option for people who are looking to start a small-scale manufacturing company.

You can start small, however. Although it will be expensive initially, you can take it slowly and grow over time. You can open this business in as little as 200 square feet.

This business can make you a lot of money.

You can expect to be successful as long as you are willing to wait a few months before you see any returns on your investment. This applies regardless of how small or large your business.

You can help the environment, make more money, and get into the manufacturing business by starting a plastic recycling business.

Is there anything better than love?

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Although some people volunteer and do these things for free, there are fees associated with them.

It's okay to do your part and be able fund your living.

You still need to deal with plastic waste from people who used it before.

Some plastic products of our time may be able to transmit human diseases due to their many uses.

There are many things left on plastic product residues, from medical equipment to the care of the sick and afflicted.

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