January 27


Top 15 MLM Companies With the Best Compensation Plan

Who wouldn't like to work in the best companies?
You want to place your money in the highly competitive world of MLM.

We don't judge. If you are fed up with your current company and want to change, we can help.

Regardless of your preference, we have compiled a list below listing the top 15 MLM companies offering the best compensation plans for 2022.


DoTERRA combines essential oils with wellness products to create a strong base of female customers and representatives.

The compensation plan provides 3 main ways to generate income.

  • Retail Profit – 25% Commission on All Sales
  • Fast Start Bonuses: Paid weekly for new downline reps. 20% at level 1, 10% at level 2, and 5% at level 3.
  • Power Of 3 Bonus - Paid monthly, based on total team volumes

Twelve ranks complete the organizational structure. The highest level is the one at which you can reach the position of presidential diamond and wellness advocate.

Notable is the fact that reaching rank number 7, also known as "Silver", unlocks all seven levels of overriding bonus percentages.

DoTERRA is worth looking into if you are a fan of this product category and want a comprehensive compensation structure, which includes leadership pool bonuses for advanced ranks.

Click HERE to see a complete corporate breakdown of their compensation program

2. Mary Kay

Mary Kay, a company that has stood the test the test of time is easily recognisable by anyone. Perhaps you are wondering how the pink Cadillac was chosen by that particular person.

We're going to give you some bullet points to help you understand the many ways that you can be compensated. Below is a link to Mary Kay reps' (admittedly more difficult to find than we anticipated) compensation plan.

  • Mary Kay representatives earn 50% commission on all retail sales. This is a high commission rate in the MLM industry.
  • To maintain your status as a distributor, you must make at least $225 in sales each quarter.
  • There are many overriding commissions, bonuses and incentives available. (Pink caddy anyone? ).

In an industry where more than 98% of new businesses close down within the first two year, Mary Kay's longevity and 3 billion annual sales are remarkable.

Full Mary Kay Compensation Program HERE

3. Le-Vel (Thrive)

Le-Vel is a company that offers health and wellness products for women and men.

Their product lineup consists of vitamins/supplements, protein, and even skin care "patches".

Le-Vel offers what's commonly called a unilevel plan of compensation. These are the key points that will help you understand how reps make their money.

  • 20% commission for personal retail sales. Level 1 retail sales earn 12% commission and level 2 retail sales earn 4% commission.
  • Infinity Fast Start Bonuses for Reps who purchase starter packs Commissions range from $5 to $140
  • Team Commissions starting at 4-8%
  • Other bonuses are also available. They can range from iPads to cars or trips.

Le-Vel is a well-known MLM company that has been around since 2013. While every MLM company has its problems, we recommend taking a deeper look at the entire Thrive compensation program if you like what Thrive offers.

Full Thrive Compensation Plan HERE

4. Rodan and Fields

R + F offers a wide range of facial, eye and skin care products that are top-of-the-line. They have a strong foundation in dermatology and are well-known for their quality and results.

The R + F Compensation Plan has 5 main ways to make money.

  • Retail sales commissions will be 33% for one-off sales, and 16% for customers who signup for recurring monthly products. This is a good deal considering that they offer several product bundles, which can run into the hundreds of dollars.
  • You and your team can earn consultant commissions on product purchases as long as they exceed 100 QV (qualifying volumes). On all sales and purchases made by reps, customers or colleagues at your first level, you will receive 10% commissions
  • You will be eligible for personal team commissions once you reach the rank of Executive consultant. This allows you to earn a 5% commission for every point earned by your team.
  • Promoting downline representatives to executive ranks can help you earn additional commissions down to your 6th generation.
  • Reps can earn additional incentives if they reach certain goals or promote their company. These include cash payouts, vehicles, and many other incentives.

If you have a team that produces high volumes, the commissions can be significant. But remember that the R + F product prices are a major reason. To see real income, you will need to have a team that meets their minimum volume requirements.

You can find their complete compensation plan HERE for a deeper dive on the Rodan and Fields' compensation.

5. Kyani

Next on our list is Kyani, a blueberry juice company with the best compensation.

The company was originally known for its product trio which relied heavily upon the superior wild alaskan Blueberry. However, they have expanded their product offering to include skincare and supplements in recent years.

