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How to Start a Lead Generation Business for Insane Profits (5 Steps)

This article will review what I consider to be one of the most innovative business models in 2022. It is lead generation using the internet.

Even if you are completely new to entrepreneurship.

Ranking websites in Google can generate leads.

Since 2014, this is my main job. I work from home using my laptop.

I'm going to show you how you too can.

What's a Lead Generation Company?

You get paid to generate a lead that is a customer and then pass it on to another company that serves that customer.

You are the middleman.

The best thing about lead generation is that you don’t have to deal the hassle and the headaches of providing the service.

It takes only a small amount to deliver.

What is Lead Generation Different From Advertising?

Advertisers rely on other platforms to show their brand or company to as many eyes as possible.

They are paid to generate the impression or reach, but not for the actual customers.

The business owner is taking more risks because no matter how much they spend on advertising campaigns, there's no guarantee that the ROI (Return On Investment) will be achieved.

It might even produce zero customers.

A lead generation service allows a business to speak to potential customers and potentially close deals.

Why Lead Generation is so Attractive?

There are no headaches associated with dealing with equipment, staff, rent, insurance, or manual labor.

That's a lot of overhead.

However, lead generation is almost free of overhead, especially if your website can generate leads.

This makes lead generation infinitely more adaptable.

Many large companies are today simply lead generation companies.

Okay, now where can I get leads?

To have a legitimate lead generation business.

Customers are your customers.

People no longer use the telephone book.

You need a dentist, plumber, or house cleaner...

Where are you going?

The majority of people will search Google for the answer to their questions.

Most likely, you'll click on the first search result.

You can either place an Ad, a Map Listing, or a website below.

You want to be here.

Generate Leads With Paid Ads

You interrupt someone by trying to persuade them to buy something. (interruption marketing)

Converting these customers is much more difficult.

Paid ads are fine when used in moderation, but they can be very effective for generating high-value leads for your business.

Google's organic traffic reigns supreme. Customers are the ones who seek you out. (Attraction marketing)

Being able to generate organic leads from Google

I just learned how to create digital properties and rank them in Google's search engine.

Here is a tree service site that I created back in 2015. It still makes me $2000 per month. This site has been neglected for years.

This site has no ongoing expenses other than $15 per month for tracking and $10 per month hosting. The domain costs $15 per year.

In order to rank the site at first, I spent about $500 in 6 months.

These margins are rare in any other business.

These sites generate leads and make me money every day. I have over 60.

Amazing Scalability

These websites can be thought of as virtual billboards. To have a top-ranked site is like having a billboard at the busiest area of town. This is a great deal for local businesses.

Because the process can be repeated, this business is very scalable.

As I create more and more virtual billboards, my income keeps growing.

Step 1: Survey the Land (Niche Selection).

"Riches Are in the Niches"

Our motto is "Everybody wins!"

It's true. There are over 50 markets we can enter and thousands of cities you can choose from. It's easy to control so many markets that it's almost like candy being given to a baby.

It is important to find a market that has low competition and good search volume.

Some Niche Ideas:

  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Event Rentals
  • Plumbing
  • Junk Removal
  • Wedding videographer
  • HVAC
  • Window Cleaning
  • Painting House
  • Tree Removal

We can access over 50 niches for local lead generation.

Each of these businesses requires leads every day.

We love cities with populations between 75K and 250K.

Keep in mind: Only when you reach the top 3 spots on Google do you start getting good volume.

We will be looking at a few things to match the power levels of our competitors.

  • Citations
  • Backlink Power and Relevance
  • Keyword Optimization
  • Homeadvisor Lead Value
  • Site Layout (Onsite Optimization)

This is an important step in the process.

It's something I've done since 2014. I have a lot of experience in this field and am very good at analysing my competition to find low-hanging fruit markets that I can easily control.

To determine the type of SEO that is required to rank my opponents higher, I use tools such as SEO Quake or Ahrefs

We probably look at 15 things, but I will only share 2 right now.

Google the main keyword + location as above.

A listing in the top three map packs with no website is considered low-hanging fruit.

These opportunities may not be available often, but if you have superior ranking skills for local companies, you don't need to worry about 95%.

If there are 2 listings with 15 reviews or less in the top 3 map packs, I believe I can surpass them. However, the number of reviews is not the only factor that determines the ranking.

