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Savage Affiliates Review – Franklin Hatchett’s Course [2022 Update]

So you want to start in affiliate marketing and the winds have brought you here. You're now looking at Franklin Hatchett's course.

It's not hard to see how the idea of making online money is appealing.

Affiliates who are successful can travel wherever they like, and work remotely from any place on their laptop.

They can provide for their family members and help them.

Is it still a great opportunity for 2022? Is it still a great opportunity in 2020, especially after the Amazon Affiliate Commission Change? ?

Update: April 14, 2020, Amazon Reduces Commission Once More

  • Amazon reduced its commissions for niches to 3% from 8% on April 14, 2020
  • Other significant changes have occurred in the past. In 2017, Amazon decreased the cookie duration from 60 to 24 days.
  • Many people are moving to Amazon Affiliate Marketing.

This is the challenge of affiliate marketing because you don’t have control over your product.

Amazon can instantly reduce your income by half in a matter of minutes

This is why I am now doing lead generator instead

Affiliate marketing is still possible. You just need to be more creative in finding offers and monetizing your site differently than simply putting up your Amazon affiliate link. More on that later.

A deep dive into the Savage Affiliates Course...

The best part? You only have to scroll down to see if Franklin's course in affiliate marketing is worth it.

Because I will be giving you the full breakdown of Franklin's course in this detailed review. And I am completely transparent.

Before we get to the meat and potatoes, let me clarify that I am not affiliated with this course.

This means that you can expect me not to be biased in my reporting.

Since 2014, I have been working on my SEO skills. I prefer local business lead generation to be my main method of making money online in 2022.

Let's get down to business!

What's Franklin's Story?

While searching for viral Instagram posts, I came across Franklin's online content for the first time.

Franklin is a guy who brings a lot to the table. You can see it in the number of YouTube videos and subscribers that he has. (See in image below).

In no time I was able to invest in two of his courses.

What was it about Franklin’s course that made me think of it as unusual.

He will never teach you a skill he has not thoroughly practiced.

He will let you know if he mentions a technique he doesn't know about.

One thing that was immediately apparent was that Franklin always suggests a strategy for every type of affiliate program. For example, you could use SEO or YouTube to promote ClickBank products.

Although he never seemed to be able to explain why clearly, I never asked him.

I also trusted him for the videos he posted to his Facebook page. He really does put the value. (See the screenshot below.

This link will allow you to compare wealthy affiliates with savages.

Want a quick explanation? Let me add that a wealthy affiliate doesn’t even teach SEO.

They even say it's a bad idea.

Is that possible?

Franklin, for these and many other reasons is the best teacher.

Oh, and I couldn't find any useful information when I searched for savage associates reddit discussion.

You can search for "savage affiliates reviews reddit" to see the results.

What can I expect from this course?

Franklin Hatchett's Savage Affiliates course, if you will, is his creation.

Before he started his own business, he was a promoter of affiliate marketing courses.

Franklin offers tips to help you get the most out of every stage.

Affiliate marketing has become so saturated that it's incredibly hard to rank anywhere globally.

The space has been taken over by massive authority sites that are managed by large teams of people.

This is what I'm telling you.

Franklin does an excellent job teaching affiliate marketing and giving you solid tips to help you fight the big dogs.

Youtube videos can be used to increase traffic.

Because I am an affiliate marketer, I can speak from experience.

What skills can you acquire in Franklin Hatchett’s Savage Affiliates program?

  • Franklin begins by showing you his affiliate earnings.
  • He shows you how to have multiple products and traffic sources
  • The free traffic strategy is briefly explained, then returned later to explain the strategies.
  • This instructor teaches you various traffic types including Google Ads and Facebook ads as well as YouTube videos (some very good knowledge here).
  • How to find niches and products, and how to choose an affiliate platform (aswell as which niches you should avoid)
  • Website building (some great tools there)
  • Email marketing
  • Forms for business tax
  • Tracking sales, offers, and other stats
  • You can also get great tips to start with a zero budget

Course Breakdown

Module 1: Affiliate Introduction

Introduction. It seems like a waste of time to advanced students. I don't believe so.

Scroll down to learn a big tip right from the course!

Franklin starts by explaining affiliate marketing and then discusses legalities such as privacy policies.

Even seasoned veterans might find it fascinating to see Franklin's affiliate commissions and his results.

You can also see my comparison of affiliate market vs. dropshipping if you are unsure about which business model is best for you.

Some of the information in this module seems a bit outdated. Despite this, I did still get some great value. I'll share my experience below.

Franklin also reviews affiliate commissions. Blue Host offers $1,650 per week, which is quite impressive.

