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The Arbor Academy [Review 2022]: Scam Or Legit?

What is The Arbor Academy?

The Arbor Academy This business model is very simple and easy to understand by anyone, even beginners.

Semi-coaching courses offer training via video. This course aims to assist you in starting your own digital agency that generates leads and gets clients for local businesses.

You can then rent the ad space through Chad's Google Maps Program.

Although this may seem simple, it is possible for others to find it difficult.

It could prove disastrous without expert guidance.

Chad has more than 9 years of experience in digital technology and you will get the professional support you need.

Or so he claims.

This honest review will provide all the information necessary to help you decide if this course was worth your time and money.

We will be reviewing multiple aspects of The Arbor AcademyTo determine if it is.Best online training courses There are many.

We will discuss whether The Arbor Academy is the right Google Maps Advertising platform.

I will answer the most common questions about the topic at the end. The Arbor Academy and Google Maps Advertising in general.

Most importantly, I will show you how I built my internet marketing business to more than $40,000 per month mostly passively.

This system High ticket sales made me swear off high-ticket sales for good because it uses some of the same skills but in a more powerful and lucrative way!

The Arbor Academy: An Overview of Google Maps Advertising Platform

A Brief Summary Google Maps Elite was created by Chad Kimball. Only registered students are allowed to take this course. The Arbor Academy. There are many software tools that can help you, such as technical support, forums, and coaching. Google Maps Advertising can be one of many legitimate ways to grow your online business.

Chad Kimball claims that he has the skills and expertise to help you succeed with your online business.

Parent Company Arbor Group Associates, Inc

Company brand The Arbor Academy

Alternative Names: Arbor Academy, Caddo

Domain Name:

Domain Age Posted on July 15, 2008.

Hosting Registration by 1&1

Year of its launch 2018

Domain Authority: 2/ 100

Linking Root Domains: 51

Ranking Keywords: 6

Spam Score: 9%

Website Asset Value: $34,798

Address/Headquarters4642 S Bishop Street. Suite 9585, Chicago, Illinois, 60609

Founder: Chad Kimball

Services offered:

  • Weekly and scheduled group coaching calls
  • Software Tools
  • Step-By-Step Training Course 74 Videos
  • Members-Only Facebook Group
  • Archives of 139+Hours of previously recorded calls
  • Unlimited Technical Support
  • Complete Outsourcing Department
  • Customer Call Software
  • Automated Prospecting System
  • Calculator for Lead Value and Rate
  • Calculator for Pay-Per-Call Income Goals

The size of a community: 1,500+

Payment/Payout Currency: United States Dollar (USD)


  • A one-time payment of $997.00
  • Two-time payment of $579.00
  • Six monthly payments starting at $199.00

Affiliate Program: None

Upsells: None


The Arbor Academy Review: What Does The Arbor Academy Do?

It is now time to think about how you could make a rental income. The Arbor Academy Platform.

This course will show you how to rent and buy on Google Maps listings. It is one of the top Google search results for local business owners.

This means that you want small local businesses to pay for your marketing services.

Here's an example to illustrate:

1) Use the provided tool to enter a search phrase. For example, you could search for an electrician in your area. It would be easy to see that there are monthly searches for electricians in your area.

2) Go back to Google and search again to see the top results. It's easy to find nearby business listings that are related to "electricians". Now you can search for local electrician businesses that are not listed and convince them to hire your services.

3) Do not be fooled by all the electrician companies in the vicinity. The actual owners didn't produce all of them. Use the following guidelines: The Arbor Academy platform You will learn how to create a Google company listing for a local business.

4) You create a website that is unique to the company you are looking for leads. You can earn a commission on every purchase if you agree to a fixed rate of payment.

5) You can play the role of an intermediary. You and the digital agency can contact local companies in any country that is not on Google search maps. After explaining how your firm can attract customers, you can negotiate the residual fixed fee with the local business.

6) You can help traffic to many unlisted local businesses around the world if you're willing to work hard.

7) This strategy has the advantage of laser targeting a lot of keywords in different business types, other than the keyword "Electrician." Take a look at the terms: "plumbers," roofers,"," scaffolders," and "attorneys" - many businesses that are only available online can be found in many locations around the globe.

8) Search for local businesses that are not listed. You can reach out and negotiate a fee with these local businesses if you are interested in becoming an online Search Engine Results Page marketer. Learn how to direct customers to the right product or service.

9) It is easy to see how this business model could succeed. You can continue to search for local businesses that need an online presence in order to increase their sales. You are doing consumers a favor by being their intermediary and providing the services they require.

Chad Kimball is the creator of The Google Maps Course

Chad Kimball He is an owner of an online business and quits his job in 1999. Because of the hostile work environment, he was forced to leave.

He has been finding clients online and making a living from it.

Chad has been growing his internet marketing business since 2011, helping small businesses that are in desperate need of customers.

Kimball He claims that he has received more than $2 million between 2018 and 2020, mainly through the Google Maps Advertising business model he designed and created. The Arbor Academy.

Chad is a well-respected expert in Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Chad's daughter Bethany-Anne also makes money online using tried-and-true strategies her father has perfected over many years.

Chad Kimball is behind The Arbor Academy platform.

