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10 Top MLM Companies – Discover which one is the best!

You're tired of your job and are looking for online ways to make more money.

Yes, we feel you.

It can be difficult to find good multi-level marketing companies that you can get involved with. We understand this.

We decided to help you and created this list of 100 top MLM's to join by 2021.

After going through the list, we decided that we would take the top MLM firms and go into more detail in case you are interested in these programs.

We'll also answer common questions about top MLM companies as well as an alternative model that might be more profitable to join multiple network marketing organizations.

Which MLM Company Is Best To Join in 2021?

We all know this is subjective. While we can't really pin it down to one MLM, there are some multi-level marketing companies that stand out from the rest.

There are many great ones that have built a reputation over the years.

We are sure you have heard of Amway and Optavia.

These companies are amazing and have worldwide recognition due to the quality of their products and the length of time they have been in business.

There's an MLM company in almost every niche that is a top-dog. There are top-tier companies in every niche, including cosmetics, personal care products, skin care products, and beauty products.

What would you say? Let's just take a look at the 100 best MLM companies for joining in 2021.

List Of Top MLM Companies In 2021

What are the Top 10 MLM Companies in America?

We have compiled a list with information about the top 100 MLM companies. But what about the top 10?

Well, here ya go!

We have provided some additional information on these companies, as well as the main product they are known for.

You wouldn't want to just jump into a top-ranking network marketing company without any knowledge about it.


OPTAVIA is one of the most well-known MLM companies within the health and wellness industry. They may be familiar to you through their main product line, Medifast. These top MLM distributors are known as health coaches. Health coaches sell dietary supplements and other healthcare products. They also teach the 5 meal Keto diet.

Fun fact: OPTAVIA products were actually offered by health care professionals to patients long before direct selling and referral marketing became a part of the MLM.

These health products and meals will be a great choice for those who are always on the go and are often busy. These dietary supplements can be carried easily and could be used all day.

They've been around for a while and are very popular. They are one of the most sought-after direct sales companies, drawing in around 165,000 searches per month according to Google.

Pay will be determined by your performance and you may have to recruit people if you want to make six figures per year.


Modere was an MLM company that first entered the market in 2015. They have been a top-ranked MLM company in the fitness industry since 2015.

They also offer products that are based on collagen science and personal care.

Don't be fooled by the new name, some of these products have been around for more than 25 years. Modere was actually a rebranding from a company called Neways International.

They offer a solid commission, which is a better deal than any other multi-level marketing company. They pay a 10-20% commission on products and you can collect 3-5% from sales through 8 levels in your downline.

Which is their most-loved product?

It would be Biocell, which comes from their collagen and weight-loss line.

CellProof Serum, an anti-aging serum that attracts the most people to this MLM company, is what we think is the best. But, don't expect too much.

They have seen a lot of growth since their 2015 rebranding and are now among the top MLM companies.

Google claims that the company receives approximately 135,000 searches per month, minus or minus.


Your membership includes the following legal services for $20 per month

  • Representation
  • Document Preparation
  • Automotive
  • Family Issues and IRS

Identity theft protection is available for an extra $14.95 per month (a great deal). You do earn a commission if you recruit people.

If you really want to make real money, (which we all do, right?) As an associate, you can sell LegalShield's legal service. If you have experience in legal matters, it might be a benefit to you to sell. People feel that they are getting real, experienced help when this happens.

LegalShield will give you leads to close to help you make more commissions.

However, with more associates signing on every day, the outlook doesn't look as bright because there will be less consistency and spread of leads.

It is a top-ranked MLM company in the law niche. It was actually ranked #78 among the 100 best companies in America.

It's impossible to be a bad company and still get a rating from Forbes!

We found that LegalShield receives an average of 22,000 searches per month when we did our research on Google.


The network marketing company was established in 1994. Their flagship product is a microfiber fabric that allows customers to clean their homes without the use of potentially harmful chemicals.

Everybody knows that every MLM company has a motto. Norwex is no exception. Their motto is "improve quality of life through radical reductions in chemicals in our homes".

Pretty neat huh?

It gets even better!

Their compensation plan is superior to others with 35% commissions! It's hard to find other MLM companies offering a higher commission.

These products can be purchased for as low as $5-122, and you could make a lot of money if you sell a few per day.

They have enjoyed a steady rise in popularity since 1994 and are now among the top MLM companies.

We believe that their warranties on products have helped. This is something that no other MLM company offers.

