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Rank & Rent: 5 Step Guide (Local SEO but Better, Here’s Why)

Today, I will show you how to build the Rank & Rent company. These are the same steps that allowed me to make a $52K per monthly passive income.

It was so much easier than ecommerce, affiliate marketing, and other things I tried online.

Every site earns me $500-$2000 per month. However, creating sites that rank in local searches was the key to success. It is scalable and repeatable.

Let's get to it.

What is the difference between Rank and Rent?

Retention of clients is a major problem with SEO. It's really sad to lose the monthly payment that you have earned from them after all the work and time spent to get their site on page 1.

This problem is solved by Rank & Rent.

You don't want to spend your time ranking sites for others. You can rank your sites yourself and rent it to clients. They will have to pay you monthly, if not, as a tenant. You can get rid of them and replace them by another local business.

You will be able to receive monthly payments as long as your digital property is owned (Website that ranks high in Google and highly ranked GMB).

Below is an example of one my rank and rent properties. We also call them our Lead Generation Sites, which is what they do.

My client "rents" the site's products, which include phone calls.

To keep track of each lead that we generate, we use a tracking phone system.

My client gets the leads and phone calls forwarded to me, while I own the domain. Above is our internal system which records and keeps track of each call.

Results for this site: https://www.grandrapidstree.com/

Each month, generates approximately 300 calls

To continue receiving these calls, my client pays me $2000 each month. (Like a tenant who pays monthly rent).

Because 300 calls have turned into much more revenue, my client is happy to pay this. An average tree-removal job costs $5000 to $10,000

Coolest thing about it is that I have been paid $2000 by the same client since 2015. To "rent" this lead-gen website

Since then, I haven't touched the site in a while.

I have yet to see a client who has stayed with me for that long. This is because they don't have the digital properties that you need. They start to wonder why they should keep paying after they have reached the top of the search engine results.

I will never again do SEO on behalf of another site. It is a waste of my time at this stage in my career.

I would like to own all sites that rank high in Google. I will not rent the results.

The key to passive income is owning income-producing assets.

These sites are owned by you and the clients have no choice but keep you paid monthly. They know I will send the leads to my competitor if they don’t.

It's great that you can continue building these properties. This is my limo site, which has been paying me since 2015.

This is how you do it.

Imagine what it would be like to own 30 of these properties. (I currently own 80 properties in 2020).

You're now referring to a 6-figure to 7-figure income via the internet, which is mostly passive.

I have tried dropshipping, affiliate marketing, Amazon FBA, dropshipping and FB Ads.

All of them have made me money.

Right now, I am telling you. These Rank & Rent properties have provided long-term income that has been unmatched.

This is how the business model works, the steps involved and how you can make it a success so that you can start your digital real estate empire.

Step 1: Finding a niche

"The Riches Are In the Niches"

Since 2014, I have been in the rank and rent business. Here's my top tip for finding the right niche.

First, the Niche is composed of businesses that are "Phone Driven" and a city.

Any type of service-based business that is phone driven can be described as any type of business where the client travels to the customer's location to complete the work (e.g., plumbers, roofers or electricians).

Our students often get into rank & rent and lead-generation niches.

After you have chosen a niche, choose a city.

Also, you should target cities with at least 75,000 to 250,000 inhabitants.


A city less than 75,000 might not be able to generate enough leads. And a city larger than 250,000 may prove too competitive for you, if you are a beginner.

It is better to accumulate quick wins when you are first starting out so you can build to at most $5K per month in residual earnings, before you start investing the money and time required to compete in larger markets.

This list from Wikipedia ranks cities by population is what I use most.

You can then start Google searches by choosing a city or niche.

  • plumbers columbus oh
  • Tree service ann arbor mi
  • limo service grand rapids mi
  • electrician albuquerque nm
  • All of the above

Here's what we're looking for:

If you want to see the top 3 map packs with some weaknesses, I prefer to see 2 listings with at least 15 reviews.

Avoid these markets, which are filled with a lot of reviews and listings at the top three map packs.


To find out the page power of sites, I use Ahrefs Toolbar

Since Map Listing is only one part of the equation you will need to have a strong site that ranks on page 1.

What makes a site powerful? Backlinks... These are links from quality sites to your site.

This is what I seek...

Referring Domains is the number of sites that point to the site via a link.

It is possible to complete 37 RD and 26RD in 3-6 months.

Anything over 50 RD is a sign of things getting competitive.

I would rather fight a 3rd-grader than a heavyweight champ with the rank and rent model.

Here are the things I don't want to see.

First page filled by local company websites with over 50 RD...

Common question: What happens if the search volume for a local search is zero according to Google Keyword Planner?

The estimated monthly search volume for local keywords is not accurate.

This is something I have repeatedly proven to myself.

Google Keyword Planner does not show zero search volume for the keyword "service + City". This doesn't necessarily mean that there isn't any search taking place.

Keep in mind that if I was living in Novi MI, all I need to do is type "tree service" on the phone. Google will automatically recognize that I am searching from Novi so it's not necessary to enter the exact city.