The founders owned a large potato farm. This company sells a product called "potatopaks", which is essentially a philanthropic product. These are purchased by customers and representatives and then donated by the company in impoverished regions around the world.

The product is also a unique opportunity for reps to increase their sales volume.

Let's now talk about compensation. Over the years Kyani's compensation has changed and brought more complexity to the table.

We'll cover the key points and then give you resources to explore their comp plan.

  • The Kyani compensation plan offers 14 ranks that are gem-inspired. The average monthly income for rank 1 (Garnet), is $74. The highest rank, double black diamond, has a monthly income of $1,000,000,000. How important 13 promotions are!
  • To maintain your rank (150QV), you have to meet a minimum monthly volume requirement.
  • Increased personal customer volume leads to additional bonus income
  • Quick start bonuses are available to new reps who reach the 2nd or 3rd rank within the first 31 days. They cost $200 and $500, respectively
  • Your rank and revenue are determined by your downline volume, together with your QV.

You can also get one-time rank bonuses and generational bonuses, as well as advancement in your positions.

This overview should give you an idea of the complex and extensive compensation that Kyani offers as a rep. For a full corporate breakdown, visit HERE.

6. Monat Global

Monat offers products for haircare, skin care, and pet grooming. Their main product line is focused on haircare.

There are many shampoos, conditioners and hydrating products that can be used to maintain your female hair.

Here are the key points to their unilevel compensation program if this is your preferred MLM line:

  • Based on the PV that you have in a given month, the commission on retail sales can range from 33% up to 40%
  • Based on the package purchased by new reps, one-time fast start bonuses of $100 to $220 may be available.
  • Residual Commissions on Downline Sales pay up to 12% at the first level, and 3% at level 4.
  • Monat offers additional income opportunities such as smart start bonuses, one-time rank advancement bonuses and generation matching bonus.

We're going to include access to the complete Monat compensation plan so as not to create confusion.

7. Legal Shield

Legalshield, our first service-based entry to the list, is a company that provides affordable legal care for individuals as well as small businesses.

This company has been around for approximately half a century. It has been able to adapt with the times.

The Legalshield compensation plan has 7 ranks. The legal nature of this MLM means that the details of the Compensation Plan are not as clear-cut.

Here are the main points we take away from Legalshield's inclusion on our list.

  • You can build a large customer base and a business by yourself. However, you can also recruit a team to make more money in a shorter period of time.
  • Packages for consumers start at $24.95/mo. This is a good price considering all the legal assistance you have at your disposal.
  • Although not the best fast-start bonuses, Legal Shield offers additional commission incentives to those who start work immediately.

Check out the nitty gritty of Legal Shield’s compensation plan HERE.

8. LifeVantage

LifeVantage, an MLM company, is one of those one-stop shops for all things health and wellness.

These products include vitamins, supplements, and skincare products for dogs.

Are the options for compensation as varied? Let's take a look at them.

We found 8 ways to make money with the LifeVantage Compensation Plan.

  • You or your online portal can earn a commission for every retail sale.
  • Smart Start bonuses can be earned when you enroll new customers or reps in your business. These sales will be paid out depending on how much PV you have. The range is between 30-40%.
  • The Launch Bonus, also known as a "trickle bonus", is available at 6 levels below you. It's given to new customers or recruits who sign up for your lower business legs.
  • Royalty commissions refer to the monthly commissions you receive on all sales made by your company. Your rank determines how much royalty you can receive. Your monthly royalty commission will increase the more you rank.
  • The generational matching income stream number 5 will be unlocked when you reach the rank of Pro 3 and above. The amount of generational matching you get will depend on how much your total royalty commissions are. This can be as high as 5 levels deep.
  • You are eligible for the elite bonus pool if you rank Pro 7 or above. This pool is made up 4% of company-wide sales each month. You are eligible for an elite bonus of up to $20,000 for every rank above Pro 7.
  • Anyone who holds the rank of Pro 10 and higher receives a once-off achievement bonus. This payday is based on your rank and can go up to $500,000.
  • After you reach the rank of Premier Pro 5, it is possible to open an additional "Business Center". A business center allows you to open another position in your company and allow you to make additional income from that position. You may be eligible for up to four additional Business Center positions depending on your rank.