If the top 3 map listings have a lot of reviews, as you see above then I would rather go to another market or niche.

Let me explain. I searched for the top company, Lake Orion Plumbing Heating & Cooling. Their site is lophc.com. Ahrefs also has them.

Referring domains 43

This indicates that the site has 43 backlinks to other websites. Each of these links is a vote that helps that site rank.

To quickly determine the number of backlinks, you can use the ahrefs bar

These are the things I don't want to see.

I would prefer to find markets with lower RD ("Referring Domains") than these...

The # of RD is one indicator that shows how competitive it's. However, not all links are created equal.

Some links are more powerful and valuable than others. If his links are weak, I can beat a website with 43 links and 10 strong links.

You will be able to see 15 factors Google considers when determining local rankings.

We'll be discussing this more later.

Step 2: Create Assets

First, we need to buy a domain. I chose grlimos.com. (gr abbreviation for Grand Rapids).

Exact match domains will still be in use in 2022. These domains have our main keywords. For local lead generation, this would be "service" +"city".


  • A city + name domain will establish your site as the best-known business in your locality for Google (and your customers). This authority is a big step in establishing the legitimacy of your website.
  • This speeds up the overall ranking process.


  • You will need more sites if you wish to grow. This means that you can only have one site per city. If expansion is on your list of plans, consider using a more generalized name (legacyplumbingservice.com, for instance).

If the city has more than 150,000 inhabitants, I think it is worth targeting the city with a domain. I believe it will help you dominate the search engine when the city and service are in domain.

To build our websites, we use Webly.

It is a simple click and drag builder. No coding required. Drag and drop the elements you desire onto the page.

Essential Tip:

You can attach a whisper message to your clients' phones by using our proprietary software.

"This lead was sent by steady calls" at the beginning of each call.

This is vital because it allows the business owner to immediately see who is sending them leads.

It is important that the phone number is large and easily visible at the top of your site.

A quote form is also a good idea.

Also, we must build:

  • Listing on Google Map
  • Directory & key citations

Step 3: Optimizing Your Assets

Without ranking your website, a website won't get traffic.

SEO is what people call it.

There are two types of optimization: on-page and off-page.

Real skill comes into play in off-page optimization. It is worth investing in high-level coaching. I have yet to see top-level SEO's give their secrets away for free.

This explains SEO in general.

Popularity is key to getting at the top of Google's search results.

Imagine yourself as a brand new student at High School.

Nobody knows who you really are.

You lack credibility

Imagine the most popular high school kid, the star quarterback who vouch for you.

Everyone is told "Hey, this is my boy. He's cool."

Your credibility has increased and your peers in high school now regard you highly.

This is an example of a high-quality backlink being received from another site.

Imagine a scenario where the star quarterback is replaced by another kid at school who tries to be your friend.

He screamed at the top his lungs, "HEYYYY! This is my friend!" He's legit!!!"

Because he's so new, nobody knows who he really is. Everyone is like, "Who are those two idiots?"

This is an example of a low-quality backlink.

You will be able to outrank your competitors in lead generation if you have the process and know-how to generate high-quality backlinks that link to your site.

We know how to get the star quarterbacks.

There's no need to reinvent the wheel. You can just copy what is working.

Types of high-quality links (whatever you need):

  • You can link to relevant sites. If you want to rank a Detroit towing company, for instance, you can create link circles with five other students who have their own towing companies in other cities. This allows you to scratch their backs and make a connection among them. This is one way we leverage the community within our program for an advantage over the rest.
  • Relevant guest post links. This is another great opportunity to work with professionals in our Lead Gen group.
  • We have links from highly influential sites. This is what gives our site its "ranking juice".
  • We have over 100 directories where you can get links.

Types of low-quality links (avoid ):

  • Spammy links of low quality from overseas (we never outsource linking to India or any other country where we don't have control over the quality).
  • Fiverr.com links. Links that are ineffective and expensive, but do more harm than good.
  • Spammy links are used in excess that doesn't relate to the content.

There are both good and bad shortcuts. The majority of obvious shortcuts are not good news.

My biggest problem is: People try to rank by creating low-quality content and bad information, then building links that do more harm than good.

Google is a huge corporate giant. They can sniff out sites trying to cheat their system. It can be difficult to recover sites that have been tagged.

Good news: To rank a website effectively, you only need to understand what Google values; what they consider "quality content."