This Module is essentially laying the foundation.

Franklin teaches concepts such as different traffic sources and even his internet haters have helped him to sell.

The most striking thing about this entire lesson is

Franklin claims that he received 57 THOUSAND emails from forums when he started.

This was done by simply writing a blog post titled "How to Make Money on Facebook", and linking to his blog. Then, he offered a PDF for free.

Module 2 - Niches And Products

Franklin begins by telling you about his mistakes in affiliate marketing and how you can avoid them.

Are you able to guess what he did?

I'll tell You keep reading!

Overall, this module provided great ways to research new niches and solid places to find affiliate offers.

I searched Reddit for the best affiliate programs and couldn't find anything other than what he teaches.

He advises newbies to avoid the health and wellness niches because they are saturated more than any other industry.

The surfing course he presented on ClickBank was very interesting to me, and definitely worth looking into.

Another great bonus is the ability to locate new products just launching. This gives you an edge over some of your competition.

Although some of his information about affiliate platforms was not up to my level, it was still important enough for everyone to comprehend.

What was the BIGGEST mistake Franklin made when he first started affiliate marketing?

He was tempted to use too many affiliate networks, rather than picking one and sticking with it.

He said that this slowed down his progress tremendously.

Module 3: Let's Make Some Assets!

Your website may be your most valuable asset.

What tools can you use to build your website?

You'll find an amazing tool I'm sharing at the end of the paragraph. Make sure you read the entire article!

This is a great resource for advanced marketers. )

Your email list is another asset that is extremely important!

Franklin later stated that he still receives sales today from his email list that he started when he was first starting.

That's impressive.

He will show you how to save money on WordPress plugins and make it easier for you to succeed.

These were a few of the new things I discovered, even though I was already using something similar. It was very useful information.

Franklin dives into the email platforms that he recommends and shares with us a campaign that he created that had a 20% open rate.

Chatbots can also be taught and they offer some amazing open rates.

This type of campaign has a phenomenal conversion rate!

What website-building platform does he prefer to ClickFunnels over?

This is a WordPress plugin called "Thrive Leads" and I am actually using it on this blog right now.

Module 4: How to Be Successful with ClickBank?

Franklin shows you how to make ClickBank work, focusing on the best strategies for ClickBank.

What was the biggest takeaway I got from this module?

Continue reading and I will give you a peek at the end!

These are just a few of the concepts that this lesson will cover:

  • ClickBank: Which traffic types should you use
  • How to structure pages and content, including funnels
  • How to sneak affiliate offers in paid ads. (Hint: Facebook & Google don't like affiliate marketer's faces.
  • Wherever possible, filling out tax forms via affiliate platforms
  • This is a great tool to locate trending products at a very affordable price.
  • Start your SEO process
  • How to run a Google Ads Campaign

Want to know my favorite bit of information?

A "1 versus one review" page is the best way to structure your ClickBank pages.

You can simply compare your product with another one.

This keyword idea can be used later in your SEO.

Module 5- Amazon Affiliate Program

Franklin will teach you two ways to sell Amazon products and help you find your niche.

Want to find out what I found the most fascinating part of this WHOLE MODULE?"

Make sure to read the entire article. I will share the tool with the reader!

He will also explain everything you need about Amazon products, including the commission structure.

This module's real meat is in its ability to show you niches and actual websites that are affiliated.

He is also a master at explaining things such as:

  • How Amazon cookies work
  • Why it's a powerful affiliate site worth thirty million dollars and why?
  • What is the difference between a niche site and an authority website?
  • At least ten different niche ideas, including a seasonal niche

This module is great for getting affiliate marketers at all levels into the process of brainstorming niches or products.

But, what was the most fascinating thing?

Franklin shows you how flippa.com can help you find affiliate sites for sale.

While I don't recommend you buy any of these sites, he shows a knife website that ranks in fourth for a high-volume keyword without any effort.

This means that you can easily build your site and rank well.

Module 6 Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Here's where the rubber really meets the road.

As an SEO gangster I was delighted by this module!

Want to know my #1 tip?

Scroll down to the bottom and you'll find an amazing bonus.

This module teaches you

  • Image and text SEO on-page
  • Here's a quick tip to ensure your article is high quality.
  • All about keywords, including how often to use them
  • Speed testing and being indexed by Google
  • How to get your website to rank higher and improve its performance

Franklin did a great job teaching backlinking aspects of SEO. However, there were important aspects on the page that Franklin could have explained more.

If you are interested in learning more about how to get Google traffic for free by doing high-level search engine optimization, then visit this link...

What was the best thing about this lesson?