LifeVantage falls into the category complex compensation plans, which can cause confusion. However, there are many opportunities to make money with them.

Click HERE to see their complete compensation.

9. ACN

ACN was founded in 1993 and is well-known in the MLM telecom and energy sectors.

The product line includes TV, wireless cell phones, home and business security, as well as TV.

ACN's appeal is not in trying to sell products or auto ships to customers every month. You are simply trying to convert existing customers' bills into your system. The customer pays a small amount each month and you earn a small percentage.

These are some important facts about the ACN Compensation Plan:

  • Based on the total number of customer points that you have, residual commission on personally acquired customers may range from 1%-10%.
  • Your downline billing may include overriding residual commissions that can be anywhere from 1/4% to 3 percent depending on your rank within the company.
  • You can qualify for Customer Acquisition Bonuses if you help your downline acquire customers quickly, and so get promoted within their first 30 day.
  • Weekly overriding CABs can also be obtained up to seven levels deep depending on your rank within the company.

ACN uses a point-value system to determine which service a customer signs up for. This structure will help you understand how to qualify for bonuses and new ranks.

Click the link below to see the complete and most current comp plan for ACN.

ACN comp plan HERE.

10. Forever Living

With a product base rooted in Aloe Vera, Forever Living offers a typical healthcare/skincare/essential oils line up you would come to expect.

Forever Living is a multi-million dollar MLM that spans more than 150 countries. There are two main methods of compensation we identified in the plan. Each method comes with its own set of bonuses, commissions and incentives.

  • You earn commissions on your retail sales. Wholesalers can earn a commission on the retail markup of 43%.
  • Forever Living offers a second source of compensation: commissions on the retail sales of your downline.
  • Forever Living uses a "differential Commission" structure. This means that if your downline doesn't have the rank or eligibility to receive full commission, that differential rolls up!
  • Promotional items, such as company car incentives, vacations, profit sharing and paid vacations are all part of the Forever Living compensation structure.

If you find this appealing, take a look at Forever Living HERE's complete compensation package.

11. Tupperware

Tupperware is one of those rare cases where people can identify it as a product sold in retail and not as an MLM company.

Earl Tupper launched the product in 1946. It took only a few years for it to be distributed through suburban moms.

Their compensation plan is easy to understand, as they have a strong focus in retail sales.

We were struck by these key points:

  • Personal sales are eligible for a 35% commission.
  • Royalty Bonuses are paid for sales made by your downline.
  • Commissions and bonuses off your company range from 4-12% depending upon the rank you have with the company.

Tupperware's quality and brand recognition are undisputed. However, it is not easy to sell it in large quantities.

We dropped it right here for those who want to dive deeper into the compensation plan.

12. Nu Skin

Nu Skin, another company, offers a product line that includes anti-aging, skin care, body care and weight management.

Nu Skin was founded in Utah's MLM base in the mid-80s. It has since expanded to over 50 countries.

Let's move on to compensation.

Nu Skin has given their compensation structure a new tagline: "Share, Build and Lead."

This basically means that you can expect the same from any other MLM company.

Build a team, share the product, and lead your company.

Here are the main takeaways of the Share, Build and Lead compensation philosophy.

  • Share: This compensation method covers your retail sales as a Nu Skin rep. Your retail commission is between 5 and 25 %.
  • Nu Skin's compensation structure is built around "blocks", which are similar to volume. Each block that is not unlocked by your total sales volume triggers an additional bonus of anywhere from 5 to 40 percent of your commissionable sales volume em>
  • Lead: Based on your rank and position, you will receive "leading bonus" incentives that range from 2.5-10% of your downline's CSV.

We recommend that you read the compensation plan of Nu Skin before you start to understand their confusing method of categorizing and calculating monthly sales volume.

NuSkin Comp Plan HERE

13. Avon

Avon, a multi-billion-dollar MLM company based in London, is the first company to be located outside of the US.

Avon's brand recognition is unmatched, and it is publicly traded (AVN).

Avon is a MLM company that offers skin care and makeup.

