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Top 5 Reasons Most Network Marketers Fail

You get a call from friends asking you to come over for dinner.

Do you sound familiar?

You might have just watched a Flashy Youtube video of a man riding up in his new car and talking about how he makes more in one month than most people in a year. All he needs is to convince people to sign up for his program and purchase the products through him.

It's so simple, right?

It's amazing that you can convince people to buy products they already own.

The problem is that only 4/10 people make enough money from network marketing to have a full-time job or to create financial freedom.

Hence, 6 out of 10 Network Marketing entrants fail.

We'll be covering the Top 5 Reasons Network Marketers Fail, and then showing you a Business Model that is far more profitable than Network Marketing in terms of profit potential.

Let's get right in...

The False Company and False Expectations

Your success or failure in Network Marketing will depend largely on the products that you sell and the company you join. Network Marketing is a large industry. It is worth nearly $200 billion dollars per year. There are almost 10,000 )... companies that you can work with, but it begs the question: "Which company should I join?"

This is the $64k question.

You have to do your research, look at reviews and speak with people who have made money by joining the company.

You don't need to join a Pyramid Scheme that is based on flashy cars, large multi-story homes, and all the bells and whistles.

Too many people get into Network Marketing thinking they will become millionaires overnight. Or at least within 30 days. Then they feel discouraged when things don't go their way.

It takes time to achieve success.

It is quicker to make wealth than other avenues, such as becoming a doctor or lawyer or starting a business. However, it doesn't happen overnight. To reach the pinnacle of success, you will need to learn about the product and acquire new skills.

Prospecting for Friends and Family

It can be tempting to focus only on your immediate circle of friends and family when you first start in Network Marketing. This will make it difficult to prospect for new clients to help build your company.

There are some benefits to this approach, especially if you have a relative in the target market, or if you have a long list of friends from college. But the fact is you will eventually run out of people you know, or worse, you will start annoying them.

You need to think beyond your immediate contacts in order not to be seen as a salesman.

Prospecting is the heart of Network Marketing. If you don't know how to prospect, it will be difficult for you to build an organization that can make you the kind of money you desire.

There is no obligation

Do you think you would commit to making the franchise a success if you could buy a franchise for $100,000?

You would.

It's a lot to spend just to throw it away.

Why should a business opportunity costing only a few hundred dollars be any other?

You only need to invest a small amount of money to make a commitment.

Let me explain...

The initial investment is only to get you into the front door. Network marketers often fail to invest in their business or themselves. They don't spend the time necessary to build their business.

A CEO is required to give their business the full attention it needs in order to grow exponentially. Network marketers often call it a day when they don't get the results they expected or aren't making the money they wanted.

Truth is...

They were all 100% in?

They were able to devote the time required?

Did they receive the right coaching?

As I have already mentioned, coaching is crucial to any Network Marketer's success. Too often, new recruits are brought in by sponsors who have just joined the business.

The sponsor may not have the right knowledge to assist the new recruit. If the sponsor doesn't have the right information, the recruit may become discouraged and give up.

Encouragement and frustration

It was 6 years ago that I taught my son, now 6, how to ride a bicycle without him having to learn. We went to a nearby park to teach him his first lesson. It was a simple matter of giving him a push to get him going.

He falls after the first 10 feet.

Did he quit and decide that biking wasn't for him?

Hell No!

He spent quite a lot of money on the bike, and he wanted to learn to ride it if it was his last. It was also his favorite bike and he wanted to be a big boy.

He got back on the bike and crashed again.

And again... and again.

Guess what?

He found his balance after about the fourth or fifth time.

Network Marketing is no different. You will crash and burn when you start, but you will eventually find your balance. Network marketers are notorious for not allowing themselves to fail repeatedly in order to continue learning.

Remember that everyone experiences the same struggles with success and failure. This is the nature and function of the Network Marketing Industry or any other business type.

Are you sure that Grant Cardone was successful in his first venture into Property?

Consider all the musicians who were forced to work gigs for very little money when they started their careers. Did they complain? They didn't quit, though.

Elvis Presley used to drive a truck for a living until Sam Phillips recorded him singing "That's All Right Mama " and the rest is history.

I am stating this to say that you should never allow discouragement or frustration to stop you from pursuing your dreams. You will never know how close success can be.

The Scary Little Word "NO!"

As a child, how many times did your parents tell you "No"?

If you are anything like me, then you likely heard "No" so many times that you thought it was your last name.

Billy, You can't have another cookie!

Tommy, You can't put crayons on the walls!

Cindy, no! Stop using mommy's make-up!

It's no surprise that "No" can conjure up the worst feelings you can imagine. Even as adults, we still hate hearing "No".

How many times have we heard that every "No" brings us closer to "Yes"?

Remember that when someone says "No", it's not saying "No" directly to you, but they are saying "No to" the business opportunity. This is how it should be viewed: If the opportunity is right for them and it's the right moment in their lives, they will sign up.

Often, when someone says "No", they mean "Not right now", meaning that the timing is not right.

Keep this in mind:

Some will...

Some won't...

And so what...

Who is Next?


These are the TOP 5 Reasons Most Network Marketers Fail.

We didn't mean to rain on anyone's parade. However, we didn’t want to mislead you and make it worse.

We didn't even talk about how wet the blanket is.

The COVID-19 issue was on Network Marketing.

We'll save that one, though.

You're probably asking yourself...

What is this online business model?

Digital Real Estate

It sounds exactly the same as it is. Digital real estate can be leveraged to make money.

Here's how it works...

Imagine if you could own 10 houses!

You could rent units for anywhere between $750-1000 per monthly

Passive income is $7,500 to $10,000 per month.

What if you own 100 rental units?

Instead of spending $Millions on building houses and apartment complexes, you can spend just a few hundred dollars to create websites.

These websites will then be ranked in search engines for the specific home-based services customers are looking for.

Next, find local business owners looking for customers who are willing to pay for your information.

And then...

Digital Real Estate is a new way to make passive income. You can easily earn 4-5 figures per month without even speaking with a friend.

Network Marketing allows you to compete against thousands, if certainly millions, of other people selling the SAME product or service to the SAME customers.

Digital Real Estate is virtually uncompetitive and your profit margins range from 85-90%.

I could go on but I know you have any questions about how to build Digital Real Estate assets, and begin building your digital empire.


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