Remember that as long you have at least 10 business maps in your area, it is enough evidence that customers are using the service every day to keep those businesses in business.

Local seo is not something I would pay much attention to. It's very inaccurate, even though it may seem like it.

Step 2: Building the Asset (the Website & GMB).

WordPress is used by most people to create their websites. I have a lot of them, but they take a lot longer to design correctly.

I recommend Weebly if you are a beginner.

Here's my Weebly tree service lead gen site: https://www.grandrapidstree.com/

These are some of the key facts about lead generation websites:

  • Minimum 1000 words for the homepage. (This article should contain all keywords relevant to your niche. However, you should not keyword stuff in the content.
  • You can track your phone number by clicking the link at the top of the page
  • Near the top of this site is an email form for a quote

I'll also show you what my wordpress site looks like: https://www.baycityasphalt.com/

WordPress requires some web design skills. There are themes that can help you make it simpler, such as Divi and ThriveThemes. These themes allow you to drag & drop different elements without any need to code, but they are still a lot more time-consuming than weebly.

If you are a beginner, I recommend Weebly. There are many free YouTube guides.

Create your Google Map Listing

Go to: https://www.google.com/business/

This video will show you how to create a map listing.

Here's the deal about Google Map Listing.

An address is required to receive the verification letter by Google.

You can either use your home address for your first few Rank & Rent property or you can use the contact information of friends & family.

What do you do if you want to build properties in places you don't know?

In 2020, UPS mailboxes are no longer very reliable.

Craiglist is a great way to get the letter sent out and receive it from others. You can even pay $50 for them. (I have done many of these).

Our lead generation program has created a new system and network of people who can create map listings for students and us. This has made our business model 10x simpler. I must admit, it is sometimes a hassle to get the map listing.

This is the power of a network. There are more than 5000 students involved in the rank and rent model, so we have a lot of crowdsourcing opportunities within our private group.

Patric, a long-time student, created a CRM for local lead generation.

You can track the rankings of your google my business listings in each area with the heat map tool.

Find out more about the rank tracking tool.

Step 3: Optimizing your Asset (SEO and Citations, etc.

Once you have built your property, it is time to rank it. &

People immediately think of backlinks. But remember that there are other ranking factors when it comes to Rank & Bank.

Backlinks are still very important, but don't let that get you down.

Google will give you more votes if your site has more quality backlinks. This is a popular contest.

All links are not created equal.

Consider high school... A vote from the most popular student in high school will be worth more than one vote from 10 other kids who are not really your friends.

Create Backlinks to Your Site

Use guest post links

  • This is a good way to get high-quality backlinks
  • You should ensure that the article and website are relevant to your niche. (You can refer to this guide from Backlinko).

Use Fiverr and other low quality backlinks

  • This is a common error made by newbies. It is important to realize that not all backlinks can be helpful. You can find 100's of them for cheap at places like Fiverr. However, these spammy links could cause serious damage to your site.
  • Quality is the key. This means the domain must have a decently high DR (Above 20, on ahrefs), and the title of the article or site title should have some relevance to your niche. (If you rank a tree service website, you don't want a link from an article about cat food, then there's no relevance).

Forum & Blog Commenting Links

  • Although these may not be the strongest links for your site, it is important to have a variety of links on your site. Your site will be more popular if you have forum and blog comments links that are relevant to the backlink structure (keyword or site title).
  • Google your Niche + keywords like "Forum" and "Blog". Once you have created profiles and started linking back to them, it is important to provide value to the site where you are commenting. If you are a forum member, it may be necessary to start building your profile by commenting on the forums several times.

PBN Links

  • This is one of the most powerful backlinks you could build to your property. You go to websites like Register Compass, search for expired domains, and then you can buy those sites at auction.
  • This is considered more gray hat, but it is safe in local. You only need a few of these links to be safe.
  • It's important that your domain does not have spammy backlinks, but instead has some niche-relevant pointing to it
  • PBNs with at most DR 20 (on Ahrefs), I prefer to target.
  • If you have 10 PBN's that you wish to point to the same site, make sure they are hosted by different hosting companies. (Same hosting company = same IP = digital footprint) Google may catch on.

Our coaching program has a system that allows our team to obtain the correct PBN's for students to get backlinks.

Our group also has the ability to form "link circles". If you have a site about plumbing, you can post it in our private FB Group. You can then create a group with five other students who have their own sites and receive links from them.

This allows us to obtain highly relevant backlinks because you are getting one from a site in the exact same niche that you.

Step 4: Prospecting for Tenants (Sending No Leads).

You will start receiving phone calls once you have ranked your property. We use a call tracking program that allows us forward calls, receive email and text notifications, record calls, and auto bill calls if we are doing pay per leads.

It offers a greater range of features than other call tracking softwares such as CallRail.

You can now forward these calls to local businesses free of charge.

This is how you build trust with business owners by giving them leads for free and then having them close some jobs so they know you are the real deal.

This method is called "Results in Advance". See the video below for more information:

Results in advance is the key to this company

This will allow you to generate leads without having to sell.

They won't let you go to your competitor if they get leads from you.