Review of The Arbor Academy: Details about The Arbor Academy Course

This course is full of critical aspects and it's clear that there are many. Google Maps App business model. The course is called Google Maps Elite A series of video tutorials online is called.

The emphasis is on citations.

These are the titles for the video links within the member's area.

  • Introduction and Overview
  • White Hat Techniques
  • Google Local Ranking Algorithm
  • Website Authority and The Local Algorithm
  • How to Create Content
  • Backlinking Resources
  • Local Keyword Research
  • Keywords for Category
  • What Keywords Return Local Results and Why They Don't
  • Have questions?
  • Need help? Get phone support!
  • Local Knowledge Panel changes
  • Google's Local Pack
  • Local prospecting with Mechanical Turk
  • Ranking Outside Your Locale
  • Make sure you keep multiple locations safe
  • Pidgeon Update
  • Google My Business Guidelines
  • Optimize and Create Your GMB
  • How to Set up a My Business Page
  • Local VS Brand Pages
  • Basic Places Page Optimization
  • Reviewing is Important
  • White Hat Reviews
  • Google Make Starts Available
  • GMB Posts
  • Listing Attributes
  • How to Change Bad Review Snippets
  • Show social media icons
  • Reinstatement of a Disabled Listing
  • Your website can now include local structured data
  • Google Trusted Photographer
  • Courting Authority Reviewers
  • Citations
  • Citations: What? Why? & How
  • White Hat Backlinks
  • Listings on Local Websites
  • Facebook Pages
  • Copy Competitor Citations
  • Citations using Image Sharing Websites
  • Wikipedia Citations
  • You can use your building/office/home to get additional Citations
  • Testimonial Citations and Sponsorship
  • Citations using Known
  • Whitespark and Get List Citation Tools
  • After an Address Change, Fixing Citations
  • Local Guides Program
  • Opportunities for Local Guides
  • Secret Levels of Local Guides
  • Update on Major Local Guides Points
  • How to Modify Your Own Maps Edits Using Local Guides
  • How to Choose the Right Address
  • How to get a phone number
  • Set up your listings
  • Press releases
  • Intro and Overall Strategies
  • Algorithm for Yelp Ranking
  • Scrape Box
  • Selling Leads
  • Was I Slapped?
  • Important Information - Google and Service Area Businesses/ LeadGen
  • Hostnine Reseller Hosting
  • Optimize for Local Keywords
  • Direct Mail Prospecting
  • Software

The Arbor Academy Price

This is a very expensive program so make sure you are fully committed before you schedule your breakthrough call.

You can make your coaching call via Zoom or Skype if you're not in the United States.

You get lifetime unlimited access for a one-time fee Arbor Academy program.

Unrestricted access should cost you around $1,000The Arbor Academy's resources.

Yes, it is a large sum of money. You should be able to discuss a lower rate for your breakthrough agent.

I have one tip for you: Search in Google the titles of my lessons and see if you can find enough information about each. This will allow you to save lots of money.

The Arbor Academy by Chad Kimball: Pros and Cons


  • To expand your digital agency, you can rent Google Maps advertising space at the top spots for a wide range of local businesses.
  • You are basically renting a virtual real property from small business owners.
  • Local companies can be delegated the responsibility of delivering high-quality services.
  • Depending on the performance of your business, your monthly commissions or premiums could amount to hundreds, if not even thousands.
  • Clients do not need to be met in person.


  • You will need capital to keep your agency afloat.
  • Chad Kimball's coaching course is expensive due to its potential profitability and nature.
  • You can start the course immediately after completing the trial period.

The Arbor Academy Review: The Final Word

You must be at minimum 18 years of age to join.

The average time it takes to secure the first client is 3-7 weeks.

Attendees The Arbor Academy Already has clients. This is an opportunity for you if you are interested in growing your digital agency profitably.

An average customer will give you $750 per month, which can help your agency raise approximately $750 each month. However, this number is not guaranteed or promised.

Participating in illegal activities is not a good idea. The Arbor Academy If you are either unemployed or broke.

We can help you if you are unemployed, have no funds, or are looking for a job.

You will face many obstacles when you start a Google Maps Agency. You can get involved in a simple business model that is affordable and offers unlimited commissions. The Arbor Academy does not offer a trial period.

Is The Arbor Academy a Scam?

Click Funnels was used to build the Arbor Academy website. This whole system is full of nonsense, I have to admit.

Before you actually join, you will be bombarded with testimonials and snapshots of profits as well as video testimonials.

Chad Kimball's The Arbor Academy provides solid lessons on scaling a digital map agency.

The price for what you can make and the money that you will earn is very reasonable to me.

This is the case for The Arbor Academy – Google Maps Elite Curriculum. Be willing to work hard before calling it a fraud. Remember that this model of business would not work for everyone!

However, it is possible to create a successful, profitable online business without The Arbor Academy.

This is my #1 choice!

It is not like The Arbor Academy. Instead, it provides actual proof of real success by real people just a few days back.

The Arbor Academy is a that pays $250 per month. You could get 10-20X that.

Businesses will always need more leads and another job. It doesn't matter if the job isn’t coming from their website. They see it as it is...expanding their digital real estate.

Arbor Academy has seen more people leave their 9-5 jobs than any other.

You probably have a lot of questions.

So, check this out to learn more.


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