Create a blog on Tumblr, Blogger or Google+ and create an article about your topic.

Next, go to Black Hat World to purchase social signals, PBN Links, and blog comments to boost your blog.

Add more articles to this blog by pointing a link to you website!

This way you can start building power for a very low price.

Module 7- Paid Ads

This module was quite surprising to me, but I felt that the part of creating the ads was lacking in comparison to other trainings.

He gave me a HUGE eureka moment.

It hit me and I felt silly for not having thought of it!

Are you familiar with what this was?

You know the drill. Continue reading and I'll explain it to you.

To give you an idea about the value he provides in this portion of the training, he shows you how to:

  • Your offer should be structured so that you don't lose your Ad account for promoting affiliate deals
  • Create a simple Google Ads Campaign
  • Imagine your ideal customer, and offer something free to "hook" them
  • Keep track of where your sales are coming from
  • Write effective ad copy
  • You can scale up your ad campaigns
  • Other opportunities to advertise, such as email lists of other people

Franklin does an excellent job of introducing people to different types of advertising and how to track their success.

Although I didn't have the ability to comprehend a lot of the information, it was still very useful knowledge.

Franklin goes above and beyond with tracking systems. You have options to choose from to best suit your needs.

What's the big secret?

Franklin suggests using YouTube videos for your targeting. Then, go into Google Ads to send retargeting ads directly to the people you are targeting.

Why, you may ask?

You get the same results for a fraction of what it costs!

That's some ninja stuff, right there.

Module 8: Free Traffic!

Although I do think that the "free traffic" and the SEO tips should have been included first, the course was excellent.

One piece of advice I found to be invaluable for both big-dogs and first-timers was this:

What do you think it is?

Continue reading this paragraph, and I promise to reveal it to your satisfaction.

Franklin says that he loves free traffic.

It's the same way he started it, and it converts better than any other traffic type!

Franklin says that it converts better than SEO traffic.

In this module, he teaches you how to:

  • Blog comments can be used for SEO, but also to attract traffic from genuine interested people
  • Forums can be used to your advantage
  • Traffic stolen ethically from YouTube videos that are hugely popular
  • Create YouTube thumbnails that stand apart from the rest.
  • Get the top YouTube keywords
  • You can find small tricks in YouTube titles that will increase your clicks

Franklin did an excellent job in teaching the skills needed to hit it hard, even if you are using traffic free of charge.

The YouTube training was particularly informative and provided some strategies to fight even the largest channels.

He explains it well by stating that the algorithm must allow new content to appear in search terms.

What's the secret to this module?

It's known as "launch jacking" which is completely different to ranking keywords.

You find a video that is successful, give it a title and copy the tags. Then, make your own video!

This is even easier than keyword research and you're likely to get some traffic.

Module 9- Email Marketing

This module was a great way to teach how to set up an effective email campaign.

Email was something I had used before, for drop shipping.

Although I was familiar with most of the techniques, the module did an excellent job explaining them.

Franklin also gives great pointers.

This lesson will teach you how to:

  • Automated email campaigns can be used to keep your subscribers engaged
  • You can monetize your email lists you have built up through all of your traffic methods
  • Optimize your email campaigns
  • Your open rates can be increased
  • Use the most important features from two different email platforms
  • To sell ClickFunnels, create an automated funnel.
  • To sell eCom training, built an eCom automation funnel

Overall, the information contained in this module can be found in many places, but it is essential for the affiliate marketing world.

Affiliate resource frank hustle that is being promoted online is solely focused on clickfunnels.

Strangely, the entire module in the Savage Affiliates course teaches you how to do exactly that.

It feels like someone else is pushing Franklin's course.

Do I have to become an Amazon affiliate??

You almost feel like you are just going to give Amazon the middle finger and let them go.

You can find affiliate programs at different percentages depending on niche.

Keep in mind that Amazon still has loyal customers. Amazon receives 50% to 80% from secondary sales.

This means that most of the time, what is happening is, let's suppose you link to a knife but the person might end up purchasing a Dyson Vacuum at $500 in less than 24 hours. These are secondary sales that you receive a commission on because Amazon is such an established store and has an amazing interface to recommend products for consumers.

Others are looking for other ways to monetize affiliate sites. This is what I consider the best way forward if you're able to pull it off in your niche.

Should I purchase this course?

The Good Stuff

Franklin Hatchett is a generous marketer, offering tons of value via his YouTube and blogs.

The course costs just $197, which is very affordable.

You might pay ten times more for other courses.

Is it still worth it, even if it is cheaper?

The answer to your question is "yes".

Affiliate marketing can be a difficult field to break into in 2020. However, the skills that you acquire in this course will prove very valuable.

