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Why Renting Digital Assets Can Make You Rich! (Passive Income of the Future)

This article will discuss digital assets. I'll explain what they are and how they can benefit you. And why it is important to focus on creating your own.

This topic is my favorite so get ready to learn some life-changing facts.

What Does Digital Assets Mean?

Real estate involves assets, right?


It is a physical property that can generate a recurring revenue.

This is why so many people invest in real estate each year.

Digital assets, on the other side, are not physically.

People cannot live in others.

These properties are available online.

There are many digital assets.

Websites, such as the one you see below can make you money just like if you owned a property and were renting it to others.

These sites are digital real estate.

These sites/assets are being rented to local business owners.

For example, the limo website pays me $750 per mois.

My tree site, which I shared at the beginning of this article, makes me $2000 per month.

What would $750-$2000 per month do to you?

How could 5-10 of these sites pay you?

It would be huge. I can attest to that.

Because of its life-changing potential, this business model is my #1 choice.

This is a thought.

Why not build more sites if one site is able to make that much money using autopilot?

Let's now look at 6 reasons that renting digital assets can make you rich.

6 Reasons Renting Digital Assets Could Earn You a Passive Income

1. Leads are in high demand

Let's be real.

Leads in high demand

They are the lifeblood of businesses.

This pandemic could make it worse than ever.

Keep this in mind: If your digital assets are producing leads monthly, you will be able send those leads to business owners looking to increase their revenues.


Who is going to buy more leads from a business that has their website on page 2 or 3.

They haven't come to my house.

They will most certainly want them and they won't mind paying you for them.

My experience is that sending free leads to business owners in advance is the best way to get them to work with you.

It is easy to answer that question.

Remember, I already have the digital asset, which is my lead generation site.

So I choose who I will send the leads to.

If you only send a few leads to a biz owner, and they end up making money from them, you will look like an OG.

They'll hit you up in order to pay you!

Trust me.

Send leads for at least a week, or more.

Then, return to them and ask how they are doing.

Next, ask them if they would like to work together over the long-term.

Sending leads in advance is a great way to make sales if you don't like them.

I can assure you that once they see what you can do, they will be hooked. If you make it a success for them, you have the right to decide how much you are paid.

This business model is unmatched.

Let's discuss another reason why you can rent digital assets to make your money.

2. Local businesses will feel the impact

You will be shocked at the impact that you can have on a business owner.

Many businesses fail to do enough online marketing and their websites don't rank higher than page 2 on Google.

Why is this?

It all boils down to the fact they are busy doing what they love.

Asphalt pavers are going to be offering quotes and paving every day.

Pipes will be handled by a plumber.

And so on...

Although it's wonderful that they have work, it may not be enough.

Many people start businesses with the intention of growing and becoming millionaires.

One day, you will be able to call the shots from behind the desk or at home.

My question is...


If they don't have enough leads, how will they achieve their goal?

They'll continue to work each year and never achieve the goal.

This is where digital assets are at their best.

What do you think will happen if you position yourself online and send them more leads that they can handle?


They will be forced to employ more people.

They will continue to take on more work and scale up as the years and months go by.

Because of my lead generation skills, my clients have seen their businesses grow beyond what they imagined.

Local business owners also suffered from the COVID epidemic.

Many were left with a lot of uncertainty.

Are they going to close down their business or do they keep it running?

Even though things are slowly returning to normal, digital assets have helped our clients through the pandemic.

Do you want to talk about impact?

It's possible to make that kind of an impact without even realizing it.

Our digital assets allowed us to surpass the COVID impact.

Real talk.

3. Time Freedom

This is something we all know.

This is another goal for all entrepreneurs.

We are especially in the digital space.

It's hard to imagine anyone not wanting to make a lot of money working remotely from their home or at the beach in Brazil.

Yes, it's Paraiba, Brazil.

It is hugely important to be able work from anywhere on your computer, regardless of where you may be.

You can rent digital assets and do what you want whenever you want.

These assets can be built anywhere and anytime.

Work at night if you are a night owl

You don't have to wake up at dawn if you don't like it. Instead, work into the evening.

Lead generation is a great way to get out of the rat-race lifestyle that millions upon millions of Americans lead.

This type of lifestyle is stressful.

It was over a long time ago.

I could not just grab my snowboard and go with my friends on the weekends.

Now I can.

Check out my laptop lifestyle.

You are building your empire by renting these websites.

You are working to make the life you want.

Simply put, the more websites or digital assets that you create, the more freedom you will have to not only grow your assets but also to do what you want, whenever you want.

Why not build and rent digital assets by 2022?