They also have the highest-rated reviews for multi-level marketing businesses.

They get 165,000 searches on Google each month, which is no surprise considering their clout!


In 2009, this MLM company was established. It focuses on Korean skincare products and other products.

These guys are not a one-trick pony.

They've been creating odd products, such as dish detergent, and not-so-simple ones like supplements for health.

They have their headquarters in Washington and take their company motto "Absolute quality absolute price" very seriously.

It is a top MLM company because it has a high Commission rate, just like other companies on this list. We're talking 35% baby! This is with all bonuses and sales volume.

is the MLM that's right for you if you are interested in MLM companies such as Nu Skin, and you love the skincare industry. Be prepared to work hard.

As of recent, Atomy has been very popular and receives approximately 135,000 search results per month on Google.


NeoLife is one of the oldest direct-selling companies still in existence today. It's still doing well financially, might we add. They've been around since 1958, and they're still going strong.

Their products are made from natural ingredients and have the highest quality ingredients. This is one of their greatest selling points. This MLM company sells everything from laundry detergent to weight-loss supplements.

If you do some research on the company, as we did, you will find that they have a Scientific Advisory Board which ensures that their products are legal.

We recommend that you do your research and decide if it is worth it. Some people use in-house crews to make it look like they are doing the right thing. We're not saying this is the case, but we are telling you to be careful.

They have continued to offer new products around the globe and sponsored professional athletes in order to keep their MLM growing.

A popular brand or product is a key part of making money online. NeoLife receives an incredible 33,000 searches per month!


It is exactly what it sounds like. Karatbars sells gold bars. This is a rare MLM opportunity.

Why would anyone want to invest in gold?

There's a little thing called a Pandemic and, regardless of whether you believe in an actual virus threat...this thing has really affected our economy.

Economists predict that 2008 will be a recession like a child.

As you can see, gold is gaining popularity as it is a precious metal that retains its actual value.

Karatbars is a unique opportunity for anyone who is interested in gold investing.

We want to be truthful here: they don't have the best compensation plans when compared to other MLM businesses on our list.

Even has a better compensation program, in our opinion. If you want fast money, then you will likely make money elsewhere.

It is still very popular on Google with just over 60,000 searches per month.


In 2006, this MLM company was founded and offered a variety of personal care products. The best product they offer is Plexus Thi, a weight loss powder that can be mixed with water and used to burn fat.

Every network marketer has been quick to jump into direct selling of MLM's for health products.

This MLM is easy to start and it's very enticing to make money.

You will receive a 25% starting salary, 15% at the second level, and 10% at each of the subsequent two levels.

You can make some passive income by recruiting salespeople.

Plexus has experienced an increase in searches almost every year since its launch. They get around 300,000 searches per month, as a quick search will show.


Amway can sell literally everything. If they wanted, a whole cosmetics company could buy their products!

Amway was founded in 1959 and has been a pioneer in network marketing.

There are many options available to help you get started, including essential oils, anti-aging, skincare products, and other wellness products.

Amway has a global reach, even outside the United Kingdom.

Amway may be the right fit for you if you are looking to make money in multi-level marketing.

Beware! This is an MLM company that has been hot in the pyramid scheme discussion.

They are not a pyramid plan according to the FTC but they are often referred to as such because most of their direct sales are made by distributors.

Amway receives an incredible 1.8 million searches per month on Google. Wow!


Do you love essential oils? doTERRA could be the right MLM company for you! They are well-known for their potency and purity.

They must be doing something right because the numbers don't lie! Their customer retention rate is almost unbelievable at 80%.

This is a stark contrast to the 10-15% retention rate for other essential oil companies involved in network marketing.

You can earn up to 25% sales commissions as a doTERRA distributor. This puts you in close proximity to the MLM plans for compensation.

You can earn bonuses for referring other direct-sellers, just like any other company!

DoTERRA receives a surprising 800,000 searches per month due to increasing acceptance of CBD-related products and cannabis.


We assume you have some general questions because you are looking for the best MLM companies.

We have compiled a list with the most frequently asked questions as well as their answers. We hope you find this helpful!

What is the Highest-Paying MLM Company?

You'll be pleasantly surprised at how competitive MLM companies are.

Industry average commission is around 30% on products you sell through you and 3-5% through your downlines.

Mary Kay but they get a 50% commission for every product sold!

Even though they are the most lucrative, it doesn't necessarily mean that you will make a lot of money every month.