Affiliate marketing requires you to be able run Facebook ads at a very high level in order to make decent income. This is due to the difficulty of ranking for affiliate search terms.

This is because even the smallest mistake could cost you $500 if you aren't careful.

Despite this, the course on building websites is well worth the cost. I wish I had known these skills when I started making money in affiliate marketing in 2013.

Then I tried every other option, including drop shipping and Amazon FBA.

Guess what?

Today, the majority of my income comes primarily from local leads generation.

Only 5% of my income is from affiliates as of October 2019.

Heck, I paid 10,000 and half the profits to a guy to mentor me privately.

Even with that level of support, I only managed to make 2-3K profit.

I managed the ads for about 2 to 3 hours per day. I also had slow months when I barely broke even.

Why did I rank it in second place?

Savage Affiliates isn't really anything bad.

I have said it before that Franklin provides a lot of value at a very affordable price. He actually offers a lot more training on backlinking strategies than John Crestani’s Internet Jetset.

John Crestani's Super Affiliate System, the upsell, is however much more extensive.

It's five times more expensive at $997.

It's possible, I believe, that Franklin Hatchett affiliate program's low price attracts many negative people who only complain when they don't make a million dollars a month.

One thing I liked about John Crestani’s Super Affiliate Program is that you receive weekly Q&A calls.

This is fantastic, and Franklin's course would greatly benefit from something like it.

You have the option to buy into the Facebook group. This is a great help.

Affiliate Marketing: Is it Right for Me?

This is why affiliate marketing remains viable for 2020.

The short answer is "Yes."

But, before you begin trying to rank for affiliate terms, you should wait until you have a steady income stream and solid SEO skills.

I would recommend waiting until you have approximately $10,000 per month to go after which you can tackle the national and global search rankings.

This is what I am referring to. So "Best Survival Knife” would be an affiliate term. However, if you look at page one, these sites are massive authority sites with huge RD (Referring Domains) or backlinks (aka votes).

To be competitive, you cannot just build a website with longtail keywords. You need to invest in serious link building. This takes time and serious money.

This is something that is impossible for beginners.

It is clear that the Google Hummingbird update and Penguin updates made it more difficult for affiliate marketers.

This is because you used to be able to rank pages for very specific keywords, but Google is smart enough now that they can be combined with the more popular keywords.

Does that sound confusing?

This means that big, authoritative sites will have a competitive advantage over smaller sites when ranking for keywords.

Don't get me started about running ads.

This is a whole other ballgame!

Review Conclusion

This course is for those who are determined to pursue affiliate marketing.

Savage affiliates is our number one choice for affiliate marketing. It's also the most affordable.

John Crestani's advanced course is available for about $1,000 if you are looking to invest more and receive higher-level affiliate training.

We like this:

  • It is unbelievable! The price is amazing at $197
  • It covers all the important points well.
  • He will show you where much of his money comes from and give you many examples.
  • For anyone, the instructions are simple to follow.

We didn't like these things:

  • Some modules are a bit out of order. I believe the free traffic should all have been combined at the beginning.
  • A few details are overlooked, like talking about name servers.
  • For beginners, affiliate marketing is difficult to learn in 2022
  • Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat non proident, sunt in culpa qui officia

What online business is the best for beginners in 2022?

Yes, affiliate marketing is a lucrative business.

The key word is "some".

Because you are trying to rank globally, it is very difficult to get in. The competition is fierce.

Google's Page 1 is now filled with global websites.

What's the alternative?

Ranking local is much easier than going global. It's true that you will need to deal with clients, but it is not difficult if you have enough leads.

It's not "salesy".

You simply call and say "I'd love to give you a few leads for a week."

You can call them back after that week and ask for a closing.

It is really easy.

Look at how easy it is to rank locally:

You'll notice the low RD's. This is because you are now competing with 15 tree-service companies and not thousands of affiliate marketers.

Local businesses are not doing SEO on their websites which makes it easier to beat them.

These sites also make good money.

Since 2015, I make $2000 per month from the above site.

It took only 3-5 months to rank, as opposed to the 1+ year it takes for some of these affilaite websites.

Why is Local Lead Generation Better Than Affiliate Marketing?

It was all I tried, but I always returned to local lead generation.

Here's why:

  • Instead of fighting against thousands upon thousands of search term users, you are only competing against 20 to 30 local businesses.
  • Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads are entirely optional. This is only possible if clients request it.
  • Ranking your websites will result in steady, consistent traffic. It's easy to see why it's so important.
  • It is truly passive income.
  • By helping people's businesses thrive, you can actively contribute to making their lives better.


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