We have control over the properties because we own them. They cannot fire us or refuse to pay us because they can easily forward the leads to their competition. This will give you an advantage in your business relationship.

These are the golden handcuffs that will keep you getting paid month after month for your ranked and rented lead-gen properties.

Step 5: Scaling up the Process

If you already have five to ten properties rented, this is the time.

They each make you between $750 and $2000 per month.

Solid cash flow is coming in now.

It is time to scale.

A Few Things I Learned About Scaling the Rank & Rent Business

  • Hire VA's (I love to hire VA’s from Onlinejobs.ph).
  • Time Doctor allows you to track the time spent by your VA. This makes it easier to make payments. The software captures screenshots of the VA's work every 4 seconds and stops recording time when they stop using the keyboard/mouse.
  • To manage payments from clients, use Stripe and Ontraport
  • Automate your prospecting strategy. I love having my VA pull emails from different markets. The VA then sends an email blast with a sales pitch to each of them every day. This is a separate way to make more clients than waiting for your properties to rank.
  • You should set a monthly goal to create a certain number of properties so you have new properties that climb up Google's rankings.

Here's a clip of me, Simon and Josh at Dan's place. We discussed lil’ about scaling the business in our live coaching call.

One of the best things about our coaching program is that there are 25+ students who have created their own systems for scaling their business past 6 figures. We go deeper into creating and implementing these systems.

We have a lot to offer students as we have been coaching them since 2014.

Every student is different and has their own method of scaling.

Students used Facebook ads and Facebook groups to gain new clients and scale up faster.

I used a different method of mass-producing properties.

It doesn't matter what method you choose, it is important to have a system and to stick with it.

Once you have built enough properties and ranked them well, it becomes a numbers game. You can mathematically predict the time it will take to increase your income.

Today, I own over 80 properties that rank & make me money every day.


1. Is this possible outside the USA?

A: Yes, there are students from all over the globe who are helping to build this business. You don't need a computer or internet connection to be able to travel anywhere and reach clients in your own country as well as those in the US. This is how we can help foreign students. Some students even discover that there are countries with less competition.

2. What if the owner of the business already has a website?

A: It doesn't matter if my clients have their own websites but they treat my lead generation site like a separate marketing channel. They're treating it as if they have two companies in the same area, much like Starbucks has multiple stores in the same place. (More properties = more leads)

3. How much does it cost to run these sites?

A: This business has a great cost-benefit ratio. The revenue is great. These sites can make you anywhere from $750 to $2000 each month. There is an additional cost for ranking these properties, but it's manageable. You can rank faster if you have more money, but you must go slower if you have less. Once you rank one site, you will have more cash flow and can now deploy your money to ranking more properties. Cost is no longer a concern after a few sites make you money each month.

4. This is the best business model?

A: Yes, I do believe so. Just look at the infographic I created to explain what I love most about Rank & Rent. Or as we like it, the lead generation business.

What do I get in the Rank & rent Coaching Program?

You can do all the research you like, including this guide to help you start your own rank and rent business. So why not invest in the coaching program instead?

Here's a quick overview of the things only our students have access to that I still enjoy every day since joining back in 2014. This investment is well worth the price of gold many times over.

1. Video Training - You can read about the business model, but it's quite another to see 30 hours of video. This allows you to follow along the entire process step-by-step. Since 2014, we have been updating and improving this training. All topics covered and more.

2. Private FB Group – Our private Facebook group has over 5000 members. We provide daily testimonials to keep you motivated and allow you to learn from students who are further along in your business. We also educate each other about the latest techniques and changes in Google's search.

3. Full-Time Support - In addition to the coaches who are always available in the group and former students, we have full-time support for former students 7 days a week.

4. Many Years of Experience - Our team has been working with students since 2014. This means that we have a lot of experience. You can also use our FB group search bar to find answers to any questions that you might have. This allows for a faster learning curve.

5. 2x Weekly Coaching calls - Dan, our coach, is also active on Facebook. He also conducts live coaching calls twice per week where you can directly ask him questions, live. Dan is a great motivator, and has a great mind to entrepreneurship. I continue learning a lot from him. We are constantly innovating new ways to monetize the business, such as creating a backend promotion products business for our clients.

6. Outsourcing Services Available - We can create entire lead-gen websites and rank them for your business. You can basically outsource this entire process to us.

7. Leverage the power of the Group for Backlinks. - We have a strong network that allows us get backlinks that you won't find anywhere else. This gives us a huge boost in search engines

8. Live Events - You can make lasting connections and business partnerships with fellow students in our program. These events include regional events across the country, as well as one large event every year in Vegas. I have had many breakthroughs in my career thanks to these events and making new connections.

Yes, I'm interested in coaching for the Rank & Rent Business

Since 2014, we have been teaching this model to students. Our group is now more active than ever in 2020. This is not an accident. What we teach works.

You can do it all yourself, but I think having a mentor and being surrounded by entrepreneurs who can support you is the best way to ensure your success.

This page contains brand new Facebook testimonials from students. We update them a few times per week.

This business model has been taught by no one longer than we have.


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