Google only wants the best quality content and the most relevant content to rise to the top. They want their users to have the best search engine experience possible.

This is what SEO is all about. It's the basis of SEO. You use it to create sites that Google's algorithm considers the quality and worthy of a top ranking on Google's search results page.

This formula allows for repeat ranking success which leads to a real and sustainable internet business.

Local Lead Gen is focused on local keywords because it is easier to rank for them than global keywords (like with affiliate marketing or blogging).

This will allow you to scale your business with predictability once you have mastered the local SEO rankings factors.

Step 4: Closing the deal and prospecting

Step 4: Prospecting & Closing the Deal

After the site has been optimized properly or ranked in Google.

You WILL start generating phone calls.

These leads will be sent to the local business owner free of charge.

They don't know that I send the leads.

They'll hear "This lead was sent by Steady Calls" each time their phone rings.

Your goal is to establish value with your business owner. The best way to do this, as I have stated, is to give free leads. You gotta give before you receive.

Here are some ways to structure your deals

  • Closed business 10%
  • Pay per Lead (we have a lead value calculator).
  • Flat fee
  • hybrid: Combination of flat fee plus 10%, or pay per lead

This is how it works.

You should send enough leads to local businesses until they have closed jobs. Once they do, you can help them make more money before asking for anything.

Too many digital marketers try to extract value from people instead of giving it first.

A lack of trust is the only reason why a business owner would not want to invest in marketing.

If they are convinced that spending money with them will make them more, then who could say no?

This lead-gen model allows us to send people free leads so we can build trust quickly and effectively. This is where the real game-changer lies.

Watch Dan's video to hear Dan explain this.

Local lead generation is possible by preparing results in advance.

Step 5: Take your Business to the Moon

Once you have 1 lead generation site that is successful, you will be paid every month.

Realize that passive income streams can be created that pay more than one family home.

Scale is all you need now.

You can do it once and it can be done 10 times more.

You can hire content writers at Upwork and Craigslist.

Hire Virtual Assistants. I love onlinejobs.ph

My VA is paid $5 an hour.

To keep track of VA's working time, you can use Timedoctor (shown below). If the VA is inactive for more than 1 minute, it will stop recording time. It takes a screenshot every 4 to 5 sec so that you know you aren't paying them to post on social media.

You should set goals to continue acquiring more lead gen sites.

You can trust your team to do most of the work once you have trained them.

How My Operation Looks:

Content writer:

Responsible for researching a niche and writing content

Web Developer (VA):

Responsible for taking the content and putting it together using either Weebly, or WordPress

SEO / Site Ranking (VA).

All aspects of optimization are handled, including building quality backlinks and citations.

Operation Business:

Once the site has been ranked and is generating leads, I will still contact the business owner to close the deal. You could also hire a salesperson if needed.

8-15 lead gen websites ranked and generating leads every day should already get you to 6 figures income.

Students in my program have outsourced 95% to their teams.

What about generating leads with Adwords or Facebook Ads?

People are using Facebook Adwords PPC or Facebook Adwords ads to generate leads. I have done that many times.

This is a great advantage because you can get traffic immediately.

However, I am here to inform you that my entire online business is based on traffic from Google. It is the best method of lead generation.

It's passive income that comes with being ranked in Google.

It is necessary to monitor ad performance and spend daily on Facebook ads. (The cost per click can be very high. Some days you can even loose money.)

It also has a difference in Attraction Marketing and Interruption Marketing

Google finds you, so they are already searching for you. You can also get many low-quality leads with Facebook ads. It was always noticeable for me.

Facebook and Affiliate Marketing:


  • Costs fluctuate every day (gets more expensive) and lead quality is lower due to interruption marketing (spam).
  • Your client has the right to fire you at any time. You don't have any assets of your own. You have very limited control.
  • It may not always work in all niches because of the ad cost/reward ratio. However, ranking in Google and getting free traffic will ensure that the numbers work.
  • The barrier to entry is too low. Anyone can open a credit account and start competing with you. This increases cost & profits margins over time. Getting #1 organically in Google is much more difficult which means it has a higher barrier of entry. That's good because it keeps out competitors. You don't want to be "easy and fast" in business. Instead, you need to learn a skill that is rare. This is how you can get top dollar for your time.