Let's talk about money. These are the key takeaways from Avon's Compensation Plan:

  • Based on order size, the retail commission for product sales is generous and can range from 20 to 50%.
  • Commissions for downline are from 1 to 11%. They are based upon sales volume over 2 weeks.
  • One-time bonuses can be paid at certain rank advancement positions, provided you are still eligible during the campaign.

It is not surprising for a company as large as Avon that we had to put in so much effort to create the compensation plan. You can view it HERE.

14. Plexus Worldwide

Weight loss, nutrition/supplements, and skin care are the name of the game for MLM company Plexus Worldwide.

Plexus offers a 50% guaranteed commission on all their monthly volume. This is one of the best (and most important) incentives for earning income.

Other important compensation items offered by Plexus include:

  • Compensation can be obtained up to seven levels deep within your business.
  • Retail commissions are between 15 and 25%.
  • Referred customer bonuses are an incentive to customers who make monthly sales. These bonuses can vary depending on the product and can range from $4 to $32 per sale.

We'll remove the link to their compensation plan , as the list of preferred customers bonus is subject to change due to the number of products Plexus offers.

15. Melaleuca

Another billion-dollar company is our last. Melaleuca is most well-known for its high quality cleaning products that use natural ingredients and are environmentally friendly.

We included them because they are a strong focus on customer retail sales.

  • Commission ranges from 7-20% on retail sales.
  • When you reach a higher rank within the company, "Advancement bonuses" are awarded. These bonuses are paid out if you reach these ranks quickly enough.
  • When you help others within your company to achieve the Advancement Bonus, you can earn a "Mentoring" Bonus. The dream is possible when you work together!
  • A "Leadership Development Bonus" is awarded to Senior Directors and higher based on their leadership points. (Refer to the full comp plan details below).
  • A Monthly Car Bonus is also available for Senior Directors and above. This bonus allows you to receive a monthly vehicle lease payment from the company, as long as your rank remains! ).

Although the commissions are often very generous for Melaleuca reps, there is a downside to that coin: the products come at a higher price than what they really are.

If you are faced with price objections from potential customers, be prepared to communicate the value.

You can view the entire Melaleuca plan .

What I have been doing in 2022 after I quit MLM?

If you are anything like me, the desire to build a legitimate business from home/flexible/all of the great perks is probably greater than ever.

MLM is the easiest and most cost-effective opportunity. For most Joe Blows out there.

It was the same for me. Many years of grinding. Conventions. Building teams. Family and friends were my ghosts. I was done.

You probably don't want me to go into too much detail about my journey to enlightenment.

What's the deal?

This is how I quit trying to recruit people into an MLM company that only paid me small commissions on my sales.

I said farewell to MLM rats and discovered local lead generation.

This is how the internet can be used to generate local leads in small businesses. You don't have to do this:

  • Recruit People
  • Autoships Month After Month
  • Spend Your Nights And Weekends At Meetings

This is how it works.

This little website that I run for tree removal is called lead generation. It pays me $2000 every month.

BUT HOW can I make $2000 per month? That is the question.

It is actually quite simple.

Most local tree removal companies (or roofing companies or carpet cleaning companies) don't understand the importance of organic local lead generation in their local market.

It was a complete surprise to me that I didn't know this until I discovered it.

My little websites that are easy to build I convert into markets (you don't have to be in your own city for this), and then I rank them on Google organically for those who are looking for these services. This is the end result:

This translates to my website producing lots of hot leads such as this ....

As you can see, there are many Michigan tree-removal guys who would compete in a cage match to earn an additional 12 leads each day.

I just picked the one I liked and offered my website leads exclusively to him for $2000/mo.

Since ...., I have been cashing this check each month.


The exact same thing happened in another city, for another tree-removal company. Then again in another state.

I will remind you...

This can be done in literally hundreds of industries.

Perhaps you are concerned about the fact you don't have any knowledge about Google and building websites.

It was me before you saw it. (so embarrassing how bad I was)

It's why you should see the exact coaching program that helped me build simple websites. You don't need any coding knowledge.

They taught me how to spot the nonsense on the internet when it comes to making websites visible using SEO. They helped me to see the important things and focus on them. Again, beginner friendly.

But enough about me. This is a great place to start if you're looking for a Corona Virus-proof skill set.


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