4. Financial Freedom

You need the funds to travel around the world and work in any job.


The money is available if you have high-quality leads and can make a significant positive impact on local businesses.

You have to act now and continue building your digital assets.

Let me tell you a little secret...

What's more important than making money?

The short answer is "Yes!"

How to make it!

It's all about how you make your money.

Let's take logic one more time.

Would you rather...

  • Part-time work that allows you to work more than 50 hours per week.
  • A full-time job that allows you to set your own hours and earn more than the 2 part-time jobs combined.

You will be required to work full-time.

That full-time job would be to build your digital properties.

Many other jobs require you to work multiple jobs. The less time you have to pursue your own dreams, the harder it is for you.

You do all the work upfront when building or renting digital assets.


After you've built your site and ranked it on Google, you don't need to do anything else.

This is not like Amazon FBA's Facebook ads, where you must monitor ads constantly and split test.

It is easy.




Every month, get paid



Would you like to be paid while you sleep?

It's hard to find a better feeling than being paid passively.

It is important to consider HOW you spend your money.

It is not a good idea to live for work.

It should be the opposite.

For a second, be honest with yourself...

Are you looking to become financially independent?

Are you willing to put in the effort?

It is possible to rank digital assets.

5. High Barrier to Entry

Renting digital assets can make you wealthy for other reasons.

Because of the high barrier to entry, this business model is not for everyone.

Let me explain.

This business was created to keep the competition away.

Our fearless leader Dan warns us that it is not just the competition, but also "wantrepreneurs".

These are the false entrepreneurs.

This business model is actually not difficult.

Lead generation is a skill that can be learned without any prior knowledge.

Our coaching program gives you access to all the tools you need to succeed. We also teach strategies that are difficult for other marketers to understand or to implement.

You just need to get on the job and use what you've been taught.

Since 2014, I have seen the effectiveness of all strategies that we are taught.

This program is unlike any other.

Believe me.

I now earn more than $50K per month and more than $70K annually.

These are just a few of the checks I received from a lead generation client.

When it comes to work and mindset, other marketers can't match what we do.

Our passive income is therefore a longer-term, recurring one.

You have to love the high barrier of entry!

6. A bounty of niches

Another reason to rent digital assets is that you can become rich.

There are many niches in every city and town.

Another variable is that every niche market is unique.

What does this mean?

Different towns have different online presences.

Detroit's tree-removal contractors may not have the same online presence as those in Grand Rapids.

It may be simpler to rank in Grand Rapids.

This is exactly what I did.

This is how it works in every town and city.

As I mentioned, each niche is unique in every market.

Our coaching program is not designed to make you feel like there's no market saturation.

Over 6900 members are worldwide.

There are thousands of niches available, so there is no saturation. If anything, there is an abundance.

Even niches that are not subject to recession can be accessed.


  • Plumbing
  • HVAC
  • Medical Supplies etc.

Many business owners want to grow.

You can deliver amazing results for your clients by using the skills you have learned in our coaching program.

You can make a living if you are able to do that.


Let me tell you, I can't stop talking about how wonderful it is to rent digital assets until my eyes are blue.

To truly feel and understand what I am saying, you must get started building multiple streams of income.

You can make more income by having more websites.

Local Lead Generation is key if you truly want to live a life that allows you to make a living and have financial freedom, while still making an impact on other business owners.

The private community that we are a part makes all this so special.

It is important to be around other entrepreneurs who have the same goals.

Each year, we travel to Las Vegas together to learn new strategies and techniques we can use in our businesses.

You must make it to Vegas if you are going to join this program.

Because of the connections I made there, Vegas has had a profound impact on my life.

These events have also offered me the opportunity to share new strategies and speak.

This group is my favorite.

These contacts and resources make a big difference and are unmatched.

Because of our abilities and community, I won't go back to work at an auto parts counter earning a paltry $35K per year.

Just thinking about these times makes me feel almost like I have a headache.

So much stress...

This community allowed me to spend weekends at home creating my digital assets, while my friends went out to the clubs.

Today, I am reaping the benefits of my lead generation efforts.

Now I can travel anywhere I like...

Stay at 5-star luxury hotels...

Enjoy UFC events in person whenever I want...

You can live in luxury high-rises in San Francisco...

While driving a Tesla P100D.

Things are improving and I'm not rushing to scale my lead generation business.

This is not a brag post.

It doesn't matter where you come from, I want you to see the possibilities.

If you truly want it, you can have it.

What chu' gonna' do?

Take a look at the top online business models, including local lead generation. Then make your decision.

Click the link if you are coach able and want to make positive changes in your life.


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