This will be apparent when we answer the next question.

Are MLMs really worth it? Can they make you rich?

Network Marketing companies and MLM companies scream and preach from the high heavens that they can make you rich. Just join and it will all go downhill from there.

It sounds great, right?

Unfortunately, MLMs don't usually make you rich.

A quick Google search will show you that the majority of people who start MLMs to make some extra money for their families only make about $100 per month.

Moreover, network marketing businesses are often unsuccessful for most people.

People are not led to believe that they will make 10k per month.

What are MLM Companies? Same As Pyramid Schemes?

pyramid schemes are different from MLM companies. An MLM company sells products to people.

Pyramid schemes make money by recruiting people and promoting products or services that don't benefit the people.

The whole thing collapses when people stop joining.

You might even be able to argue that MLM companies can be likened to affiliate marketing companies, as some MLM's offer a bonus or referral fee to anyone who joins through your company.

MLM software solutions are a common feature in many companies. This allows people to get their money.

Why are so many people failing in multi-level marketing?

Many people fail to realize the hard work involved in running a direct-selling company.

Most people see this business model and think they will be the best network marketing guys in the world.

The truth is, there are many direct sellers just like you around the globe. They may even be selling the same products or services to the same company.

A new MLM member will be disappointed when they realize this. They now realize how far they have to climb, and how they can reach the top.

This is when excuses for calling it a pyramid scheme begin to appear. It may look like a pyramid scheme but most people aren't willing to take responsibility for their failures.

They love to be given things.

Direct selling is, however, not easy. Particularly if you are trying to sell products through an MLM like Amway or Advocare.

To make a long story short, more people fail to succeed at MLMs than they do at direct selling. They don't realize that direct sales companies are an active income venture and not passive income.

Are there any free MLMs that I can join?

Avon, Nu skin, and are two free MLMs you can join.

Be sure to carefully read the fine print before you spend your money.

What is the Difference between a Multi-Level Marketing Company and a Network Marketing Company?

The top network marketing companies are not different from the top MLM companies. Both companies are focused on building a network of people who will work with your company and you.

This is known as a downline, and people who want to make money in direct selling are focused on building their "downlines".

Being a one-man show will not make you rich in your MLM business.

MLM Business is a Better Option

Are you tired of the endless stream of MLM and network marketing opportunities that are offered every month?

Do you get tired of selling products in your home office every month, but not making a lot of commissions?

You might find this to be a good fit.

The team at Steady Calls has found, a model for online businesses that are now our top recommendation to anyone who wants to make a steady income online.

Digital Real Estate

Digital real estate, also known as "local lead generation", is the process of creating a website for a specific service-based industry in your locality, ranking it, and then selling those leads to the business owner.

How can you make money with it?


You will get the most traffic if your website ranks high on google.

Translate that traffic to any other service industry.

All calls received are called "leads", and lead has a monetary value.

This is actually the basis of home advisors models and it's worth millions! You can!

Let's take an example.

An average tree service job can be worth between $500 and $2,000 Most leads are worth between 10-20% of their final ticket.

These leads are often provided by other contractors who will pay "finders fees". This is a common way for contractors to get work from someone they don't know.

Retour to tree service

You will receive many calls each month if you rank one of these sites at the top of your market.

This means you can have a digital asset that generates between $5,000 and $20,000 per month.

Every month, products are created without you lifting a finger.

If we use a worst-case scenario calculation based on $500 jobs and a 10% Commission, you still have an asset that earns you $500 per month. This is a rent payment!

Imagine this now...

You can make a passive income of up to $5,000 per month if you have 10 sites.

Why passive income?

These websites are easy to rank and maintain once you've done it. You don't have to be there every day for MLM companies that require you to make sales.

Complete control and leverage.

It sounds great...but where do I start?

Steady Calls team has searched the internet and social media for this program.

This program will show you:

  • How to create a website?

*Website Fee: You only need to pay $8 per month to host your site on the platform you choose.

  • How do you rank a website?
  • How to scale full-time?

You will also have access to live calls twice per week, where you can ask any questions throughout your journey.

A Facebook group is also available that is open 24/7. This is the most active group we've seen in this area. This level of support is unmatched by other course programs.

This course has helped many people to increase their incomes by up to $40k per month.

Does it sound like a scam to you?

It isn't!

We can confirm that the course is legit based on all the testimonials and a review we have seen.

It even received our Steady Calls seal for approval in 2021.

More information? Check it out!


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