With the SEO training I received, I was able to rank websites in Google. I now know that 95% of other marketers cannot outrank me in Google. This is how I am able to have stability and longevity in my income.

How I Landed my first $750 Per Month Lead Generation client?

I had no prior online experience.

I followed the training of Dan, the lead gen program, to the letter.

This is a super easy site to rent limos in Lansing, MI.

It looks great! Check it out- lansinglimoservices.com

Everything was explained so that even the most internet-illiterate person could comprehend it. Heck, Helen (65-year-old Grandma) built this business from zero dollars to $15K per month.

What's the excuse for her not doing it? Anyway back to my limo site...

(Please do not call this number and bug my client).

It took me only a few hours to create this site.

It takes about 4 hours to make and 10 hours to rank.

You want to know the truth?

Since 2014, I haven't logged in to this site and it still drops golden $750 eggs every day. Single. Month.

Each phone call I make, my client receives an email recording of the call. Every lead is tracked.

My leads make my clients money.

This is vital.


My clients are able to see how my leads help them make a quick $10K-20K in business. They practically beg me for their money. They only care about the leads coming in.

It is important to realize that you don't want to make a million dollars off one client.

We want to take a piece of each market or niche.

Incorporate yourself into the mix and give a little bit of your time. To put it all in perspective, I currently have 55 clients.

They've been with me from the beginning. It would be insane not to.

Some pay me an annual flat rate, others a price per prospect, and some pay me percentages of the sales they make. This is my preferred route for high-ticket services.

An asphalt guy pays me ten per cent for jobs below $100k. He pays me five percent if the job ends up exceeding that amount. Don't let this fool you. One job that he ended for a commercial contract was the one that earned me a $6,000 check.

Here is one of my lead generation sites for the Asphalt client in the Bay Area.

These sites can be owned anywhere in the US. You will receive monthly payments. It is similar to owning real estate. Stable passive income.

Why is Lead generation the best model for local marketing? Why is Lead Generation better than SEO?

Great question. It's because you own the assets, also known as websites.

You're done if you do SEO for a client's website (contract SEO). Ranking sites can be expensive, time-consuming, and costly. Imagine spending a year improving a site and then being fired once you have reached the owner's goal.

Trust me. I have been there. This email is from a customer that I received a few years back.

"Thanks steady calls...you did a great job ranking my site. We don't know how you're managing the site. We feel that $2000 per month is a lot of money so we are going to stop. However, we will still be able to call you if we have any questions. "

It is soul-crushing.

As if someone had just deleted you're save file from your favorite videogame. Imagine you are writing a huge college paper, and then your professor deletes it.

Let me repeat: Owning websites is the key to your business. It gives you control over your business and allows you to have a great relationship with your clients.

Cory can be heard saying the same thing as me in the video at the end. Those are the clients who stayed with him over the long-term.

These can be thought of as digital rental properties.

I know that I can rent the house as long as I keep it my own property. That means passive income.

Because I am the owner of the asset, I can replace a bad business person with someone else if he is no longer available. No eviction notice necessary.

It's almost like getting rid of a bad tenant.

It is important to remember that I have complete control.

I have the power to choose who I work for. Whom I send leads.

So I can be sure that I will always get paid.

This is how I have kept the same clients since 2014. They've continued to pay me month after month and year after year.

They know they can't pay me if I don't. They can also send me the leads.

This resolves the #1 problem plaguing SEO companies.

Client retention.

Nothing is worse than landing a client for SEO and then having the client cancel their contract a few months later after all your hard work.


It is amazing to think of all the possibilities that we now have with the internet.

A doctor or lawyer must go to school for eight years. They will then have $100K to 200K student loan debt that they will need to repay over 10-20 years. After they graduate, they can make $100K to $250,000 a year.

It's amazing that I make $52K per year in my lead generation business.

Without my mentor and the lead generation biz model he taught, none of this would have been possible.

I consider myself mentor-made, not self-made.

Dan's live coaching calls twice per week, which allowed me to ask questions anytime and give me access to a community made all the difference.

I was not the only one who was born an entrepreneur. When I started this journey, I owe all my success to the mentors Dan and other successful students who were part of the program.

The key was also finding the right business model.

Like a jockey and his horse, the horse has at least 10x the importance. Much of my success is also due to the vehicle.

My vehicle was used to generate leads for local businesses by using free traffic. I was mentored with the coaching program.


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